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Mark sanchez

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KegzMcBurgundy Jim Zorn sucks, Mark Sanchez sucks, Sam BRADFORD's good, Fran Tarkenton is DECENT!

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AlixWalters #LifeWouldBeBetter if the New York Jets didn't exist & Rex Ryan & Mark Sanchez worked at McDonalds @realpatriots

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Will Mark Sanchez be back this weekend at USC or will Mustain start? by scjazzguitar Q: Which quarterback at USC will be starting this weekend - Mark Sanchez or Mitch Mustain?

A: Mark Sanchez has about a 90 percent chance of starting this weekend versus Arizona State at 3:30 eastern time on abc. I heard a interview with him i think on tuesday on "The Herd" on espn radio where he was saying that he was ready to play this weekend and feels great.

How much is a simple picture of mark sanchez's autograph worth? by Lex Jole Q: This kid from orange County i know is sellling a pic of mark sanchez with his autograph on it and hes offering it to me for 50$$ is it worth it?

A: No, his autograph isn't worth that much, and you don't know if it's authentic.

Does anyone know what the instrumental used today during the CBS Mark Sanchez interview is from? by strichard22 Q: There was this awesome hip-hop beat that they used today during the Mark Sanchez-Boomer Esiason interview today on the CBS pregame show, The NFL today. I've heard it before in my school's weight room, now I can't get it out of my head and I need to know what it is from. It's really synth heavy, and it sounds like maybe it is produced by Kane Beatz? Any help would be appreciated.

A: There were two songs...I'm trying to find out the first but the second one you're looking for I'm pretty sure was "What You Know" by T.I

How come it feels as if Mark Sanchez is gonna be good? by ZeppineX Q: Matt Leinart had a better college career than Sanchez did at the same school and had alot more success. But yet when Leinart broke intot the NFL it kind of felt like he wouldn't cut it in the NFL. Even with Matthew Stafford going to Detroit and Alex Smith or Aaron Rogers going to the 49ers and Packers . . . it felt as if they weren't gonna be that good. Even Brady Quinn. But why is it that with Mark Sanchez there's that feeling that he's gonna be great even though he wasn't that great in college?

A: Something just feels right about Sanchez, what is it? His charisma, his poise in the pocket, his attitude about the NFL. He looks great on tape, though that ravens defense rattled him up a little. I think he's going to be a high caliber quarterback, no doubt. Well he have the same year as the rookies Ryan and Flacco? I really don't know, remember this is the NFL.

Will Mark Sanchez be able to lead the Jets to a victory over the Bears? by Fireman Awesome Q: Even if Mark Sanchez is on the sidelines he will lead the Jets to glory.

A: no

How many NFL teams do you think would want Mark Sanchez over their current starting QB? by Fireman Awesome Q: 31 other teams would replace their current starter for Mark Sanchez in my opinion. He is #1.

A: 8 maximum. Probably more like 6. Most likely would take Sanchez over current: Carolina San Francisco Arizona Oakland Jacksonville Buffalo Possibly take Sanchez over current: Miami Cleveland Just my opinion.

Who should I start Marshalls or Holmes against Mark Sanchez tonight? by Toph Q: I have 1 more spot left for Wide Receiver. I have Marshalls and Holmes on my bench. My opponent have 1 more spot left for QB, Mark Sanchez. I am just ahead by 6 points. Who do you should I start Marshalls or Holmes?

A: You shouldn't worry about who your opponent is playing. You need to start the guy that will get you the most points. I would worry about Marshall with Moore at QB - especially since Marshall says his goal is to get kicked out of the game in the 2nd quarter. Play Holmes. If you're in a standard scoring league, you'll get more points for receiving yards when Holmes gets catches than the other guy gets for passing yds. It would be nice to have a bigger lead, but it's counterproductive to play Marshall unless you really believe that he will outscore Holmes.

should I start Mark Sanchez against San diego for Fantasy Football? by jacksondude27 Q: hey, so i have mark sanchez and matt ryan. Mark is going against san diego and mark is going against detroit. i also have the detroit lions d. i'm trying to get my 5-1 record to 6-1. thanks for the help.

A: It doesn't matter that you have the Detroit D. You need to maximize your points - play who you think will score the most points from week to week. It's possible for both the QB and D to do well or for both to do poorly or in between. Neither one has been particularly good this year. Their performance is essentially the same so far. Ryan has a little tougher match up for QBs this week. Ryan is on the road where the Falcons historically don't play as well while the Jets are at home. I'd go with Sanchez.

Will Mark Sanchez be eating hot dogs on the sidelines in a shocking easy victory against the Colts? by Dave Q: Will the Jets destroy Peyton Manning & the Colts in a 28-0 voctory? Will Mark Sanchez be eating hot dogs having a good time as the Jets win easily?

A: I've got a feeling he will be seated next to you eating crow.

MARK SANCHEZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? by ley Q: please someone tell me how to meet mark sanchez ( new york jets QB) any autograph signing events? please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A: Find out at www.newyorkjets.com THey probably have events posted. Or go to training camp you can see him there in spring.

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