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ivygivyPM I could not be less attracted to Kody Brown.

AllynLatilla ‘Sister Wives’ Sneak Peek: Kody Brown Admits It’s Hard To Court New Wives! http://t.co/etHeYVsv

Lurides68 Kody Brown says 'Courting' Multiple Wives Not Easy: http://t.co/C20lGfe8

HollywoodTeen Celebrity Gossip: Kody Brown Says 'Courting' Multiple Wives Isn't Easy http://t.co/9BrNLz4t

PhotogBrit @MonsterChelsko @MidnightxLover there's enough @ladygaga to share. She can visit each of our houses like Kody Brown does.

sherry326 NEW TOT SPARKS SISTER WIVES WAR - The National Enquirer: http://t.co/BZzAWWMl via @AddThis

SydneyPrieto http://t.co/gyyphLs3 During this week's 'Sister Wives,' Kody Brown advises his friend on how to meet new women to bring into his fami...

tvjunk Sister Wives Season 2 Episode 15 The 4 Lives Of Kody Brown http://t.co/NgvdHkPs

SydneyPrieto http://t.co/gyyphLs3 Kody Brown and his four wives are out with another couple who is interested in the lifestyle. What will happen o...

Kazi_Celebrity_ ‘Sister Wives’ Sneak Peek: Kody Brown Admits It’s Hard To Court New Wives!: During this week’s ‘Sister Wives,’ K... http://t.co/6NPI9pjI

SydneyPrieto http://t.co/gyyphLs3 They used to frequent the same church as Kody Brown and his family in Utah, and during this episode they come to...

SydneyPrieto http://t.co/gyyphLs3 By Alexis Tereszcuk - Radar Senior Reporter Kody Brown has some wise advice for a friend of his who wants to hav...

SydneyPrieto http://t.co/gyyphLs3 Kody Brown of 'Sister Wives' Welcomes Baby No. 17. October 27, 2011 07:25:20 GMT The star of the controversial T...

ExamineOKCity Kody Brown Talks Courting New Wives in 'Sister Wives' Sneak Peek http://t.co/Rt6AxcfC

Winonacooking Kody Brown Talks Courting New Wives in 'Sister Wives' Sneak Peek: 'Sister Wives' will be back on this weekend in... http://t.co/x4i6olan


What do you think of the TLC Brown family children's names? by BrownEyedGirl22 Q: I have been watching this show for a few weeks now, and always come back to the names of the 17 children of Cody and his four wives Meri, Janelle, Kristine and Robyn. Cody and his first wife, Meri, only have one daughter: Mariah Cody and his second wife, have six children: Logan Madison Hunter Garrison Gabriel Savannah Kody and his third wife, Kristine, have six children as well: Aspyn Mykelti Paeden (pronounced Peyton) Gwendlyn Ysabel (pronounced Isabelle) Kody and his fourth wife, Robyn, have four children: Dayton Aurora Breanna Soloman *NOTE three of Robyn's children are from a previous marriage, with Soloman being the newest Brown child* Altogether, the Brown family has 17 children between the four wives. My question is what do you think of the Brown children's names? My answer is I like them, I just find there are too many M names. The only names I find a little strange are Kristine's spellings of her childrens names, but they are still unique. The name I always go back to is Truely, who's middle name is Grace. I never, ever would have thought of it as a name unless I watched the show, and absolutely love it! *NOTE* I am not bashing their religion or life style, I am just curious about the opinion on the children's names.* Another thing, I know has been done on here before, is what would you name your kids if you had as many as them? This is what mine would be: Emmett Scott (B) Noelle Andrea (G) Caleb Glenn(B) Morgan Angela(G) William James(B) Clayton Douglas(B) Patrick Llyod(B) Peyton Opal(G) Ryleigh Jean(G) Aubrii Edith (G) Vincent Daniel(B) Grace Ann(G) Sophie Kristine(G) Bridgett Anita(G) Charlie Joseph(B) Lily Ruth (G) Quinn Kathleen (G) Lave your comments, I would love to hear the opinions of everyone. :)

Monday Night Football:What are your predictions? by terry v Q: Best answer goes to the person closet to the final score! Last week Thurs Kody predicted the Browns upsetting the Steelers and had the score exactly!

A: i am going with the 49ers 21 AZ 18 with a last min touchdown

Teens: What do you think of the show Sister Wives? by Boo ya in school! Q: The guy, Kody Brown is expecting his 17th children with his new wife Robyn.

A: The guy isn't much to look at and isn't rich. I can't figure why all those women are willing to share his affections and his resources. There's no way he can possibly physically and emotionally satisfy all those women - imagine having to wait your turn when you want your husband's lovin now! Especially when your day is still several days away. It's weird and unfair to the kids in the situation who won't know any different.

In Sister Wives, what does the 'husband' do for a living? by Greta Q: His name is Kody Brown. Do any of the wives work?

A: Advertising Executive. http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/parenting/can-polygamist-husband-kody-brown-possibly-be-a-good-husband-to-four-wives-2394068/

Sister wife; Are you ready to add a sister wife to your marital mix? by brady m Q: Would you like to be your own Kody Brown? Attention Salcious Crumb - Umm the answer is no, I shouldn't. What I"m referring to (muttering as you say) is the wildly popular TLC program SISTER WIVES!! Yeah!! - anyway I think you have an appointment at the bread line now hehe.

Why is Kody Brown of "Sister Wives" accused of bigamy? by Smartass Q: First of all, how is bigamy different than polygamy? Secondly, how is Brown's family any different than : a) Hugh Heffner b) any married couple whom simply allows sister in laws to live with in the home In all 3 cases, it's one man, multiple women living together. Is how much sex they have amongst themselves a legal question? It'd be another issue if having children with different women, was used to cheat welfare money, but that would be outright fraud and perjury, not the issue of polygamy and bigamy itself. Why should Brown be prosecuted if he found guilty of unlicensed bigamy, where men can sleep around with any woman he likes, as long as he pays child support? Brown does NOT have legal marriages or licenses for multiple wives, ONLY ONE (first one). How has Brown committed any more crime than what Hugh Hefner does? Nina, are you suggesting that it's illegal to make babies with other women, regardless of whether you pay child support and live with them? For those who say Hefner isn't "married" to multiple girlfriends, you're 100% correct, but legally, nor is Brown. How he thinks in his mind and bedroom of these women is their business, they're legally unmarried and not legally married (the same with both Hefner and Brown).

A: How is bigamy different than polygamy? Polygamy is having more than one wife while bigamy is gender neutral and just means having more than one spouse. Polyandry is the practice of having more than one husband. The family is different than Hugh Hefner because Hugh is not legally married to more than one person. There would be no problem with having a wife and sister in laws or even girlfriends living together in one house. The problem being legally married to more than one person at a time. The sex is not the issue. It is not illegal to cheat on a spouse (unless you are in the military in the U.S. and they you could be in trouble with them but thats another story). Marriage brings with it legal rights and the law says you can only be legally married to one person. If you break a law you can be prosecuted. I am not debating the morality of plural marriage. Edited to add: Okay, maybe he is not legally married but under the Utah law, a person can be found guilty of bigamy through cohabitation, not just legal marriage contracts. So that would make it a state law and Hugh Hefner does not live in Utah. So that could be your difference there. You have to abide by the laws of the state that you live in. I guess that would be something similar to common law marriages where you are deemed married after living together a certain amount of time without a legal marriage contract. So there is your answer. Utah law.

I love the KODY BROWN family and watch them faithfully. I'm no a plig but I think that ppl need to leave thi? by robin Q:

A: I agree it's a great show . ღξ£ɸÐɣ♫♪

Kody Brown is a polygamist, but is he a Criminal? by kclarkhorses Q: If your a fan of the reality show Sister Wives, I would like to hear from you in regards to the question above. Polygamy is a crime in all states in the US but should it be. What harm as Kody Brown done to society because he has 4 wives. I think one of his children said it the best.....If dad had a wife and a mistress everyone would be telling him "He's da man. Way to go dude.". But because he is married to 4 women he is a criminal. What do you say?????

A: I watch sister wives myself and have a different take on the show than the previous two answerers. However the first person to answer your question should have read it better. You state that his daughter made the statement. You were not making the statement. However that being said, it is a sad fact of life that we accept a person's infidelities but we find it repulsive when a man marries more than one women. We call it demeaning to women. I find it just the opposite. I find it honors women. I agree with the second person to answer that because it is illegal he is a criminal. It is however irrelevant since the real question is "Should he be a criminal". The founding fathers of our Great Nation had the good sense to know that governments based on religion are ineffective at best and therefore created the Bill of Rights stating Separation of Church and State. If Kody Brown honestly believes that he has a religious right to be married to more than 1 person, who is the government to say that is wrong. In the end, it is Kody Brown who has to answer to God if his marriage to 4 women is moral or not. The second person to answer also said that some men can not find wives. I agree that there are some men that can not find wives. But that also is irrelevant as finding a life partner is not an easy task. I have been fortunate in my life to have two great loves. My wife of 32 years and the woman I nearly married before I met my wife. It is a chance encounter when you find that special person that you wind up marrying. Kody Brown has found that 4 times. More power to him. By the way, Bill Clinton did not loose the presidency. He served 8 years as our president. The maximum amount of time a person can be president.

question about Kody Brown the polygamist? by Lucy Q: The police know polygamy is illegal and they are hosting their on TV show on television. Why doesn't anyone just arrest them?

A: Damn... as much fun as it might be to have several ladies bedding with you... It' wouldn't be worth it... can you imagine how long your "Honey DO" list would be... You'd NEVER get down.

How does Kody Brown and his wives earn their living? by smiley Q: I would really like to know how they support their life-style, They live in a democratic country which is currently going through a financial crisis, like the country I am living in..

A: Good question. I wonder that myself since they made that big expensive move and no one has jobs anymore. He did mention cashing in his 401k. And I'm sure TLC pays them enough to live comfortably -- plus all the freebie extras. I thought it interesting that in spite of that big more and no jobs, all the wives got to buy new furniture. Seems like that could have waited till they had established an income producing business or gotten jobs.

Joy Behar Show - Utah, Lehi polygamist, Kody Brown, star of TLC Sister Wives. The Sister Wives Stop By TLC Sister Wives: Utah, Lehi Polygamist Kody Brown and his 4 wives TLC Sister Wives: Polygamist Kody Brown of Utah with 4 wives and 16 kids Kody Brown -- A Psychedelic Trip Koty Brown Whip my Hair Kody Brown Sister Wives: The Concubines of the Cult of Kody Brown Kody Brown | Hollywood Life The Four Lives of Kody Brown | Sister Wives Kody Brown & Lee Warren Lynns CSA Shag Contest April 2011 Kody Brown & Jessica Thames Shag Shack CSA Shag Contest 2011 Junior II 2nd Place 2011 09 23.Kody Brown,4 Wives and 16 kids! Archive for: Kody Brown at Hollywood Life The lord corndog Fox Rhone and Kody Brown in the 'Bad boy' Dean Raven - 'INVISIBLE' (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (HD) The lord corndog Kody Brown in 'spoonman' Down town Kody Brown The lord corndog Kody Brown and fox rhone in 'the brickwall' 'Sister Wives' Polygamist Kody Brown Expecting a Baby With Fourth ... Kody Brown and Wives To Challenge Utah Polygamy Law, Reports 'GMA' (VIDEO) Kody Brown and Emily Stiller Shad Alberty Classic 2011 Jewish kid rapes Best c4 kill in mw2 history Sister Wives, food stamps to fame. Circa Survive Dyed in Wool cover by Kody Brown and Connor Smith The lord corndog fox rhone and kody brown in the 'guitar solo' The lord corndog fox rhone kody brown and kayin boyer in 'the cradle' The lord corndog Kody Brown in 'the nutcracker' Utah: No Polygamy Arrests in 50 Years The lord corndog Fox rhone and kody brown in 'the marry go round' Sister Wives Season 3 Premiere: Kody Brown and Robyn Announce .video the lord corndog kody brown and fox rhone in 'the stairway sled' Sister Wives - Meet Robyn The Sister Wives Can't Stop Dancing! The lord corndog kody brown in the 'bannana slam' The Lord corndog kody brown in the 'bullseye' The lord corndog kody brown in the 'stairway sled' Sister Wives - The Opening 1.5 Million Stolen by Polygamist Leaders. Sister Wives - The Kids Sister Wives - The Kiss Sister Wives - It Changes Everything News Update: Reality TV Show 'Sister Wives' Under Investigation For Bigamy Sister Wives - This is Something We Chose Sister Wives - First Sneak Peek HIDE YA KIDS. HIDE YA SISTERWIVES. Meri from Sister Wives! Sister Wives - We're Expecting A Baby HBN 65: TLC Examines Screwing 4 Wives and It's Audience
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