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Maria Canals

André Dussollier and Adriana Asti in André Téchiné's Unforgivable ...
Francis engages Anna Maria (Adriana Asti), an eccentric private investigator and ... and mystery are seamlessly woven into the beauty of the canals and piazzas.

Skyway still closed, storm blocks local roads
In Manatee County, flooding on Anna Maria Island has subsided but the Cortez ... In Charlotte County, high tide this morning pushed water out of canals and has ...

Ryan Seacrest speeds around on jet ski on second day in Saint ...
Later in the afternoon, Ryan host was seen walking around the canals of Port .... Seattle: The six children were brutally beaten by Maria Gonzales Esquivel, 47, ...

André Téchiné, Director of 'Unforgivable'
... Judith (Carole Bouquet), a bisexual former model; her ex-lover, Anna Maria (Adriana ... Venice, and the surface of the movie is as smooth as the placid canals.

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Jakeshair RT @SelenaDaily: Selena was spotted with Jake T Austin and Maria Canals Barrera today. I want pictures.

emoryjasonborn RT @SelenaDaily: Selena was spotted with Jake T Austin and Maria Canals Barrera today. I want pictures.

KeepSmilingJake RT @SelenaDaily: Selena was spotted with Jake T Austin and Maria Canals Barrera today. I want pictures.

Gomezing_16 Selena was spotted with Jake T Austin and Maria Canals Barrera yesterday. I want pictures.

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gomezedteam RT @SelenaDaily: Selena was spotted with Jake T Austin and Maria Canals Barrera today. I want pictures.

HaveGomezFever_ RT @SelenaDaily: Selena was spotted with Jake T Austin and Maria Canals Barrera today. I want pictures.

GomezOwnMyHeart RT @SelenaDaily: Selena was spotted with Jake T Austin and Maria Canals Barrera today. I want pictures.

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Ima_B_Lieber RT @SelenaDaily: Selena was spotted with Jake T Austin and Maria Canals Barrera today. I want pictures.

SelenaFan4verr RT @SelenaDaily: Selena was spotted with Jake T Austin and Maria Canals Barrera today. I want pictures.

JeLeNa_SwAg RT @SelenaDaily: Selena was spotted with Jake T Austin and Maria Canals Barrera today. I want pictures.

iloveselenamg_ RT @SelenaDaily: Selena was spotted with Jake T Austin and Maria Canals Barrera today. I want pictures.


Spanish translations? by Kat Q: Do whichever ones you can do...thanks and God Bless. Traduzca al español las siguientes oraciones: Although he had never been in England, he knew where the pubs were. MarÍa suggested that we go to the library to study. You will never learn this material unless you study. When I was a kid, I liked to eat vegetables. Last semester she was always late, but now she is always on time. If you do not come, I will call you. Federico Tinoco is the only Costa Rican president who has interrupted the democratic process in Costa Rica. The United States will have to give up (ceder) their control of the Panama Canal in the year 2000. As we know, geographical features have affected the development of Latin American countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Chile. Although the 'criollos' in Argentina had never fought against the british, they fought and won. The 'virrey' was substituted by the leader of the 'criollos' army. And one more: A few years later, a 'junta de gobierno' was organized by the Argentinians.

A: Maria suggested that we go to the library to study: Maria sugirió que vayamos a la biblioteca a estudiar. You will never learn this material unless you study: Usted nunca aprenderá este material a menos que usted estudie. When I was a kid, I liked to eat vegetables: Cuando era un cabrito, tuve gusto de comer vehículos. Last semester she was always late, but now she is always on time: El semestre pasado ella era siempre atrasada, pero ahora ella está siempre el tiempo. If you do not come, I will call you: Si usted no viene, le llamaré. Hope this helped! :)

What you think of these latest arrests 25 arrested, charged with harboring illegal immigrants? by THE GREATEST GODDESS JILL Q: EL PASO -- Agents with the Border Enforcement Security Task Force (BEST) arrested 25 people who allegedly used the Gateway Hotel Downtown to harbor illegal immigrants. Amongst those arrested are Song U.Chon, the owner of the hotel and two Gateway Hotel managers. Chon and 24 others arrested in connection to the investigation during the last two weeks are charged with Conspiracy to Smuggle and Harbor Illegal Aliens for Financial Gain, according to U.S. Attorney John E. Murphy and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Special Agent in Charge Manuel Oyala Torres. According to Murphy, U.S. Magistrate Judge Norbert Garney denied bond to Guillermo Lopez-Nunez, the alleged ringleader of the human smuggling organization, Thursday. Garney said a judge denied bond last week for Maria Isidra Luna-Aviala, another alleged leader of the organization; Alejandro Garcia-Rico, the night shift manager at the Gateway Hotel; and Jose Herrera, a former maintenance man at the hotel. Luna-Avila is also charged in the death of an undocumented immigrant on July 25, 2007. According to the indictment, an undocumented immigrant attempting to return home to Mexico drowned in the American Canal Downtown. If convicted, Luna-Avila faces life in prison. Also arrested last week was Gateway Hotel day shift manager Armando Arzate and Juo-Hsuan Hsu, the owner of the now-closed May's Cafe. The restaurant was once located inside the Gateway Hotel. The bond for Arzate and Hsu was set at $20,000. On May 27, 2009, a federal grand jury in El Paso returned a 51-count indictment against Chon, the Y.C.L. Corporation (d.b.a. The Gateway Hotel), Lopez-Nunez, Luna-Avila, Arzate, Garcia-Rico, Hsu and others, according to a news release. Amongst the charges listed in the indictment are Conspiracy to Commit Alien Smuggling, Alien Smuggling, Alien Smuggling Resulting in Death, Money Laundering and Structuring. Structuring involves the manipulation of a financial transactions in order to avoid reporting how the money was obtained. Under federal law, any bank deposit of more than $10,000 must be accounted for. In the indictment, the federal government seeks a $1 million monetary judgement against Chon and the forfeiture of the Gateway Hotel. According to the indictment, the defendants begin devising a plan to smuggle hundreds of illegal immigrants from Mexico back in June 2003. The defendants would allegedly harbor the illegal immigrants by providing them with shelter, food and clothing at the Gateway Hotel until their family members or "sponsors" paid a $2,000 fee to the ringleaders, the indictment charged. The indictment details the fee was usually paid through Western Union and Money Gram wire transfers and the defendants would then transport the illegal immigrants to their final destination elsewhere in the country. According to officials, each smuggling count carries up to ten years imprisonment. Each money laundering count is punishable by imprisonment for up to 20 years and each structuring count carries up to 10 years imprisonment. http://www.kvia.com/Global/story.asp?S=10520401&nav=menu193_2

A: Each sentence should be made to run consecutively (one after the other) instead of concurrently (overlapping so that only the longest single sentence is actually served).

Crazy English words aren't they? by Q: Dearest creature in creation, Study English pronunciation. I will teach you in my verse Sounds like corpse, corps, horse, and worse. I will keep you, Suzy, busy, Make your head with heat grow dizzy. Tear in eye, your dress will tear. So shall I! Oh hear my prayer. Just compare heart, beard, and heard, Dies and diet, lord and word, Sword and sward, retain and Britain. (Mind the latter, how it’s written.) Now I surely will not plague you With such words as plaque and ague. But be careful how you speak: Say break and steak, but bleak and streak; Cloven, oven, how and low, Script, receipt, show, poem, and toe. Hear me say, devoid of trickery, Daughter, laughter, and Terpsichore, Typhoid, measles, topsails, aisles, Exiles, similes, and reviles; Scholar, vicar, and cigar, Solar, mica, war and far; One, anemone, Balmoral, Kitchen, lichen, laundry, laurel; Gertrude, German, wind and mind, Scene, Melpomene, mankind. Billet does not rhyme with ballet, Bouquet, wallet, mallet, chalet. Blood and flood are not like food, Nor is mould like should and would. Viscous, viscount, load and broad, Toward, to forward, to reward. And your pronunciation’s OK When you correctly say croquet, Rounded, wounded, grieve and sieve, Friend and fiend, alive and live. Ivy, privy, famous; clamour And enamour rhyme with hammer. River, rival, tomb, bomb, comb, Doll and roll and some and home. Stranger does not rhyme with anger, Neither does devour with clangour. Souls but foul, haunt but aunt, Font, front, wont, want, grand, and grant, Shoes, goes, does. Now first say finger, And then singer, ginger, linger, Real, zeal, mauve, gauze, gouge and gauge, Marriage, foliage, mirage, and age. Query does not rhyme with very, Nor does fury sound like bury. Dost, lost, post and doth, cloth, loth. Job, nob, bosom, transom, oath. Though the differences seem little, We say actual but victual. Refer does not rhyme with deafer. Foeffer does, and zephyr, heifer. Mint, pint, senate and sedate; Dull, bull, and George ate late. Scenic, Arabic, Pacific, Science, conscience, scientific. Liberty, library, heave and heaven, Rachel, ache, moustache, eleven. We say hallowed, but allowed, People, leopard, towed, but vowed. Mark the differences, moreover, Between mover, cover, clover; Leeches, breeches, wise, precise, Chalice, but police and lice; Camel, constable, unstable, Principle, disciple, label. Petal, panel, and canal, Wait, surprise, plait, promise, pal. Worm and storm, chaise, chaos, chair, Senator, spectator, mayor. Tour, but our and succour, four. Gas, alas, and Arkansas. Sea, idea, Korea, area, Psalm, Maria, but malaria. Youth, south, southern, cleanse and clean. Doctrine, turpentine, marine. Compare alien with Italian, Dandelion and battalion. Sally with ally, yea, ye, Eye, I, ay, aye, whey, and key. Say aver, but ever, fever, Neither, leisure, skein, deceiver. Heron, granary, canary. Crevice and device and aerie. Face, but preface, not efface. Phlegm, phlegmatic, ass, glass, bass. Large, but target, gin, give, verging, Ought, out, joust and scour, scourging. Ear, but earn and wear and tear Do not rhyme with here but ere. Seven is right, but so is even, Hyphen, roughen, nephew Stephen, Monkey, donkey, Turk and jerk, Ask, grasp, wasp, and cork and work. Pronunciation (think of Psyche!) Is a paling stout and spikey? Won’t it make you lose your wits, Writing groats and saying grits? It’s a dark abyss or tunnel: Strewn with stones, stowed, solace, gunwale, Islington and Isle of Wight, Housewife, verdict and indict. Finally, which rhymes with enough, Though, through, plough, or dough, or cough? Hiccough has the sound of cup. My advice is to give up!!!

A: the fact is they have made differences in spellings of many worlds in order to make them as diffrent phrases, it has been a dumb method of improving english language.

Dental assistant cover letter help? by pinkpanthergirl Q: This is my cover letter thus far, any suggestions on how to improve it? Any additions? Dear Maria: We spoke on Tuesday afternoon and, as promised, I’m enclosing a copy of my resume. I am writing in response to your advertisement for a dental assistant. I recently graduated from (my school) dental assisting program. I will be taking the x-ray exam upon the completion of my additional training at your office. My objective is to obtain a position in a team oriented office that will enable me to utilize the skills that I have learned and improve upon them with the teachings and guidance from the dentist and the staff that will ultimately help the practice grow. I completed 20 hours of clinical experience during office internships. I am especially interested in root canal, amalgam, and composite procedures, but I am trained in all areas of dental assisting. I would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about my background and qualifications in an interview after you read the enclosed resume. If you have questions, please call me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your consideration, L.P Enclosure

A: Excellent cover letter pinkpant. It caught my eye and if I was looking, you would receive a call back from my offices. Good luck with your career.

Would you consider this a hate crime by an illegal & what do activists have say about this? by Maricopa County Q: WEST NEW YORK -- County homicide detectives charged a man this morning who authorities say is an illegal immigrant with murdering a mother of two who was found strangled to death in a vacant apartment across the hallway from her own residence on Feb. 28, officials said. Jorge Calan, 43, of 58th Street in West New York, was arrested at 7 a.m. today by homicide detectives of the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office, Hudson County First Assistant Prosecutor Guy Gregory said. Calan made his first appearance in Central Judicial Processing Court this morning on charges he murdered Maria Gutierrez Cabrera, 30, of 6004 Buchanan Place, officials said. Wearing a brown leather jacket over a brown sweater, with blue jeans and black sneakers, the Guatemalan native spoke through a Spanish interpreter in court. When asked if he wanted his embassy to be notified of the charges against him, Calan answered, "Si." Cabrera worked at a Union City tavern and on the morning she died she was driven home from work by two female coworkers when she finished her shift around 2 a.m., DeFazio said. Gutierrez Cabrera's aunt, who also lives in the Buchanan Place building, called West New York police at 7:30 a.m. that day, after the victim's boyfriend told her he had found her niece dead in the vacant apartment, officials said. Arriving officers found the mother of two girls fully clothed and with no obvious signs of "serious bodily injury," Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio said at the time. An autopsy later determined she had been manually strangled. Indications of manual strangulation can include bruising, burst blood vessels in the eyes, and in some instances, broken bones in the throat, said DeFazio, noting that Gutierrez Cabrera had no broken bones. Details on the allegations against Canal are not yet available. In Central Judicial Processsing this afternoon, Hudson County Assistant Prosecutor Howard Bell said Calan was in the U.S. illegally and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement would be notified. Calan is being held without bail until his bail can be set by a Superior Court judge, likely later today http://www.nj.com/hudson/index.ssf/2010/03/town_man_is_charged_in_murder.html

A: Yes it could be.The illegal is of a different race and took out his hatred and anger against a person of another race.This illegal is also guilty of breaking up a family , emotionally he has scarred the children for the rest of their lives. Will her children be very frighten every time they see somebody Hispanic think that they could also be targets as well. It is a hate crime. If this were the other way around activists for illegals would be on the band wagon taking about breaking up families, he was attacked because he was Hispanic or illegally ? Whenever it is a citizen activists brush it off as other people did it before.It only changes when an illegal suffers such a fate, they scream racism, profiling, etc,etc.

Entry fees to museums? by Megan C Q: i am trying to convince my parents to let us go to Italy at the beginning of the summer but i NEED prices!! Does anyone know the entry fees to the following paces or where to find out Panthenon Piazza Navona Villa Borghese Porta Portese Trevi Fountain The Centre Piazza del Popolo Castle of Aint Angelo Saint Maria Maggiore Santa Maria del Fiore Ponte Vecchio Michelangelo's David(does anyone know where this is located) Cappelle Medicee Doge's Palace Basilica San Marco Canal Grande Galleria dell' Accademia Campanile di San Marco I realize not all of these have entry fees but i copied and pasted...so thank you for all of your help!!!!! Also if there are any suggestions for other places to see in these cities

A: Rome: Pantheon - free entry Piazza Navona - free, public square Trevi Fountain - free, public square Porta Portese - free, old city gate The Centre - do you mean the Roman Forum in the historic centre? If so, it's free Piazza del Popolo - free, public square Saint Maria Maggiore - free entry Santa Maria del Fiore - free entry Villa Borghese - ticket €8.50 (for info on concession ticket etc : http://www.galleriaborghese.it/borghese/en/einfo.htm ) Castle of Aint Angelo - ticket €5 (for info on concession ticket etc : http://www.castelsantangelo.com/info.asp ) There are lots to see in Rome and many are free. Check this link for free sites in Rome (http://www.enjoyrome.com/tourist/cityguide/rome.for.free.html ) and this link for all that you can do in Rome (http://www.enjoyrome.com/tourist/cityguide/the.sights.html ) - note, prices specified may not be the most up-to-date. Of course, don't miss the St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City. Dress appropriately, and while the queue may seem long they tend to move relatively quickly. The entry is free. The Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel however is fee paying (€14, http://mv.vatican.va/3_EN/pages/z-Info/MV_Info_Orario.html ) Florence : Ponte Vecchio - free, public bridge Cappelle Medicee - free entry Michelangelo's David - free for the imitation outside Palazzo Vecchio, €6.50 for the real deal in Academia Gallery (for info on concession ticket etc : http://www.uffizi.firenze.it/english/musei/accademia/# ) Other places definitely worth visiting in Florence are the Duomo (free entry) and its adjacent Giotto Tower (€6 for the tower), Galleria degli Uffizi (€10, advance booking €4 extra, online booking another €3.25 extra, but they do have crazy queue there unless you're there very early if you don't want to pay for advance booking etc), Santa Maria Novella (free entry), among lots more other sites. Venice : Basilica San Marco - free, but book ahead (http://www.basilicasanmarco.it/eng/visite/prenotazioni.bsm?cat=6&subcat=5 ) Campanile di San Marco - free for outside view, €8 to go up the bell tower (http://www.basilicasanmarco.it/eng/visite/orari.bsm?cat=6&subcat=3 ) Canal Grande - well, free if you walk along the footpath, charges if you take the Vaporetto or gondola to travel the Grand Canal Doge's Palace - €12, Secret Itinerary guided tour €10 Galleria dell' Accademia - €6.50 (for info on concession ticket etc :http://www.gallerieaccademia.org/sito/ing_informazioni.html )

Want to find friend in Canal Fulton or Clinton Ohio? by kathyannage Q: Want to find old friend in Ohio, name is Carl L Gregg, wife Maria, has two daughters, he is around 52, we use to live in Phoenix, Az. How do I get phone number? Anyone know him? Thanks P.S. We use to do solor installations together

A: Zabasearch show a couple of hits here. Try this one 7501 Middle Street Clinton OH. 330 882 6636

How do you feel about the Camp Rock 2 plot? by cuttieimani Q: I read online that the Camp Rock 2 plot has officially been confirmed and this is basically what it said: "Camp Rock The Final Jam, will borrow its plot from Shakespeare; featuring Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers, new director & writer, according to Hollywood Reporter. Poduction being in summer, will debut on Disney Channel in '09. The story has the characters played by Demi and Kevin, Nick & Joe Jonas returning to their beloved Camp Rock, only to discover that some of the students and instructors have ditched it for nearby rival Camp Star. Meaghan Jette Martin, Maria Canals-Barrera, Alyson Stoner and Daniel Fathers will return for the sequel. Joining the cast for 'Final Jam' are hip-hop artist Matthew 'Mdot' Finley and Chloe Bridges, an accomplished 17-year-old classical pianist. Mdot plays the reigning hot-shot singer across the lake at Camp Star who challenges Camp Rock to a musical showdown. The 'Romeo and Juliet' moment comes when Nate (Nick) falls for Dana (Chloe), the daughter of Camp Star's owner" So what do you think?

A: Who cares? :) It's gonna be stupid no matter what the plot line is.

What should my character look like? by Q: Carmen Martinez - School counselor. In her early 30's and is really pretty. She's like the Dumbledor of my story by being like a friend to the main character who's a student. She's really friendly and acts young for her age. She allows the main girl to call her by her first name. http://i637.photobucket.com/albums/uu96/Hippiegoddess146/0001jpgj.jpg http://i637.photobucket.com/albums/uu96/Hippiegoddess146/Nikki39.jpg http://i637.photobucket.com/albums/uu96/Hippiegoddess146/constance-marie1.jpg http://i637.photobucket.com/albums/uu96/Hippiegoddess146/0001.jpg http://i637.photobucket.com/albums/uu96/Hippiegoddess146/maria_canals-barrera_5314701.jpg

A: Hey The surname Martinez fits with the last, however I don't think she fits with the role. I like http://i637.photobucket.com/albums/uu96/Hippiegoddess146/Nikki39.jpg the best, she looks the right age, personality; friendly. x

is this a good movie review? by Q: My movie review (Larry Crowne) A comedy movie starring with an actor called tom hanks, which made a movie called Larry Crowne. Plot: After Larry Crowne (Hanks), a middle-aged man, is terminated from his job, he goes back to college, where he unexpectedly forms bonds with his fellow students and a romantic relationship with Mercedes Tainot, a professor (Roberts). Hank's joint screen-writer, Vardalos, also appears in the film in a yet to be revealed role. This movie is all about an ex-navy man called Larry Crowne, who was fired from his job because of not having a college education, so at his suggestion to his yard sale running neighbors, he enrolls at nearby east valley community college. Later in the movie He had to take a course that was taught by a teacher called Mr. Sullu (George Takei) and speech 217, taught by a teacher called Mercedes Tainot What I did not like from this movie, was why it was rated PG-13,I have two reason I would like to emphasize was when one character was shown at home looking at images of nearly nude women on his computer, although no actual nudity or naked scene are Shown, so it was really no sex . Another problem was at the being the was a song track playing (hold on tight by electric light orchestra) the was really nothing he was holding on tight too so I did not get why it was a sound track for that kind of scene. I love this because it shows that will should stay in school and never drop out from college because without college you cannot have any good job. cast Tom Hanks as Larry Crowne Julia Roberts as Mercedes Tainot Cedric the Entertainer as Lamar Taraji P. Henson as B'Ella Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Talia Wilmer Valderrama as Dell Gordo Bryan Cranston as Dean Tainot Pam Grier as Frances Rami Malek as Steve Dibiasi Maria Canals Barrera as Lala Pinedo Rita Wilson as Wilma Q. Gammelgaard George Takei as Dr. Matsutani Sy Richardson as Avery Dale Dye as Cox Ian Gomez as Frank Chet Hanks as Pizza Delivery Boy Nia Vardalos as Map Genie (voice) jon Seda as Officer Diamond

A: Despite maybe a few editing errors here and there, not bad! Don't say "I think that..." or "I liked the part when..." keep it in a professional tone and you have a great review! Keep it up!

How well do you know the Disney Channel? (part 2)? by Alex Q: I posted a quiz on Disney Channel before, now it's harder questions, and only those who truly know the Disney Channel can answer these questions correctly. Whoever can answer these questions correctly receives a prize of 10 points. 1.) Disney Channel was put on the air on what date? 2.) Alex Russo's full name is? 3.) Andrew "Andy" Lawrence has done 3 Disney Channel movies, name all three in chronological order. 4.) The Suite Life of Zack and Cody's Esteban's full name is? 5.) In Disney's "The House of Mouse" Daisy Duck told everyone which song she finds to be "the most romantic song I've ever heard". What song is that? 6.) In the "Hannah Montana" episode, "I Am Hannah, Hear Me Croak" Jackson's superstar name was what? True/False: 7.) In "Camp Rock" Demi Lovato's favorite song to work on was "This Is Me." 8.) Maria Canals-Barrera played both "Sunset Boulevardez" and "Theresa Russo." 9.) In Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" Liz Callaway played "Belle." Bonus Question: I will post some lines from a short scene from "Aladdin", and you fill in the blanks. "Jafar: Patience, Iago. Patience. Gazim was obviously less than worthy. Iago: ________________________________________... Jafar: Yes....'Only one may enter'. I must find this, 'one', this 'diamond in the rough.'" Good luck to all participants.

A: 1) 1983 2) Alexandra Margarita Russo 3) the other me horse sense jumping ship 4) lmfao i have no clue, this ones too hard 5) ah i remember it being something silly :/ 6) Buckey Kuntuckey 7) false, wasn't it "We Rock" 8) true, and shes paulina on danny phantom 9) false. favorite movie EVER. and no it was paige o'hara that played as belle, it was originally supposed to be jodi benson, the voice of ariel. and beast was robby benson <3 Bonus: Oh theres a big suprise! I think im gonna have a heart attack from that suprise..something something.

What is the Camp Rock 2 Plot? by Q: Which is the real plot?: 1)Mithchee Torres (Demi Lovato) is going to Camp Rock again but, this time with her cousin, Riley Torres (Selena Gomez)! At Camp Rock, Connect 3 is making the theme of the camp for this year, Recording Camp. The campers make their own song and record it for final jam! Whoever wins final jam gets to record their own soundtrack! Riley's Dad does actually happen to direct movies and knows Taylor Swift. Tess (Meagan Jette Martin) tells Riley if she can get her into Taylor Swift's birthday bash she can hang with them. Mitchee gets mad that Riley is hanging with Tess, so Tess starts to friend Mitchee. But when Tess finds out Mitchee and Shane are secret dating, she spreads around that Mitchee and Shane are secretly dating and they are teaming up to win final jam. Everyone gets mad. And then Riley helps out Tess so mitchee gets really mad at Riley. The day before final jam everyone is excited. Mitchee over hears Tess planning with Ella and Peggy to embarerres Riley on her performce. Mitchee tells Riley but she doesn't believe her so Katelin tells herand she had to believe her. So during Tesses performnce Riley takes it over and Tess falls of the stage while Riley sings the rest of the song. It has been raining and the power goes out. Mitchee somehow makes the best of it and sings her song. The song Mitchee sings goes into a differrent song that Mitchee and Shane will sing. At the end they all go out in the rain and lightning and sing 'Sing!Sing!Sing!" while the fireworks "the end" go off! 2) When Mitchie Torres [Demi Lovato] returns to Camp Rock, she’s expecting a summer of romance, fun, and all about music. But instead she finds a summer full of drama. This summer Connect Three [Jonas Brothers] are all going to be spending time at Camp Rock. So Mitchie and Shane [Joe Jonas] have some dates. When Tess Tyler [Meaghan Jette Martin] finds out, she get’s jealous. Caitlyn Geller’s [Alyson Stoner] cousin, Connor [Joey Nieves] is the newbie to Camp Rock, and wants to fit in. Tess has a mischief plan involving Mitchie, Shane, and Connor. Tess promises Connor that he can hang out with her and her crew so he can be popular. The only thing he has to do is break up Mitchie and Shane. Connor thinks about the plan and gives in. When Caitlyn finds out that it’s Connor’s fault, Connor is in for a rude awaking. Tess turns on him to make him the bad guy, and Connor takes the blame. The story turns out good in the end, when the cast sings ‘Rock On!’ 3)Camp Rock The Final Jam, will borrow its plot from Shakespeare; featuring Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers, new director & writer, according to Hollywood Reporter. Poduction being in summer, will debut on Disney Channel in '09. The story has the characters played by Demi and Kevin, Nick & Joe Jonas returning to their beloved Camp Rock, only to discover that some of the students and instructors have ditched it for nearby rival Camp Star. Meaghan Jette Martin, Maria Canals-Barrera, Alyson Stoner and Daniel Fathers will return for the sequel. Joining the cast for 'Final Jam' are hip-hop artist Matthew 'Mdot' Finley and Chloe Bridges, an accomplished 17-year-old classical pianist. Mdot plays the reigning hot-shot singer across the lake at Camp Star who challenges Camp Rock to a musical showdown. The 'Romeo and Juliet' moment comes when Nate (Nick) falls for Dana (Chloe), the daughter of Camp Star's owner. 4)It is summertime once again and the Camp Rock is on the brink of shutting down. When Mitchie and her friends Ella, Peggy, Tess, Shane, Nate, Jason and others are back to Camp Rock for another rocking summer they found the place empty. They found out that Brown’s high school greatest rival had established another camp just across the lake from Camp Rock location. Unfortunately, the rival camp is stealing all of the campers from Camp Rock and if Camp Rock doesn’t get back the campers soon, they’ll have to shut down permanently. Meanwhile the son of the rival camp fall in love with one of Mitchie’s friend Tess which made the whole scenario worst when he goes over to the Camp Rock side. To settle the score Mitchie and her camp friends challenge the rival camp to “Jam Off”, and the losing camp has to shut down.

A: Gary Marsh, the president of Entertainment, Disney Channel World, confirmed that a script was almost complete for Camp Rock 2. According to The Hollywood Reporter, all the principal cast was expected to return,[6] with a special appearance by the Jonas Brothers' young brother, Frankie Jonas.[7] According to a blog in myspace, shooting will begin as soon as the Jonas Brothers complete their North America leg on their world tour and before their next leg in Europe and also when Demi Lovato finishes her tour. Demi Lovato confirmed on her Twitter that she was in the studio to record songs for Camp Rock 2.[8] Production on the film titled Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam will begin in late 2009 and is scheduled to premiere in 2010.[9] According to Popstar online.com, Chloe Bridges is expected to become a new camper as Dana Alee. According to Hollywood Reporter.com, the official plot is that Shane Gray and Mitchie Torres return to Camp Rock, only to discover that some of the students and instructors have abandoned it for nearby rival Camp Star. Also joining the cast for Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam is popular hip-hop artist Matthew “Mdot” Finley. Mdot will play the reigning hot-shot singer across the lake at Camp Star who challenges Camp Rock to a musical showdown. There’s even a romance moment between Nate and Dana, the daughter of Camp Star’s owner. The movie is a Disney Channel Original Movie.

do you think these celebreties look alike? by Q: nfl football hall of famer Rod Woodson http://s208.photobucket.com/albums/bb20/castillo760_photo/?action=view¤t=rod-woodson.jpg & mexican football striker Miguel Sabah; plays for monarcas de morelia in mexico's first division http://s208.photobucket.com/albums/bb20/castillo760_photo/?action=view¤t=miguelsabah.jpg ______________________________________________ disney actor/singer Mitchel Musso http://s208.photobucket.com/albums/bb20/castillo760_photo/?action=view¤t=mitchelmusso.png & argentine football striker Lionel Messi; plays for fcbarcelona in spain's la liga. http://s208.photobucket.com/albums/bb20/castillo760_photo/?action=view¤t=Lionel_Messi.jpg ________________________________________ wwe diva Eve Torres http://s208.photobucket.com/albums/bb20/castillo760_photo/?action=view¤t=eve-torres.jpg & actress Dayanara Torres http://s208.photobucket.com/albums/bb20/castillo760_photo/?action=view¤t=dayanara_torres.jpg _______________________________________ actress Maria Canals http://s208.photobucket.com/albums/bb20/castillo760_photo/?action=view¤t=normal_192770.jpg & wwe diva Layla El http://s208.photobucket.com/albums/bb20/castillo760_photo/?action=view¤t=layla.jpg

A: Meh to all. But I always thought these looked alike. Dane Cook ... Ryan Reynolds (4/5) Sandra Bullock ... Julia Roberts (2/5) Bill Murray ... Tom Hanks (5/5) What do you think?

Who should play the roles in the Maximum Ride movie? by goula_gurl99 Q: I love the MR books and I'm gonna be so sad when I finish them all. :( I'm on Final Warning right now. I think these people should play the characters... Max: Taylor Momsen (extensions for hair, tho) or Emily Osment Fang: Josh Hutcherson or Logon Lerman Iggy: Dylan Sprouse Nudge: Madison Pettis Gazzy: Not sure on this one... Angel: Elle Fanning... possibly Ari: Moises Arias Jeb: Peter Facinelli Dr. Martinez: Constance Marie or Maria Canals-Barrera Ella: Not sure on this one...

A: omg!! i LOVE these books...but i thought that there was a movie coming out already....???? there was a trailer to it wasnt it?? sorry....more questions than answers...i think that you got it right with ari tho

Ok, this Isnt a question, ITS ABOUT Jonas brothers, CAMP ROCK movie!!!!!!!!!!? by JONAS BROTHERS #1 FAN!!!!!!!!!!! Q: Here is the cast. * Demi Lovato as Mitchie Torres * Joe Jonas as Shane Gray * Meaghan Jette Martin as Tess Tyler * Alyson Stoner as Caitlyn * Kevin Jonas as Jason * Nick Jonas as Nate * Anna Maria Perez de Tagle as Ella * Jasmine Richards as Peggy * Maria Canals as Connie Torres * Aaryn Doyle as Lola Here is the Plot. The plot follows rockstar Shane Gray who is sent to work as a guest instructor at a summer camp. There he meets Mitchie Torres, an ambitious girl who wants to become a pop star and can only attened the expensive camp by washing dishes. It will soon come to Disney Channel, on June 20th 2008 (Almost) HAVE FUN WATCHING CAMP ROCK!!!!!!!!

A: Cool! Can't wait!

Question about this hairstyle that i like [picture included]? by Q: Ok so i really like this hairstyle in this picture of maria canals barrera. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_ZZ-CqtHjAnk/Sm0d2FH2iCI/AAAAAAABjmg/18q5j7faksE/s400/Maria+Canals-Barrera.jpg How do i do my hair like that? do i need a big curling iron to get it like that? my hair is about the same length as hers. I was thinking of doing that hairstyle for my graduation. I could use a little help here, lol. (:

A: Dry it with a round brush, touch it up a bit with a large barreled curling iron in places there isn't enough curl.

Does anyone know what Senor Georges Melchior Maria Luis de Polignac have to do with the Panama Canal? by Barbara M Q:

A: A man, a plan, a canal--Panama. Now try that the other way around.

Who would you cast in a Stephanie Plum movie? by mlmel Q: This is who i would cast: Stephanie-Marisa Tomei Morelli-Jeffrey Dean Morgan Ranger- Shemar Moore Lula- Mo'nique Connie-Maria Canals-Barrera grandma-Ellen Albertini Dow vinni-Steve Buscemi tank- Ving Rhames or Michael Chiklis joyce-Lara Flynn Boyle connie-Maggie Wheeler tell me what you think and who you would cast

A: Heh, I like Marisa Tomei as Stephanie and Steve Buscemi as Vinnie. I don't think the guy you have down for Morelli is nearly as gorgeous as Morelli ought to be, although I'm not sure who I'd cast though. This question makes me excited for Finger Lickin' Fifteen!

What do you think the color of highlights do these pictures have? by Sarah Q: http://www.hotflick.net/flicks/9999_Celebrity_Photos/999CLP_Maria_Canals_Barrera_010.jpg http://thebeautybean.com/site/wp-content/uploads/Maria_0622p-1.jpg

A: caramel or golden

Do you think that Wizards Of Waverly Place is the best comedy show on Disney Channel? by moussakhoury Q: it's hilarious i love it and i love all the cast members(Jake T Austin,David Henrie and Selena Gomez) and of course David Deluise and Maria Canals Barrera except for Harper(Jenifer Stone) i dont find her funny at all and she's boring...so do you like this show and its cast members? come on it's Emmy nominated...thanks

A: I was definetly surprised when watching it, its much funnier than your typical disney channel show it was as funny as a disney show can be. quite good :)

Selena Gomez, David Henrie, JT Austin, David Deluise, Maria Canals Barrera ... phone number and email! please! by !!! iM noT cHaRli3 !!! Q:

A: very funny

Who else thinks Maria canals barera is smoking hot? by Q:

A: I didn't know who she was, so I checked out a few pictures...Smoking, especially for someone in her mid 40s

in wizards of waverly place who plays theresa russo better selena gomez or maria canals barrera? by rnj Q: selena gomez played theresa in Quinceañera when alex and theresa switched bodies.

A: maria canals barrera ;) shes awesome but i love selena too <3

Do Maria Canals Barrera and Marie Constance look alike? by Q: Just wondering! Maria Canals Barrera: http://becksmithhollywood.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/wizards-of-waverly-placemaria1.jpg Marie Constance: http://media.mademan.com/chickipedia/uploaded_photos/6/69/Constance_Marie-smoking-hot_thumb_585x795.jpg

Don't you think Maria Canals-Barrera looks just like her character in The Proud Family? ? by honeypunch33 Q: Maria Canals-Barrera is Mitchie's mom in Camp Rock, and Alex's mom in Wizards of Waverly Place. Don't you think she looks exactly like Sunset [from The Proud Family]? I just noticed it now!

A: WOW!! she really does!!! good job at noticeing that!!!! i would have never noticed. do u think they did that on purpose?? lol!!

Does anyone think that Maria Canals-Barrera is hot? by Legend Q: She plays Theraesa Russo in "Wizards of Waverly Place". I think shes the hot-mom out of all the TV shows I watch.

A: holy crap yes.........i think shes freakin hot!!!

In wizards of waverly place who plays alex better selena gomez, Maria Canals Barrera or Jennifer Stone? by R g C Q: Maria Canals Barrera played alex in Quinceanera where where alex switched bodies with her mom. Jennifer Stone played alex in family game night where alex switched bodies with haper

A: selena. she created the essence of the character alex. without her, there would be nothing to compare maria or jennifer to. plus she just does it better. (but maria did a pretty good job, since shes not even a teenager but copied a teens mannerisms rly wel)

in wizards of waverly place who plays alex russo better selena gomez, jennifer stone or maria canals barrera? by rnj Q: maria canals barrera played alex in Quinceañera when alex switched bodies with her mom. jennifer stone played alex in family game night when alex and harper switched bodies.

A: Selena herself. i think her voice-tone is like perfect for Alex's personality. Maria and Jennifer nailed it but Alex's personality doesn't fit for them. Just my opinion.

What kind of fish should I expect to find in the canals of Anna Maria Island in Florida? by soccerkings Q: We are going to Anna Maria island for vacation and I was just wondering what kind of fish to expect in the canals, and any other canal fishing tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

A: Having lived in Manatee county, Fl ( where Anna Maria Is,) is located, this time of year, some of the fish that are available are Sheepshead, Speckled Trout, Redfish, Snook, Jack cravelle, Mangrove Snapper, Black drum & occasional Juvinal Black grouper ( 22" min size, to keep ). Generally, the best bait, is live shrimp, which are available at the many bait shops on & near Anna Maria. Because of the homes on Anna Maria, without a boat, most of the canals are inacessible, BUT there are several piers & bridges to fish from.

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