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Kate Winslet

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francamarulo @lesleyarfin Hey guys stop bashing Kate Winslet and Rocknroll, you can't judge a man only for his name!

FuckYallImKing nun im just tweeting ma fav ladies. RT @realrhapintl: Ha whats occuring RT FuckYallImKing: Mary J. Blige and Kate Winslet

realrhapintl Ha whats occuring RT @FuckYallImKing: Mary J. Blige and Kate Winslet

mPete79 @rickygervais "She´s had a few" extras, Kate Winslet episode. Top 3 tv laughs ever

FuckYallImKing Mary J. Blige and Kate Winslet

itsonystyle Beauty for a cause:Kate Winslet & Lancome come up w/ new collection to support children w/ autism. http://t.co/DCWms5BU http://t.co/n0WUEE7Z

opticallyActive RT @cherrychinand: “If being crazy means living life as if it matters, then I don't mind being completely insane.” ― Kate Winslet

Liam_J_Carey @Ragin_Spice @peterc83 @theresa_mulhall , well it's either Jude or Kate winslet at heathrow and we know what happened her!! :)

flappy_pants @GustyGaleforce A massive iceberg lettuce. Kate Winslet ate it to hide the evidence as it went down.

erosunboku @erosunoku kate winslet.

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BettyannDavalos http://t.co/OvSEzVyY Merger Betting Friends Asset Real-Time Strategy

Popmovies Kate Winslet, Roman Polanski et John C. Reilly seront à l'UGC Normandie le 20 Novembre pour l'avant-première de "Carnage" !!

gagaunicorn88 "THERE IS ALWAYS A KATE WINSLET" OMFG Gillian the way she said it tho =)))

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What kind of beauty does Kate Winslet have? Like in the movie "The Holiday"? Not when she's made up in Titanic? by MysteriousType Q: Kate Winslet has a different sort of beauty than lets say, Brittany Snow, or Angelina Jolie. Is it more of classical beauty, while Jolie's is more of sex appeal? Also do you think that Kate Winslet's nose is weirdly shaped?

A: Kate has that classic beauty. But other celebs who don't have that classic beauty can still be quite beautiful.

In Revolutionary Road, where can I find the dress Kate Winslet wears when she surprises Leo for his bday? by xoalliedanielsxo Q: In the Movie Revolutionary Road, Kate Winslet surprises her husband Leo DiCaprio, in a black dress for his birthday. I want the dress! I can't seem to find it online, any help?

A: OK - it was designed specifically for the film, but given the buzz on Kate's wardrobe, it's only a matter of time before we start seeing copycats out there - like this one. http://flypaper.bluefly.com/archives/2008/12/the-revolutionary-classic-high-waisted-pencil-skirt.html

do you think kate winslet will win the oscar? by Liv Q: I really like kate winslet and think she is an amazing actress. I've been nervous about whether she will win the oscar cuz i really want her to win. Do you think she will win?

A: Based on all the hype I think she will. I hope so, because its long overdue for her. I think she's a great actress!!

I placed my kate winslet Titanic Blue Saphire diamond on my cats neck that passed away. What do you think? by GSD Q: I placed a huge saphire diamond necklace as Kate Winslet Wore in Titanic and he was buried with it on his neck. Saphire is my birthstone. What do you think? I loved my cat more than anything. he was my whole world. he is still in my apt and hasn't crossed over rainbow bridge yet cuz he cant part and neither can I. What do you think my sentiment. My cat of 16 years is at a pet cemetery.

A: well. Sounds like you really loved him/her. Im so sorry for you about the cat dying!

Someone told me I look like kate winslet is that a compliment? by Taylor Mckee Q: Pretty much what I'm asking is if you think kate winslet it pretty. My friend's mom said I looked like her and I know she meant it as a compliment but what do you think. Do you think she is pretty?

A: yes, i think she's stunning. she's one of my favorite actresses.

Why does Kate Winslet always go on about how down to earth and normal she is? by johnston1 Q: Anyone else fed up with fake humble from Mrs Winslet, the latest being im JUST AN ACTRESS, i do a job i get paid for, just like everybody, shut up Kate your not like everybody, you out of touch pretend im fat rubbish is becoming grating, watch katie brand doing kate winslet on youtube, she gets it right exactly.

A: she does get on my nerves too..

What color hair did Kate Winslet have in the movie Titanic? by Jody Q: I would like to know the color red hair that Kate Winslet had when she played in the Titanic and could I buy it anywhere? Also I would like to know the color hair that Amy Adams has when she played in the movie Leap Year?

A: i think kate winslet's hair was brunette

How do actresses like Kate Winslet act so comfortable at public events? by Wind Beneath My Wings Q: Kate Winslet was in bed and stark freakin' naked from head to toe in at least one of her movies. Yahoo has that story of her at the Golden Globes awards, and she's all dressed up and elegant, appearing very confident. Hello - Earth calling Kate. Hundreds of millions of people have seen you romping around naked, including the cameraman, the news reporters, and all those other people in the room, all the people watching the event on TV, the custodian sweeping the floor outside. Could you act so comfortable?

A: Who cares? Nakedness is just natural beauty...it's not like she's Jenna Jameson and has screwed all those people watching or anything. Kate Winslet is comfortable because she is beautiful and such a passionate actress. She's not the only actress that's bared all for the camera. Also, when you're older and more mature, you don't let such minor things bother you.

kate winslet? by ramza c Q: I am curious whether somebody met kate winslet for real is she symphathic, can you talk to her, does she give autographs ??? or a photo ?? Does anybody know her email???

A: I asked for an autograph in Los Angeles an she said no. she was a real snot

Kate Winslet? by Shelley Osborn Q: Does anyone else think Kate Winslet deserves an Oscar? She is continually top-notch in all her films, even if they aren't that great. I personally loved her in Eternal Sunshine... and Little Children. Just a random thought.

A: She has been nominated enough times!!!.... I think she deserved one for little children .....if she wasnt going up against helen mirren....maybe next time!!

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