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Joseph Kony viral video campaign clouded in controversy
A documentary film aimed at exposing the heinous acts of Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony exploded over the Internet Wednesday, drawing praise and condemnation from the millions who viewed it. The half-hour film Kony 2012, made by the US organization ...

Romney gains big delegate lead
'We need to help' VIDEO: Aussie teens supporting Kony 2012 campaign. Tablet timeApple unveils 'next level' iPad with sharper screen. Branching out PHOTOS: Luxury automaker Bentley unveils first ever SUV. 'Cringe-worthy' VIDEO: Kerr sings in bizarre ...

Kony 2012: Emeli Sande, La Toya Jackson, DJ Enuff, Joell Ortiz Support
This week, music fans everywhere are sure to have seen their favorite artists take to Twitter and Facebook to support "Kony 2012," a video that aims to make Joseph Kony a widespread name to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for ...

Pres. Obama, Mr. Romney, Rep. Ryan and Mr. Zerban? It's KONY 2012
One of the main enemies in this horror is Joseph Kony, a rebel leader in Uganda. Needless to say, if something like this happened in America, the Satellite trucks would be wherever this horror would take place. Sadly, it's not happening in Uganda.

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_CarlaG_ Kony?

tyron24 RT @iamdiddy: Dear Joseph Kony, I'm Gonna help Make you FAMOUS!!!! We will stop YOU #StopKONY ! All 6,OOO,OOO of my followers RT NOW!!! Pls!

LulBit____ RT @iamdiddy: Dear Joseph Kony, I'm Gonna help Make you FAMOUS!!!! We will stop YOU #StopKONY ! All 6,OOO,OOO of my followers RT NOW!!! Pls!

TalkYourShit_ RT @iamdiddy: Dear Joseph Kony, I'm Gonna help Make you FAMOUS!!!! We will stop YOU #StopKONY ! All 6,OOO,OOO of my followers RT NOW!!! Pls!

One_Shot_Hetty What the F is all this KONY stuff about #STOPKONY

JGoldschein RT @RVincentz: who the fuck is kony

HIShafer RT @senorjustn: Kony we gon' find you

LittleLionLady_ RT @RadicalAssNigga: People, stop being so damn ignorant about Kony. Do your fucking research.

FishyCorp Lite kort till alla er som gråter över "KONY 2012" Dem som har startat den rörelsen (Invisible Children)... http://t.co/VP7G0IKq

iking_pimp RT @b00mbox1: RETWEET TO STOP JOSEPH KONY

CrookedilluSIon Stop Kony #DailyTweet 

McKenzieHay RT @dbaileynuckles1: I pledge to be a supporter of the stop kony 2012 campaign! #telleveryone

yungshottah wtf is Kony

egesther @syengage Kony? First heard it about on Facebook.

lovejunie103 What Is #KONY?????


why do republicans support KONY 2012 when all they care about is money & themselves? by pssst=] Q: is it just so they can look good in the upcoming elections ?

Can someone summarize Joseph Kony for me? by Q: Why are people trying to make him famous. Isn't he a bad person. Are people just trying to reveal his actions.

Who Is This Kony Person That I Keep Hearing About? by Q: Lately I Have Been Hearing A Lot About 'Kony' Who Is He?

how much money of the kony 2012 action kit proceeds go to the children? by 11:11~Make a wish <3 Q: I want to support the cause but if the tshirt and posters and buttons push this to the extent that the children really arnt benefiting i would rather make a direct donation and buy the bracelet. it says on charity navigator that 80% of the profit goes to the children. http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=12429

When do we hang Kony 2012 posters in the night? by Q: I know that it is currently an issue. But when is it when every is going to go out and hang posters? I really want to know so I can encourage my school to help, you know every might donate 1 dollar and wear red that same day and hang posters all over the school and neighborhoods

How would a Ron Paul president help the people of Uganda against Joseph Kony? by Q:

Whats more important than the Kony 2012 campaign? by Q: Im not here to hate on anything. Im just wondering what else could be more important or just as important as the Kong 2012 campaign.

Where can i get the Kony 2012 kit or stuff individually? by Q: It would be great if i could get it other than online..also whats the price?

Why am i seeing kony 2012 everywhere ? by Q: I've been seeing it on the internet. Can someone tell me who kony is?

What t-shirt do you get in the Kony 2012 Action Kit? by Q: I'd like a specific t-shirt that is available to buy separately in the online store, does anyone know which t-shirt you get in the kit? Or should I buy the t-shirt I want separately?

How to get the Kony 2012 action kit? by Q: I know that you can get it on the website but in the video it said you could pay a few dollars a month and then you could get the kit for free. Can anyone tell me how I would do that? Please and thank you!

Who is this Kony guy everyone is talking about? by Q: He's all over facebook, twitter, and youtube. Who is he?

Where can I find the Kony 2012 video without using YouTube? by sharkbaitstar Q: I really want to see this video but since I am at school. They blocked YouTube. It would help greatly if you could help me. Thanks Just to let you guys know I am on my hour break in school, I am in my school library trying to find a video for Kony 2012. This is not inferring with my education. Thank you. *interfering

A: So go home and watch it. We don't pay school taxes to provide you with computers so you can play and infect them, we pay so you can LEARN! If you feel differently, drop out of school, quit wasting my money, and let someone who WANTS to learn fill that chair. EDIT: JUST SO YOU KNOW! SCHOOL NETWORKS ARE BLOCKED TO ALSO KEEP YOU IDIOTS FROM INFECTING THE SCHOOL COMPUTERS! GOT IT? SECONDLY, IT IS NOW AGAINST FEDERAL LAW TO BYPASS AN EDUCATIONAL FACILITY SECURITY. WHEN YOU INFECT THE SYSTEM, I HAVE TO PAY MORE TAXES TO HAVE IT REPAIRED BECAUSE OF YOUR STUPIDITY.

People are so obsessed with Kony, there are more pressing problems in the world? by Q: Bashar Al Asad, Lebanon, Iraq, PALESTINE, Israel (who cause nothing but trouble), Iran and the missile crisis (thats a bit blury to me). I'm not saying Joseph Kony Isn't a criminal and shouldn't be stopped, but people are putting more effort into that then they are in let's say, free-ing Palestine.

How do you feel about Kony 2012? by Q: I support the cause and mission, but I feel Invisible Children is making things too black and white; arrest Kony, child soldiers can go home, everything will be right in Uganda, etc. Last I checked, the UPDF (the armed forces of Uganda) weren't exactly saints themselves. The lesser of two evils maybe, but they have war crimes on their track record as well. I'm not trying to offend anybody, I just think things are being a bit too simplified.

Is there a better song for kony 2012 than The Unforgiven? by Q: It just seems perfect the song is about a boy who did bad things because he was being controlled by bad people.

are people really mad about joseph kony and killing of children? by Q: Wait until people discover what's its like to work at an Apple Ipod Factory in China.

How can teenagers help stop KONY? by asdfghjkl; Q: I'm a senior in high school and I am very passionate about the genocide that Uganda is currently facing. I have been for years but I felt too young to make a difference. The current kony 2012 campaign has motivated me. It isnt economically feasible for me to fly down to Africa. And even if I did, what could a 17 year do in the face of a dictator. What else can I do to help?

Where can I buy the red Kony 2012 shirt? by Q: I want to buy just the red kony 2012 shirt, but it is not at the sites store... is there anywhere I can buy it? Also, does it come in the Action Kit?

Can I put KONY 2012 posters around my city? by Q: I want to put KONY posters around my city I live in. Is it legal? I want to try to help out on April 20th. My moms worried if the cops will say something of me, my friend and my dad putting those posters. But I'm doing something right aren't I?

What do people know about the "Invisible Children" in Uganda with Joseph Kony? by Izzy C Q: I'm working on a report about Invisible Children but I'm also trying to spread the message and raise awareness. Please answer this if you have any information or if you've heard of them. Help raise awareness! Thanks!

A: All that I know about your question is that Joseph Kony is the leader of a violent group in Uganda called the LRA (Lords Resistance Army) and that his men abduct young children (mostly males) and threatens them to join his army or be put to death. The children become his combatants to terrorize parts of Uganda. His reason for doing all of these horrible things is because he says that he is following the ten commandments. Hope this helps:)

How many braclets buttons and posters does the Kony action kit 2012 come with.? by Q: My cousin and i want to get it but we to know how many it came with. Any one know?

Who is Kony and why is everybody talking about him? by Q: Someone in Spanish class was talking about him but I really didn't seem to care. Now on Youtube all my subscriptions are talking about him. So who is he?

Does the stop Joseph Kony action pack include two bracelets? by Q: I just ordered the action pack to help stop Joseph Kony. The video says it includes 2 bracelets but when I ordered it, it said 1. Help??

Who is this Kony person everyone is talking about? by Q: Can someone please enlighten me on who this Kony is? Is it a thing, like an organisation or something, or a person? If its a person are they doing something that is good or bad? Is Kony a charity??

Where is the meet up in San Francisco for kony on april 20 2012? by Q: I want to go, but I dont know where everyone os meeting up at!

Why do people compare Kony to Hitler? by Q: Why do people do that? Hitler killed 11+ Million people and Kony killed how much?! Thousands? Tens of thousands? Seriously,why do people even dare to compare the Holocaust to what Kony does?

Did Obama's 100 American troops go to help in the capture of Joseph Kony or to spy on Museveni? by Q: President Barack Obama said in october 2011 he had dispatched 100 U.S. troops to east and central Africa to support a years-long fight against a guerrilla group accused of horrific atrocities. Obama said they were sent to advise, not engage in combat, unless forced to defend themselves. Are the troops in Africa to go against Kony or to assess General Museveni's country's military capabilities?

A: Whatever obama said was probably a lie and should stay out of their politics.

How did so many people not hear of kony before that video? by Q: Did they seriously not hear of him before Did they even know that those things were happening did you hear of him before that video?

Why did the us help out the rebels trying to kill Gaddafi but dont do anything about kony? by Q: So I just saw that kony video and just wondered why the us doesnt help out? and I remember how they helped out the rebels in libya why not the african people

Should I start a Cover the Night Cleveland - kony 2012? by Q: I do not see a group on Facebook for cleveland. How could I make this big?

A: Start one! Invite your Cleveland friends. Ask them to invite their Cleveland friends. The college population of Cleveland will join in a matter of days.

Where can I get the different Kony 2012 posters that were featured in the video? The ones with his face? by Q: I live in the UK so the poster of the Republican and Democrat logos making a dove isn't that relevant over here. I'm buying the Action Kit anyway but I want to put up the posters with Kony's face on them. Like the one with Bin Laden and Hitler in the background :)

What is Kony 2012 and why do people want to stop it? by christie Q: I've heard that it's about some crazy guy & I've also heard that it's about stopping rape in other countries? In a nutshell, what is it about? And the big question for me is: WHY do people want to stop it?

I understand and fully support Kony 2012, but someone told me the money is all just going to the government? by Caitlin™ Q: What this person said just got me thinking. They raised the point that this whole thing is a ploy for the government to cash in, and it's all just posters and such. HOW exactly will the posters help, especially if you're not in the US and can't therefore make the US Government aware of Kony 2012?

How did Joseph Kony force the children to kill their parents? by Q: details please because i heard they have to cut off their parents head and i dont really believe that

Why is this whole section filled with questions about Kony 2012? by Q: And what exactly is Kony 2012?

How can I spread the word about Kony? by Q: I am currently making flyers to hang in local stores, bulletin boards, ect. I will be making posters to hang on poles (similar to yard sale signs) and I am going to inform my school. Please tell me if you have any ideas. The only way we can stop him is by doing this. And do not say anything about you're sick of hearing about him. Even if you are sick of hearing about it that's a good thing because it means people are spreading this!

What exactly is the world supposed to do with the whole KONY 2012 thing? by Q: I watched the Invisible Children video on youtube, and at the end they say to share the video/sign the petition/donate money etc, but I don't understand what they're trying to garner support *for.* Are they suggesting that some sort of international manhunt be launched? Do they want to convince the US government to invade Uganda? Are they trying to get the UN to put sanctions on Uganda or something? Does anyone know what these people are trying to get the world to actually do?

After watching the documentary Kony 2012, this question popped into my head? by Q: After watching the Kony 2012 documentary film on Youtube, the narrator said that he wants the world to take action on April 20, 2012 and blanket the streets with Kony posters. Is there a significance to this date? April 20 is also 420, a weed-smoking day.

Why cant the government hire a private mercenary group to handle KONY? by Q: The Uganda warlord Kony. why cant a private military group be hired so Americas hands are clean??

What parts of Africa could Kony and his soldiers spread to? by ♫♪cool forevas♪♫ Q: What parts of Africa can kony and his soldiers take over/abduct kids, ect. Please answer!! i have family who live in Africa!!! :'( 10 points for best answer!

Why dont the people just go to Uganda and kill Kony? by Q: I dont see what the point is, to hang up all the posters, make all the products and materials. I understand they just want to raise awareness for the certain subject but, I mean.. Wouldn't it just be easier to send an american troop to Africa and search for Kony? Its only one against thousands. Please no rude comments.

Please who has got the links to download the KONY 2012 video? by Q: I have a blackberry fone and can't stream or watch youtube videos so pls who has got the links to the KONY 2012 video?

How will the Kony 2012 posters be applied? by Q: On the night of April 20 we will go out and post about 300 Kony 2012 posters around our city. All I need to know is if the poster are like a peel-and-sticker type of poster, or if we will need to bring wheat paste (to glue the poster to its surface). Let me know! -TrollBot

what type of message is kony 2012 trying to send? by Q: what type of message is kony 2012 trying to send to its viewers? what does kony 2012 mean to you?

What is a good fundraiser idea my class could do to raise money for Kony 2012? by Q: I am a senior in high school. I am a part of an organization called DECA. We put together community events such as parades and would like to put together a fundraiser for Kony 2012. We have though about putting on a concert in the community and taking donations for that. im looking for any more ideas you might have for fundraising. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

How to get free shipping for kony 2012/invisible children? by Q: Discount code - stopatnothing. This code will give you free shipping. Please buy kony bracelets and action packs. Spread the word of KONY 2012!

What do you people think you are really doing with kony 2012? by Q: Spending the night in a park is not going to do anything to a childkilling madman in africa I really wished it did but sadly it doesn't. So I really don't get the whole point of the kony 2012 deal.

Is Joseph Kony ever going to stop abducting and killing child soldiers? by rootbeer Q: I'm learning about human rights and my topic is the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). Joseph Kony (I think) is the leader of this ethnic group. Because of the fact that I have watched the movie "Invisible Children", I think there should be an end to Kony abducting these children and turning them into soldiers. I also think that the rebels, and of course Kony, should stop killing these children, too.

A: Not until the U.S. Gets involved and bombs him he wont

How much of the profits of KONY 2012 are going to the cause? by Q: Some non-profit organizations don't give most of the money to the actual cause, so I was wondering whether or not anybody knew what percent of the profits and donations are going to help fight against Joseph Kony and his army. Thanks!

KONY 2012 WHO IS JOSEPH KONY?? #KONY2012 Kony 2012 + Update Hitler reacts to KONY 2012 - Original KONY 2012! KONY 2012 - Exclusive Interview with Joseph Kony and his troops Kony 2012 Teaser Joseph Kony Ugandan LRA leader gives first ever exclusive interview. KONY DROGA DO FINAŁU Kony 2012 My Stance on KONY 2012 KONY 2012 (Full Video/Documentary) Kony 2012 Kony 2012 Book a Screening Suomi RuneScape - KONY 2012 KONY FONY BOLOGNA! STOP KONY 2012 KONY 2012 Scam or Not? KONY 2012 - Make Kony Famous For The Invisible Children KONY 2012 - Let's make an end of it KONY 2012 Kony 2012 (Response) Stop Kony 2012 DRIFT _ BMW M5 E34 _ Kony (Old School Crew) KONY IS GOD WHO IS JOSEPH KONY? Find out! MW3: Spas-12 MOAB & Kony 2012 #StopKony [xJordanv3] Joseph Kony. Kony 2012 Who is He and How to Stop Him KONY IS NOT GOD!!! 'Support Kony 2012 everyone!' STOP Joesph Kony 2012 Joseph Kony Will Fall KONY 2012 - PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! #KonyIsTheNewKardashian KONY 2012 Movement Song #StopKony (Open Colab) UPDF Intensifies Search for Kony Invisible Children // Justice for Kony Invisible Children-Kony 2012 STOP KONY! #KONY2012 KONY 2012 - A Simple Man's Thoughts KONY 2012 ClownDubstep - Rogue - KONY 2012 (Dubstep) 1 Year Old Asian Drummer (Support KONY) REPOST MAKE KONY FAMOUS 2012 - Spread the word; 'When We Are Young' Original By: The GiGi Sisters KONY 2012 short red nails with black lace: robin moses nai art design tutorial 611 kony 2012 Asking American Soldiers For HELP. NEW - Joseph Kony - Kony 2012 - SCREENING. Who is Joseph Kony? Invisible Children campaign goes viral MEET KONY, SAVE LIVES!!! KONY 2012? Project Kony 2012 KONY 2012
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