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RaulDominguez95 @MRTrockyou jajajajajaja que pesao ! Con lo que me rei ayer con tigo marta ! Seguiran los agujeritos ? HAHAHA Como mola la marta ! ajaj

politicahoje Haddad promete procurar Marta Suplicy em busca de apoio http://t.co/eS9gmZ8Q

BestJEDMINKA @JEDkoewrar :DMy second name are MARTA :D

SwagginJBNovels Ya subi los 3 capitulos de true love by: Lucia :) Marta#

maykavr @jordiGlez se el equipo de la noria lo ha pasado mal esta semana, peor lo estan pasando los familiares de marta del castillo.

caoticalucie Mañana os presentaremos a la actriz Marta Larralde en Marchando Una de Actores!

marthanggra Udah deeek :) RT @Leatabuti: @marthanggra kak marta. di folback ia. :D

anavazqueeez @martitapedraza7 jajajajajajajajajaja ana y marta se van a liar JAJAJAJA pasoooooo....

AnnaBrullas RT @rcarandell: Que guapa la cançó que vam gravar ahir amb els @vuitcat, l'Enric, la Marta i tot el #bacup! Molt aviat el videoclip i la cançó sencera!

gpereirapoizon RT @marianorinaldi: RT @Pachu_Pichon: @marianorinaldi #MeteUnaRima Maria Marta en el cielo descansa // la pobre tenia cara de gansa http://t.co/nQJeHJnh

AmenhotepPlanas 5 pasajeros deja en su terminal de Maracaibo la empresa Amerlujo en su irresponsable ruta a Santa Marta, Co.El Indepabis no actua en turismo

tribunaSal El #PSOE denuncia que el #PP impide que los vecinos reciban información "plural y veraz sobre su gestión". #SantaMarta http://t.co/zubl9sUt

alvarogonzalezg @AlazneVazquez bien, era el cumple de Marta y estuve con Natalia y eso! Cuando os vais a bajar? :( @iKaleko quiere, verdad?

rini_fa2 @HenryEnmesta iya...tebakannya bener banget! Maaf blm sempat jln ke Marta :)

miss_bur RT @Sanzpoveda: Padre Marta del Castillo da las gracias a las marcas que abandonan ´La Noria´ http://t.co/OCXpq9Ia @informacion_es Un 10 por la iniciativa


Does Marta in Atlanta run to the Amtrak station on Peachtree? by Tyrona Biggums Q: Im going to Atlanta for a meeting.I need to now if there is a Marta Station near or in the Amtrak station. Both of these answers were helpful thanks.

A: Yep. The station you want is Arts Ctr.

Can you recommend me a nice place to stay within or close to the Tayrona National Park in Santa Marta? by Maria Q: I am looking for a cosy and not too expensive accommodation within or close from parque Tayrona in Santa Marta, Colombia. What do you think is the best option?

A: The only real hotel within the Tayrona Park are the ecohabs and I really enjoyed this luxury and the view of the Sea and the park. Then I wanted to to Finca Barlovento, which has been recommended by the lonely planet, but it seems that it is not available anymore. But the local tourist agency in Santa Marta, which I found on www.santamarta-hotels-tours.travel, with whom I made all my bookings, Las Pleyades, have sent me about 10 options of cabins next to the Sea and I can definitely recommend Cabin Real Dream, where we stayed at the end...

How do you get from 5 Points center Station in Atlanta to Bally Total Fitness in Marietta? What marta train? by Alex Q: Which marta train do you catch? East bound? South Bound?

A: There is no MARTA train that takes you to Marietta. You need to take MARTA probably to the sandy springs area and then hop onto a Cobb Community Transit Authority bus. www.itsmarta.com

what is the marta stop for georgia aquarium? by jerry f Q: i was wondering what is the marta stop for georgia aquarium? and approximately how many minutes is the walk from the station to the aquarium? also, is the lenox marta stop directly connected to lenox square mall?

A: It's a short walk from the Georgia dome station. To get to lenox, you have to cross the street and walk through a hotel lobby.

How do I get to Spelman College on the MARTA? by celtwlite Q: I am trying to get to the Spelman College Bookstore on 350 Spelman Street, NW/ Atlanta GA 30314-1322. I checked MARTA's site, but it is a bit cryptic. Does anyone go to Spelman that can tell me which routes they go? Thanks!

A: I can definitely help you with that. I'm a student there and as a freshman without a car, MARTA was my best friend. lol Take the southbound train (or northbound, if you are leaving from Oakland CIty, Lakewood/Ft. McPherson, East Point, College Park, or Airport station) to West End station. Leave out to your left, and walk until you reach the intersection of Lee Street and Albernathy Boulevard. From there, you walk straight down Lee Street (past Capitol City Bank, West End Mall and Popeye's on the other side of the street, Church's Chicken, etc.) until you cross over I-20. From there, it is still about a block. (you'll pass a church and Morehouse School of Medicine). You should see Spelman's parking lot after you pass MSoM. Just walk up to the gate, and hope Public Safety doesn't give you a hard time. :-)

Which Marta Stop should I use to get to the Little 5 points neighborhood? by mattkent22 Q: From Nashville area and taking a bunch of my friends to ATL this weekend. Want to be able to get around. Is the Little Five points neighborhood accessible from the Five points Marta stop, or is it closer to get off on a different stop? Please Help.

A: try going to www.itsmarta.com. each rail station lists the sights that are near it. and it will tell you which bus to take. my bet is that the inman park/reynoldstown station is the closest to little five points.

How can i get to six flags over georgia on marta? by hayley d Q: me and my friends are trying to get to six flags by riding marta... is that even possible?

A: Yes, you can. I do know that you have to take the east/west train and it's W5 is where you get off, and it's the last stop. Just go to www.itsmarta.com and it'll have the maps and schedules.

How close to Alpharetta does the Marta go? by shannapye Q: We need to go to Phillips Arena, and since Marta does not go there, where can I get on closest to Alpharetta?

A: I assume you are talking about the train rather than the bus. Depending on where in Alpharetta you are, your closest station will be either North Springs, off of 400, or Doraville, off of P'tree Industrial

How do I get to walmart from GSU marta station? by Kayla B Q: I'm trying to figure out how to get to Walmart, either by marta buses or marta rail.

A: take marta train from GSU to Midtown station. From midtown station take the number 12 bus/howell mill. That bus will take you to the walmart on howell mill

How are the girls in Barranquilla and Santa Marta Colombia? Are they friendly and easy to approach by men? by Lonestar Q: How are the girls in Barranquilla and Santa Marta Colombia? Are they friendly and easy to approach by men?

A: No. It is a well-known fact that they are all very suspicious, and almost all of them own and carry a weapon. It is actually almost impossible to approach them if you are of the opposite sex. I know because I have a friend who lives there so I have spent many months there.

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