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Madonna leak

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DarrellNoe Im sure your traumatized. Take all the publicity you can get now - Madonna "very upset" at new song leak http://t.co/kaiUFcy1 via @YahooNews

janemewsnews Give Me All Your Love was supposed to be the first tracked revealed on Madonna's new album, but not like this. T... http://t.co/6yzYarrC

newstigerinfo roar Madonna ‘Very Upset’ Over ‘Give Me All Your Love’ Leak: Give Me All Your Love was supposed to be the first ... http://t.co/0SLWnWs2

DeeJayDareN Madonna Is Unhappy With The Leak Of Her New Song ‘Give Me All Your Love’ http://t.co/9ZkEvpdy

TBMPC Madonna, Manager Respond to 'Give Me All Your Love' Single Leak | http://t.co/TlSywfMu http://t.co/pTQb6Fqx

DavidGrayuk Madonna slams music leak http://t.co/dV1PfwCN

freereportshq Madonna "very upset" at new song leak: manager - Reuters http://t.co/S8Ptw8Kc

mediaor [hypebot] NEWS BRIEF: EMI Sale Closer, Kindle Fire + Music, Spotify Plan, Madonna Leak, Boston Hack Day & More http://t.co/JtcTnv8J

WeGotArtist NEWS Update: Madonna 'Very Upset' Over 'Give Me All Your Love' Leak http://t.co/545xrnFn

TBMPC Madonna 'Very Upset' Over 'Give Me All Your Love' Leak - http://t.co/COQtYylQ http://t.co/2kaDZplm

dgreat_SGMedia RT Madonna ‘Very Upset’ Over ‘Give Me All Your Love’ Leak http://t.co/h4EPOuCl

starpulse Madonna 'Very Upset' Over 'Give Me All Your Love' Leak - Give Me All Your Love was supposed to be the first tracked ... http://t.co/E5J6PEzg

itsmeRobDy Madonna "very upset" at new song leak: manager http://t.co/tVXFtHAH

cutemeenu Madonna's 'Give Me All Your Love' leaks, is unlikely to get what it ...: Madonna's single "Give Me All Your Love... http://t.co/LozI4mGG

Bridgetst RT @guyoseary: madonna told me this morning "my true fans wouldn't do this"... whoever is responsible for this leak, we ask that you please stop!..


New M-Dolla!!!? by BHH [Bustin' Ho's Heads] Q: Madonna's new video for "Give It 2 Me" just got leaked, it's not sure if it's official but I think it looks pretty good, what do you think??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eEiphKPhWE

A: Madonna looks like my grandma in strippers wear. ITS CREEPY!

Question about Paris Jackson? by prettybaby Q: Do you think she looks a bit like Madonna's daughter (minus the eyebrows/eye colour) also, do you thin that the Jacksons made the right choice in allowing her to go to mainstream school? Her photos are getting leaked daily.

A: Yes i have noticed that they do look alot alike.i think the Jackson's made the right decision on letting MJs children go to to a mainstream school,this will help them learn to interact with others.it's important for kids to socialize as much as possible, it teaches them how to deal with life a little better, and Mrs.Jackson said (on Oprah) that the kids just love their school.

Madonna New Music? by Kirstin Marie Q: How did they get leaked? How did they find it? I think they should have never done that

A: I always wondered the same thing.... I guess somebody who had acces to the studio in which they recorded the songs, got hold of the songs and released them... But from what I've heard they're really good!!!!: D

MADONNA new album 2007? by yengkof Q: Yeah, I'm not a big big fan I just wanted to know whether you guys know where can I find some more info or leaked images or stuff like that (gossip) about her forthcoming album. Once a week I keep checking and I'm still stuck, I just found some info about some songs (which I didn't like btw, a bit dissapointed) and I found an amazing image that is apparently the cover art of her new album. I read possible titles were XXV, MADAME, ODYSSEY or BLACKSTAR, and that image I have has the name ODYSSEY on it. It features madonna on a motorcicle; she is wearing an afro and a black and white leotard. The image looks very old, almost like those interpretations of STARWARS back in the old days, you know, the picture looks like a painting almost and all around her is orange. Has anyone seen something I might be interested in? Cheers! Hope to hear from you soon :D.

A: The eleventh studio album by pop singer Madonna is anticipated to be released in November 2007 by Warner Bros. Records. For more info check out this site http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madonna%27s_forthcoming_studio_album

have you heard the new Madonna? by ariel_melendez2003 Q: have you heard any of the songs that leaked? what do you think? i heard candy shop, and the beat goes on. they are starting to grow on me but......... shes 50!!!! she shouldnt be selling anything out fo her candy shop!!!! I must admit, i never was into this younger crowd type of music, i prefer the madonna that stuck to her dance roots. This new Madonna is all Missy Elliot out! will her young listeners buy it? or will they see a desperate attempt to make a come back? I guess it could be worse. It could be cher singing about her candy store.

A: my first reaction was, girl, go back to tyhe studio and remix!! but now its starting to grow on me! Especially the beat goes on. That is going to be a hit!!! As far as her being desperate, um ya, i think thats a big part of it. But who cares, its Madonna!! If anyone is brave enough to do what shes doing now, its her!

Did you agree with Michael Jackson statement towards Madonna? by Yo Kitty Hawk Q: I know this old but if you guys know about the tape that was leaked about of MJ's he dissed "madonna" by calling her a nasty witch and such http://celebrifi.com/gossip/Michael-Jackson-on-tape-calls-Madonna-a-nasty-witch-who-was-jealous-of-his-success-PHOTO-801169.html and other celebrities as well so do you agree with him or not? Bart, I'm a MJ loving member lol accept this? haha i'm not trolling it was all over the news and he did say this not false whatsoever

A: That was like 10 years ago, his perceptions surely have changed. Madonna was very annoying, I would've called her a monstrous sl*t instead. Look at the whole picture, MJ's previous encounters with Madonna wasn't very nice. She was very b!tchy and said stuff like "hell no I don't want to go to disneyland" when he didn't even ask if she'd like to go.

Is the leaked version of Lil Wayne's Rebirth the actual one? by Prateek Q: The leaked rebirth which has madonna and lil wayne's revolver as a bonus track, is it the real one?

A: Yeah thats the one thats gonna come out on Tuesday...I guess they decided not to add new tracks..

New MADONNA and BRITNEY albums? by Jason Q: Who's album are you most interested in? The New MADONNA or the New BRITNEY? Both have had songs leak online and I am impressed with Madonnas but not really feeling Britneys. Whats your thought?

A: havent heard both of their albums. i think they suck.

madonna two songs leaked 2011? by Akshay Kapoor Q: I heard that there are two freshly leaked new tracks?I am getting excited for Madge's comeback?

What do you think of Madonna's New song? by Will Work For Hair Dye Q: http://www.sodahead.com/entertainment/listen-new-madonna-song-leaks-any-good/question-2271863/ I think it's horrible :( I was really looking forward to her new music but that was just so generic. It sounds like a Japanese Avril Lavigne cover band song. And to make it worse, nicky minaj is supposed to be in the song. Seriously???

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