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Love Reece Mastin

Reece looks for hot lap X-Factor
REECE Mastin will wake this morning a little nervous, but excited, as he prepares to be whizzed around the Clipsal track on his very first hot lap. It doesn't really matter if it is in a Holden or Ford with the X Factor winner yet to take a side when ...

Reece Mastin's got the X Factor
X Factor Australia winner Reece Mastin, 17, talks about his rise to fame during his short visit to Auckland to promote his April tour. X Factor Australia winner Reece Mastin greets fans outside TV3 in Auckland. Even if you've never watched an episode ...

Reece's fans show plenty of love
Inundated with Valentine's Day love ... 'The X Factor' winner Reece Mastin at home in Adelaide. Source: Supplied VALENTINE'S Day came early for Adelaide The X Factor winner Reece Mastin at the weekend. Thanks to the eager young girls who ensured he won ...

Luke Jacobz factors fast lane fun
Luke even arranged for 2011 X Factor winner and former Adelaide schoolboy Reece Mastin to have a hot lap around the track. "We still keep in contact all the time, he's a great kid," said Luke. "It's odd because a lot of our communication is through ...

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bonniejansen3 @reecemastin i love you reece mastin ! i am so excited to see you in wellington ! you inspire me reece and i love you so much ! <3 x0x0

Michelle1DNZ RT @CurlsCrazy: You like One Direction and Reece Mastin? Oh my god let me love you!!! dsjkhgakjdghlg

Nadia26ily1DJB RT @CurlsCrazy: You like One Direction and Reece Mastin? Oh my god let me love you!!! dsjkhgakjdghlg

CurlsCrazy You like One Direction and Reece Mastin? Oh my god let me love you!!! dsjkhgakjdghlg

Panmai_K @weareallperfect @keziahwhite sorry sarah! we love reece mastin!

iloveutounicorn Reece Mastin :) i love you!!!


Panmai_K @keziahwhite @ReeceMastin yup and I LOVE REECE MASTIN & KEZIAH!

Mickaelamastin @ReeceMastinLUVA @reecemastin Please Reece MAstin Please Follow And Tweet Us We Love Ya So Much <3 xxxx we love ya so much

taylahpaige98 @Spider_Mastin hello mumma mastin i met you, liv and reece at his melbourne concer 21-1-12 and i loved it, i love all u mastins xox

Mickaelamastin @ReeceMastinLUVA @reecemastin Mr Mastin please follow and tweet us please we love ya so much Reece John Phillip Mastin <3 :-)

ChelseaMastinxo RT @Shenukaluvs1d: RT IF UR IN LOVE WITH 1D OR REECE MASTIN!

Lil_rockerShan RT @Shenukaluvs1d: RT IF UR IN LOVE WITH 1D OR REECE MASTIN!

Mickaelamastin @ReeceMastinLUVA @reecemastin please tweet us and follow us it make our life better then it is please Reece John Philip Mastin we love you !



Pick a song please :)? by Q: I would like to know which song you like the most out of this list... if you don't know any of the songs please comment your favorite song: #1 Reece Mastin- Good Night #2 LMFAO - Sexy and I Know I #3 Ed Sheeran - A Team #4 flo rida - Good Feeling #5 Guy Sebastian - Don't Worry Be Happy #6 bruno mars - It Will Rain #7 Jason Derulo - Breathing #8 Rihanna - We Found Love #9 Taio Cruz ft. Flo Rida - Hangover #10 Lloyd ft. Andre 3000 - Dedication to My Ex #11 One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful #12 Snoop Dog/Wiz Khalifa - Young, Wild and Free #13 Rihanna - You Da One #14 Sean Paul/Alexis Jordan - Got to Love You #15 Justin Bieber - Mistletoe #16 calvin harris - feel so close #17 foster the people - pumped up kicks #18 T-Pain/Lily Allen - 5 O'Clock #19 Jess Mauboy/Stan Walker - Galaxy #20 Timomatic - Set It Off #21 Pink - Bridge of Light #22 David Guetta feat. Sia - Titanium #23 Lady GaGa - Marry the Night #24 Pitbull ft. Chris Brown - International Love #25 Hot Chelle Rae - I Like It Like That #26 These Kids Wear Crowns - I Wanna Dance With Somebody #27 Beyonce - Love On Top #28 David Guetta ft. Usher - Without You #29 havana brown - Get It ft. Lil Jon #30 Ricki-Lee - Raining Diamonds

A: I like #2,4,6,8,13,15,17,25 but you didnt include anything by my idol, Nicki Minaj AKA Onika Maraj. :) My fave song is Super Bass. I hate JB but I have to admit, the song Mistletoe is sweet. I'm sexy and I know it.... Omg the video is hilarious, kinda retarded though but my mom was freaking out laughing her butt off. Basically, all of Rihanna's songs are good. I like her :) Foster the People's Pumped Up The Kicks is so catchy.... I'm a 13 year old girl who loves music. You should see my iPod playlist.

birthday present ideas for my best friend? by Q: my best friend is turning 14 soon and i have no idea what to get her aha a few facts about her are: shes english but lives in australia on cheer squad loves the color purple loves justin bieber, reece mastin ect... misses her family in england alot has 2 brothers and 1 sister and her mum and dad, so her family is quite big nothing to do with pictures considering the fact im makin her a collage on the back of her card which is quite big :) best answer will be picked

A: earings bracelet voucher for a clothes shop money itunes voucher new bag nail polish nice pen set hairbrush set box of chocolates cds dvds hope this helps :)

who LOVES reece mastin!? by Q: I love reece mastin who else does! cannot wait untill his next song comes out but still love "good night"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A: well, for me, don't know him!!!

Reece Mastin chats about loving his fans, his confidence and more! She Will Be Loved - Reece Mastin (Studio Version) Reece Mastin's Lil Rockers Reece Mastin She Will Be Loved (videos&Photos) She Will Be Loved - Reece Mastin - Luna Park 17/12/11 Reece Mastin: She Will Be Loved - Live Show 5 X Factor Australia 2011 The X Factor 2011 - Reece Mastin - Live Show 5 Reece Mastin - She Will Be Loved reece mastin crying (singing she will be loved) Reece Mastin - She Will Be Loved Adelaide Show She Will Be Loved - Reece Mastin, Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide January 28th 2012 She Will Be Loved - Reece Mastin Live. Hobart 22nd January She Will Be Loved- Reece mastin CONCERT.mp4 Reece Mastin - X Factor Australia 2011 Live Show 5 (FULL) Reece Mastin ~ she will be loved SHE WILL BE LOVED - Reece Mastin Concert - Adelaide Thebarton Theatre - 29th January 2012 Vlog/Update + REECE MASTIN IN AUCKLAND! Reece Mastin singing Happy Birthday to fan and She Will Be Loved Just my luck Live acoustic - Reece mastin Reece Mastin TV Commercial Reece Mastin Good Night cover by Brianna Grigg Reece Mastin she will be loved Live From the stage Reece mastin saying he loves me Reece Mastin. Timeless Cover (Reece Mastin) She will be loved- Reece Mastin. Valentines Day Video for Reece Mastin from his lil rockers Reece Mastin - Good Night (Acoustic Cover) Reece Mastin -The X Factor Australia 2011 auditions I love Reece Mastin Reece Mastin ~ Good Night Lyrics She will be loved - Reece Mastin Westfield Kotara 20th December 2011 Good Night - Reece Mastin (StopMotion Video) Reece Mastin- She Will be Loved live 15-01-12 Kylie Minogue & Reece Mastin sing 'Kids' on X Factor Australia 2011 Grand Final Westfield Parramatta- Reece Mastin performing She Will Be Loved Reece Mastin, She Will Be loved! She will be loved - Reece Mastin [Music Video] Reece Mastin: Moroon 5, She will be loved! -3 Ironic - Reece Mastin (Studio Version) David Fornaro - She Will Be Loved (Reece Mastin) Meeting Reece Mastin Reece Mastin 'Good Night' sang by Luca XFACTOR 2011 FINALE REECE MASTIN REACTION VIDEO Good Night-Reece Mastin [Official Audio + lyrics] Reece Mastin Winners Song - 'Good Night' - X Factor Australia 2011 Grand Final (FULL) Reece Mastin Tribute REECE MASTIN CONCERT ◄◄◄ ; ♥ Reece Mastin 'Just my Luck' Lyrics.wmv Reece Mastin - She Will Be Loved Lyrics
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