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punkmM @AskMrMickey. MM, u are here, there, & everywhere! :))) 'magnolia' makes me instantly think of CUPCAKES!! *sigh* enjoy l.a., mon bon vivant!

RenzoRomar Saturday Night @ Magnolia http://t.co/5X9WREpW

IndraMontero Prefiero mil veces postres de Magnolia Bakery que los de Carlo's Bakery

DowntownOrl #SuspiciousIncident N MAGNOLIA AV & E JEFFERSON ST 32801 (11/6 01:29) #Orlando #CentralBusinessDistrict

Tweet3po #SuspiciousIncident N MAGNOLIA AV & E JEFFERSON ST 32801 (11/6 01:29) #Orlando #CentralBusinessDistrict

FUkKY0LiFE Magnolia shorty be goin off tho

AllieRhodes I'm at 3ofaKind Theatre Company (5126 Lankershim Blvd, Between Magnolia and Otsego St, North Hollywood) http://t.co/pneS8YoR

Victoria04141 Magnolia Brush 2-Dope 2-1/2-Inch Dope Brush with Guard (12 per Case): Dope brushes w/guard http://t.co/4S8bzMbK

kuzurusevy Going to watch Magnolia, valentine r u ready?

FrankNobiloGC @myerskcc the Magnolia and Palm are the best plus you can relate to what the pros play. ( they are the 2 courses used in the Disney event)

LucytheLab I saw lots of mole hills down along Magnolia Blvd on my walk today. I squatted & wee'd on one, BOL BOL BOL

sojiqac magnolia gotimer think I'm inculcated :)

ocsdblotter 11/5/2011 10:18:08 PM: PEDESTRIAN CHECK-MAGNOLIA AV // CERRITOS AV, ST

thebubblebowler Morning Magnolia http://t.co/ykpz2q71

RebelleFleurJaz When Magnolia clap came out it took me Hellas to learn tht shit lol I was clapping off beat & ish lhh


Can Star Magnolia be grown in containers? by gardenlady Q: I am moving into an apartment later this month. Last year I found the perfect star magnolia and I am sad to leave it. As I am moving into an apartment can I put it into a container. It is still a young plant - only 3' tall at best. Also, what type of container would be best. Thanks P.S. I live in southern Ontario and my balcony is south facing.

A: They can be grown in containers. Won't survive a transplant while it's in full leaf. Best to wait until it's dormant if you can. You'll need a fair sized container for it as it grows though. Can be cut back to maintain a smaller size with care

How big do mini magnolia trees get? by Shavon's Wedding Silks Q: We have to plant something in our yard but don't want the size of the 20-30ft magnolia. How big does the miniature magnolia tree get?

A: I am not really sure, but here is where you may get some answers by asking the same question through e mail. [email protected] I do now that trees are kept small by putting them into containers. They are usually called bonsai trees. There is really no such thing as a bonsai tree seed. The seed from regular size trees are used, but the trees are kept small by keeping them in containers. When they go through there Deciduous stage they are taken out and the roots are trimmed to keep the trees small. Deciduous means the leaves fall off in the fall, and return again in spring. Some trees are ever green (they keep there leaves even through the winter. So I expect the spring would also be the season to do re_potting trimming etc... Before the heat really sets in. It is possible a cloned tree would be much smaller. Cloning is done from a branch of the mother tree. The size would be different when the growth rate is complete.

Can I grow orange trees around majestic magnolia tree? by mixicanese Q: I like to plant orange trees at particular space of my backyard. There is a big majestic magnolia tree (about 100ft height) in the same area where I like the orange trees to grow. Could be it any problems that orange trees won't grow because of root of the magnolia tree? My mother in-law told me that the roots might fight against each other, and magnolia root might overpower orange tree root. Anybody with ideas, please help me. Thank you.

A: Your biggest concern is shade not roots. Citrus doesn't like shade. Oranges need full sun and they aren't going to get it under a magnolia tree. Find the sunniest spot in your yard and put it there.

Can we plant and grow a Magnolia tree in Colorado? by \❤/вroĸen wнole\❤/ Q: My mom is planning on having her brother, who lives in Texas, bring her a Magnolia tree so she can plant it up here, but we want to make sure we don't live at too high of an elevation for the tree to grow.

A: Tell your moms brother to bring a greenhouse with him from texas with the magnolia tree problem solved.

How can I get my magnolia tree to flower? by Uncle Zook Q: I live north of Houston, and have three evergreen Magnolia trees that I have not seen flower in the 2 springs I have been here. I am not alone, as many people in my neighborhood have these trees, and they have not flowered, but a few nice looking trees in some yards I have seen beautiful white flowers on them. What is their secret?

A: it could be were there planted I'm in the UK and don't know your climate do you feed them water them when there dry your best set is to go ask someone in a local garden nursery they will be able to tell you whats needed for your plants in your area Hope that helps its what i do in the UK when I'm stuck

How do I get magnolia trees to grow fast? by Sue B Q: I have 2 small magnolia trees in my front yard, I got them last February, 2008. They are about 4 feet tall and produce beautiful flowers but I would really like them to start growing taller. What can I do?

A: In general trees of all kinds grow at their own pace. All you can do it keep them healthy. Here is a site with lots of links to various information about magnolia trees. http://home.att.net/~velvet-hammer/information.html

How do you get Magnolia tree to put on new growth? by brassinpocket1 Q: I have a very large Magnolia tree that someone cut all the lower limbs off of. What can I do to start new growth in the lower portion of the tree?

A: why do you want limbs in lower part, easier to mow around it lower branches not there

How far is the Magnolia Bend gazebo from the Magnolia Terrace at Port Orleans Riverside? by Kasey Q: I plan to get married at Disneyworld in September and I want to do it in the Magnolia Bend gazebo. But how far is it from the actual room in the Magnolia Terrace? Is it ok to walk there ina wedding dress? Can I take the boat?

A: hi there, YES! here"s a link for you,it"s a cracker photos of every thing and everything about Magnolia Terrace at Port Orleans Riverside? Magnolia Bend gazebo photos.oh your going to have fun with this,once on the page click the highlights for the photos..oh nearly forgot,congratulations on your wedding,hope every thing goes smoothly for you.. http://allears.net/acc/g_dxl.htm regards pops.. ps i would say the walk is no more than 50 yards,it shows you on the photos,,have fun.

Can I easily move a magnolia tree planted a year ago? by BIGLEAGUESbyJenEstes Q: I planted a Royal Star Magnolia tree in my front yard but I would now like to have an evergreen there and move the magnolia somewhere else. Are they easy plants to uproot? I don't want to damage it.

A: Generally the root ball is about the same size as the crown. Look at the top of the tree. If you feel able to dig out and move something that size, you're in business. Otherwise just leave the tree where it is or cut it down.

Can a magnolia tree grow in Northeast Pennsylvania? by acker Q: I have a bud from a magnolia tree it has opened up to find red seed like things. I want to know if this is what I plant to have a magnolia tree. If it can grow in PA or can I grow it inside until it is ready to be planted outside. It comes from the most beautiful magnolia tree in Exmore, VA.

A: Yes, some magnolia species can grow in NE Pennsylvania. Here is the problem you will have with your seeds. Virginia is one or two cold hardiness zones warmer than your area. That seed is from a tree that does not necessarily have the genetics to survive your winters, even though the species may be listed as hardy in your zone. The best I can tell you is to try it, but you could lose the tree in a cold winter. Though most varieties of Magnolia can be propagated by seed, they will produce trees that are slow to flower and differ from the source tree. Yes, those are the seeds you see inside the buds. Magnolia seeds have a fleshy outer pulp and a hard inner seed shell. You should remove this outer pulp first for best germination rates. Soak the seeds in water for a couple of days, changing the water every day. Remove any pulp and dry with a tissue. Plant immediately indoors or store in the refrigerator in a zip-lock bag with moist sand/vermiculite and sow in spring. Remember to not plant too deep. Sow seeds no more than two times their diameter deep in your soil. .


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