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RubyChami @jakjak303 LOOK WHO'S TALKING! I miss you so much, hope all is well miss <3

JovanLeung AND LOOK WHO'S TALKING. The one who watched 2Girls1Cup 12 times. RT @alex_runs_naked: @JovanLeung you were fucked up from the start I think

kkim_jqn OH GEEZUS. LOOK WHO'S TALKING LOL <3 Thanks deary haha @linglingglinggg


m_birney @nickcovino69 LOOK WHO'S TALKING

laztz_ang3lz @ananmiaddayo you really need to sleep properly..... LOOK WHO'S TALKING ABOUT SLEEP XDD

BrittCamp12 RT @jessicer678: "@BrittCamp12 uhh LOOK WHO'S TALKING...when are you moving in??” I think I'll move in tomorrow! #bagsarepacked #readytogo

Ray_zorSharpp LOOK WHO'S TALKING! Lls #deeeead

Ccarrielynn @KimberlyMcKetha @LloydBaker2 @Mardigrasbarbie LOOK WHO'S TALKING YOU DONKEY DICK SUCKING TRASH BAG

jessicer678 @BrittCamp12 uhh LOOK WHO'S TALKING...when are you moving in??

barterchristina Look who's talking • Brad Kapanka: Eminem, he has good lyrics and it would seem pretty cool to chill with him. T... http://t.co/Sk79cG0x

Dreamer_soul @geekslover @bluechicken LOOK WHO'S TALKING!!!!! -.- NO Comment -.-


jOOOnaChriistin "Wag magpagabi!" "Umuwi ka na! Gabi na!" LOOK WHO'S TALKING!! nauna pa kami ni kuya dito sa bahay. Nakooo


Look Who's talking too (movie question)? by Q: Okay in the movie : Look whos talking too with John Travolta, What are the 2 babys names in real life. Not in the movie, Like their real name?

A: Lorne Sussman ... Mikey Ubriacco Megan Milner ... Julie Ubriacco - 1 Year Georgia Keithley ... Julie Ubriacco - 4 Months Nikki Graham ... Julie Ubriacco - Newborn Mikey voiced by Bruce Willis Julie voiced by Roseanne Barr Eddie voiced by Damon Wayons

Wouldn't it be great if our babies thought... just like on the movie "Look Who's Talking"? by Mom of E and S and 38 weeks with # 3 Q: I get such a kick out of that movie. I think babies do think like that. I can't tell you how many times mine have laughed at just the right moment or made the most perfect face at just the right moment. I KNOW they are just laughing at us when we do silly things to entertain them. I'm sure when they are testing us they are just laughing!!! What do you think???? :)

A: Yes that would be great. My seven year old recently watched the movie and he likes to imagine what is baby brother is thinking.

Movies similar to "Look Who's Talking"? by Kaitlynn Q: Me and my fiance are having our first child, and I've been watching nothing but Look Who's Talking, and Look Who's Talking Too. I'm addicted to movies about babies... Are there any movies out there similar to these?

who many look who's talking were there....? by Taylor Q: wasnt it like look who's talking then look who's talking too then look who's talking now...if there are three wat is the third one about

A: The third one was about the dogs talking and saving the marriage.

What would be a good response if you're in a big arguement with someone and he says "look who's talking"? by osufitchi Q: What would I say? And also, I rly hate that guy and we keep argueing and stuff

A: "Is that the best you can do?"

What's the song at the beginning of ''Look who's talking'' movie? by Vicky Q: The song plays when all the sperms swim to the egg at the very beginning of the movie. the song has been in my head for hours, lol.

A: Its I Get Around and lol Kirstie Alley from the movie is my aunt.

where can I find a good website to watch Look who's talking Now? by Tezykitty Q: i've seen the first and second but i haven 't seen the third one yet and i can't seem to be able to find a good website for it.

How did they make the intro for "look who's talking now?"? by Nikki Q: You know the part with the sperm and egg? How did they do that?

A: It was done on a computer(I thought it was real, LoL)

What does it mean when someone says "Well, look who's talking!"? by xLiviEx Q: I've heard alot of my friends saying, "well, look whos talking!" when I say a joke about them. I don't wanna ask them what it means just in case they think I'm a total loser. What does it mean?

A: It means that you are making fun of them for something that you do also. For example, if you wear glasses, and you call your friend "four-eyes" he might say "well, look who's talking" because you're four-eyes too. Does that make sense?

Where can i watch the movie Look Who's Talking online for free? by kris joy Q: i already tried the website watch-movies.net and they don't have it. please don't suggest netflix either. just please i am going crazy because i can't find the movie! on google, the alway's suggest Look Who's Talking, Too and Look Who's Talking Now. just please help me.

A: Try here. http://watch-all-movies.com/Movie.html?moviename=Look-Whos-Talking

Look Who's Talking (1989) Trailer DR.ALBAN - LOOK WHO'S TALKING Look Who's Talking opening credits Dance scene look who's talking - Mikey - when i grow up Look Who's Talking Too trailer look who's talking Look Whos Talking Now Trailer Look Who's Talking Now Look Who's Talking Too Mr. Toilet Man Look Who's Talking Look Who's Talking Now Abused Face BoA - Look Who's Talking BoA - Look Who's Talking (HQ Behind-the-Scenes MV) Look Who's Talking-Cry Baby Look who's talking 2 BoA - Looks Whos Talking [OFFICIAL FULL VER.] Look Who's Talking [James&Mollie] - Amazed (Requested Video) [HD] BoA - Look Who's Talking Live (@Studio Coast, 2009/04/09) look who's talking too - Mikey and Julie - jealous guy Look Who's Talking: Mikey Tell's A Joke Lost - Look Who's Talking Trailer Dr Alban - Look Who's Talking (DJ Adem 2010 Remix) BoA-Look who's talking dance rehea. Look Who's Talking Look Who's Talking~Walking on Sunshine Look Who's Talking [James&Mollie] - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Look Who's Talking Part 1 Look Who's Talking Part 2 So little time - Look who's talking (Part 1) Look Who's Talking Part 3 Look Who's Talking Now - david gallagher LOOK WHOS TALKING - Are you thirsty? Jake and Amir: Interpreters Look Who's Talking Too~All Shook Up Newsradio-E63/S4-Look Who's Talking 2/3 Artie Lange Explains Why JD's Favorite Movie. Look Who's Talking. is so FuNNy.mp4 Watch Look Who's Talking Full Movie John Travolta -Look who is talking now ! It's Christmas, C'est Noel John Travolta (Elvis Presley) - All shook up BoA- Look Who's Talking NYC SMTown Live Commentary on Carolyn Myss and Occupy Wall Street - Look Who's Talking Vision Look Who's Talking now full movie online free part 1 BoA (보아) Look Who's Talking Dr alban look whos talking Theatre Of Life: Male Tampons EURODANCE/HOUSE - HOW TO PLAY 90's PART 1 Opening To Baby Geniuses 1999 VHS
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