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Le mans

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mile2424 @Hublot I would love to see a 24 hrs of Le Mans partnership!!! Take over the motorsports world! Minus NASCAR that is :)

80nono80 RT @Corsica_Nutizie: Voici les premiers résultats de cette 14ème journée : AS Monaco 2-2 Le Mans / US Boulogne 0-1 FC Metz / Stade de Reims 2-1 FC Istres.

Platdupied_com Résumé vidéo Monaco – Le Mans (05.11.2011, 14ème journée de Ligue 2) http://t.co/K7X0XcRk

kissshell @LiLiyaah Le Mans.a côté du paris.et toi???

talkJuliWilki Le Mans Classic – Group 5 – Incredible Sound | Luxury Cars http://t.co/WYOGkajm

Vibrationradio Basket-ball : Le Mans domine Dijon http://t.co/vrrQTjHf

tubaki430 今後は予定のオーバル鯖を変更して、ESクラス混合のIntercontinental Le Mans Tourなる各ル・マンシリーズが行われるサーキットを回る鯖を運営すべく準備していきたいと思います。

kaien1977 プライベート レース Le Mans Old Mulsanne - Forza Motorsport 4 (575/1000 | 38/48) #XboxInfoTwit

actu_des_sports Nouveau post: Foot - L2 - Monaco - Le Mans : 2 http://t.co/EDkQsjwz

sports_ouest Ligue 2. Monaco prive Le Mans d'une précieuse victoire http://t.co/ZNIay7qW #sports

oldcarmagazines SMALL CAR MAGAZINE JUNE 1964 LE MANS PORSCHE SC+++ http://t.co/F1G81Kp1

BrianTaylor42 Why vote to skip the excellent Le Mans circuit, and then race the horrible Maple Valley? #Forza3 #Idiots

SweetFmRadio Football, la rencontre entre le Mans FC et l'AS Monaco s'est soldée par un nul, malgré un beau match des deux côtés.... http://t.co/WkcyLQD3

jason_debord Fox News: "Steve McQueen's 'Le Mans' Suit Being Auctioned" - http://t.co/mZkzhCLW

topfrancesex7 Rencontre en France: manss976 21 ans Le Mans


Does anyone know if you are allowed to take mini motos/pit bikes to Le Mans to get around in the campsite etc? by Tom H Q: I've heard of people taking mini motos or pit bikes to le mans but am not sure if you are actually allowed. has anyone done this or knows the answer?? thanks

A: If you are of age, and have a UK License for a moped, then you can.

who was the manufacturer of the winning car in the first Grand Prix, held in Le Mans, France? by Shano Q: who was the manufacturer of the winning car in the first Grand Prix, held in Le Mans, France?


Where can I find a replacement door / trunk key for 1974 Pontiac Le Mans? by Chris H Q: I just bought a 1974 Pontiac Le Mans, and it came with one original looking square key. This key turns the ignition, but doesn't work for the doors, trunk, or gas cap. My current tactic is trying to have a locksmith make a key from the lock on the glove box, but this may be time consuming. Any better ideas?

A: Making a key from the glove box will get you just that: a key to the glove box. That lock only has 4 of the 6 tumblers necessary for a complete key. The locksmith must them do a progression to figure out the other two tumblers and must have the car or one of the other locks to do it. The procedure is actually the faster (and cheaper) way to make a GM secondary key vs pulling/disassembling a door or trunk lock. Key codes are not available by VIN that far back.

What type of profession is racing in the American Le Mans Series? by Travis Ryan Q: i hate nascar-the american le mans series style "flat track" or "circuit track" racing is what id love to do. but what job/profession is that? whats it called? no i dont mean indy racing with F1 cars. for people who dont know what the le mans is: refer to the video game need for speed shift for the type of racing im talking about.*

A: The profession is auto racing, whether it's NASCAR, Indy, F1, drag or whatever.

How do i start a 24h Le Mans race in Gran Turismo 5? by Morten S Q: I can't find anywhere, where i can find the 24h Le Mans race. Please help me. Thanks

A: Message me I will walk you through it.

where to watch this years running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans? by matty Q: So i've moved since last year's race and now i just have basic cable. Will any cable station be airing the 24 hours of Le Mans this year? If not, are there any websites that will be streaming live footage of the race? I cant miss this year's race. Some one help me out!

A: If you are an American, Speed Channel will have most of it, like 19 hours or something like that. Radio Le Mans in the internet will stream it, but it's just audio.

How to change a 1989 Pontiac Le Mans Fuel Pressure Regulator? by matt Q: My grandfather has a 89 Pontiac le mans 1.6L 4 calender that the fuel pressure regulator went out. He doesn't know how to change it or me. How do you change it and if you do will small parts fly all over the place? Can you all give me a web site that will help too if you can?


Why in le mans racing do they race 2 different class of vehicles simultaneously? by hieishin88 Q: Why in le mans racing do they race 2 different class of vehicles simultaneously? They have the cars that are street legal and they have the lemans cars which blow the doors off the street drivable model cars. why do they do this?

A: First off, there are currently more than two classes, and none of the cars are street legal - all cars are dedicated, designed, and built race cars. The reason they run multiple classes can probably be summed up as "that's just how it's done in sports car racing." Though aside from that's how it's been done historically, most of the reasons that led to it happening originally are still applicable today. First, as has been mentioned, is that endurance racing is a long event. Even 3 or 4 hour events would be two long to stage four or more seperate races. And even if there were time, how to promote and sell tickets and sponsorships for each of those races in order to cover the costs of carrying out the races. For races that take place on closed off public roads (as Le Mans), this would also mean a few extra days of road closures (if not more). Second, there is filling out the field, and closely connected to that would be the third, keeping manufacturers interests in mind. Be it privateer or factory backed efforts, if you look at some classes, you'll find them to have very few entries... sometimes a classes that are going away or soon to be done away with for various reasons, you'll find only one team entered (imagine the excitement of watching a 24 hour race between two teammates and no one else even on track). Most often though, there is a few competitive cars in each class - enough to keep a class interesting, but not enough to provide a full field to fill a race track (let alone a long track such as La Sarthe. Which leads into that third point... the shape and nature of sports car racing is often defined by the manufacturers involved - either through their factory efforts or by the cars they are selling to private teams. In either case, they have a major stake in the large races, and success in such a race (of which Le Mans is definitely one of the biggest) translates directly into money. Early on, if an overall win was the only way to achieve success, then companies that did not make cars with 5 or 6 litre engines would have had no reason to invest money in developing cars to race there. But in having multiple classes, there were still ways to be successful against something similar. This remains a major issue today.

What is the difference between Le Mans and Grand Prix racing? by joesixpack38 Q: Some events are grand prix some are le mans, whats the difference and whats the origin of the words?

A: . 22 hours. An F1 race is run over a maximum period of 2 hours. Le Mans was originally a race in France held over a 24 hour period. Effectively F1 is a sprint, whereas Le Mans is an endurance event. EDIT: nice one Jenk, very thorough. @Jeff Gordon's Gay "LeMons"? Maybe you should learn to spell or you'll look like a right Mons Pubis!! :) .

Would dual balck Le Mans stripes down the middle of my Mustang look good or would it be to cliche or corny? by sportsrevolutionary Q: I have a 1999 Mustang V6. It's white and i was wondering if two black Le Mans stripes down the middle of it would look good or not? Anyone help?

A: They'll give it the Shelby look and be great!. you should get some wheels to go with them...

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