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Air Force's Tim Kirby named Hobey Baker finalist
Air Force senior defenseman Tim Kirby was named one of 10 finalists for the prestigious Hobey Baker Memorial Award, presented each year to college hockey's top player. Kirby is the third Falcon in school history, and the third in the last six years, ...

Four Falcons earn All-Conference Honors; Kirby Player of the Year
ROCHESTER, NY – Air Force senior defenseman Tim Kirby was named the Atlantic Hockey Association Player of Year and was one of four Falcons to earn Atlantic Hockey Association all-conference honors, as released tonight at the AHA Awards Banquet in ...

Kirby: Hog wild and messier than a pig sty
"The bottom line is simple but vitally important in a democracy," McGuinness says about the abeyance. "A local government cannot enact an ordinance or policy that conflicts with higher law." Bill Kirby can be reached at [email protected] or ...

Don't Get Too Worked Up Over Kirby's Earnings
Today, we'll see how it applies to Kirby (NYS: KEX) . In this series, we measure how swiftly a company turns cash into goods or services and back into cash. We'll use a quick, relatively foolproof tool known as the cash conversion cycle, ...

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Briedndw New Gods Action Figure Set: Meet the New Gods! Inspired by Jack Kirby! Incredibly unique figures! Step ... http://t.co/93NK5k8O

AFFalconsNews Air Force defenseman Kirby a finalist for Hobey Baker Award: With Kirby on the AHA first team were two Falcons –... http://t.co/TLhbGdPi

KadinYoung @Cole_J_Kirby dude our timberline group is from fort Collins!! Can you get a phone number or something for us?!

msr6 @yuckey_nekoinu ふーむ・・・ http://t.co/lc1C5E0j

Boone_Janet Four Falcons earn All-Conference Honors; Kirby Player of the Year http://t.co/gosHuqst

BaxterRobertson Kirby lane is so damn good

SeigaNyanNyan @jet_kirby あら、早かったわね。 おかえりなさい、桜井 空さん!

wwwLISTFOXnet #sfbay Looking for Kirby vacuum parts (rohnert pk / cotati) http://t.co/8pBnWFSz

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emyuko @jet_kirby わたしの胸に価値は

borovecaztvk2 kirby_kouture He got a iPhone himself... he take my class too. That would be dumb

xakigyryzy 2 weeks ago me and kirby treptow visit stantonville, tn. It was sons and scions...

cikako06 @jet_kirby お帰りなさいましー


How much is a 1987 Kirby Puckett Blooper Card Worth? by expensiveobsessions.toxicity Q: It is a All Star Series 2, #5 Card of Kirby Puckett with Puckett misspelled (only 1 T), signed with 1987 Stats. We are trying to sell this card for a benefit for a 3 yr old little boy with T.R.A.P.S. Any help on figuring out how much this card is worth so we know where to start the bidding on the silent auction would be wonderful!

A: Well seeing as he died recently, your best bet is just starting it mid range. If people find it worth something, it'll go higher, if not, it'll stay low. If I had to take a guess, I'd start $20.

Where can i watch kirby right back at ya? by metaknight6 Q: Where can i watch kirby right back at ya for free? I went to 4kidstv and watched up to #18-flower power, but they don't have the rest. Where else can i watch it online?

A: you tube just type in kirby right back at ya and there will be lots of 'em.

How can I attach the hose part to the Kirby G5 vacuum? by Squirrell Q: I have a Kirby G5 and I don't understand how to put it on because of the belt and what not.

A: Ok, first step on the pedal that raises the vacuum and raise it all the way up. Now lift the hood on the front and there is a crank that flips out turn the crank and it will lift the belt off the shaft. Now you unlatch the front brush vacuum part and let it tip down and then unhook it from the pin it pivots on. Now you just take the hose and hook the end part on the same pivot shaft, swing it up and latch its. that's all. Just reverse all that to get back to regular vacuuming.

What does ghostface mean when he asks this to Kirby in scream 4? by Q: When Kirby is answering the questions she gets one wrong, and gets a last chance question. The killer says this... "Name the remake of the groundbreaking horror movie in which the villain" and then he stops. What does that mean??

A: The question doesn't have to be finished, and there is no answer. He's making a point: No "remake" by definition is "groundbreaking" because of the fact that they're remakes.

where is a store where i can buy kirby carpet cleaner? by vonnturner Q: I would prefer to go and purchase Kirby carpet shampoo allergen formula... instead of the internet...

A: Call Kirby at 1-800-437-7170 and ask them for the address of the nearest store that carries their products. Most Vacuum cleaner stores should carry this..

How do I get Enemy Info cards in Kirby 64? by Jeffery Q: In Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards under the options are enemy info cards. I have 2 but I have no idea how I got them. I recently pulled this game out and I haven't played it in almost 7 years. Thanks!

A: After you complete a stage, you should encounter a picnic minigame. Here, you can get health items, 1ups, stars, and enemy cards. First, Kirby will be looking around, left to right. Press A, and Kirby will stop and stand in the direction he is looking. Next, he'll swing his arms around. Press A to make him jump. The farther back his arms go, the farther he jumps. Try to land on the item you want.

Is a Kirby G4 vacuum worth the $299 I just found it for? by all in on the flop Q: refurbished with a 5 year warranty on the motor. really clean. is there something better on the g5 or newest model worth spending hundreds more for? is this kirby easy to use and effective as they claim it to be?

A: $300 dollars that sounds like a deal. My folks bought a new Kirby from those door to door salesman I think they paid something ridiculous like $1200 plus the salesman was so nice that he took their 3 fully functional vacuums in as a trade-in, and one of those machines was a 1985 Kirby so my poor parents probably ended up paying over $2000 for a vacuum what a bunch of thieves. I still can't get over it

If I buy a Kirby vacuum on Ebay with no warranty or paperwork, will the Kirby company still cover it? by Someday Soon Q: Someone told me Kirby's have a lifetime warranty. Is this true? If so, will they cover it if it's not the original owner?

A: Probably not if it wasn't bought through them.

Just got a job for a company that sells home products and kirby vacuums is it legit? by kyle Q: I heard some bad things about being a kirby vacuum salesman I jus got the job, they said I would be getting 400 a week + commision which would be my sales and they send me out to other peoples houses. Is it legit? I dont need a lot of money just money for college but people have been telling me that this is a scam and I wouldnt get paid much at all is this true?

A: Wat company did u go through

What game should i buy? The legendary Starfy or Kirby Super Star Ultra? by Erick M Q: I heard from my friend that the legendary starfy is sort of like the kirby games. Im a big fan of kirby but i also would like to try a new game. Is the legendary starfy a good game to buy. So which game should i get?

A: I would get the kirby one! I love kirby! He is so cute! ^_^ But you should pick what you want because it's your choice!

Who really killed the deputy director Kirby on Bones? by SDWILD Q: I am watching episode S3.E13 where they have the trial for Max Keenan and he is saying he did not kill Deputy Director Kirby. Is there an episode where you find how if he really did or not?

A: He did kill Deputy Director Kirby. You don't really find out for sure, I've been watching S4 and they haven't said anything more about it.

How many mini games for DS download play are there in Kirby Squeak Squad? by Q: I'm looking for a multiplayer game that is single card download and i'm wondering how many mini games are there for kirby squeak squad ds for DS download play?

A: Three of them.

How Do I take apart a Kirby Royal Classic Edition? by Amie N Q: How Do I take apart a Kirby Royal Classic Edition? - My 2 Yr. old son vacuumed up a sock. p.s. I want to clear the blockage thats why I need to take it apart

A: Dynamite? sorry, I am silly tonight. :)

What if there were Mirror Universe versions of characters from the Kirby Series? by Q: King DeeDee and his masters at Dreamers Corp (instead of Nightmare Inc) would be the best heroes around the galaxy and Kirby would be the ultimate little villain who sucks up and destroys everything.

A: You mean like King DeDeDe floats around Dreamland inhaling minions and fights Kirby at the end? Meta Knight works for the highest bidder so he's a boss or second player depending on who pays his fee. But in the end they lose because Kirby EATS THEM

what is the best model kirby vacuum ? by fred_porras Q: I am wanting to buy a kirby vacuum with a shampooer attachment what is the best model to buy?

A: I've had my Kirby G-3 for 18yrs,no problems no repairs. I don't know if the newer ones are this good or not.=)

What game should i trade for mario & luigi partners in time? Wario ware touched or kirby canvas curse? by gamerkilla08 Q: i have 2 copies of mario and lugi so i was thinking about getting one of these. plz help. I know that mario and luigi inside bowser story is out but i already have it. what should i get? wario or kirby? what has more replay value like tetris ds?

A: I think you should buy the kirby game. It ( in my opinion) has more reply value.

Is there an alternative to the Kirby brand shampoo for a kirby Vacume? by adam v Q: I would like to know if there is an alternative shampoo that is cheaper and cleans equally as well or better then the kirby brand shampoo.

A: yes yes yes...we buy "Awesome" cleaner...it is yellow.... it is sold in 99 cent stores....it works great.....we professionally clean carpets...you use the same amt of awesome...as you do the kirby shampoo....I think it's 3 caps of cleaner in your shampoo holder...and fill to the water line...then as an added touch...we use downy liquid fabric softener to put a soft feel (& smell) on the carpet....you put 50/50 water & downey mix in a spray bottle (an old windex bottle will do)...you DO NOT put this in your reservoir of vacum...just spray this on capet (quite heavy) then run the kirby shampooer over it...people really comment how nice their carpet smells & feels...good luck!!!

What are the dilapidated houses in Kirby Airide? by Q: Ok, in Kirby Airride our (yes the gamecube game...) data was erased of the memory card and we are trying to finnish all of the quest mark goal thingies. And one of them say destroy all of the dilapidated houses in the city trial, but we have no idea what that is.

How does your partner explode in Kirby Superstar? by Mr. L Q: I was watching this Kirby Superstar LP, and I am currently doing my own. I saw their buddy start to explode(As if he had no health left), and then he said that he had a button that did it. It looks like he's guarding, but I can't seem to do it.

A: If I remember correctly, pressing X when you already have a helper causes a small burst around you. If your helper hits this burst, they turn into an ability item. Besides that, all you can do is have them lose health. Also, shouldn't this be in the manual?

where do I find parts for Kirby field glasses? by akulian53 Q: I was given an old pair of Kirby Vista 7 x 35 field glasses, and they have a broken part I really need to replace. Cast aluminum part to do wth the adjustment of the lens. I can not find anythng about them on google or such.

A: Try ebay.com.

What was the update for kirby 64 on the wii for? by silvermarshland Q: I got kirby 64 for the wii from the virtual console and recently there was an update for it. What was the update for?

A: The update just fixed up some glitches that the game was having.

Does anybody know or could recommend an over the counter kirby vaccuum shampoo? by treyberry71 Q: I am trying to find a good replacement shampoo for a kirby sentria. I don't want to order one from there site.

A: http://www.ristenbatt.com/order.mv?Product=1670 since the Kirby doesn't wet the carpet, but pushes the foam down into the fibers and then brushes it back up into the vac with the dirt, the shampoo must be able to create that foamy suds or it's not going to work right.... using the wrong type product just because you don't want to use the real one is counter-productive when it comes to how the machine works and the carpet comes out...... it may also void the warranty on the machine....

What would cause a Kirby Sanitronic to shock me when i touch it while its running? by Q: I have a Kirby dual Sanitronic that shocks me when i am running it.. It is not a horrible shock but a very noticable tingle...

A: Some part of the internal wiring is shorting to the housing and when you touch it your making a ground. Time for a new vac.

I just bought a 6 year old Kirby vacuum G6 and my cheap Eureka does a better job? by Yutow Q: I thought I would be getting an awesome machine, I know these things can last for 10-30 years. I hear they should have great suction and pick up more dirt then your normal vacuum picks up. I adjusted the height, and the bristle position, but still, if I use the Eureka after using the Kirby, the Eureka picks up dirt. I have short carpet. The Kirby is a G6 2001 limited edition. If you need more info I will supply. What can I do to get this vacuum to be at its prime condition? Or do Kirby's really just not do that good?

A: your bristles on your roller are probably worn down and should be replaced. I have a kirby G-6 and this happened with ours last year. since the new brush; it is back to it's old self. below is a web site that you can buy the brush if you don't have a dealer near you...hope this helps!

How do you attach Kirby Vacuum hose? by Kira Q: I have the Kirby G (Diamond Edition) and i dont know how to attatch the vacuum hose.

A: on the front by the light lift up on the hood. swivel the belt loose and then turn the metal knob that should release the head. then put the hose over the spindle and lock in place

How much is a Kirby Puckett signed baseball worth? by Q: I have a baseball that was signed by kirby puckett a few years ago.

A: Worth depends on many things: 1. Condition of ball and signature 2. Signed with ballpoint or Sharpie 3. Certificate of authenticity 4. Did he include HOF 2001 on ball? 5. Official MLB ball? Best case: $150.00-200.00 But then you have to find someone willing to buy it. What you may think it is worth can be something completely different to others. btw - Puckett died in 2006. How many is "a few years ago"?

Is a kirby vacuum sentria a good vacuum what other features does it have? by Q: Alright so i was in my basement and i found this old vacuum that i didnt even know my mom still kept around the house i mean it looked really old and its called a kirby vacuum so i was just interested on what else this vacuum does i saw attchments near it and i had no idea what they were for.

How do I disassemble and clean the Kirby Zip Brush? by James O Q: I have a Kirby vacuum cleaner with the zip brush attachment. There is so much hair wrapped around the inside of the spinning mechanism that it barely turns. Can I disassemble this to clean the hair out of it and how do I disassemble it?

A: you need to suck up the little enemy with boomerang.... after that you will be able to throw boomerangs too... when you get that finish the level and you will have to defeat the blue penguin king guy... after that the painter guy then he turns good.... After that you will see him in a room and he will paint a picture with his brush of a fruit and it gives you lives hopes this help :)

Are Kirby vacuum cleaners really as good as they say they are? by booboobear Q: I had a demonstration once and the Kirby vacumm did seem to be sucking the dirt up from not only the rugs but also under the floorboards! I was amazed to say the least. But I'd like to know what the owners of them think. Tell me all about the good and bad sides of this vacuum. Thanks :)

A: From Consumer's Reports: Surprisingly -- given this vacuum's dismal door-to-door reputation -- Consumer Reports includes the Kirby Sentria in its latest roundup of vacuum cleaners, in which models are tested for their performance on carpeting and hard floors. This is fair enough, but a quick look at some other sources, including Yahoo! Answers and The Ripoff Report, sheds some much-needed light on Kirby's operating procedures. Reviewers say the Kirby Sentria is good at cleaning carpeting and hard floors -- as you'd expect from a $1,000-plus vacuum. But reviewers also say that it's noisy, heavy and hard to push. Other vacuums are smaller, lighter and less expensive, plus they clean every bit as well. Salespeople cite Kirby's flexibility cleaning upholstery and curtains, but some owners complain that the heavy 25-pound weight limits its usefulness. Kirby Sentria review highlights What the reviewers like: The Kirby Sentria vacuum does a good job cleaning carpeting and hard floors, and it has useful tools and minimal emissions. What the reviewers don't like: Considering its price, reviews say the Kirby Sentria is unusually noisy, heavy and hard to push. Furthermore, experts and owners alike frown on Kirby's high-pressure, door-to-door sales tactics. **** Kirby owners are loyal. But then so are Electrolux and Miele owners. You need to do some serious reading...and may actually have to join Consumer's Report via web (you can do it by the month...I just did for a dryer) for more reading.

how do i clean the kirby vacuum cloth bag? by eric l Q: I own the gen 4 Kirby Vacuum and the bag is getting a little stale but is still in excellent condition, it just stinks.

A: I have this vacumme and I take my bag and hose it out on the bag porch, then soak it in bleach for few minutes then hose it out again and air dry for a few days. Good as new, I swear!

What Features do Kirby vacuums have? by Mikole??!! Q: We plan to get a Kirby Vacuum, even though they are pricey. What features do Kirby vacuums have? I mean What attachments does it have and what functions do they perform? look people, I am just asking what functions they have and what they perform.

A: I have a Kirby. It came with a hose attachment, a whole bucket of normal minor attachments, and a special attachment to "wash"upholstery using very little water. That works great in my car. There were two segments of extender tubing, a chisel tool, a round brush tool, something with a very small pointy tip I've never used, and a wide tool to clean upholstry. It also came with a few extra bags. I've had my Kirby for 5 years. I have never been sorry I invested the money for a really powerful vacuum cleaner. I had broken and tossed out a vac a year keeping up with 7 people and a big dog. Outside of one small belt and the normal bag replacement, this Kirby has never needed any maintenance and is more powerful than anything I've ever owned. No, I don't sell Kirbys. They are probably way overpriced if you buy one brand new from the door-to door people like I did. If I had to do it again I'd get a used reconditioned one from the vac store and buy the attachments online, but I'd still buy a Kirby.

How can I get a free instruction manual for a Kirby G5 Vacuum Cleaner? by ghostmama1 Q: You'd think Kirby would let you access them for free after paying so much for the vacuum... heavens no! We lost ours in a move and can't remember how to use certain features. Help someone!

A: It is pretty straight forward, why do you have to have a manual for? What are you trying to do? There has been a Kirby in my family for as long as I remember. OF course now, after seeing a consumer report, they aren't all that.!!! There are plenty of sweepers on the market today for less than half the price of a Kirby, that are just as good.. IF you add what you are trying to do, I can explain it...

How much does a Kirby salesperson make? by Q: I am interested in a local company where I live to sell Kirby vacuums. I was just wondering how much you actually make. In the ad it says 400 a week, but I also looked over the internet, and it says people have never received their check should I try to get into this company or stick with my current job which is Sears?

A: Don't quit your day job. That ad you saw is just that - it's an infomercial. --------------------- Kirby products ARE great, and that's part of the problem. My aunt (now deceased - God rest her) bought one decades ago and I have it now. It still works like BRAND-NEW. So, now, it would be EXTREMELY difficult to sell that item to customers on a regular basis. 'Mine' will most likely last me the rest of my lifetime, to be honest. I don't need to buy a new one. And in this economy, people will go for lower cost vacuums rather than a higher-priced model, regardless of if the Kirby is 'better'. Door-to-door sales persons are not really a big part of the American lifestyle either. Would YOU let some stranger in your house to 'demo' some product these days? I wouldn't. In the 1970's and early to mid 1980's, there was trust, so it was OK to let people in. Nowadays, one never knows. You could be letting in a drug-crazed meth addict who simply wants to steal all your possessions after mugging the legit Kirby vacuum salesman.

How do you pass silent sea bed on kirby canvas curse for nintendo ds? by cali.gurl52 Q: I've been playing kirby canvas curse for nintendo ds but im stuck on level 6, silent sea bed. I pass the first course but i when it comes to the second course, i can't complete it.. can anyone help?

A: GAMEFAQs.COM click on DS (platofrms) then click on the letter K find your game & click on FAQs pick any of the 2 walkthroughs 2 help you...hope i helped :)

Does anybody know of a good over the counter carpet shampoo for use witk kirby? by treyberry71 Q: I would like some recommendation for a replacement kirby vacuum shampoo. I don't want to buy the product from Kirby. I have just tried a bissell brand carpet solution...But it did not foam up like the original kirby brand.

A: Carpet cleaner shampoo's are designed not to foam up very much. If they did your reservoir for dirty water would overflow with suds.

What other products can I use with my Kirby besides only ordering their products? by mythoughts Q: I dont want to have to order their products only, I cant even buy online I have to call. So I was wondering if any of you who have Kirby`s can tell me which products to use that would work well. I have the new Kirby Sentria, it`s a vacuum/carpet shampooer or cleaner. I also was asking about like which soap lets say or bags would go with it.

A: what Kirby...the vac or the carpet cleaner ??? you need to let us know which one and whats needed so we can help you.

What are your opinions on the name Kirby? What are good middle names to go with C or J starts? by Q: Kirby is the name my wife is interested in but I'm not so sure feedback positive and negative is welcomed please give reasons not just yes or no!

A: Fluffy pink toy is what I think of Kirby. Middle names for C and J names Boy: David Alexander Girl: Adelaide Sabrina

What do you REALLY think of the Kirby vacuum cleaner? by Q: I have known about Kirby vacuums forever...My grandmother had a Heritage 84, which was passed down to my aunt and is still running smooth. But here's my question...are they all they are cracked up to be? I don't mind the changing attachments or buying a more expensive bag, but do they honestly clean better than an average Hoover upright from Wal-Mart?

A: Vacuuming with a Kirby vs. a Hoover is like comparing a Ford to a BMW. A Ford will be great for the first 20-30% of its life and then you will find yourself needing to fix this and that. Then the last 60-70% of its life approx 10 years) you find that you no longer want to deal with the crap you are putting up with. Thus You start saving and looking around for something better which is usually another Ford. Why not just spend the extra cash, get the Kirby and you will have a machine that will work well for you for many mnay years. We have had Kirby's last 30+ years in our family. Both of my Grandma's had them. My Mom had one and now we just got a new/used one.

How can I create a Kirby figure for halloween? by kirbyfan9000 Q: I want to make it to where kids can reach inside Kirby's mouth and pull out candy.

A: Buy a balloon that is the size you want your kirby to be. Blow it up and tie it.Get lots of newspaper.Tear into strips.dip the strips in laundry starch (liquid). Wrap the strips around the balloon.Leave a space where kirbys mouth would be.Make sure it's big enough for them to put their hands in. Make sure you cover balloon with lots of strips, smooth strips down to avoid lumps. Shape arms and legs as well. Just like paper machier.After you have balloon completely covered in layers of newspaper strips, let dry for about two days. You have to be sure it is completely dry and hardened. then use a pin or needle and pop the balloon where you left opening for his mouth. Pull balloon out. Paint and let dry.

What do you think about Kirby vaccums? by xtratabasco Q: I dont have allot of money but Im tired of buying the 50 dollar Kmart specials that dont work with dog hair. Is 200 to much to pay for a G3 or G4 upright Kirby on ebay, some are reconditioned as new. Do I need to spend more? Ive scene the Rainbows but I hate the smell. 200 is allot to me so I dont want to get burned esp. on a vaccum cleaner.

A: I had one. they are no better than any other vaccuum, they stop working correctly just like all the cheapies. I woudlnt buy another. Id rather buy a new cheap one every few years, then waste that much money on a new one, I payed 1,700. and the sales ppl are so pushy and they will not leave the house. Better to buy it online if you want one, yes.

What should I get? Kirby mass attack or pilotwings resort to someone who has both games? by Q: I just got a 3ds and found out about pilotwings resort. Then later I found out about Kirby mass attack and played a demo on ds download play from my wii and that was so fun!! But I still really would like to find out about pilotwings! So for someone who has both games, which is better?

A: kirby mass attack is fun!

How can I purchase Kirby vacuum cleaning solution without having to order it directly for manufacture? by Cristian P Q: So I have a Kirby vacuum that my mom let me borrow she needs it back asap so I wouldn't have time to go online and order cleaning solution.is there a retail outlet that can provide me with the same cleaning solution or something similar?

A: Kirby products can't be sold at any big retail store. However, they do sell the solution at Kirby dealer shops. If you live in a decent sized city or town, they will have one. Just search the Yellowpages or Yahoo local to find one. If you are unlucky at finding a Kirby dealership, try a vacuum repair shop, as they usually carry Kirby bags, accessories, and cleaning solutions. Hope this helps

How do you unlock kirby melee in kirby air ride? by Q: I have been trying to unlock the hydra, and the last thing i need is "1500 kills total in kirby melee", but I can't find how to get kirby melee anywhere. Does anyone know how to unlock it?

A: You don't unlock kirby melee. You play city trial and end up playing kirby melee, or you play it in stadium mode.

How much did you buy your Kirby for? by Dorkus Q: So I'm thinking about buying a new Kirby Sentria as I've heard they are amazing, hell my mom had an old school Kirby and it was like a tank. Only thing is..I've seen prices vary on what people paid for..anywhere from $2,000 (which is BS)..down to maybe $800?...how much were you guys able to buy em for? I got a similar question flagged..and i'm thinking it was from loser salesman trying to protect his/her comission check. I'm all for comission salesmen making money for a living..but don't rip me off ya know. ~G

A: Hi. I have recently work for Kirby and left. All honestly their highest price for the sentria is $2180. but the actual price they go for with out any commission made and just to move units the lowest is $998. It is all a matter of how many times you say no really. If you say you cant afford a down payment they will give it to you with no down payment. if you say your waiting for your taxes they will say no payments for 3 months. Their rules are there is always a sale. If you are a senior there is a senior discount if you are a packers fan there is a packers discount, if your gay the is a gay pride discount. Don't get me wrong the vacuum is awesome but i can tell you the truth is they want the sale more then commission. the poor sales guy will get screwed but the manager and head hancho just want to move units. as a vacuum they are great as a company they are very crooked and dirty and lie!!!!!! so I hope this helps. I quit about a week ago so the info is fresh.

Do Kirby vacuum cleaners really live up to the hype? by Infobank Q: Have any of you had a newer Kirby vacuum cleaner (the one the representatives say cleans all the way to the bare floor) and could you compare it's performance to other "store" brands? I'm not really interested in value (I know they are terribly expensive) but want to know if they really do clean as advertised. I moved into a new house with some dirty carpets and a friend of mine offered to let me borrow her Kirby vacuum cleaner with built in carpet shampooer and I want to know how well it will clean. Is the shampooer equal to one I could rent at Wal-Mart or another store? Thanks for the help!

A: They are a good vacuum cleaner, but if a sales person does the test with the white filter and runs it over your carpet to show how much more the Kirby will pick up, you could put a white filter on your sweepe and still pick up dirt reguardless of what kind of sweeper it is. Kirby does hold up well and the belts are fairly easy to change, but I'm sure you can find other brands that are alot cheaper that will also do a good job. I have four pets, two great danes and two dachshuncs and I have a Phantom Thunder that does a good job. I have also heard that Dyson is a great vac too and I think that if my Phantom ever wears out that is what I will get....I like to use the rug doctor to shampoo carpets with as they do a great job and the carpets dry quickly. You could probably purchas a rug doctor on line and buy a Dyson and still be ahead cash wise as rug doctor sells refurbished shampooers on line....good luck with your choice.....

Are Kirby vacuum cleaners worth the price? What do you think about Kirby vacuums? by David B Q: I had never heard of Kirby until the other night when a couple of Kirby salesman came to my door asking if I wanted to have my carpets cleaned for free. I won't go into the details about Kirby's sales techniques... which I do find unappealing... but I'm curious if anybody out there has bought a Kirby vacuum and if you think it's worth the price. I can tell you that they were asking more than $1,800 for the newest model (the Sentria). The lowest they would go was $1180. I never knew vacuums could cost so much! And I passed on the offer -- even though the vacuum was quite impressive.

A: I know they are expensive but I've had mine for 15yrs and have had no problems with it. This should tell you that they are good vacuums....=)

What is an alternative to Kirby Carpet Shampoo that I can buy at the store? by The Professor Q: I want to buy carpet shampoo for the Kirby Vacuum Cleaner from the store. I don't want to order it from Kirby. Does anyone know an alternative that will work?

A: any will work, just follow directions,

Does anyone successfully use their Kirby hoover shampoo system wet? by Jessica G Q: Obviously the manuals state to use only Kirby shampoo and allow to dry b4 hoovering. But has anyone used it as a wet cleaner ( hoovered up wet suds)? pls dont reply to say follow the manual or hire a Rug Doctor instead. I just want to know from Kirby users if you have tried it and what happened? Thankyou!

A: No, you can't vacuum up the wet suds, remember the bags are paper. I use non sudsings shampoo in mine(never Kirby's), only slightly dampen the carpet,(remember not to leave it setting in one spot for to long,move quickly) then set a floor fan on the carpet to help it dry.

Can Kirby vacuums use other type of vacuum bags? by goku262002 Q: I have a Kirby Ultimate G and its just sitting in my closet because the bags for it are too expensive. Since our vacuum recently broke, I was wondering if the ultimate G can use other types of vacuum bags? otherwise i might as well try to sell it. Thanks for the help. Oh btw, i didnt buy it. it was a going away present from a family friend.

A: Hello There! The answer to your question is actually: YES. There are replacement bags for your model such as those found at the following link: http://www.vacuumbags.com/rekistgeg3g41.html Also if you email [email protected] and tell them the exact make and model # of your vacuum cleaner they can tell you if there are any other generic (less expensive) bags that will fit your model.

Do kirby salesmen actually make decent money? by Q: I would like the advice of kirby salesmen or previous salesmen. Is this job a scam?

A: Any commission job depends on how well you present yourself and the product. Do you like speaking publicly? Making presentations? Are you comfortable in trying to pressure someone to buy something? How do you feel when a salesman/woman tries to pressure you into buying something?

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