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Larry the cable guy

Larry The Cable Guy Sponsors Terry McCarl
McCarl recently inked a three year deal with Larry the Cable Guy's 'Lord I Apologize Barbeque Sauce.' It's a deal he'd been working on for eight months and he's excited to finally be partnering with the famous face. "[He's a] great guy to be associated ...

Larry the Cable Guy Gits-R-Done at the Dixon May Fair
Larry and Cable guy and Reno Collier performed a stand-up comedy show Saturday night at the Dixon May Fair. By Mitchell Reber Outfitted in his signature sleeveless flannel shirt and camouflage hunting hat, Larry the Cable Guy charmed a large Dixon May ...

Larry Cable Guy does hip thing, helps open Orlando Ortho Center
Blue-collar TV personality and comedian Larry the Cable Guy (whose real name is Dan Whitney) kicked off the opening of Orlando Health's new Wyatt Whitney Hip & Orthopedic Institute Tuesday. The comedian donated $5 million through his Git-R-Done ...

Sauk Rapids company's passion for hamburgers leads to Larry the Cable Guy ...
For the past month, Huisken has been the exclusive producer of Larry the Cable Guy Classic American Burgers. Each package includes six 1/3-pound Angus burgers, one line plain and another mixed with Vidalia onions. “It's the first time we've licensed ...

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sreisin How does Larry the cable guy get a roast? He dresses like a lesbian looks nothing like a cable guy and his accent is fake.

BuyNYTickets #NewYork @Tickifieds Cheap Larry The Cable Guy Tickets - Seneca Niagara - Events Center - 8/18... http://t.co/cjAar3Or #tickets #forsale

NOTW_Noe Roast of Larry the Cable Guy >>

_captaintoby Why am I watching Larry the cable guy roast??? Becuase I'm gonna GIT ER DUN!! lol

ZGAComedy @Stanley_Pain #RidiculousRemake #MarvelUniverse Larry the Cable Guy as Ben Grimm, the Thing

Hockeyplyr_21 We've got Larry the Cable Guy and Gary the Unstable Guy! Hahah

MollyFcknRose Watching The Roast Of Larry The Cable Guy >.<

LandonSmith23 RT @sdbasketball: @D_Love_PC nope, I'm watching the roast of Larry the cable guy lol

SweetrThanUrAvg I love Larry the Cable Guy

toothfairycyber RT @HowardMatt: See how you could partner with Larry the Cable Guy & America’s ToothFairy program to raise child dental care awareness http://t.co/j326fujc

That_1_tall_kid Roast of Larry the cable guy!

DollyCalifornia watching the @ComedyCentral Roast of Larry the Cable Guy - my DVR is full of CC shows, roasts, commercials, whatever they have to offer <3

SoCal_AllDay Larry "the cable guy" makes $250,000 a night.

Carli_Darleen Watching the Roast of Larry the Cable Guy xD #TheyreSoMean #IAlmostFeelBadForLaughing #Almost

xlbevfestlx larry the cable guy is worth 50 million dollars. now you can reevaluate your life


Why isn't Gran Torino and Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector on the itunes store? by Q: I was wondering why these movies weren't on the iTunes store yet. I love both of them and wish they were. If anyone knows why they arn't please help.

A: I don't know why they're not there now...but I am POSITIVE I saw Gran Torino on iTunes a couple of weeks ago because I was going to rent it. They may have just taken it down for a while(I don't know why, but they do that.) because I wanted to buy a movie last year and when I finally went to buy it, they had taken it down from the American site. I requested it, and they put it back up. As for Larry the Cable Guy, I don't know....You should request for them both to be put up.

If the Tea Party removes Weepy Boehner from Speaker, will they replace him with Larry the Cable Guy? by Q: Someone who thinks more along their lines?

A: Maybe that dude can get some stuff done bro.

If you found out that Larry the Cable Guy and Michele Bachmann were your biological parents, what would be? by TOUCH MY PIGTAILS AND DIE! Q: your initial reaction?


Does Michelle Obama wear sleeveless dresses because she is a big Larry the Cable Guy fan? by Turd Ferguson Q: Just wondering.

A: LOL..he's been retained as First lady fashion advisor.

What is the thing that Larry the Cable Guy wears on his hat? by Jeff B Q: I have seen photos of Larry the Cable Guy, and various other rednecks, that show a wire clip or hook of some kind attached to the bill of a cap. What is it? Where can I get one?

A: it is a fishing lure, that is where you can keep them if you want to. there or in a tackle box.

Who annoys you more Rebecca Black Or Larry The Cable Guy? by Q: Both of those twits are equally annoying to me because neither of them are talented but think they are. What's you opinion? Pick one or both and say why you find them annoying. I don't want to see either of their fans defending them. This poll is for people who are NOT fans only. People repeating their catchphrases or defending them will be reported for not answering the question Follow the rules no defending these two dips.Neither of them are *GREAT* both have terrible grammar

A: Larry the Cable Guy, he's not that funny

Did Al Davis make a mistake naming Larry the Cable Guy as Raiders head coach? by Sergeant Vince Carter, USMC Q: A curious choice, don't you think? Don't you think it would have been better to name someone other than a redneck comedian as head coach? Like Art Shell, maybe?

A: Time to disconnect Cable.

Are there many scenes of girls having diarrhea in Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector? by Q: i saw one on youtube... wonder if there are actually more, cus i heard the movie got a REALLY low rating?

A: no

would larry the cable guy be a good running mate for sarah? by Q: they seem to be on the same page. oh i forgot, dems are afraid of her right? do feeble minded tea baggers really believe that? she would be the easiest to defeat. love and peace

A: How about Joe the Plumber ? I am sure he can incite violence as well as Sarah. A lot of nut cases listen to Sarah and one of these days she may get her sick wish ! She was on Fox today and had her usual; lies to try and incite violence in this country. She once again said Obama pals around with terrorist. I believe her and her ilk would love for some nut case to do serious harm or worse to Obama. These people are the biggest threat to this country. Disagree with Obama all you want, but don't extend indirect invitations to nut cases to take action that can result in tragedy ! That is not only SINFUL, it is UNAMERICAN

How does Larry the Cable Guy still have a job? by ipster2003 Q: How does Larry the Cable Guy still have a job? He's not funny, he's fat, ugly and retarded and yet he makes millions of dollars....

A: thats an awesome question lol... that stupid saying of his "get er done" was funny one time and now its just annoying bc its allhe has to go by bc he isnt funny!

Anyone else think the Larry the cable guy roast was weak? by nic b Q: Seriously, can't they get actual funny comedians to roast people on comedy central? Marsha Brady? For fuck sakes. She didn't even write her own material, probally half or more of them didn't. It's pathetic. Norm McDonald on Bob Sagets roast was the best thing ever.

A: Actually I was surprised by how many times I laughed. They really pushed the limits "the black guy only showed up because he was promised free fried chicken and white bitches" Like any comedy show the majority of the jokes especially the ones by the non-comedians are scripted. Larry even mentioned rehearsal

Why does larry the cable guy fake his southern accent? by Brandon Q: He was born in nebraska and you can tell he fakes it because he does it too strong, and why does he wear a confederate flag hat when nebraska wasnt even a state during the civil war?

A: Because he is British.

Nike has, "Just Do It." Larry the Cable Guy has, "Git-R-Done!" What is your life motto? by Lindsey Q: Make your answer funny and amusing, be creative!

A: Get the hell off my lawn!

Is any one else going to be doing stand up with larry the cable guy in his tour now? by ? Q: like is there going to be a opening before him? im going to see in this sunday and i did not know if it would just be him.

A: Sometimes I pee my pants when I get an adrenalin rush.

Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy Season 1, Ep. 2 "Larry Goes to the Swamp"? by Q: I want to watch Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy Season 1, Ep. 2 "Larry Goes to the Swamp" but I cant find anywhere to watch it. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!! It seems like a really cool show, yet I only saw some of it on TV but can't find it anywhere else. Thanks.

A: i dont think www.history.com has it but i found a torrent 4 it http://torrents.thepiratebay.org/6181233/Only.in.America.S01E02.REPACK.HDTV.XviD-CRiMSON.6181233.TPB.torrent good luck

What time is that Larry the Cable Guy christmas special on tomorrow? by defyinggravitychick! Q:

A: ***Larry the Cable Guy X-mas Special is on the CMT channel at 8pm CST/9pm EST, Friday night, November 21st.

do yu have to be 18 to see Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy? by Q: for christmas im thinking of getting tickets to their show for my boyfriend, but were under 18? since they have sexual jokes and stuff i was wondering if you have to be a certain age to go see them? please help.

A: It depends on the venue booking. Some are not age restricted, some are 16+, 18+ and even 21+ as it depends on the location and their rules. For example one comedy club might be any while another may be high as 21. Find when they are coming and look up the club, arena, etc they are performing at to be exact or even look them up on ticketmaster.com for age requirements if they apply. Far as a set age there is not at 6 years old you can attend a explicit rap concert depending on the venue's rules. Hope this makes sense.

Who is the babe on Jay Leno when Larry the Cable Guy does his Home Depot joke? by wrkey Q: Just google "Larry Cable Guy Home Depot" and you'll find the clip. Very funny. But I want to know who the babe is that is sitting next to him. Here's a link to the video: http://www.guzer.com/videos/larry_home_depot.php

A: That's Cate Blanchett

What was the song in Larry the cable guy: health inspector when Larry was dreaming? by Starzrule Q: It was an 80's song.

A: Turn Me Loose - by Loverboy i just saw the movie 5 min ago i love it

Are Black People as embarassed about Flavor Flav as White People are of Larry the Cable Guy? by bufalini05 Q: Saw Flavor Flav on Conan. He just seems like a modern day minstrel show, a walking joke on the black community. He can't rap (never could), he can't talk, he is just a clown.

A: Your question is interesting because it presents the issue of one being a symbol or responsible for the entire race. I honestly believe that this is an African American phenomenon, in general White Americans do not feel that the actions of one person reflect on their entire race. However, most African Americans do feel that, and understand that there is some validity in that understanding. So, and an African American, yes I am embarrassed, but it is not because I think he represents me, it's because I understand that others will think he represents me.

Would Larry the Cable Guy make a better President than Prince Barry? by Q: I think he could git er done! All Barry does is make more strife and more debt! Were are the jobs Oh great Prince Barry!

A: Maybe for someone that finds Larry the Cable Guy intelligent and worthy of representing the United States to the rest of the world. Personally, I find him pretty dumb and not to worthy of representing me to the world. Maybe he can represent you and your trailer park. I am rather partial to Obama. Thanks. . .

What would your rection be if larry the cable guy was to be the guest host for monday night raw? by Q:

A: that would be funny

Do you think larry the cable guy is a sellout? by lewisgreg981 Q: Show's, Commercials, Disney movies. Or is he just doing his thing trying to rack up some cash?

A: He is Hilarious. I was mader then a Midget with a Yo-yo I was madder then an albino hitch hiken in a snow storm I was madder then a mute playing bingo

What is the name of the new Larry the Cable Guy show that is coming on Comedy Central early in 2009? by deesa72 Q: I think it is coming on in February or March. And if you know when it is coming on that will help too LOL sorry

A: March 15 on Comedy Central they will be roasting him i saw a commertial for it last night but dont remember the name of it i hope when the roast him they “Git-HIM-Done”

Why do people think Larry the Cable Guy is funny? by Kyle Q: Anyone who is proud of being stupid should probably be assassinated.


What is your opinion on Larry The Cable Guy? by Mr Winky Q: Do you find him funny? I have to admit watching him do stand up on Comedy Central was pretty painful because of how flat his jokes fell.

A: He's not as good as some of the comedians that I have seen and heard, but he'll do okay. :-) \\// //\\

How do you feel about Larry the Cable Guy? by Q: BQ: Who is the most annoying actor/actress you can think of? (Gilbert Gottfried)

A: He gets on my nerves. His jokes are funny the first time, not so much the 100th time. Kristen Stewart. Does she have to sigh like that all of the time? ETA: I totally agree with MT about Ron White.

What institute of higher education did Larry the Cable Guy attend? by Q:

A: He did not attend college.

What's the difference between Mitt Romney and Larry the Cable Guy? by Q:

A: Mitt puts his right shoe on first and left second while Larry put his left shoe on first and his right shoe second.

Where is Larry the cable guy from and what is his real accent? by Q: I heard his redneck accent isn't real and that he's not from the south

A: I will give you a real answer: He grew up on a pig farm in Pawnee City, Nebraska. Hardly the south and picked up the accent in college from his roommates who came from Georgia.

Who else is tired of larry the cable guy? by Q: When I knew nothing about him and first saw him he seemed funny and I liked him. Now I cringe in horror when I accidently stop on his show while changing channels. I don't want to hear any of it. Making fun of people who can't help themselves is not funny and not cool. That is what I realized he is doing. I don't like him anymore and don't watch the shows. He's just stupid, pointless and makes no sense. He goes on and on about nothing. I can't watch it. Its a waste of time.

A: Well this is America - In my opinion, the most SCREWED UP country socially and educationally. I hate America with a passion because everyone can only have fun at other people's expense. Everyone is sick pretty much because of how low our normalities have been conformed to. I agree with you :\ I like talking about things like this 'debatable' and so anyone who else does can feel free to text me about it if you want. I'm only 16. 541 580 7290 - David

What do you dress up as, for Halloween, when your husband is going as Larry the Cable Guy? by jeniffer h Q: I'm having a hard time coming up with an idea for a costume. We are going to a costume party as a couple but my husband has chosen a very difficult personality to accompany. Anybody have an idea for me?

A: You should go as Jeff Foxworth or Ron White.

Only in american with larry the cable guy? by Q: I'm a fan of the show. I like it and I think its really funny and you learn some new things. However, I don't like how in tonight's episode they are doing a segment on the hell's angels. It's criminal organization that is involved with assault, drugs, and weapon trafficking. And I think putting them on a tv show like this one only encourages their actions and it gives out a bad message. What do you guys think?

A: Show is ok i watched some, Larry is kinda dumb and its all an act

What college football team does Larry the Cable Guy like? by runtoyou Q: just wondering. and no comments about him not being funny. if you can't say anything nice or relevant to the question, don't even answer.

A: Nebraska...true story. He's a MAJOR Husker fan

Who thinks Larry the Cable Guy is funny? by Jack is Lord Q: I'm watching him on Comedy Central right now, never saw him before, I have tears rolling down my cheeks! This guy is hysterical, and I avoided him for years.

A: He's hilarious :)

How many more times do i have to listen to the Larry the Cable guy Christmas cd? by Fuzzybutt Q: Before i go postal and smash the player to bits (i think im on the 23rd playing and just about had enough)

A: Just do it, they're not going to stop.

how much did larry the cable guy win on are you smarter than a fifth grader? by Q: i watched some of the show tonight but i didn't get to finish ia does anyone know?

A: He dropped out with $300,000

Why is Larry the Cable Guy on the history channel? by Q: I haven't watched tv in a while, but today I saw a commercial for this hillbilly on that network... Needless to say I felt like killing someone.

A: There's lots of non realated history shows on there and most of them are just stupid

How did the Americans deteriorate English from Shakespearean English to Larry the Cable Guy English? by anonymous asker Q: Was it from all that smoking, overeating, and shopping at Wal-Mart?

A: What can I say but "Git r done"

What does Larry the cable guy mean when he says he is a "jerk off the old block"? by Father Goose Q: Well, you gotta love the cable guy but sometimes his humor is a little off collar. Larry the cable guy reminds me of these uneducated blue collar contractors working on my house (he seems like he has the same IQ...hmm 75?). Anyway, what does this neanderthal mean when he says that he is a "jerk off of the old block"?

A: Larry is sooo hott. JB

is larry the cable guy in a secret cult or societies? by Q: i was watching the roast of larry the cable guy lastnight and this one girl said "larry, respect is what u traded in when u made that deal with satan." i was wondering if he was satanism or something.

A: yes

What kind of underwear do you think Larry the Cable Guy wears? by bgnteen Q: In his show on History Channel, Larry wears tighty-whities. However, on one site, some people say he goes commando. What do you think? I think he wears boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs.

A: SpongeBob boxers with skidmarks.

What's the deal with these white comedians(Larry the Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy)I mean they stink? by Sara Swati Q: They can't free stlye at all, if there's no script, they just aren't funny, in fact, even with a script they aren't funny especially Larry the Cable Guy, the only thing funny about him is that he actually got famous

A: Maybe it's because they are only funny to poorly educated white trash imbeciles. They're the white equivalent of D.L hughley and half the Def Comedy jams guys. I personally like Bill Hicks, Russel Brand, Russell Peters, George Carlin, Richard Pryor and Zach Galifanakis. You know comedians who are actually witty and funny.

whats the link for larry the cable guy health inspector movie from megaupload? by Q: im looking for the megaupload link for the movie larry the cable guy:health inspector. i want a full length and HD or dvd qulaity one. thanks.

A: there is a free megaupload premium link generator http://www.rapidget.net/, and it also got a free resource blog http://blog.rapidget.net/, you can find some movies.

What's a mexican comedy character similar to larry the cable guy? by Austin S Q: I work at a mexican restaurant and the cooks gave me a nickname. I asked them what it meant and they said there's a comedy show in Mexico with a character that looks like me. They described him as the mexican version of larry the cable guy. I don't speak Spanish but the name they call me sounds like "nun-yo." Any idea what character they're talking about? I'm curious.

A: george lopez. Carlos Mencia. Gabriel Iglesias

What are the funniest Larry the Cable Guy Quotes? by Steven S.T.S Q: I love larry the cable guy and wanted to know some of his quotes.

A: “The big driver of the market lately has been oil. That storm isn't going to hit and it looks positive for the market.” - Dan Whitney “It's unbelievable. I just wanted to do stand-up because it was fun and it was a good job and I could make a good living at it.” - Dan Whitney “I befriended a lot of them. You'd get a call from Dennis Miller and go hang out at the mall. They helped you develop your material and they'd show you the ropes.” - Dan Whitney “I got in this business because of Steve Martin playing a banjo with an arrow through his head. You have to be really smart to play a dumb guy.” - Dan Whitney “People are starting to see that earnings aren't as bad as they initially thought. It's boosting a market that got pretty beat up.” - Dan Whitney “Over all, I don't think the economy looks that bad here.” - Dan Whitney

What is the song playing in the background as larry the cable guy is walking to the stage on his roast sunday? by crazy american Q: Sunday night comedy central had the roast of larry the cable guy. When he was walking to the stage there was a song playing in the background and no it wasn't sweet home alabama

A: "Enter Sandman" by Metallica

How old do you have to be to go see Larry the cable guy in South Bend IN? by Q: Im 12 years old and Larry the Cable guy is coming to the Morris Performing arts center in South Bend,IN. I really want to go but the website doesn't say anything about age so I was wondering if you would happen to know. Please tell me the age, and a few more things, i want to know if they serve food.

does LARRY THE CABLE GUY being the spokeperson for an item make you more likely to purchase it? by Q: Have you seen the PRILOSEC advertisement in the sidebar with LARRY THE CABLE GUY? How much value do you put into Larry's endorsement? Is he an expert? What celebrity endorsement would sway your purchasing any product?

How Do I Hire Larry The Cable Guy To Fix My Cable? by Ashlee S Q: So I would like to hire someone funny to fix my cable... Larry the Cable guy is the only guy I know who's funny and is a cable guy as well. How can I hire him? I want him to get me some free channels too and I'm sure he will since he is famous.

A: I'm not sure he actually does fix cable. I've never heard him mention it actually.

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