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Lethal weapon 2

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NiGeRianBeAuTie Mommy really got us watchin Lethal Weapon 2... Haaaa

Florancemnb Lethal Weapon 2 [VHS]: The series formula started to kick in with this immediate sequel to Lethal Weapon, but th... http://t.co/F2AOFqgy

LalaIsDOPE Lethal Weapon 4 ? When tf they come out w/ 2 ?

LegsMagee Ok, Ok! I'll get back to work! Leo Getz: "OK" Scenes (Lethal Weapon 2-4) http://t.co/ih8GNxCn via @youtube

CattivoMio #M5pileup this is horrific . Several factors appear 2 have contributed 2 this disaster. A vehicle is A LETHAL weapon

FreddyScarpati Lethal Weapon 4 [Region 2]: In the fourth and reportedly final film of the Lethal Weapon series, director Richar... http://t.co/VLrbQqEN

Rachel_Magnuson RT @machzagnuson: Recently watched on @netflix: Lethal Weapon 1&2, Breaking Bad, Die Hard 1, 2, & 3, and ... http://t.co/5NArnDwB

Gabrielle012369 Lethal Weapon 2 [VHS]: The series formula started to kick in with this immediate sequel to Lethal Weapon, but th... http://t.co/mBQS2IIg

machzagnuson Recently watched on @netflix: Lethal Weapon 1&2, Breaking Bad, Die Hard 1, 2, & 3, and The Colony. My wife is awesome. @Rachel_Magnuson

IlianaBuy Lethal Weapon 2: The series formula started to kick in with this immediate sequel to Lethal Weapon, but that doe... http://t.co/bO9zYTBf

sydney24542 Lethal Weapon 2 [VHS]: The series formula started to kick in with this immediate sequel to Lethal Weapon, but th... http://t.co/alWUycZa

GummiKri @gylfisteinn Ég var rétt að skríða í heiminn þegar Lethal Weapon 2 leit dagsins ljós. Maður byrjaði snemma!

KDBryan In short, "It's A Wonderful Life" is almost as good as "Lethal Weapon", "Die Hard" 1 or 2, "Gremlins" or "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang." ALMOST.

_LeighHammond Nice chilled evening last night with a take-away and Lethal Weapon 2 http://t.co/8uKchWMz

Doreathaqwa Lethal Weapon 2 [HD DVD]: Riggs wows the pretties of a hotel spa before getting to Getz. Murtaugh receives bad b... http://t.co/IeprtDrb


if you had diplomatic immunity like on lethal weapon 2 could you get into area 51? by MAN!!!! Q:

A: no laws apply to area 51.

Does the lethal weapon 2 directors cut, cut stuff out like violence or swearing? by Q:

Is there any where I can watch Lethal Weapon 1 and 2 online legally for free? by Welshman Aussie Q: Hello I am a movie watcher and would like to watch Lethal Weapon 1 and 2 online for free. However I am no thief and will only do it if there is a legal link. Don't direct me to sites which will then again direct me to illegal content. I have a Netflix account, I rent and buy movies and will not illegally watch a movie. Please just give me a link right to the stream, completely free and legal. I completely understand if it can not be done or if there are no legal links. Thanks, WelshmanAussie. Thanks Boss but I believe the site you directed me to is legal but then directs me to an illegal site to watch the movie. I am not sure though.

A: here u go there all here for free http://www.watch-movies-links.net/s/lethal_weapon.html enjoy Aussie. Man dont worry about it every one uses them i have been for years.

Poo;) Gary Busey death scene in Lethal Weapon or Gary Busey death scene in Predator 2? by drape_sylvan Q: BQ Or Gary Busey death scene in Point Break?

A: Gary Busey died in Underseige . I think in a submarine blown up from a rocket

what and where is the nude scen in lethal weapon 2? by Drummer Q: i want to not see it, i want to be ready to skip it, watching it with the family gets unconfortable.

A: It's when he takes Patsy Kensit to his caravan on the beach for a meal and they end up getting it on. I'm not exactly sure but it's about 1 hour and five or so minutes into the film. It's not quite at the end but it's toward the last part as the bad guys end up getting both her and Mel Gibson. I think when you watch the movie you'll sort of know when its gonna happen.

Lethal Weapon 2 ending music? by malone Q: You know at the end of Lethal Weapon 2 where they think Riggs is gonna die, and 'knockin on heavens door' comes on? Well who sings that version of it?

A: Hi malone, the song is performed by Randy Crawford Prashant Hirapara

Who remembers the laughably idiotic depiction of apartheid era whites in 'Lethal Weapon 2'? by Brad M Q: Saw that in Hillbrow in '89. Movies had just been integrated, and it was ironically the first flick I saw with black people in the theater. Of all the anti-apartheid movies, this had to be the most idiotic. I had a black dude sitting behind me, and he couldn't stop laughing, along with the rest of the mixed audience. Made me realise how American Indians must have felt sitting through all those early Westerns. glynis18 - I agree. People's dislike of South Africans because of our supposed prejudice, display their own prejudice with that one-dimensional attitude.

A: Ooh I haven't seen it, not really into Lethal Weapon, but I might take it out this weekend, just for a laugh! Also wanted to add: People have such a limited view of what South Africans are like. For example, that song "I've never met a nice South African" by Spitting Image. People who I have met, who have met other South Africans, can't believe that I am South African. They say that my accent is more "British" -whatever that means! They meet the South Africans who give us all a bad name, and therefore base their opinion on that!

What was the name of the bad guy from Lethal Weapon 2? by jumbodness Q:

A: Arjen Rudd was the name of the South African diplomat and head of the consulate; Pieter Vorstedt was the name of his enforcer. Played by Joss Ackland and Derrick Oconnor, respectively.

why does that guy call mel gibson a cappa lover in lethal weapon 2? by yoabbz! Q: when their in the house with stilts, they encounter the the old bald white dude from south africa and he tells them that he has diplomatic immunity then calls mel gibson's character (riggs) a cappa lover, what does cappa even mean?

A: That's not the proper word. In the South African language, the "K" word is the equivalent of our "N" word.

What kind of martial arts does the Nazi Aryan guy from lethal weapon 2 use? by ♪Matic♪ Q: AT the end when mel gibson is fighting him...he does some weird tornado kick it looks like tae kwon doe but he uses his fists too I think I doubt it's karate

A: It is the same martial art seen in all movies. It was created for the movies to look like martial art. It is called theatrical fighting, meaning it is done as theater. It is a discipline too, and requires practice and strength to perform safely, but in no other way does it resemble martial art. Sorry, it is just "for show". J

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