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LA_News_Today The Envelope - 'The Lady': Luc Besson, Michelle Yeoh on Myanmar's Suu Kyi http://t.co/9iPGoujm

kenwatanabeamo 'The Lady': Luc Besson, Michelle Yeoh on Myanmar's Suu Kyi - Los Angeles Times http://t.co/em5mjsGV

LA_News_Today LA Times Entertainment - 'The Lady': Luc Besson, Michelle Yeoh on Myanmar's Suu Kyi http://t.co/9iPGoujm

itszachagain turns out colombiana was directed by luc besson. kicking myself for missing it

NeseOzcan Dailymotion - The Lady (Luc Besson) - Trailer / Bande-Annonce [VO|HD] http://t.co/nxboSvU9 via @dailymotionTR

Lenoo54 RT @Jeromeprodhomme: Luc BESSON est à Nancy jeudi 10 Novembre à 20H00 UGC CINE CITE de LUDRES pour présenter "The Lady" son film en avt première FRANCE BLEU

Jeromeprodhomme Luc BESSON est à Nancy jeudi 10 Novembre à 20H00 UGC CINE CITE de LUDRES pour présenter "The Lady" son film en avt première FRANCE BLEU

HazukiKato The LadyというLuc Bessonの新作映画のプレミアに行って来た:) 本当に素晴らしい映画とGrauman's Chinese Theater に初めて入ったから、すごくステキな夜だった☆☆

HazukiKato Exciting Night☆ I went to THE LADY by Luc Besson film premier at Grauman's Chinese theater :) GREAT FILM & GREAT OPPORTUNITY!!!

LA_News_Today Hollywood - 'The Lady': Luc Besson, Michelle Yeoh on Myanmar's Suu Kyi http://t.co/9iPGoujm

Damien46250 RT @James_BKS: A l'avant première du nouveau film de Luc Besson avec @Zoxea. (Lille)

foomeister So 'I Love You Phillip Morris' was exec-produced by Luc Besson. Just slightly different from 'The Fifth Element'.

LA_News_Today Entertainment - 'The Lady': Luc Besson, Michelle Yeoh on Myanmar's Suu Kyi http://t.co/9iPGoujm

mastar59 Tjs a Lille celui la @Zoxea ! + que nous @jameelight :) RT @James_BKS: A l'avant première du nouveau film de Luc Besson avec @Zoxea. (Lille)

Partytweetz Luc Besson http://t.co/OOFG4uqA


In Luc Besson`s movie 5th Element, what is the fifth element anyway? by shaman Q: I watched the movie a long time ago and now I'm envolved in a bet with some friends.

A: The Perfect Human Being, from what I remember...the pure genetic code manifested into a human, remember that scene where they basically rebuild her from the arm?...

How did Bruce Willis get involved with The Fifth Element? It's very 'euro' and stylish. Luc Besson seems to be by 4thtennenbaum Q: not very Hollywood. Was this supposed to be a foreign 'breakthru' in the States? Or did Willis do it on a lark? Or was it just big budget enough to afford him? Or was the 'save the world' plot enough to 'fly in McClain'?

A: Basically, it seemed like it would be a hit, plus Besson was hot off "The Professional" at that point.

Should Luc Besson make a sequel to the movie The Professional? by Q: Maybe it can be called Matilda with Natalie Portman all grown up and an assassin. She takes in a little boy that is orphaned like she was and trains him to be a pro too. Then we can make a sequel based on him growing up. And another and another like James Bond movies. Same plot just different people.

A: Too many sequels are already made in Hollywood. This is one story that should be left alone and I hope that Luc Besson is not talked into making a sequel. Matilda has accomplished her goal to get revenge for the death of her brother and that should be the end of the story.

How come Luc Besson hasn't helmed any new films? Is he tired of directing? by Juror #8 Q: He needs to make a follow up to Leon (my favorite film of all-time). Natalie Portman is grown, all it needs is a great story, screenplay. Get it made.

A: He only recently did Angel-a, a definetely fascinating black and white movie. As far as I know he has been producing a lot and did some animated(?) stuff. In an interview I recently saw on, I think, French/German culture channel Arte he said he was tired of making movies that required too much lead time. There's a new movie in post-production, though no follow-up to Leon (which I think is impossible - and, yes I agree, that is one of the best movies ever made). Arthur and the Minimoys : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0344854/

What did you think of the movie Angel-A by Luc Besson? by Chico Q:

A: Huge disappointment. Considering how much I love The Professional and The Fifth Element, I think I was expecting more than I got. It was an okay movie, but I was still really let down.

Need contact with Luc Besson? by np Q: I need to know how to contact Luc Besson - the director. If enyone know send me and email with the info and post here that it was done if you want 10 points.

A: from what I know, Luc is done directing films after Arthur. But I understand he's still involved producing. His production company is Dog Productions, 137 rue de Faubourg Saint Honoré, 75008 Paris, France. fon: 33 1 53 83 03 03. Their email is: [email protected] web site: http://www.dogproductions.fr/ luc also has his own web site. It's http://www.luc-besson.com/ contact info for his lists: [email protected] I'd try dog productions first. You may not get a response from him, but maybe an assistant. If you talk to him, tell him Karl from Chicago says "bonjour."

What is your favorite Luc Besson movie? by Tamara Nartichti Q: Written/directed/ or even simply produced by him? BQ: Rate (1-10) and rank the following movies: La Femme Nikita Taxi The Fifth Element Angel A Joan of Arc Leon The Dancer Bandidas Wasabi Taken The Transporter District 13 @ KrazyGuy: LOL, I never thought about it that way hahaha, you're right - a fat and short Colin Farrel lol, love both, don't see anything wrong with that :)))

A: My favorite to date is Leon. It takes place in the States but it still has that European sensibility. I LOVE that film. Great performances by Jean Reno, Natalie Portman and Gary Oldman. I also liked one of his latest. That Adele Blanc-sec adventure flick. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_57JDyVF00 BQ: La Femme Nikita - 8 Taxi - 7 The Fifth Element - 7 Angel A - 7 Joan of Arc - 3 Leon - 9 The Dancer - 6 Bandidas - 5 Wasabi - 6 Taken - 8 The Transporter - 7 District 13 - 7

What are some great Luc Besson movies? by kiriss_dogg Q: I know he has directed and written a lot of films, but not all of them are serious projects. I already watched Leon and The 5th Element. Can you give me some recommendations?

A: I like all of his films, but "Nikita", "Subway" and semi-autobiographical "The Big Blue" (a.k.a. "Le Grande Bleu") are amongst my favourites. If you see The Big Blue make sure it's the Version Longue. "The Transporter" is OK but definitely not one of his best and neither is "Assassin" which is a Hollywood remake of "Nikita" and is a pale shadow of the original. If you want to see films which have inspired Luc Besson, try those by Bertrand Tavernier (especially "L627") and Francois Truffaut, and also the hilarious "Les Valseuses" by Bertrand Blier if you're not offended by nudity/sexual scenes. "Taxi" & "Taxi 2" are daft fun and the first one was written by Luc Besson. The two later sequels are awful.

How do you think Luc Besson's style of French cinema has impacted upon Hollywood america ? by liamcte Q:

A: Point of No Return was a straight up rip off of La Femme Nikita. The Professional and his other movies have been copied in other U.S. movies. Just like Hong Kong action movies with Chow Yun Fat and Jackie Chan have been copied and poorly I might add by the U.S.

religious views of luc besson,director of the messenger: the story of joan of arc? by Asta Q: what were the religious views of luc besson,director of the messenger:the story of joan of arc? how do u think he portrayed joan in the movie,as more of a saint or a psyco?

A: idk what his feelings are as a person but in the movie as a Director, Besson makes it clear that the she was simply mentally ill. She is constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown - is this a manifestation of her mental illness, or of her "burning for God"?

Luc Besson Luc Besson Interview subway luc besson The Lady (2011) Trailer - HD Movie - Luc Besson Movie Restaurant Scene in Luc Besson's 'Nikita' Adele Blanc-Sec (Trailer with English subtitles) éric serra - its only mystery (subway - luc besson) subway luc besson Luc Besson Petrol Hahn Nuls Love Yourself Beautiful scene from Luc Besson's movie Angel A VIDEO La Femme Nikita de Jean-Luc Besson 'The Dancer' Luc Besson (story) Angel-A (Luc Besson) German-Trailer The Lady Teaser Trailer (2011) Luc Besson New Film - HD Hold-up (when Luc Besson's Leon meets -M-athieu Chedid's Hold-Up) Luc Besson/Rie Rasmussen Q&A Part 1 of 4 Luc Besson on Adele Blanc-Sec LUC BESSON MOVIES -Tears For Fears The Big Blue - A Better Place Program 6: Luc Besson A Secret message from Luc Besson Léon: the professional (1994) ~ FULL MOVIE IN HD Luc Besson vue par Mozinor LE GRAND BLEU ( THE BIG BLUE ) - Trailer ( 1988 ) [Renault ZE] Electric pursuit - Europacorp (Luc Besson) Hollywood Report 'Luc Besson' Characters and Themes in Luc Besson Films Part 1 of 5 Luc Besson & Rie Rasmussen interview by Black Pacino Scooter Rampage from TAXi (1998), directed by Luc Besson Isabelle Adjani - Pull marine (1984 by Luc Besson) Mylène Farmer et Luc Besson Interview Stars 90 TF1 09 septembre 1991 Subway (1985) nikita film luc besson Angel-A Trailer Interview CNN luc BESSON Luc Besson at Budapest - Arthur and the Minimoyes Characters and Themes in Luc Besson Films Part 3 of 5 The Big Blue - Luc Besson ( la madona ) LEON french Edit (Luc Besson) Nikita (1990) Trailer Le Grand Bleu (1998) - Luc Besson : Dolphins - Eric Serra Leonard Cohen - I'am your man - Luc Besson - Le donne più belle nel suo cinema Shape Of My Heart (Sting) - Scene from 'Leon' ( The Professional) - Luc Besson SUBWAY (1985) - Luc Besson - Ending scene le Télévengeur - Luc Besson Luc Besson & Natalie Portman NIKITA (luc besson) The Fifth Element Theatrical Trailer Luc Besson interview Trailer - Joan of Arc
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