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'Russ-diculous' Rally Saves Louisville
Russ Smith led Louisville with 19 points in its Final Four-clinching victory. (Christopher Hanewickel/US PRESSWIRE) PHOENIX — The scrawny, maddening star of Louisville's journey to the Final Four has a nail-biting problem.

Ohio State, Louisville Advance to NCAA Tournament Semifinals
By Nancy Kercheval on March 25, 2012 Second-seeded Ohio State University and fourth-seeded University of Louisville advanced to the semifinals of the national men's college basketball championship. Ohio State, which toppled No. 1 seed Syracuse 77-70, ...

NCAA tournament: Louisville upsets Michigan State
March 23 (Bloomberg) -- Louisville coach Rick Pitino maintained his perfect record in the Round of 16 in college basketball's national men's tournament as the Cardinals upset top-seeded Michigan State to reach the West Regional final.

Around Kentuckiana | Louisville's Carlos Almeida is NCAA 200-yard breaststroke ...
Carlos Almeida became the first University of Louisville men's swimmer to win a national title, taking the 200-yard breaststroke Saturday night at the NCAA Championships in Federal Way, Wash. Almeida barely outtouched California's Trevor Hoyt by .02 ...

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KYJurisDoctor We Congratulate University Of Louisville Cardinals On Winning The West Regional Championship, And Beating Florida To W http://t.co/eXGy2z8A

peattafa Louisville, Long Beach, San Bernardino http://t.co/9tQehIw0

Louisvil_Alerts Partly Cloudy and 51 F at Louisville, Bowman Field Airport, KY Winds are Calm. The pressure is 1011.9 mb and the humidi http://t.co/gsPSOCf5

LouisvilleMaps Twitter mentions for White Castle: http://t.co/D2gUGV4c - RT @bdanielcole Eating White Castle and watching The Bodyguard with @dsaathoff...

CollegeFBHoops Sorry for the absence in tweeting the past few days. Louisville and Ohio State in the final four already... Which two teams join them today?

kitchenstorfle Text by Allison Jones, Special to The Courier-Journal - Louisville Courier-Journal

RFKentucky NCAA tournament review: Louisville, Ohio State advance to Final Four: Check out my column f... http://t.co/QYkY72Bz #News #Kentucky #USA

OSBuckeyesHub NCAA Basketball Tournament Report: Ohio State and Louisville Headed To 2012 ... http://t.co/NLecAohf

TheOiz RT @My_Hrt_Beat: #NasoCrazeDeyStart RT "@TheOiz: I still don't understand why pple find it hard to believe dat I wz in Louisville before I had a sex change"

ThasJusIbukun I mean Oise. How come he knows so many Louisville girls then? :s RT @Mz_OliviaO: @ThasJusIbukun do u mean the ... http://t.co/Fyeg2YTY

My_Hrt_Beat #NasoCrazeDeyStart RT "@TheOiz: I still don't understand why pple find it hard to believe dat I wz in Louisville before I had a sex change"

rhiinx Lol..RT @TheOiz: I still don't understand why people find it hard to believe that I was in Louisville before I had a sex change

HotVacationSpot Ohio State, Louisville in Final Four: ... top-seeded Syracuse 77-70 yesterday in Boston to advance to the Final ... http://t.co/vDXaOL0D

Suhmanchoo Got louisville in the final four.. Played outdoor hoops in everett.. Tweeting at 3am... Who have i become


How much can I make as a Cingular sales Rep in Louisville, KY? by John-Mark Y Q: I worked at Verizon Wireless as a sales rep in Ohio and made 70k in one year b/c I beleive I am a decent sales person. My wife really wanted to move to Louisville, KY so I agreed and got a job at Cingular. How much can I expect to make in commission monthly? I know how much I will make base. Do the allow overtime during the busy season?

A: Nothing. There's no such thing as a Cingular sales rep. Haven't you heard, Cingular is now the new AT&T.

What process must I go through to get married in Louisville, KY? by Q: What process must I go through in order to get married in Louisville, KY? How do I get a marriage license? Me and my fiance want to get married but we aren't planning on having a wedding, we just want to be legally married. So how do we go about this? And what would the cost be? Thanks :)

A: Go the the county recorder/register web site in the county where you will be married at. All that info will be there. In California the license is 90.00 and the ceremony is 25.00. You both need to fill out the license info and have picture ID's, and of course you both must be 18 years or older. You MUST have at least the civil ceremony to be legally married, just buying a license does not mean your married.

Where to get Jonas Brothers tickets for Louisville Kentucky? by Bailey:-3 Q: Where do I get Tickets for their concert in Louisville? I was going to go to Taylor Swift's but it is sold out, and Miley Cyrus' was in Lexington. Someone please link the site where I can get their tickets and when they go to Louisville, thanks.

A: That concerts over

What are some fun places to go to In Louisville, Ky? by Q: I Live in Louisville, Ky and every Saturday My mom, My aunt, My cousin, and I all go somewhere. We want to know are there any fun places to go besides the regular stuff like Bowling?

A: Sorry for being lazy. Here is a list: http://travel.yahoo.com/p-travelguide-2825457-louisville_things_to_do-i;_ylt=AnszK2x6M5NKrVn2rH8cmHFxFmoL

what is the average cost of catering in louisville ky? by Jennifer Q: What have you paid per head for catering? I am thinking of having pasta dishes served at my reception such as spaghetti, lasagna and Fettucini Alfredo. I will have 100 - 150 people attending. Any ideas on what that might cost on average from a caterer in louisville ky?

A: You'd have to call a couple caterers in the area. I mean Celeb Chef to the stars will be a lot more expensive. If his pasta dishes include high cost ingredients (like seafood), it will cost a lot more. You can find pasta quite cheap. You could get an Italian restaurant to cater it. My caterer included the linens and the rental of silverware and dishes. It also included all her presentation of piling the fruit up to make the multiple tiers and make it look gorgeous. A cheaper caterer does less presentation. My wedding had food for 150 and my cost estimate was about $23 per person. She was one of the cheaper ones in my area. However if you go with a restaurant and no presentation, you could find closer to $13 a person. Most hotels have restrictions on that. A hotel has a package deal and you have to use their catering and their alcohol. That is often starting at $55 per person. Cost of caterers is cheaper if you aren't locked in by your venue.

Has Louisville fallen to the point where even Tulsa could beat them? by mao ying Q: Louisville hired Tulsa's coach of last year to be their coach. So far, Tulsa is 3-1 with an offense that averages 522 yards per game and Louisville is 3-3 with a horrible defense that couldn't stop an NAIA team. Tulsa looks much better than last year and put up 400 yards on OU in a tough loss. I believe if the two teams played right now, Tulsa wins 48-42. I changed my mind...tulsa 63 louisville 45

A: I'm a Big East guy, and wow the Cardinals are extremely disappointing this year. They have lost to Syracuse and Utah this year. Since they are about as good a team as Tulsa, obviously Tulsa could beat Louisville this year too. Wow, what has happened to them this year!

Where is best place to fish for cat fish on the ohio near Louisville? by Jimmie H Q: In between Louisville,KY and Clarksville,IN on the ohio where can i find a good place for huge cat fish?

A: The Markland pool below the Markland dam in the deeper holes. Drift or still fish big, dead or alive skipjacks. Go get em.

Does anyone know of a coven in louisville open to Wiccan teens? by twilightluvr Q: I'm Celtic Wiccan and I've wanted to join a coven for a long time now, though I don't know anyone else in Louisville that's Wiccan. Does anyone know if theres a coven open to new members? I'm 14 by the way.

A: I know of no practising coven that will accept people under 18 years old, in UK or USA.... it wouldn't be right... sorry can't help....

Are there any comic book classes around louisville Kentucky? by Sarah R Q: I want to learn how to create comic books does anyone know any colleges within like 3 hours from Louisville ky that I could take?

A: There haven't been any around Milwaukee either--my best source of learning was the larger libraries around here. Look in the art section and there should be some books on cartooning--I found two or three which were between5 and 15 years old which had a LOT of very good information in them. You can also go to comic hosting sites like www.drunkduck.com (google making comics or becoming a cartoonist) and you'll find articles on the various things about making them. Plot, development, page layout, emotion, movement, eye flow through the panels, etc. are all covered. The printing costs have changed somewhat, but local printers do have special deals on color copies often enough to even get full color work done at an affordable rate. You can start with black and white and do a color cover on card stock, or you can do it whichever way you want.

How many different teams do you think are going to try to hire me now that I'm out of that dump Louisville? by Q: I am just thinking of all of the large opportunities I am going to get to ca$h in BIG TIME, both in the NCAA and the NBA. With me coaching any team with real players, UNLIKE WHAT I HAD AT LOUISVILLE, I am going to be filthy rich and we are going to WIN...UNLIKE THOSE CRAPPY LOUISVILLE PLAYERS OF MINE.

A: none

What is Michigan State Men's Basketball record against Louisville all time? by Jake S Q: What is Michigan State Men's Basketball record against Louisville all time? I want to know in case MSU has to play Louisville in the elite eight!

A: I don't know, but I'm definitely wondering the same thing. I have them against each other for the elite eight.

What is there to do in Louisville Kentucky? by Sparky N Q: I am on vacation in Louisville for the next two days and have ruof stuff to do, any ideas from people who have been here or live here? P.S we already went to the Slugger Factory.

A: Glassworks at 9th & Main, Science Center on Main between 7th & 8th, International History Museum on Main between 7th & 8th, Steamboat cruise on the Belle of Louisville on River Rd, Thomas Edison house on East Washington St, M. A. Hadley Pottery on Story Ave, Locust Grove Historic Home on Blankenbaker Ln, Farmington Historic Home on Bardstown Rd, The Louisville Zoo on Trevilian Way off of Poplar Level Rd. (they currently have a baby elephant), Speed Art Museum on S. 3rd St, Rauch Planetarium at the University of Louisville on S. 3rd St, Churchill Downs on Central Ave, Kentucky Derby Museum on Central Ave, Bardstown Road (tons of unique stores and restaurants), & 4th Street Live! on S. 4th just south of W. Liberty St.

Who will win the Marshall vs. Louisville game tommorrow and what does Marshall need to do to secure a win? by ohioguy4jc Q: I know Louisville will be a challenge for them but I think they can pull it off I can't wait to see this one on tv tommorrow.

A: For Marshall to win, they need to make Louisville rely on the three. It would also help if the Cardinals shoot about 10 percent on those shots. About the only other way is to find some imposters from Purdue or Dayton.

Where to buy running clothes in Louisville? by Q: I've been running off and on for a few years and I'd like to really step up my level of running. Where can I go to buy some running clothes in and around Louisville, KY?

A: You can find them here http://www.amazon.com/gp/search/ref=sr_nr_n_3?rh=n%3A1036592%2Ck%3Arunning+clothes%2Cn%3A%211036682%2Cn%3A1040658&bbn=1036682&keywords=running+clothes&ie=UTF8&qid=1315331262&rnid=1036682&tag=bkalso-20

Purchasing a Plantain Press in Louisville Kentucky? by newburg_2_fine Q: Does anyone know where I can purchase a plantain press in Louisville Kentucky? I know a couple of online places, but I would like it for tomorrow night. Most online stores are 1-2 days shipping and very expensive.

A: find a spanish store "bodega" theres got to be one ...........btw you dont need one if your making tostonesyou can use the bottom on a glass and a plate good luck

Where can I find a Coast Guard Flag in the Louisville Area? by Aubrey A Q: My friend is looking for a US Military Coast Guard flag for her brother for his birthday and she doesn't know where you could find one. Does anyone know of a place in the Louisville, KY metro area that sells them? She has to buy it today, so any help would be appreciated!

A: Colonel Walker Flags on the South side at 313 East Esplanade (1 block north and then east of where S. 3rd St. ends at Kenwood & south of Iroquois Manor). It is a home-based business in a residential area, so make sure you bring the address with you. The entrance is on the left side of the house and next to the driveway.

Where can I find a good black hair salon in Louisville,KY that does hair weaves? by Q: I just recently located to Louisville,KY from Atlanta,Ga and I need to find a good salon that does weaves.

A: go to http://salonvoice.com . you can ask any question about black hair salons in the area, etc and it works just like yahoo answers

How to tape a wooden louisville slugger bat? by blasted13 Q: I just bought a louisville slugger bat today, size 33, I am in my senior year of high school, what is the best way to tape my bat and how? I have hit a wood bat with the spiral rope design and seemed to like that, but it seems confusing to set up...any suggestions?

A: I tape just enough to cover my hands. I also have a few bats i don't tape at all. a few years ago we were doing the big knob thing, that seems to speed up your hands. to get the spiral thing you have to spin the tape. stick the end to a table and spin off like a foot. two of them. set the spiral on the bat. and tape flat over the spirals

Is the University of Louisville a hard school to get in to? by Q: I live in Cincinnati right now and I graduate next year. I was thinking about moving to Louisville and going to school there. Is it reallllly hard to get into like, University of Michigan hard?? Tell me everything!

A: ummm nothing is hard if u will work hard u can easil;y get into it

Any good dance bar club to find girls at louisville KY? by Q: I am staying at louisville kentucky for a week. Any name of dance club? Maybe can find girlfriend?

A: Jim Porter, 4th Street Live, Do Drop Inn.

Where should I go to buy silver coins in Louisville? by Q: I would like to buy silver coins. Where in Louisville can I do this and not get ripped off?

A: Try this search engine.

Where can i get a good SPRAY tan in Louisville ky? by Lkam727 Q: Where can I get a good SPRAY tan in Louisville, ky? I dont wanna go to a tanning bed because those have risks but spray tans r good Im SUPER pale and people laugh at me 4 that. Anyone got any good places? Or maybe even anywhere else in Ky? Thanks! What is a mystic tan?

A: sun tan city or ultratan. basically just any tanning salon that has mystic tan would be a good place to go!

How far is it to Evergreen Colorado from Louisville Colorado? by Q: How far is it to Bailey Colorado from Evergreen Colorado? How far is it to Louisville Colorado from Bailey Colorado?

A: Evergreen from Louisville is roughly an hour. Bailey from Evergreen is roughly half an hour. Louisville from Bailey is roughly an hour and a half.

How is Louisville, KY Supposed to be pronounced? by Seyryn Q: I've heard a lot of people call it "lew-i-vull" or "lewy-ville" and figured that since the name Louie is a nickname for Louis they were just using the nickname because it sounded better. Did people start calling it this a long time ago and now that's what everyone calls it instead of the way that its spelled, Lewis-Ville? What is the correct pronunciation, is the "S" actually supposed to be silent? Please note also that Louisville, MS is actually pronounced Lewis-ville, thanks, just something I've been wondering for a while.

A: named after a french king...Louis XIV In french Louis is pronounced "Lewey"...ergo lewey-ville, or (city of Louis)

How was the mayor of Louisville Kentucky sold on building one of the countries best skate parks? by Matt J Q: I live in Cleveland where the population is nearly two times that of Louisville KY, yet our public skatepark is about 1/100th the size of the one in Louisville!

A: ESPN contacted then-Mayor Armstrong about holding their Extreme Games trials in Louisville as a part of the Kentucky Derby Festival. The X-trials had record turnouts and ESPN wanted to come back for the B3 games. Since Louisville had been trying in recent years to have more attractions for younger residents, plans for the Louisville Extreme Park were made. Since the park would both attract younger residents as well as national sports tours, the decision was made to build it. The 40,000 square foot Louisville Extreme Park is currently only ⅔ complete. It is unknown when, or if, the remaining 20,000 square foot indoor portion that was originally planned for will be completed. One reason is because a set of parents left their 11-year old child unsupervised while not wearing a helmet (which is against park rules), resulting in the child suffering a brain injury and the city paying $1.5 million to settle the lawsuit; another reason is higher operating expenses than planned for, mostly due to high incidences of vandalism at the park.

Can you design and buy a custom Louisville Slugger baseball glove? by Q: I need a new glove and my friend just got a customized Rawlings glove with this cool looking webbing called trapeze. I had seen it before but I didn't know what it was called. I really like the Louisville Slugger Flare and Omaha series gloves from using some friends' gloves and I wanted to put that webbing on either a Flare or Pro but I don't mind paying more for the TPX. Any way I can customize one?

A: Yes. Go to "customglove.com" to see how.

How is the weather these days in Louisville, KY? by Fabula Q: I live in Mexico, and tomorrow I am traveling to Louisville, I already saw the weather prediction, but the truth is that I don't know what to wear! What clothes should I bring? Is it raining a lot?

A: Bring clothes you can layer; it's between the high 30's and the mid 50's, so definitely a medium-weight jacket, especially if you'll be out at night. And it's been cloudy the past few days and probably will be for the rest of the week. Bring an umbrella just in case.

What section is the student section for louisville cardinals basketball games? by Q: I am getting tickets for a louisville basketball game and i dont want them to be in the student section so i need to know which section or sections that is

A: how should I know

How far of a drive is it from Ft Knox to Louisville? by Jen R Q: How long does it take to get to downtown Louisville? Where are the different gates on Ft Knox? I'm not sure what direction you can enter the post from or if there is only one main gate? Anyone from the area that actually knows the drive and isn't googling it.. I would like to hear from them. Also.. is the traffic heavy inbetween before and after work?

A: from Van Voorhis / Kellystreet to the children hospital it is 45 minutes under good weather and regular traffic.There is Wilson Gate and the Gate you see in stripes(the one where the two tanks are. oh and the onethat is basiclly betwen hellonwheels AVE and Van Voorhis, not sure if this one is still open..

Where is the best place to have brunch in Louisville, Kentucky? by cellar_door_films Q: We want to have a surprise 30th anniversary brunch for my in-laws at a nice restaurant in Louisville. We live in Los Angeles and are planning from here, so we could use some local knowlege.

A: Hi! Here are a few suggestions, hope they help! Jupiter Grill 919 Baxter Ave, Louisville, KY 40204 · 502-458-7733 A great dining experience. They have things like Stella Di Mare and beef tenderloin, sea scallops en croute, char-grilled Asian duck, pasta urzulie with eggplant and wild mushrooms, pan-seared Chilean sea bass, char-grilled pork loin, and black Angus tenderloin. They also have great desserts such as raspberry white chocolate bread pudding with vanilla bean ice cream, cappuccino trifle and chocolate mousse Napoleon. ------------------------------------------ The Café at the Louisville Antique Mall 900 Goss Ave, Louisville, KY 40217 · 502 637-6869 Superb array of soups, salads and sandwiches. Lavishly decorated with antiques. ------------------------------------------------- The Rudyard Kipling 422 West Oak St, Louisville, KY 40203 · 502-636-1311 Eclectic ensemble of menu options, including traditional Kentucky, vegetarian, British Isles, Italian, and French. Trademark entree is the Crepes Delbert filled with black beans and country ham. Many excellent curries, stews and pastries.

What company provides the lowest price car insurance in Louisville, Kentucky? by CC Q: Who has the best rates? Does it depend on what part of Louisville you live in?

A: It mainly depends on what the car is, who owns it and the cover type. Also it'll vary a bit depending on where you live, the more populated the area, the more you pay. Quotes are free at http://www.bestinternetfind.solutionsarticles.com/carquote.php?id=a338e

What is the closet airport flying south west outta louisville ky to Myrtle beach? by s w Q: I only like to fly on south west airlines and was trying to get as close as i can flying out of louisville to myrtle beach Seeing how they don't fly there hours and distance from closet airport would be greatly appreciatedd as well thanks in advance.

A: The closest airport to Myrtle Beach that Southwest flies into is Raleigh/Durham International Airport (RDU) in Morrisville, North Carolina. According to MapQuest, the drive time between that airport and Myrtle Beach is three hours and thirty-nine minutes: http://www.mapquest.com/maps?1pn=Raleigh-Durham+International+Airport+(RDU)&1c=Morrisville&1s=NC&1a=2400+W+Terminal+Blvd&1z=27560&1y=US&1l=35.87779&1g=-78.78949&1v=ADDRESS&1id=3215731&2c=Myrtle+Beach&2s=SC&2y=US&2l=33.6889&2g=-78.886902&2v=CITY#initPgSt Here is Southwest's route map: http://travel.southwest.com/travel/exploreTravel.html?int=GNAVTRVLGUDE Southwest does not have nonstop service to Myrtle Beach from Louisville, so you will have to make at least one connection.

What are some fun things do do in Louisville, Kentucky for cheap? by Mamomma May Q: I plan on going to Louisville for a couple of hours and wanted to find something to do there. Do you have any ideas? (It needs to be less than 100 dollars.) P.S. If you suggest Six Flags, what type of fun stuff do they have there for an adult who gets motion-sick easily, one teenager, and 2 other adults?

A: The St. Matthews Mall is great! I think across from it is a bowling alley. The Louisville Bat Museum sounds very interesting (I haven't been there before). The Louisville Zoo is phenomenon! If you visit Fourth Street Live, you'll find some things to do there. Frazier Art Museum could be a liking to your group. I hope you have a fun time in Louisville! Enjoy!

How difficult to get into Brown school in Louisville, ky as latino w/good grades? by Horse Expert Q: My sister is moving to Louisville Ky and her son is a middle schooler with straight A's. Is there a waiting list at this magnet school? Will being from a diverse background help or not. Any other tips?

A: wow you are kidding right? i go to brown i'm a junior this year! the 1st person was right, this school is looking for diversity and you should already know because it's a very unique school... gets more unique as the grades become higher.... and although there is a waiting list, don't give up. some kids get kicked out, some kids are forced to leave, some choose to leave to go to a school closer to home. which opens up more spots. and please know all new students are required to take a tour of the school and attend orientation. elementary orientation is august 10th, middle school is august 8th, freshman went on the 28th of july and the remainder of high school is the 9th. check out our website! http://brownschool.schoolfusion.us or call for info. it really is an awesome school. this will be my 3rd year and i'm a junior! c:

Who is the best player on Louisville basketball? by nick z Q: I want to know who the best player on louisville is for basketball. Could you give me some opinions? I was thinking Jerry Smith He is the starting PG.

A: Freshman Samardo Samuels is probably the best player on the Cardinals. He is the leading scorer, averaging 15.2 points per game (10 games, 10 starts), and he is the third leading rebounder the team with 7 rebounds per game. Samuels is originally from Jamaica. Earl Clark is also very solid. He is averaging 8.8 rebounds, second on the team, and 13.4 points, also second. Clark is a Junior from NJ.

What Louisville restaurants have been on Food or Travel Channel shows? by Jo March Q: I am visiting Louisville next month and would love to hit up some good restaurants. I am especially interested in going to ones that have been on shows like Diners Drive Ins and Dives, Food Paradise, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Unwrapped, etc. I know a few but I have dialup internet in a rural area so it takes a LONG time to load the pages for these shows and look up the restaurants!. I am hoping that some locals could makes some recommendations! Thanks!

A: I would recommend Ramsey's on Bardstown rd. Greats food and very eclectic.

How long would it take to WALK from Miami, Florida to Louisville, Kentucky? by Morgan Tayy Q: My aunt is putting together a power walk for this Summer for her and other people we know because we have some extra weight on us. We're planning to walk from Miami to our hometown of Louisville Kentucky. I know the driving time is around 16 hours, but how long would it take to walk?

A: 14 days, 5 hours, according to google maps. This doesn't take into account any stops for food, sleep, or restrooms. It would probably take about a month.

How much do bank tellers in Louisville make at a Credit Union? by shihtz4u Q: Curious to know if it would be possible to make $11 a hour as a level 1 teller in Louisville.

A: Hi~ I searched my favorite job site www.careerbuilder.com for you, but couldn't find a credit union teller position in Louisville. I did, however, find you a job that pays $10-$11 an hour in Louisville as a collections clerk. Check this out: http://www.careerbuilder.com/JobSeeker/Jobs/JobDetails.aspx?IPath=OCCG&job_did=J3F84875ZNBB7MPG9LM With 15 pages (366 jobs!) of job openings in Louisville, you're bound to find something! Good luck!

Is Louisville, Kentucky famous for any particular food items? by Jackie F Q: Is there something that is made or is from Louisville Kentucky that is like a signature food item for the area? Thank you.

A: Kentucky derby pie, and a drink called a mint julep

How many times has the TV show the First 48 filmed in Louisville, Kentucky? by Big Seg Q: How many times has the television show, the First 48 filmed in Louisville, Kentucky? I know in the upcoming 10th season, there are 4 episodes in Louisville, KY, but I know for sure that Louisville has been in more episodes than that. There also has been an episode in season 8 and season 9 that featured Louisville. So that makes a total of 6. But I think there has been more than that.

A: I wish that I knew exactly how many of the episodes were filmed in Louisville, Kentucky BUT, I am sure that there are quite a few and there are going to be many more since The First 48 were filming there for over a year and a half since the end of 2008.

How many times has the television show, the First 48 filmed in Louisville, Kentucky? by Big Seg Q: How many times has the television show, the First 48 filmed in Louisville, Kentucky? I know in the upcoming 10th season, there are 4 episodes in Louisville, KY, but I know for sure that Louisville has been in more episodes than that. There also has been an episode in season 8 and season 9 that featured Louisville. So that makes a total of 6. But I think there has been more than that.

A: One of my favorite shows. Here's a semi-complete listing of episodes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_The_First_48_episodes

What do people outside Louisville think of the Kentucky Derby? by newsgal Q: I grew up in Kentucky and now live in Louisville and I LOVE the Derby, but what do others think of it?

A: I love watching it and I love trucking through The Blue Grass State,It is a beautiful part of Our beautiful country. There is alot of history and Great horses behind the Derby! Take care~ P.S. I also used to come to Louisville and watch the 1/2 mile dirt track motorcycle races.Back in the day!

How far will the Louisville Cardinals go into the NCAA tournament? by UofLCardsFan Q: The Louisville Cardinals are supposed to have one of the greatest years of their program this year. After losing to WKU, Pitino has been working the guys harder then ever, and its showed lately. I think we have a great shot to go pretty far, what do you think?

A: they will go far this year. im sure of it. good to see so cardinal love on here.

How much gas to drive from Toronto Ontario to Louisville Kentucky? by Q: My friends and I are planning on going to Louisville for a conference in the spring...we're from ontario canada and we were wondering how much gas on average we would need (in either litres or gallons) and how much we should prepare to spend for that? Thanks! Oh.. And we're driving a small-medium four-door compact car

A: Since you did not provide your gas mileage and your gas tank capacity, I will have to guess. It varies considerably among compact, small and medium cars. Since the exchange rate between US dollars and Canadian dollars is almost at parity, I will consider them to be equal. The most direct route is through Detroit Michigan, Toledo Ohio, Dayton Ohio, and Cincinnati Ohio and measures about 1,000km. I expect you will fill up your gas in Toronto and Toledo Ohio. I am also assuming that you will travel 500km with Canadian gas and then fill up with US gas in Toledo Ohio. Assuming a gas mileage of 10km per litre, a 1000km trip would need 100 litres of gas. So 50 litres would be purchased at $1.20 Canadian dollars / litre = $60 Canadian dollars. and 50 litres would be purchased at $3.30 US dollars / gallon = $44 US dollars Therefore, the gas expense for a one way trip between Toronto and Louisville would cost approximately $60 + $44 = $104 Canadian or US. Please understand my calculated total could be off because: - I had to guess what your vehicle's gas mileage is. - I used today's Canadian gas price and that could change significantly by the spring. - I used today's US gas price and that could change significantly by the spring. - I used today's Canadian$/US$ exchange rate, and that changes daily. And because of these assumptions, my calculations could significantly change. With a calculated amount of $104, expect to pay anywhere between $75 and $130. To play it safe, assume the larger amount.

What's the best travel route from Louisville KY to Orlando FL? by RedThread Q: We're taking a family vacation to Orlando, and will be first driving to Louisville to meet some friends. Then on to Orlando. I can get to Louisville with no problem, but I'm looking for any tips for the trip from Louisville to Orlando. FYI, it's about 13 hours according to google maps, and we could make the drive in a single day or spread it over two days. Doesn't matter to us. We've been to Disney World before, so I don't need any Disney tips. Just looking for tips on the travel route. Thanks!

A: You're right, it's close to 13 hours from Louisville to Orlando. My map program says 13 hours & 45 Minutes to cover the 860 miles. That doesn't include any pit stops or sightseeing. I'd take my time and make a 2 day trip out of it. There's an awful lot to see between the 2 towns. Theres Nashville and Chattanooga in Tennessee. Then you hit Georgia, my favorite place to visit is the air force museum in Warner Robins. They have a SR-71 Blackbird spy plane on display there, along with many other planes seldom seen by civilians. Stopping for the night between Louisville and Macon, then doing the museum before traveling to O rlando would make a good 2 day drive. I-75 once you get out of Chattanooga to Floridas Turnpike is your best route. You'll have to stop and pay a toll shortly after you get on the turnpike and that could be your last. When you get to Florida SR 50 there is a free get-off at Exit 267. Then you can drive into Orlando on SR 50. Or, just stay on the turnpike to I-4 and another $0.50 toll. You won't need to use the East/West toll road to get to Orlando. That road is a local pay as you go road. The toll booths will drive you nuts. Your destination in the Orlando area will determine where you need to exit the turnpike. If you're going to the US192 area of Kissimmee, you can exit the turnpike near Exit 289 and take US 27 South to US 192 and save over a dollar in tolls. The distance won't be too much different since the turnpike parallels US 27 for some distance Good luck, drive safe

How happy are Louisville fans with how the bracket is looking? by WALTER! (Eats Kobe Beef 4 Lunch) Q: I have Louisville in my final, and I am thrilled at how the bracket has opened up for them to make at least the elite 8. Ohio State vs Siena has been sloppy at best, so Louisville can easily take the winner, then they will get the winner of Cleveland State and Arizona, wow! It must be great to be a Louisville fan right now! Im a UMass Fan, we didnt make it...=(

A: I am STOKED to see how the bracket is looking for Louisville. However, Louisville has a bad habit of giving up the lead in the first half and coming back in the second. If they're going to play Kansas at some point, then they really need to brush up their game and start playing REAL ball. I think that they're going to end up playing UNC or Pitt in the final, most likely UNC. And if they're going to play UNC, then they REALLY need to brush up their game or they're going to get laughed out of the final. I do think Louisville will get better as the tournament drags on. As a team, they thrive under pressure and Pitino is no newbie to the NCAA Tourney. :) GO CARDS!

What resources are highly contributed to Louisville,Kentucky's economy? by Martin P Q: What resources are contributed and help with Louisville,Kentucky's economy? What were to happen to Louisville's economy if something were to happen to these resources such as being destroyed or something like that?

A: Food service industry (Brown-Forman, KFC, Papa John's), Travel and tourism (Valhalla Golf Course hosting PGA and Ryder Cup, KY Derby), Healthcare (Kindred and Humana). Also, the Best Buy Geek Squad headquarters are in Louisville. These aren't really natural resources that can be destroyed, but with the declining economy, I imagine the food service and possibly the tourism industries would suffer somewhat. For the most part, these employees would probably stick around and find jobs elsewhere if their companies folded. I'm from KY, moved away for work, and am always amazed when I go home to visit at how many people don't want to get out, even to find a MUCH better job.

What Louisville Slugger bat would you recommend for a good high school hitter? by Yoo Q: Im a sophmore starting shortstop on varsity this year and im looking for a good bat. Last year I used the exo and it was okay. I liked how it hit solid but it was top heavy and im looking for something that distributes the weight a little bit more. i use a 33-30 I like Louisville bats though. Which one would you recommend besides the exo?

A: Wow man how I envy you. I'm also a sophmore and i'm working my butt off to get at least at spot in the bench LOL. Back to you. If you like Louisville bats and don't want to go with the EXO this year you should try Louisville Slugger CB84 2008 TPX Omaha. It's a (-3oz. Drop) so it's just the limit for high school baseball bats. If a -3 is to heavy for you than try using a -5 bat. Hope it helps.

How can I cheaply travel from Louisville KY and return back to Chicago? by dswarthog Q: Me and my wife are going to school in Louisville and we would like to leave our car down there when we visit soon. This way, we only have to try to drive one car down there instead of trying to tow a car with the moving van. Towing would cost 100 dollars and be very stressful in not crashing the trailing car. Ive been looking at car rentals but all of them are at least 150 dollars for a one day one way rental. Anyone have any other ideas? The trip is from Louisville KY to Gurnee IL.

A: You can try renting for following companies as there is a chance that you might get a cheaper and better deal. All of these are rented car rental companies which mostly offer one way service. http://www.usacarsrental.com/ Hertz Budget National Avis Enterprise

Louisville? by I Caught Fire (In Your Eyes) Q: What is it like in Louisville, Kentucky? I am thinking of going to a college there and I was just wondering what the city is like. Anything would be helpful.

A: I live in WV, kinda close by. L-ville is a nice town. good people, laid back. the kentucky derby is probably one of the wildest places to go. it beats any spring break.

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