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Marlon byrd

Red Sox acquire CF Marlon Byrd from Cubs
By JIMMY GOLEN | AP – 8 hours ago BOSTON (AP) The Boston Red Sox acquired center fielder Marlon Byrd from the Chicago Cubs on Saturday in an attempt to shore up their injury-plagued outfield and reverse an early season slide.

Red Sox acquire CF Marlon Byrd from Cubs
by JIMMY GOLEN, AP Sports Writer BOSTON (AP) - The Boston Red Sox acquired center fielder Marlon Byrd from the Chicago Cubs on Saturday in an attempt to shore up their injury-plagued outfield and reverse an early season slide.

Cubs send Marlon Byrd winging to Boston
That immediately set off speculation that the Cubs soon would move slumping center fielder Marlon Byrd off the roster one way or another. That one way or another became a Saturday night trade that sent Byrd to the Boston Red Sox for right-handed ...

MLB notes: Red Sox acquire Marlon Byrd from Cubs
By JIMMY GOLEN AP BOSTON — The Boston Red Sox acquired center fielder Marlon Byrd from the Chicago Cubs on Saturday in an attempt to shore up their injury-plagued outfield and reverse an early season slide. With Jacoby Ellsbury sidelined by a ...

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craigseward @dustinparkes "Bird ain't walking through that door, folks!" - BobbyV, in his best Pitino voice. (Seconds later) "Hey guys!" - Marlon Byrd

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meanmick76 Red Sox trading away pitching for Marlon Byrd... seems reasonable. Wonder how the reunion between him and Aceves went.

austinnarber With lefty Sabathia on the mound tonight, it's looking like Marlon Byrd will be baptized by fire at Fenway Park. Welcome to Boston, Marlon.

Bleacher_Talk Chicago Cubs Fan's Opinion: Thank You Marlon Byrd: Contributor Network – 5 hours ago While departing Chicago wit... http://t.co/58y4Nna4

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What are these names remind you of? by Malcolm uses Xbox 360 Avatar Q: Darryl Strawberry Marlon Byrd Mike Lamb Callix Crabbe Coco Crisp Jim Rice Chet Lemon Bob Lemon Catfish Hunter Baby Ruth Chili Davis Cookie Rojas Felix Pie and Pie Traynor Bob Veale Rollie (Chicken) Fingers Pee Wee Reese's Pieces Rabbit Maranville Zack Wheat

A: These names are like baseball players and stuff that all have food in their names.

Yankees 2010 Starting Left Fielder? by Q: I hope Holliday, Damon, or maybe Bay. But I would also love to sign Marlon Byrd or trade for David DeJesus to get younger and more athletic. Who do you think it will be?

A: Damon will come back. Mark my word.

After adding Figgins..what will the Seattle Mariners do Next? by Q: the mariners need to keep addressing some holes ... who will they get for a catcher? first base? - will they sign branyan or sign another lefty hitter? left field? will they go after bay or maybe marlon byrd or someone else? and of course will they go the distance to get John Lackey? what do you guys think?

A: trade Ichiro to the Yanks for Nick Swisher. trade Felix to the Yanks for Joba. and the Yanks take over the world of baseball!!!!!!!!!!!

Yankee possible signings and trades? by Yankees in 2009! Titans in 2010! Q: So far the Yankees have said that they are interested in signing John Lackey, Marlon Byrd, Matt Holliday, Jason Bay, Mark Derosa and Re-Signing Andy Pettite, Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui. They are also interested in trading for Roy Halladay (TOR), Curtis Granderson Edwin Jackson (DET), Cole Hamels (PHI) and Felix Hernandez (SEA) Which do you think is most likely? I think that signing John Lackey and trading for Grandy and Jackson would be the most possible.

A: You just listed all of the possibilities. You pretty much answered your own question.

After watching a baseball game last night, it made me wonder...? by tcugirl852003 Q: 1. Has there ever been a baseball player that has hit all four types of homeruns in a single game (solo, 2-run, 3-run & grand slam)? 2. Has there ever been a player that has hit two home runs in the same inning (like last night in the Rangers game, they batted around the order and Marlon Byrd had already hit one homer, then he barely missed another the second time around).

A: (1) No player in the Majors has accomplished what you are asking. (2) Hitting two homeruns in one inning has been done 40 times. The first from each League are: National League: Charley Jones, Boston June 10th 1880, 8th inning. Players League: Lou Bierbauer, Brooklyn July 12th 1890, 3rd inning. American Association League: Ed Cartwright, St. Louis September 23rd 1890, 3rd inning. American League: Kenny Williams, St. Louis August 7th 1922, 6th inning. Federal League: Never Accomplished.

Who should I put in for fantasy baseball this wek? by Stereotype Q: Jorge Cantu or Marlon Byrd Cantu plays against SF and WSH and Byrd plays against PIT and CIN

A: Cantu will probably get more at bats than Byrd but Byrd has also been very hot (batting 469 in his last 9 games). Byrd is also more likely to get you a stolen base than Cantu, if you need SBs. On balance I would go with Cantu however. He has 3 games at home vs. SF and 3 games on the road against the Nats. He hit another homer on Sat. He had a 21 game hitting streak, that ended, but next game he went on a 5 game hitting streak. He is hot, hot, hot. Cantu has 2 more HRs and 8 more RBI than Byrd for the season. Cantu is also ranked 18th overall by Yahoo this week, where as Byrd is 30th. Definitely, I would go with Cantu. Although nice choice to have to make. They're both on fire at the present time. Good luck.


A: I agree with you but I would put in David Murphy and Travis Metcalf.

Who will the Seattle Mariners get next? by Q: Jason Bay? John Lackey? Rich Harden? Marlon Byrd? who?

A: It is not a foregone conclusion that they will *get* anyone else. Players and their agents are likely fielding multiple offers and where a player ends up depends on different factors. Maybe none of those that have been mentioned (or others for that matter) want to play in Seattle or will get what they consider to be a better choice to go elsewhere.

Who should I pickup in fantasy baseball? by Derek Q: I really need an OF, and the best avail are Hunter Pence, Coco Crisp, Jeff Francouer, Mike Cameron, JD Drew, Willy Taveras, Delmon Young, Marlon Byrd and Brad Hawpe

A: Pick up either Hunter Pence or Jeff Francouer, i would pick up Jeff Francouer if i was u.

Might we one day see NFL style helmets? by Ćαłï.Wεśt™ Q: Watching Marlon Byrd bat yesterday he had extra protection added to protect his left cheek. First it was those giant "concussion safe" helmets and now cheek protection. Do you think this is slowly leading up to NFL style helmets? BQ: Is baseball getting softer?

A: No. Marlon Byrd is trying to protect himselve after a serious injury. He said he will continue to wear the helmet with the extra protection through the remainder of this season. I think you would change your opinion on this if you ever get hit in the face by a 98 mph fastball. The NFL style helmets are now under review to better protect NFL players from suffering concussions.

What improvements can I make to my fantasy team? by Q: C Carlos Santana 1B Billy Butler 2B Placido Polanco 3B Ryan Zimmerman SS Elvis Andrus OF Marlon Byrd OF Carl Crawford OF Jason Kubel U Adrian Beltre Bench Adam Jones Adam Lind Gaby Sanchez Jose Tabata Pedro Alvarez Gordon Beckham P Rays please tell me who i can add, drop, trade, or someone i can put in the bench or in the lineup that i already have BQ: how good is the team? thanks

A: If SO's aren't counted, bench Kubel for Tabata or Jones.

Should i drop Mark Buhrle For Edwin Jackson? by Matt Q: I have Wandy Rodriguez and Marlon Byrd but i drafted wandy early and dropping him would be hard. HELP!?!?

A: I think you should pick up Jackson... Buhrle getts very hot at times and i wouldn't recommend dropping him. So far Wandy has showed no signs of improvement so it doesn't matter where you drafted him.

Will my cubbies finally win it all and carry that World Series Trophy this year? by Q: I just got a feeling this year, Marlon Byrd, Starlin Castro and Soriano are going to kill it!!!!!! Is this our year in Chicago???? I know we are last in our division but theres over a hundred games right? GO CUBS!!!!

A: It's good to be hopeful and optimistic but maybe start smaller, like just start with hoping for a winning season for now.

Who wins this fantasy baseball trade? by Nick [Go Pens] Q: I get : Joey Votto, Martin Prado and Carlos Marmol / I'm grabbing Marlon Byrd or Ted Lilly He gets : Ryan Zimmerman, Brett Gardner, Rafael Soriano and Kevin Slowey. I just grabbed Slowey out of free agency and Gardner isn't hitting like he used to be. It's a keeper league too. Votto will most likely replace Konerko.

A: That's actually a pretty fair trade. You guys just swapped closers, cause they're both good. Gardner actually has been hitting again. His avg. is over .300. Votto and Zimmerman are pretty even, but I'd give a slight hitting edge to Prado over Gardner, only because Prado has shown he can hit for the entire season. So I would probably give you the slight edge because of the hitters.

True or False - the Cubs will make it to the World Series this year? by Craziee Panda Q: Chicago has some talent. Their lineup is stacked with good hitters like Carlos Peña, Aramis Ramirez, Alfonso Soriano, Tyler Colvin, Marlon Byrd and Kosuke Fukudome. They also have a good starting rotation with Carlos Zambrano, Ryan Dempster, Matt Garza, and Ted Lily. Add in the bullpen of Sean Marshall, Kerry Wood and Carlos Marmol - the team looks solid. What do you think? Do the Cubs have a shot at making the World Series this year?

A: This is next year!

What do you think of my baseball fantasy ? by AS1 Q: Joe Mauer Prince Fielder Ian Stewart Miguel Tejada Mark Reynolds Placido Polanco Kendry Morales Nelson Cruz Torii Hunter Ryan Ludwick Nolan Reimold Marlon Byrd Derrek Lee Carlos Pena Chris Davis Chipper Jones Pitchers: Zack Greinke Jon Lester Brian Wilson Rich Harden Jonathan Sanchez Stephen Strasburg Phil Hughes Francisco Liriano Kevin Correia On a scale of 1 to 10, what would you give them ? What should I do to make them better.

A: I would say that the offensive portion is strong, 8-8.5/10 The pitching is pretty unproven and young. Greinke had the 1 good year, Lester is solid-good, Harden is injury prone, Strasburg may not even start the year as a Nat, Liriano hasn't been the same. I'd say that if you had a couple more proven pitchers/veterans, than you would have a great team.

What are the Chances of the Texas Rangers making the wild card slot in the playoffs? by The Master Q: They are currently 60-54, 2nd in their division. I think they might with their strong offense that includes Josh Hamilton (28 hr in derby), Ian Kinsler (2nd best batter in AL), and consistant veteran michael Young. Good defense with Marlon Byrd (leads league in diving catches made), Gerald Laird (Golden Glove), and CJ Wilson (a good pitcher). What do you think?

A: As a Yankee fan, who has seen them outplay my Yanks the past two days, I will say they are a very good team. Their offense is just almost unstoppable. But saying that they lack pitching is almost an understatement. They are only 5 games behind in the Wild Card so technically they do have a chance. But I honestly don't think they can make it. The AL is rough and the other teams are just too good.

Should I do this trade in fantasy baseball? by brownie Q: I give Marlon Byrd and I get Nick Markakis. I think that this would be a very good trade for me but i just want a second opinion.

A: Yes! Of course you should. Good luck.

The Byrd Man of Wrigley? by Lonesome Rhodes Q: Marlon Byrd phoned his trainer, Victor Conte, yesterday and asked him what he should do in today's game. Conte replied, "Stick it to 'em". What does that mean?

A: It means he'll fly over the bleachers and [email protected] on them.

Do MLB rules allow the hitters to wear a mask attached to their batting helmet? by Sam Q: You know like they do in some little leagues & softball leagues.. Are the players allowed to weld a mask onto the helmet. Marlon Byrd getting drilled on the eye is defintely grounds for them wearing a mask. Is it just a macho thing with the MLB players? I'm sure they can create a mask that you can still see the pitch.

A: It's not prohibited, so it's allowed. The pertinent rule is as follows: 1.16 A Professional League shall adopt the following rule pertaining to the use of helmets: (a) All players shall use some type of protective helmet while at bat. (c) All Major League players must wear a single ear-flap helmet (or at the player’s option, a double ear-flap helmet).

Need a UTL player on my roster. Mora, Young, Thome, Byrd, Span, Cameron, Swisher? by Trevor S Q: I need to fill my UTL spot in my line up. Please let me know which player to pick up off waivers. Players available are: Melvin Mora Chris Young Jim Thome Marlon Byrd Denard Span Mike Cameron Nick Swisher

A: I would definately pick up Mora. He's a great player that is finally getting recognized.

Trade Austin Jackson and Andre Eithier FOR John Lester and Marlon Byrd? by HelpMe!!! Q: This is a 14 team, 6X6 Head to head ROTO Categories Runs, HR's, RBI's, AVG, OPS, SB Wins, Saves, Holds, ERA, WHIP, K's Here's my team: C- Suzuki 1B- Youklis 2B- Kelly Johnson/Jonathan Herrera 3B- Beltre SS-Starlin Castro OF Holliday Stanton Eithier Bourn Jackson Boesch Desmond Jennings SP Hellickson Garza Marcum Gallardo Kyle Drabek Zach Britton AJ Burnett Wade Davis RP Adrodis Chapman Bobby Jenks Axford Farnsworth

A: I would do it but only if you can pick up an outfielder like johnny gnomes or sam fuld to replace ethier. your starting pitching would be great if you pick up lester. jackson is in a sophmore slump and he's in the top of the strikeouts category, last year i think he finished 2nd or 3rd behind mark reynolds so dump him. But yeah man.. this is a tough one but I'd say do it. By the way almost all of your sps are in the AL east and that is flirting with disaster, do something about that too. maybe once you get lester try and trade him for an nl west or nl central stud.

what do you think of marlon byrd? by Q: Iv noticed that this guy is legit. He's battin 330 with 9 homers and 34 RBI and he's fast. My question to you guys is about fantasy. is he worth keepin the whole year? He's 32 but last year he had a breakout year with 20 homers and 89 RBI. I'm likin what I see from him right now and the Cubs love him. But do i keep this guy over guys like cris coghlan, franklin gutiarrez, colby rasmus, or chris young? marlon is also doin ridiculous right now

A: Coghlan has been hot lately but in that span his other stats aren't impressive. One homerun and 4 rbis over that time and his BA is still only at .278 with a measely 3 HRs on the year! Coghlan is not a proven producer. His power numbers still leave a lot to be desired. Rasmus runs hot and cold. LaRussa likes to mess with his lineups and platoon players other than Pujols, Holliday, and Ludwick. Coming into the year I was skeptical about Byrd. I thought Texas helped his numbers. However, his production so far has shown me wrong. I would keep him the rest of the year. He seems to be the man in Chicago. He's been batting cleanup lately and that may well continue. August is his strongest month career wise so he could very well keep it up.

Does Marlon Byrd's head look bigger? by Lonesome Rhodes Q: After all, Victor Conte is his personal trainer now. I also hear he's dating Kimberly Bell. Chris - Wrong (what a shock, eh?)! I didn't like Byrd when the Cubs signed him, I didn't like him when he was playing over his head before the break last year, I didn't like him when he showed his true ability after the break and I sure as hell don't like him taking a called 3rd strike as the tying run today. He's a scrub and a waste of a roster spot. "Awesomeness" - How old are you? 10? It's past your bedtime, isn't it?

A: Nah, i met him back when he was playing as East Cobb and he's always had a huge dome. I don't think he's a terrible player, but his numbers and reputation got inflated a lot by playing in the hitters haven that is the Ballpark in Arlington.

Way To Go Marlon Byrd!!!? by Lonesome Rhodes Q: For just the second time this season the Cubs scrub centerfielder didn't make an out or an error and, as a result, the Cubs didn't lose. How long can he avoid doing damage to the club's miniscule playoff hopes? Eric- You're a scrub, too.

A: Dude, are you high or something? Marlon Byrd was an all star last year, and a deserving one. "Scrub" What a joke. I will say that if I have to see him hit in the 3 spot anymore i'm going to puke, but he's not a scrub.

Congrads Marlon Byrd!? by Rangers♥ Young has the record :) Q: He just hit his 3rd career grand slam. =D he's a rangers out fielder..

A: Good for Byrdie. I remember when he came up with Philly, he was supposed to hold down CF for years for the Fightins. It didnt pan out that way, but I'm glad to see him have success with Texas.

Colby Rasmus or Marlon Byrd? by Charged Up Q: So im in this fantasy league and i am winning by about 300 points so I am quite far ahead but I want it to stay that way I am not sure who I should pick up. Just tell me which one and why? Thnx

A: although both are having aa great year thus far, i would go with byrd. His batting average is almost 350 (higher then rasmus) and he has 10 more hits then rasmus. homerun wise, colby's gonna end up with more, but not by much, he has 6 while byrd has 4. However, byrd has more RBI's. Rasmus does however have wayyy more walks, and is gonna steal more bases. In my opinion, both guys are about as even fantasy wise

In light of the Marlon Byrd injury...? by Lonesome Rhodes Q: Should professional baseball players be required to wear safety glasses while batting?

A: There is not much even safety glasses can do when a 90 plus MPH baseball hits them. This has happened many times before. It's just another unfortunate aspect of baseball that must be dealt with.

Michael Cuddyer or Marlon Byrd? by hamboner Q: fantasy baseball

A: WOW, It's Close Because I Like Byrd & Cuddyer Alot. I'd Take Byrd Because Of Wrigley Field. They Both Hit For A Good Average But I Like Byrd A Little Bit More.

Marlon Byrd: On A Roll? by Lonesome Rhodes Q: The Cubs center fielder had three hits (and his first RBI of the season, yippee) against Arizona's #4 starter and a reliever with an ERA of 9. Should Cue Ball only start Byrd against mediocre competition so that Byrd will give the illusion of being worth the money Chicago is giving him?


is marlon byrd going to be on the cubs in mlb the show 2010? by chicago! Q:

A: I know for a fact if you have internet hooked up he will

Who is better Nelson Cruz or Marlon Byrd? by ITS TRIBE TIME NOW Q: which one would have better fantasy numbers

A: Cruz definitely has better HR and RBI potential, and he will play basically every day. Byrd has been playing every day since Hamilton's been out, but he won't be an every day player once he returns. He is underrated though and producing pretty nicely. Cruz should not be an FA in any league though.

Should i drop Rajai Davis, BJ upton, Marlon Byrd? by Avi P Q: upton is really slumping, and byrd looks to have cooled off, and with coco crisp back davis' playing time is limted my other 2 ofs are choo and adam jones, available ofs include pagan, matsui, cody ross, stanton, laporta, coco crisp, franceour and venable

A: Drop Rajai Davis immediately, he is about to lose his starting position to Coco Crisp. Both Upton and Byrd should end the year with solid numbers, so keep them. I would pick up Laporta. He is gonna get the everyday starts now that Branyan is traded to Seattle. He should give you 25HRs by the end of the season.

should i trade granderson and marlon byrd for joakim soria, bj upton and carlos pena? by Avi P Q: its a 12 team mixed league and i need outfield,rbis and saves

A: Longterm this deal makes perfect sense, shortterm it might kill you, right now i just picked up Upton (ironically for Byrd) in a 12 mix league, he has five tool skill but is not showing it right now, pena has basically killed me with the horrible BA, Soria is good stuff but might now get save opportunities, grandy is an upton clone except he is a little bit better defensively, i try and get a better closer if not then i would take this trade

Is Marlon Byrd still playing for the cubs this year? by Emilie Delilah Q:

A: Yes, I think he has 2 more years remaining on his contract... he is the only bright spot on this bad team...

Cubs could activate Marlon Byrd today. Thoughts? by Q: http://www.chicagonow.com/cubs-den/2011/07/cubs-could-activate-marlon-byrd-today/

A: Unfortunate injury for Byrd during 1st Red Sox game. Long run, Cubs would maybe have won 3-4 more games this season with Byrd. Without better pitching and more consistent hitting, Cubs will finish season in 5th place, but having Byrd back will also bolster CF defense.

Shoud i add Garrett Jones over Marlon Byrd? by Q: Garrett is the hot hitting rookie from Pitt and Byrd is the Outfielder from Texas. Garrett is by far only OF possibly better than byrd and byrd is my worst player. Should i add Garrett over Byrd? i have a yahoo league and he is eligable at 1B and OF

A: I would. I just added Jones to my roster a few days ago. He's been red hot and I don't see him slowing down too much. The only down side of that is if you're playing for ESPN, they have him listed as a DH so he can only go in utility for now. Pitt doesn't have a DH so I found that a bit confusing.

FANTASY BASEBALL! Are Marlon Byrd, Clint Barmes, and Scott Downs worth roster spots? by Classic Rocker Q: I have Cody Ross, Carlos Quentin, and Jose Lopez on my bench....

A: You should probably get rid of Marlon Byrd and Scott Downs but keep Clint Barmes. He has been absolutley raking this year. He already has 21 homer runs this year which is more than his previous two years combined. He is also 30 years old so he probably still has a few more good years left in him.

What's the song played when Marlon Byrd Comes up to bat? by Apoc Q:

A: Marlon comes out to "Work" by Gangstarr

What is up with Marlon Byrd? by Q: He is getting awful with runners in scoring position. I know, its awfully ironic for me to ask this question with my username.

A: Does he even play anymore?

Who had the Better Defensive play tonight, Ryan Braun or Marlon Byrd? by Eric Q: great points for both sides. Braun's play was more difficult no doubt, but Byrd was alert and made a perfect throw, and as said, stopped the momentum for the AL. It was game over when he made that play and nobody is debating whether or not 99/100 people COULD throw Ortiz out there, the debate is whether or not 99/100 people WOULD have the alertness to throw him out. I think most would agree that's probably not the case.

A: Marlon Byrd. His play took away the AL momentum. If he does not make that play, the NL might lose the game.

Does anybody know what kind of sunglasses Nationals' OF Marlon Byrd wears? by steelrhino5758 Q: They sort of have an orange tint to the lens and they look bad-ass. Are they Oakleys?

A: Commander Salamanders

What Song is played When Marlon Byrd comes to bat? by Q:

A: Work --- Gangstarr

Do you think the Rays will pursue Marlon Byrd? by Q: The Rangers have been shopping him for a while, and at this point, they can't want much... Personally, I like the guy. He's a good player with a small contract.

A: he's played on a lot of teams but i don't think he's an good every day guy they need they're a good young team developing within

Cubs fans: What do you think about Marlon Byrd hitting 3rd in the lineup? by Rave Nation (EEP / FOH / IvyEnvy / GOMM) Q: I like it. Your thoughts?

A: Colossal, stupendous, wonderful. The greatest managerial decision in the entire history of Major League Baseball. The Cubs won today, that's all that matters. No big deal. Sarge

What is Marlon Byrd's walk-up song? by Q: I noticed that only Marlon Byrd and Starlin Castro are the only two Cubs to have real music as their walk-up music. (The rest are organ). I was wondering if you knew what Byrd's walkup song is called. It's a hip-hop song. Thank you!

A: "Work" by Gangstarr

What type of player is Marlon Byrd? by Michael H Q: Is he good enought to be a starting center fielder. I know the Cubs are looking at him. Matt murton straight up looks like a steal for the rangers.

A: He's good off the bench but he's not an every day player.

Interesting thing about the scrub Marlon Byrd? by Lonesome Rhodes Q: He's now hitting .111 after going 0 for 4 today and he's received 111 steroid injections from Victor Conte so far. Coincidence?

A: I just hope he keeps his injections below the Mendoza line

Why is Marlon Byrd at the All Star game? by Spirit of The Westside Q: He is a part of the Worst team in baseball. Why does baseball allow members of the greatest Collection of Failures in the history of professional sports to participate in the MLB Star Game. He like all the other wastes of human life that play for the Chicago Cubs should be banned from not only the All Star Game but from everything else. When you put on a Cubs uniform, you have become a failure even if you go on to have a career like Babe Ruth.

A: Becuase despite the teams failure this season, they can still have a good player, and that player was Marlon Byrd. Despite the team's record, being an all-star is all on your own.

How many times will Marlon Byrd whiff today? by Lonesome Rhodes Q: The strongest part of his game seems to be taking the called 3rd strike. He excels at it with runners in scoring position. How many times will the Victor Conte disciple strike out today? Jake - If you'll check I believe this is my 3rd question about the scrub so your generalization is laughable, just like your opinion.

A: I think the golden sombrero is well within reach today.

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