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Man of steel

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crappyluke @FaisKerrchoff Omg, Yes.. SILVA! True about silva! :P They're nothing with KOMPANY lah bro! He's the man of steel!

SoMorganFreeman The Week in Spandex - The Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel, X-Men, The Avengers, Iron Man and more... http://t.co/hMP7cJvC #MorganFreeman

HenryInRedBlue RT @SupermanUpdates: Monday-Man of Steel _Henry_ _Cavill_ will be doing Red Carpet push ups & bench pressing paparazzi at the Premiere of...

Foodie_Joanne @loverugbyleague set up so beautifully AGAIN by MAN OF STEEL, rangi chase that good old english player

GabiCurless Well done Chase, he's showing real man of steel attitude here! #shouldhavebeentomkins

craftycoxy Another penalty given away from so called man of steel allows ANOTHER Australian try. #bbcrugbyleague #4nations #manofsteelyourehavingalaugh

esmailmahmoud RT @Wwm_Shakespeare: I'll leave thee Now, like a man of steel.

Steven_Kirk RT @SupermanUpdates: Monday-Man of Steel Henry Cavill will be doing Red Carpet push ups & bench pressing paparazzi at the Premiere of "Immortals" in Hollywood.

craftycoxy Rhinos overlooked by man of steel...again. Champs 4 out of 5 years no M of S and now the boys doing it 4 England! #bbcrugbyleague #rhinos

Foodie_Joanne @Clint_Wigan yes sorry, i agree, and how he got man of steel is beyond me

Wwm_Shakespeare I'll leave thee Now, like a man of steel.

TheBomb_Digity BOYS - - > what would you do if a girl got you some superman briefs , that said "man of steel" ... lmfao .

SupermanUpdates Monday-Man of Steel Henry Cavill will be doing Red Carpet push ups & bench pressing paparazzi at the Premiere of "Immortals" in Hollywood.

rfqfauzan Film Man of steel itu supermannya lawan doomsday kan ? kapan terbit ?

craftycoxy Rhinos players overlooked for man of steel. But are up for international awards. #champions #rhinos #4nations #rugbyleague #england


How is "Superman, man of steel" translated to Russian? "Stalin"? by Walleh Q: I am watching "Superman returns", and they keep reffering to him as "the man of steel" on and on again. I've heard that Stalin literally means "Man of Steel", so in Russian translations of Superman, is he called Stalin? That would be rather unfortunate :b

A: Stalin doesn't literally mean "man of steel". It's the word for steel plus the standard last name suffix. So, more like "Steelson" or the (actual) German surname Stahlman. "Man of steel" would be "chelovek iz stali", pretty much word for word except "iz" is more like "from" or "out of".

Best and worst big screen Superman, and who should be the next man of steel? by Capital Gains Q: Brandon Routh was a gay superman, literally, I think Tom Welling of Smallville would make a great superman. He has the looks and the build. Who would you pick??

A: I agree with you that Tom Welling is the proper fit. Smallville is 8 seasons strong, and that's mostly due to Tom. The fans have spoken, he should be given the big screen role as well.

If Superman knocked on your front door right now how wold you greet the man of steel? by Mike M. Q: DISCLAIMER:This question should not in any way what-so-ever be misinterpreted as chatting.

A: <<

Where i can download a cbr format of Superman The Man Of Steel 48#? by HyperShadowDX Q: I use to have a copy of this back in the 90s but someone stolen it and been wanting to get this one again for a long time ' And found a whole man of steels cbr series formats on a torrent but half of them including man of steel 48# won't open in Comical nor CB-Display So i was wondering is their any good sites that has a format Superman Man Of Steel 48? Thanks in advance

A: DC Comics does not offer their books for sale as CBR files. You may not download a copy anywhere.

Is Superman: Man of Steel really going to come out in 2011, or is there a chance it will fall through? by Katherine Q: Superman Returns came out in 2006. A five year difference seems too long to go on to the second one. In addition, does anyone have any reasoning why it's being held up for so long?

A: Last I heard it fell through, and any project they do will be a reboot with no official ties to Returns (and hopefully no ties to the 80's franchise) If it does not happen before 2011, certain rights will revert to the Families of the creators, and we may never see another Superman film (just as the rights of 'Superboy' are tied up and the final 3 seasons have yet to see DVD release) the original plan was for a 3 film franchise for 06,08,10 except that the fan reviews were less than stellar this was partially because it was tied to the 80's films which operated before 2 ret-cons in the comics, not to mention the Superboy, Lois & Clark, and Smallville TV series, all of which established different takes on the Superman Mythos For Man of Steel (still the working title), they need to establish it as a stand alone film/franchise builder, and borrow the things that have worked from all previous endeavors

What super villain did you wanted to see in The Man of Steel (film)? by Hagan Q: (Superman) The Man of Steel movie is coming out summer 2013. It is in the process of filming right now. And the villain is going to be General Zod. Were there any other super villains in mind that you would have preferred?

A: Darkseid

Spiritually speaking, which of Jesus' 12 Apostles would win in a 12 man, steel cage barb wire match? by Clint C Q: please support your answer with biblical text Thank You

A: Cactus Judas

What material is superman costume in the new movie; The Man of Steel? by Austin Buddy Q: The Man of Steel Movie or the new superman movie is coming out in 2013. I have seen photos of the costume Superman is wearing and was wondering what type of material that is. Here is a link for a example. http://tweeting.com/henry-cavill-and-superman-man-of-steel-tweets-on-twitter This is also the only picture I can find of the costume. So, Any guesses on the material or how you would make the costume?

A: According to me they could be using the same fabric or material used in swim wears. I observed the textural effect as on the costumes of Super man and Spider man on some of the swim suits. You may check the swim suits from Speedo to see it yourselves. I might be wrong but a costume made of such material would make sense because they are used by athletes and allows full body movement and air flow to keep their body breathing.

Is it possible for a human to tackle a man of steel? by Nayiam Q: I mean like there is a steel doll and a person is running full speed would the person be able to tackle the steel man to the ground. The steel man is not hollow but solid.

A: ………………..,-~*’`¯lllllll`*~, …………..,-~*`lllllllllllllllllllllllllll… ………,-~*lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll… ……,-*lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll… ….;*`lllllllllllllllllllllllllll,-~*~-… …..\lllllllllllllllllllllllllll/………\;;… …...\lllllllllllllllllllll,-*………..`~-~… …….\llllllllllll,-~*…………………)_-\..*`*;.… ……..\,-*`¯,*`)…………,-~*`~.………….../ ……...|/.../…/~,…...-~*,-~*`;……………./.\ ……../.../…/…/..,-,..*~,.`*~*…………….*...… …….|.../…/…/.*`...\...……………………)….)¯`~, …….|./…/…./…….)……,.)`*~-,……….../….|..)… ……/./.../…,*`-,…..`-,…*`….,---…...\…./… …...(……….)`*~-,….`*`.,-~*.,-*……|…/.…/…… …….*-,…….`*-,...`~,..``.,,,-*……….|.,*.… ……….*,………`-,…)-,…………..,-*`...,-*….(`-,… Why is this in the fishing section?

Isn't it funny how the Republicans picked the first ever black man (Steel) to head their party? by Flag Pole up Our Father's Az Q: right after Obama got elected as president? Suddenly, being black is in vogue? Now there is talk of making Bobby Jindal a presidential candidate. I guess they are trying to find a 'minority-friendly' candidate and a dark-skinned governor is the next best thing to a suitable black candidate that they can find.

A: It's not funny it's pathetic. Republicans are so obvious.

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