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Lexus lfa

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Botamba Lexus LFA - Stuff you didn't know: I have always doubt this carmaker will ever step into the Sports c… @Q8Stig http://t.co/bxFfPMgD

CTR_Paul @mtb_f1 @LillaMyF1 The 458 sounds far better too, and that's a major aspect of any supercar! Its the sole reason I'd like a Lexus LFA #aural

MotorsportsTube Watch Lexus LFA and Bikini Model - http://t.co/g3PYdhQU

carreviewandnew Lexus LFA, Price, News, Info, Review, and Photo Gallery:   Lexus LFA is the output of Lexus sports car with 2 do... http://t.co/FgYSHRFR

HannoE 2012 Lexus LFA Up For Sale On eBay, Again http://t.co/f9a7bm0a via @TheRealMA

lexuslfa20shl 2012 Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package [Photos & Reviews] » Auto ...

fuzzy_mc Dear Santa I want this wrapped under my tree at Xmas (lexus lfa) http://t.co/YBEVeP2D

tfryz Lexus LFA .. http://t.co/wgActywG

Milo994 @leandrodgalero hahaha when my dad went to Lexus they demoed the lfa to him

sa_chasan 今朝夢でLEXUS LFAに乗ってる夢見た。 ぶいーん。

passiemensen lexus LFA sounds like a new benchmark http://t.co/bmGj6T6k

AndrewwAlive #2011musictaughtme when I look back on this tweet ill be somking a blunt while driving in a Lexus Lfa cruising down where ever sayin yes..

therealru55 Nissan 350z | Honda Civic Eg | Mitsubishi Evolution IX | Lexus LFA | Nissan GTR | Corvette | <== my dream garage.

BadBoyBimmer #lexus LFA http://t.co/1HUzglc6

SpeedShowcase AUTOart Signature 1/18 Lexus LFA: Whitest White 1/18 CAR&BIKE ...: AUTOart's stunning 1/18 replica of the Lexus ... http://t.co/iQ7Pn5zV


why does the new Lexus LFA cost so damn much??????? by mr_vcdcalifa Q: i mean really? why would they make commercials and crap about and on tv. the damn car costs so much $378,000, with that money people could get a wayy better car. from what i hear its not so great in terms of perfromance. and for that money i would buy a way better lambo or something,, if i had the money lol. just sayin it wud be better to lower the price of that new lexus lfa

A: The price is dictated by how many they plan on selling and what it costs to develop and produce the cars. Since the LF-A is such a low volume car (Hand made if I'm not mistaken), it has to be very high priced so Toyota doesn't lose money on it. Unfortunately, Toyota doesn't know how to make an enthusiasts car anymore anyways, so of course they failed at building a supercar.

Can a Toyota/Lexus Technician afford a Lexus LFA? by Francisco Q: Im currently working as amechanic and im about to graduate from high school and i have fallen inlove with the lexus lfa, im going to study to be a technician for the Lexus Company...im just wondering weather a technician with a good salary will be able to afford this beautiful car and if not let me know what it takes to get that car thank you!

A: You need to be making 6 digit figures for a car like LFA or probably a lot more. The insurance, taxes, other running costs are very high for a supercar. I would say a car at a price range of Nissan GTR or BMW M3 probably yes, but Nissan GTR is very expensive to insure, and as for M3 running it could get expensive so its best if you get maybe a car at a level of BMW 335i with M package or Audi S4 (they combine both sports performance with everyday practicality.

does anyone own or knows someone who own a Lexus LFA? by Keshan Q: Btw.....do you have any idea about the price?

A: Lol on Yahoo! Answers? Very doubtful. I know if I had $350K to spend on a Car I wouldn't be spending my time here lol. Why what would you like to know about it? Other than the Price.

How much does the Lexus LFA Super Car cost? by Ð4MÃN!™ (End the Fed!) Q: $600,000? I thought it was $400,000. Isn't that more than the Nissan GTR?

A: It has a base price of 375,000 but usually shoots up depending on dealers. The GT-R is less than 100,000. I think it's in the high 80's for starting price.

Does the new Lexus LFA come in automatic transmission ? by The Game Changer Q: Lexus LFA the new sports car from Lexus.

A: It's not an Automatic in the traditional sense where you put it in drive and go. It's got paddle shifters, which means you have to pull the paddle to shift up or down. Unless you put it in fully auto mode.... but who would want to do that?

Does anyone know when the Lexus LFA will be available in the United States? by Rite Q: The LFA is Lexus new super car.

A: the LFA will be available in December 2010 you can register it by calling 866 LFA 4794 or 866 532 4794 or go to your lexus dealer price will start at $375,000. Yes there are 2 lexus in USA, NONE of those are for sale, Black Lexus is in california for testing, white one is for car reviewers. I don't know why people are suggesting other cars but again if you think this will be expensive then some other great cars to consider: Audi R8, Nissan GTR, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, BMW M5, Corvette ZR1.

How much do you think the new Lexus LFA will cost? by Austin H Q: Okay so my grandpa is filthy rich and he wants to get the new Lexus LFA when it comes out.... so i was just wondering how much that would cost... hes the kind of person that will walk into a Ferrari dealership and buy the model one right there for cash.... So yeah... how much do you think it may cost when it comes out? oh okay thats not alot....

A: $375,000 http://www.autoblog.com/2009/10/21/lexus-lfa-tokyo-2009/

whats the absolute top attainable speed for any Lexus LFA and could any LFA hold a candle to a Veyron? by kamikaze ninja Q: whats the absolute fastest speed that any Lexus LFA can achieve, and could any year model of any LFA ever compete with a Bugatti Veyron?

A: A Lexus LFA can do around 200 to 202 MPH. and this is stock! Its not really meant for straightline performance but a pure track car! Toyota really took their time in making the LFA and they did a good job, despite the hardwork people aren't willing to pay so much. to handle a Veryon, it needs more than 500 bhp per ton. The Lexus LFA has 372 bhp per ton. If the Lexus had twin turbos then probably it would accelerate faster. each turbo must be stage 3 or higher. (kinda like in Noble M600) As for beating the Veyron, I would probably lighten the car a bit more, (instead of aluminum body go for carbon fiber, that would probably bring the weight under 3000 lbs.) Add more performance parts, chips, better inlet manifold, intake, camshaft, cylinderheads, etc. That could definitely beat the SuperSport as well. (I think!) That should do the trick!

can you buy the guage in the lexus LFA and use it in another car? by Carter Q: I want to buy the Lexus LFA guage and use it in a 1973 Nova SS. I wanted to know if someone can buy it.

A: You can buy it from the dealer. Not worth it though, the price for the entire cluster is in the thousands. You will also have to custom wire and calibrate it for your car.

Lexus LFA.................................? by POTATO Q: do you guys think someone will modified this baby to add more horsepower, if so how long would it take cause holy shit that would be amazing, a monster on wheels

A: It will mostly be a collectors item with its limited production. You'd have to be insane, or insanely wealthy to modify it. And to the other poster, there is more to a car's appeal than mere performance numbers.

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