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eye4style Rugs and textiles GALORE in the souk in Marrakech #morocco http://t.co/gM2MZx7L

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salutcestfilou Marrakech en janvier baby!!! Yaaaaa rayahhhhhhh

nixxxje @Itsanuke Marrakech? Lekker in een riadh in de oude stad. 's Avonds eten op het grote plein. Ik zou er zo weer heen gaan

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JoyceD_D We gaan (weer) naar Marrakech!!!! Wanneer weten we nog niet, maar ergens volgend jaar ;)

tremendoviaje @LezaanRoos extreme is a 49 hour journey from the canaries to NZ via marrakech casablanca Dubai Sydney like I did last year but it was €460

Tsamsira Terrain à Benguerir: Un terrain constructible dont la superficie de 96 m² est à vendre à Benguerir. Il est situé... http://t.co/XXr49eD4

TBMPC In Marrakech, Morocco on June 14th for French TV show "Passeport pour la Forme'' http://t.co/qZzQXTPn

iraki_kenza It's 3PM. I'm in Marrakech. And I'm freezing. Like, wtf ? #fuckyouweather

david_da_mota I'm at Djellabar (Marrakech) http://t.co/NWoBqOx4

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Do I need a visa to visit Marrakech on a Malaysian passport? by chewie Q: I would like to visit Marrakech, and I will be travelling on a Malaysian passport with the UK right of abode. Would I be required to apply for a tourist visa, if so, how long will it take before I obtain one?

A: Yes, you do. Presumably you will be applying at the Moroccan Embassy in London (see http://travelguides.lastminute.com/sisp/index.htm?fx=location&AID=10296531&PID=887185&SID=VIN123&loc_id=131083&sub_section=Passport%2FVisa ). A single-entry tourist visa costs £16. The website says most applications are handled in 4 working days, but some applicants' papers are sent to Morocco for processing and may take two months.

For a week in Marrakech how much spending money do you reccommend taking? by Alex Q: I'm looking into Marrakech as my low budget holiday this year and need some guidance on how much GBP to take for a pleasant week? Thanks!

A: $1,000 US will be enough if you don't go wild.

What is the best hotel to stay at while in Marrakech? by trystar3 Q: What is the best hotel to stay at while in Marrakech (Morocco), which is near alot of the attractions and is good value for money, and is it better to stay in a hotel or rent villa?

A: if this is your first time to Marrakech, and you want to experience the real Marrakech, I would suggest staying in a riad (traditional Moroccan house in the old cityMedina). they are normally situated in the heart of things and you will experience a more authentic Morocco than you would if you stayed in any of the big, modern hotels outside the Medina walls. That said, riads come in all shapes and sizes (and budgets!) I suggest you scour Trip Adviser for the sort of thing that might appeal to you, and then read traveller reviews from people who have stayed at the places. email me if you need any help or advice!

I am going to Morocco for nine days. I'll start my journey in Marrakech and end in Fes? by Emrah Q: I am thinking about taking this route : Marrakech-Casablanca-Rabat-Meknes-Fes. Is it a good idea considering the cost and length and time I have? How much would it cost me to travel on this route by bus? Are buses relaiable and confortable? I can also travel by train.

A: SA LAM MY brother I Am originally Moroccan. like the guy before me said train will be the best . u can have the Chance to explore the country better by the train and its mush faster and really nice..

How comfortable would an American couple be in Marrakech, Morocco? by BugsySkybone Q: Both people are well-travelled, polite and very respectful and sensitive to other cultures. Neither would ever be mistaken for an "Ugly American" as many non-Americans refer to some of our more boorish brethren that travel abroad. In addition to Marrakech, what about Casablanca, Fez & Tangiers?

A: I think you will have a blast in Marrakech and you will get to experience Moroccan hospitality at its best. Couple of words of advice: dress modestly in traditional part of the town and learn the art of bargaining in the outdoor market. It is not a bad idea to befriend locals as it is the best way to get the most out of your trip. Casablanca is the economic capital, things are a little more fast pace. It is a metropolitan kind of environment where you definitely need to be aware of your surrounding (e.g: pickpockets) I would visit Casa as people call it (did you know that there is a cafe there that is a tribute to the movie with Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart. Fez is the spiritual capital it is an interesting stop to add to your trip.It is especially nice to go there during the spiritual music festival that features artists from around the world. Tangier is a busy port you will definitely note the Spanish influence, I like the Strait of Gibraltar where Meditteranean meets the Atlantic

How many riads are there in Marrakech? by Jazzy Q: Does anyone know how many riad houses there are in Marrakech? Not just guesthouses, but all riads in total? Or in the whole of Morocco? Many thanks!

A: Seems only non-Moroccans find this interesting. The estimation goes between 10.000 and 30.000. If you mean the older and more authentic ones that is.

What is the distance between Marrakech and Casablanca? by Snake Goddess Q: I'll be staying in Marrakech. Would it be safe for me to rent a car? Are the roads good? How far is it by train? Is it safe to take a train? Thanks in advance.

A: The highway is now completed between Casa and Marrakech. It by FAR is the best way to travel and will only take you about 2 hours. Rent a car and drive yourself. By the way it is a toll road so lots of Moroccans don't use it, you will find it IS NOT congested at all. The cost is about 70 dirhams for the toll between these two cities. The old route is through small towns and really drags but the highway makes the trip completely different. You will think your on a highway in USA.

Whats the cheapest way to travel to marrakech? by bbolly Q: I would like to travel from england to marrakech from 23rd October - 31 October 2009. What is the cheapest way. I have read that you can travel by train can i book it so I don't have to stop and book several journeys.

A: The bus from West marrakech is cheapest, Since it is obvious from your question it doen;t matter where you depart from, just do that.

How can I get a helpline phone number for Marrakech airport? by pren M Q: I need to contact someone who speaks english and can help me trace my lost luggage at Marrakech airport, either at Royal Air Maroc, Easyjet or Baggage handling. I know it is there, I have a reference number, I just cannot find anyone who can help!

A: most airports have web sites

Marrakech? by cidermoo Q: i'm going to Marrakech next month. Is there anything you are not allowed to do or does anyone have any advise of things or places to be aware of? My lecturer told our group the only person who should be warry of the local men is Tom because he's short and blonde aparently arab men have sex with men for pleasure and have sex with women only to have children.

A: As a moroccan who lived abroad for a while and then came back there, i'll try to answer you honestly. I've been to marrkech many times, it's amazing how things change. I don't think there are special clothes to wear there, except those dictated by the weather. More and more local girls wear occidental wear (and even sexy). What you may find is that young men who will try to seduce girls, with a little respect and fun you can shorten these advances (maybe you'll like it if you're single). It's still a poor country, people try to find a way to get abroad or simply have fun, there's also prostitution, so watch your boyfriend. What else, yes, Mosques are considered holy places, so non muslims are not allowed to visit (except historical ones like Casablanca's). Except that, unless you don't have a criminal behaviour, you're ok. And even if you're criminal, justice is very modern (a mix between moderate islamic and french law). So they don't cut steelers' hands or whatever middleage sentences. Even capital punsihment is in it's way to be abolished. I strongly advice you to visit the southern part, which is in the sahara. Merzouga, Erfoud, Ouarzazate are very special place not so far from Marrakesh, just google on them if you're curious. Millions of people visit Marrakech each year, most of them like it's magic, i don't think you'll be deceived.


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