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Leap day

Leap Day baby arrives on mom's Leap Year birthday
By Melissa Jenco TribLocal reporter Yesterday at 6:16 pm Erica Lynn Austin (mother) born on Leap Day on Feb. 29 1988, gave birth to her daughter Arielle Lynn Blanchard today, Leap Day 2012. The two are pictured with the father, Aaron Blanchard, ...

Stocks Finish Leap Day Lower on Bernanke Comments
By Andrea Tse 02/29/12 - 04:20 PM EST NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- The major US stock indices finished the last day of the month in the red Wednesday after a more hawkish testimony from Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke sapped earlier market momentum.

Leap day babies make parents pick which day to celebrate
Virginie Beauvoir of Asbury Park gave birth to a baby girl, Taheisha, at 12:36 am on leap day. / DOUG HOOD/ASBURY PARK PRESS Long Branch, NJ - Virginie Beauvoir of Asbury Park gave birth to a baby girl, not yet named, at 12:36am on leap day.

Leap day splits twins' 21st birthdays
Nick gets to celebrate his 21st birthday a full day before his younger brother this leap year. (AP Photo, Idaho Statesman, Darin Oswald) The Associated Press BOISE, Idaho — Adam Filicetti might have a unique job today — designated driver for his twin ...

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Abii808 Happy BirtHday to those who got lucky not to be born a day early in a leap year (Feb 29) ...

kimallysa11 RT @greysonchance: Leap Day is such a random holiday. But I guess I should be kind and say...#HappyLeapDay

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missk8eg @BigGayEd leap day is over. Let the stories commence...

Josephineprasti RT @greysonchance: Leap Day is such a random holiday. But I guess I should be kind and say...#HappyLeapDay

Matt_Gilmore #Disneypocolypse2012 RT @dhudge One does not simply walk into Disneyland on Leap Day...

TeddyNAmy0 Disneyland Stays Open 24 Hours for Leap Day | NBC Los Angeles http://t.co/y6JTCUwP via @NBCLA wish I was der

disneybear40 I'm at One More Disney Day Leap Day 2012 (3111 N World Dr, Magic Kingdom Park, Bay Lake) w/ 31 others http://t.co/F8J1wufT

MgaPuddle Leap Day http://t.co/acsHaiW1

davidereppucci We're leaping for Leap Day (headless and armless) http://t.co/sjuJdriJ

hella_brittney My leap day tweeting seriously was slackin. But yeah. #OhWell

NewYorkHabitat Great! RT @EuroTravelogue: In Paris love it! For Leap Day Only, A Rare Newspaper Goes To Print http://t.co/hd8MW1Ad

HilloryTuitt http://t.co/Vuj1rPev Leap Day


So did the ending of the leap day episode of 30 Rock scare the SHIT out of anybody else? by Q: 30 Rock: Season 6, episode 9. Use caution. the asterisked word, by the way, is synonymous with poo.

Is Febuary 29th the only leap day? by Q: Is everyone thats born on that day born on a leap day?

A: Obviously.

When is the 170th day in a leap year? by Q: The 170th day in a leap year, when is it?

A: June 18th. .

If a person is born on leap year day, what day do they celebrate their birthday next year.? by mybmanbri57 Q: There's 365days and a 1/4...what do you do if your born on leap year day?

A: I have a friend who celebrates his birthday on February 28th, yet I heard of someone else who celebrates on March 1st. I think it depends on your preference! Hope I helped! :)

When do those born on the extra Leap Year day celebrate their birthdays 3 out of 4 years? by Courier New Q: On the years without a Febuary 29th, do they celebrate on Febuary 28th or March 1st?

A: Normally they celebrate their birthday on February 28th..

what countries have leap day on the 24th of February? by Al H Q: i heard that in some countries have leap day on the 24th instead of the 29th

A: i assume that all countries that follow the gregorian calendar have leap day on the 29th. Some countries don't follow the gregorian calendar, and so they don't even have february, usually. There is in fact more than one calendar.

Ok, what scientific discovery was announced on Leap Day (February 29), and in what year? by Silo Q: This (and other questions regarding February 29) are floating around for a contest. This seems to be the toughest one. Anyone have any ideas or sources as to what the answer could be? Gracias!

A: On February 29, 2000, one of the biggest scientific discoveries concerning one of the smallest bits of information, the human genetic code was announce. A new book, Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters, explains how mapping out our human DNA could change everything from medicine and politics to what it means to be human.

Who has a birthday on February 29? (leap day) How does that work? by cleveland4ever Q: Do you say you are 5 when you are really 20 or what? I'm just curious!

A: hello i have a birth day on February 29Th it is not all the that bad some times i joke around saying that im only like 6 but i really celebrate my birth day on February 28 and that's how it works for me some people might do it different thanks nick

How does a person celebrates his/her birthday which fall on February 29 which is a leap-year day every 4 years? by [email protected]_acc Q: If a person is born on Feb 29, when or how the person celebrates his/her birthday in a common year which only have 28 days in February? For me, i think probably the person celebrates it on march 1? who knows?

A: March 1 or Feb 28, but a biiiiig party every four years on Feb 29 I should know, apparently I am still 9 8)) And my kids are older than me, so they keep telling me now.

What scientific discovery was announced on Leap Day? And in what year? by sarah t Q:

A: Here is a link with a list .Have fun

How do people celebrate their annual birthday, if they were born on a leap day? by Q:

A: Most celebrate it on the 28th or 1st of march, or the nearest weekend. if you wanna have fun you can say you're literal age, so if you're 16 you could say you're 4 bc you've only had 4 bdays. but just celebrate it around that time in February

Whats a good name for a cereal box based on Leap Day? And send info about leap day? by Q: I need it ASAP for a project and whoever gets the best title will get five points. Thanks!!!

what happens if you are born on that extra day on a leap year? by Q: on leap years, that extra day on february, what hapens if u are born then? when do u celebrate your birthday?

A: hell yeah!! they celebrate their B'day every 4 years

Question about the leap year and adding 1 day to February? by Q: As we can see, 1 day is not exactly 24 hours, it's 23 hours 56 mins approximately. So my question is why do we add 1 day to february (Feb 29) after 4 years when it's actually less than 24 hours per day...And according to my calculation, if this continues for approx 200 years then a major adjustment is necessary....I searched wikipedia but cant really understand the thing. Can anyone explain this leap year thing to me in detail, would be very grateful. Thankyou.

A: A year isn't exactly 365 days long. It's 365.25 days long. So by counting off a year every 365 days, we fall behing 1/4 of a day each year. After four years, we're a full day behind, so we add that day into February. Actually, the year isn't exactly 365.25 days long. It's more like 365.24, so we don't add a day to years that end in 00 (1900, 2000, 2100, etc.). And that's not exact, either, so we also DO add the day to the 100s that are also divisible by 400 (1600, 2000, 2400, etc.) And so on.

What do schools do with kids who are born on leap day? by sweetperson101 Q: I think they go by regular years but i'm not sure. And what happens with medical records and when they have to bubble in their birthday? Stuff like that

A: Depends on the country. Some countries say that a leapling (someone born feb 29th) officially ages on 28th of February when not in a leap year as it is the last day of the month they were born in while others say the baby officially ages on 1st of March as this is the day after 28th Feb which is always the day before their birthday, leap year or not. D.O.B. will always be recorded 29 February YYYY though

How do people born on Leap Day/Year celebrate their birthdays? by freakknastyy Q: If you're born on Feb 29th, how do u celebrate it? On the 28th, or March 1st? Do u feel like u were cheated out of a normal birthday?

A: You can pick either one. Some people just go 365 days from the last time they celebrated. Your birthday never changes but the day you celebrate can be any time you want. Same thing if you're born on a holiday. editing - as the young lady below me suggests - the day you ceelebrate is a personal decision. Pick a weekend if you want. It's your party!

I want to do something special for Leap Day? 10 points for good idea? by Q: It is an extra day in the year! And I want to do something special to make it worth while. Only thing is, my dad and brother are going to be out tonight, so me and my mom are stuck in the house. (We don't want to go out in the rain, because we just waxed our new car down). Can you think of something fun for us to do, so we don't waste this extra day? Thanks. :0)

If Someone Was Born In Leap Day Do They Live Longer Than Us? by Devi Q: My head just keeps asking questions and sorry about that-I'll probably smash my head by now!

A: No, it just means they technically have a birthday once every four years. It doesn't do anything biologically.

If you was born on Leap Year day do you like to be born on that day or not? by Q: Everybody thinks that leap year day is stupid because my birthday only comes every 4 years!

A: Leap year isn't stupid, it's just that in my opinion it kind of does suck to have your birthday come every four years. Sometimes friends don't quite remember if that specific year is a leap year, and its going to make a person feel terrible if they are asked when their birthday is by their own friends. And sometimes it can get confusing.

If your birthday is on leap day, when do you actually celebrate it when it is not leap year? by Maestro Q: I'm just curious. I would guess you would celebrate it February 28th or March 1st, but maybe not.

A: That's funny but I would guess the 28

Anybody else thinks they are going to have their baby on the "leap day"? by Anna Q: I am 38 weeks and have been feeling like the labour is really close. I was wondering if anybody else is due or thinks/will have their baby on February 29th this leap year.

A: I am two days over due and, at the point, would LOVE to have my baby on leap day!

Why did people say random things about Obama when I asked a question about leap day? by Q: wtf. and then one dude accused me of being a "lib" and another dude accused me of being a "con". i dont get it.

I want to do something special for Leap Day? by Q: It is an extra day in the year! And I want to do something special to make it worth while. Only thing is, my dad and brother are going to be out tonight, so me and my mom are stuck in the house. (We don't want to go out in the rain, because we just waxed our new car down). Can you think of something fun for us to do, so we don't waste this extra day? Thanks. :0)

Today is LEAP day, How many of you have a birthday today? by Dove4ever Q: And do you celaberate your birthday on the 28 th for the next 4 years?

A: Leap year is very special today, at 6:30 am this morning My Great-Grandson came into the world in a hurry, His Daddy delivered him at home, so for the next 4 yrs we will celebrate on the 28th.

How do people celebrate their birthday when it's on Leap Day - Feb. 29th? What happens the other three years? by egnilk66 Q: Do they choose a different day to celebrate or do they only do it every four years? ;)

A: a lot of people i knew do it both ways like they count there age using either the 28th or the 1st but just to joke around they count the 29th too.

Righties: Are you upset that black history month lasted one extra day this year due to leap day? by Q: It is unfortunate that the american public school system has so inadequately provided proper instructional pedagogy on african and african american historical explanation that a month had to be set aside to supplement this disservice. well anyway, ..oh and texas and tennessee are trying to take it a step further by watering down the history of slavery in america. lol..the saga continues.

A: Actually, I always loved Black History Month when my kids were in grade school. They attended a Catholic School that was 1/2 Black and 1/2 White. I always loved helping the kids select the people that they would write their reports about, and learning about Black people who had shaped our history. (By the way, I am White.) Unfortunately, slavery is a sad part of American History. Surely we can move on after 150 years! Let's all enjoy Black History Month. The extra day is a bonus!

What's the deal with frogs and leap day? by k. Q: Why is leap day associated with frogs? lol they do leap Davey, is that all there is to it?

If a man refuses a marriage proposal on a leap day does he have to pay woman money as a penalty? by Isis is holding on to a fading flower Q: if this is the case what if she proposes to complete stranger on the street? is this a good way to make money? and how much does she receive? if it's in ireland?

A: A little secret. Leap Year is a movie based in the rather backward Hollywood version of Ireland. It has no grasp on reality. In the real Ireland, 29th Feb is just a normal day, albeit one that only comes round every 4 years. We don't keep pigs in our kitchens. We have piped water and electricity. We don't hate English people.

Is leap day the result of original sin and unprotected clock sexxx? by Resident Weevil Q: Somebody has been screw ing with God's perfect calendar.

A: If you are looking at Egyptian myth.

In what year will Leap day fall on a saturday? by GuZZiZZit Q: I'm thinking its 2012, but i'm not sure.

A: No, the leap year will fall on February 2020.

How will you make your leap day memorable tomorrow? by smartypants22 Q: It only comes once every 4 years. BQ: Do you know anyone who has their birthday on February 29th?

A: Yes, I know someone born on leap year! He will be 16 tomorrow! I will go on a long walk!

How many of you ladies proposed marriage to your man today on leap day? by ohmylanta Q: So what did he say? How did you do it? Is a congratulations in order? Do you regret it?

If Someone Was Born In Leap Day-Do They Age Each Year Or Each Leap Year And Why? by Devi Q: This question came up into my mind since this leap day, if someone was born in leap day do they age each leap year or every year? Hehe, I must have asked a stupid question though!

A: They age every year just like everyone else.

if someone is born on the leap day feb 29 do they live 4 times longer than everyone else? by Q: just curious coz leap years only happen once every 4 years so they only get 1 birth day in that time.

A: no my best friend is born feb 29 1996 so she celebrate on feb 28 and mar 1 so she celebrates becasue you get older each year even if you don't have a birthday e-mail me if your confused because sometimes i can be confusing

Why do they call it leap day when we have an extra day? by c-girl Q: Leap means to pass something but in a leap year, we aren't passing anything. So, why do they call it that? Thank you!

Did Leap Day Williams rise from the sea and give candy to the children in your neighborhood this morning? by Q: It's a Leap Day miracle!

A: It's possible. But we've received over a foot of snow since last night, so I won't be able to get the candy till summer. Will it still be okay to eat? Lol

Is it true that if a woman asks her boyfriend to marry her on leap day, he can't say no? by Q: Because I think that's what i read once, and i really really want to marry him but he hasn't asked me yet, but I'm too nervous to ask him if he has the option to say no, so I should do it today if he can't say no because it's leap day. Please answer soon!

Ideas for a fun themed party at the bar on leap day? by Q: My friend is a bartender and is looking for a fun party idea for leap day that doesn't involve frogs. Any ideas?!

Has anyone here read Leap Day by Wendy Mass? by Lindsay Q: In Leap Day, there are four main characters...Josie Taylor, Katy Parker, Megan Panopolis, and Zoey...Does anyone know if Zoey's last name was given?

A: No, I have not read this book.

What can i do when i ditch school for leap day? by Q: me friends and i want to ditch school for leap day this wednsday and we want to make it cheap theres 8 going were all seniors we all have good grades so one day wont hurt!:) i just want to know what we can do that day and have some fun the whole day:) any suggestions?.

How accurate does leap day reflect the correct orbit of earth around the sun? by gismoII Q: Are we actually off 1/4 of a day by the end of February, 2009?

A: There is a leap century as well. Every 200 years, we skip a leap day, so February 28, 2000, was followed by March 1. Between the leap year every 4 years and that, the next adjustment occurs in several milennia, so don't worry about it.

For those who are born on a leap day, how do you celebrate your birthday or how does your age count? by Q: This year is a leap year, which means Feb 29. For anybody who is born on that day, they get to celebrate their birthday technically only once every 4 years. What bout the other three?

A: I'm guessing you would do it after the night of Feb 28th, technically Mar 1st,

Question about Leap Day at Disneyland? by Haley Q: I'm planning a trip to Disneyland for the 29th of Feb for the 24 hour Leap Day. I've made hotel and plane reservations already but now I'm worried that that day might sell out. I know you can purchase tickets online but it doesnt say you can buy them for a specific day. It just says "valid until December 2012". So do those tickets automatically get you in the park or can you still be turned away? Or is there a way to buy tickets specifically for that date?

A: I haven't heard if there is going to be a special ticket for that day.... you may want to call Disney customer service and ask. If not... then get there MEGA early and get into the park when the open that way you can be in and have your ticket validated for that day of entry and then you will more than likely be able to leave and re-enter when you want (remember to get your hand stamped). If they restrict entry later it will be to new entry people only, not people with a hand stamp that have been in earlier in the day (at least this is how it has worked in the past during busy holidays).

How old were you when you when you found out that Leap Day William wasn't real? by Q: http://www.hulu.com/watch/332646/30-rock-leap-day Yet everyone still celebrates Leap Day, and pretends Leap Day Williams lives in the Marianas Trench, and every four years he surfaces, to trade childrens' tears for candy.

A: The first time I heard of him/her

What if someone was born on the leap day? by i H.S.P. Q: What if someone was born on the leap day of the leap year? lol When do they celebrate their birthday?

A: They could celebrate their birthday on days close to then on normal years. But when they're eighty, they could claim they're twenty because they've only had twenty birthdays

Is anyone out there born on the leap day like me? by Lalalalaaa Q: I'm born on the leap day, and I was wondering if anyone on here was too.

A: well i was born on independence day and i know of someone who got married on 29th feb (leap day) but i dont know anyone who was born on that day. Its good for you, every 4 years, you grow older by just 1 year.

Do you do anyhting different on Leap Day? by Elmo Love You Q: Today is Leap day, the 29th of February. What do you do on Leap Day? I don't do anything different really!

Are you wearing yellow and blue today to celebrate the Leap Day miracle? by Q: Once every four years, when humanity puts aside its petty differences, and the whole world unites in celebration of the one day that doesn't really count - that's when people make real connections with other people. "Nothing that happens on Leap Day matters."

A: I'm wearing a bright yellow shirt--had to borrow from my partner b/c I usually only wear drabs--& a blue dress underneath it & my bright yellow galoshes. Boy am I a sight for sore eyes. AAMOF, with the clothes I'm wearing I could heal the blind! No where's my cigarettes I was promised?

What are the odds of being born and dying on leap day? by iloveskating Q: In "Leap Day" by Wendy Mass, Josie says the odds of being born and dying on leap day is practically astronomical. Because of this, she knows she can rest easy and not worry about dying on February 29th. Is it astronomical or are the odds just really really low of both being born AND dying on leap day?

A: Previous events have no effect on the odds of future events. The odds of someone, in the future, playing two lottery games with 1-in-1,000 odds, and winning both, is 1-in-1,000,000. However, once the person wins the first lottery, the odds of then winning both is 1-in-1,000, just like anyone else. If you flip a coin and it comes up "heads" 100 times in a row, it's still 50-50 that the next flip will be "tails", despite the emotional response of "it's due". (This ignores the possibility that the coin isn't balanced, and is weighted to come up heads most of the time.) Just because someone is born on February 29 doesn't make the odds that they will die on February 29 any different than anyone else, regardless of their birthday. - kb -

: is the extra leap day that falls on a school day compensated with another vacation day? by Mande Q: : is the extra leap day that falls on a school day compensated with another vacation day?

A: Nope. Lucky you; you get another day of education.

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