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Kansas vs ohio state

Recap: Kansas vs. Ohio State
By Sports Network A phantom traveling call, a putback dunk, an inbounds steal, a foul-shot lane violation on an intentional miss -- the Kansas-Ohio State game had a little bit of everything. "It certainly wasn't a pretty game," said Kansas head coach ...

Final Four Live Blog: Kansas vs. Ohio State
Withey was this close to an and-one that seals this one for Kansas. By this close, I mean a questionable call. Instead it's a travel, and instead it's Ohio State ball, and now instead it's a one-point game once more. by Ben Cohen Also, I'm sorry, ...

Game plan: Kansas vs. Ohio State
2 Ohio State, and No. 4 Kansas. (Kentucky is ranked No. 11; it's not like the Wildcats are slouches.) The cliche, as always: Defense wins championships. Can the Jayhawks defend their way to a win? Would a game in which both teams hover around or below ...

The Other Game: Ohio State vs. Kansas operates in background
Sorry, Ohio State and Kansas, but that's the way it is. The great thing is the winners of both the marquee game and the other game meet for the championship. Thankfully, not everybody is thinking the way the majority of fans are.

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Can you help me with a few college football bowl picks? by Q: Ohio vs. Troy Personally I like Ohio in this one Georgia Tech vs Air Force I like Georgia Tech Syracuse vs Kansas State I like Syracuse Southern Florida vs Clemson I like Clemson South Carolina vs Florida State I like Sout Carolina Texas Tech vs Northwestern I like Texas Tech Miss State vs Michigan I like Michigan Stanford vs Virginia Tech I like Virginia Tech As much info as possible would be awesome. Thanks for the help

A: Ohio vs. Troy- Ohio G. Tech vs. Air Force- G Tech Syracuse vs. K State- K State USF vs. Clemson- USF USC vs. FSU- USC T Tech vs. NW- T Tech MSU vs. UM- MSU Stanford vs. Virginia Tech- Stanford

Weekly college football predictions for the BCS bowl games and the Cotton Bowl.? by Chris R Q: Cotton Bowl Florida VS Kansas Florida wins Fiesta Bowl Hawaii VS Oklahoma Oklahoma wins Sugar Bowl Kentucky VS Oregon Kentucky wins Orange Bowl Boston College VS West Virginia Boston College wins Rose Bowl Michigan VS Arizona State Michigan wins BCS Title Game LSU VS Ohio State LSU wins Steve breakdown your outcomes. I want to see what predictions we disagree on. I hope your right Jeffery H I'm a Buckeye fan.

A: I believe that you are looking at outdated predictions or Florida wouldn't be projected for the Cotton Bowl and Kentucky wouldn't be in the Sugar Bowl. But the results would be... Kansas/Florida toss up Oklahoma Oregon West Virginia Michigan LSU

Which of the following would be the most exciting bowl game? by Everything Clever Was Taken Q: ESPN.com has listed it's most recent (and probably last) BCS Bowl projections. Which one do you think would be the most exciting and why? BCS Championship Game: West Virginia vs. Ohio State Sugar: LSU vs. Hawaii Orange: Virginia Tech vs. Kansas or Mizzou Fiesta: Oklahoma vs. Arizona State Rose: USC vs. Georgia

A: If the Rose bowl does indeed feature the matchup of USC vs Georgia, then that will be the best bowl game of the year. Not only will it feature the true stellar teams from their conference but will also feature as a preview of perhaps next year's national championship. Now as to why this will be the better bowl game: Well for starters, if you ask all sport analysis at this time the two teams you do not want to play right now are Georgia and USC. They are the hott teams as of late. Many go back and forth as to which two are the best two loss teams in the nation. This game will feature two explosive offenses. Georgia which is led by outstanding freshman Knowshon Moreno will put to test the USC defense that is ranked #4 in the country in Rushing Defense(#2 In total defense). This is not the first time that Georgia has gone up against a might defense. Georgia on Nov 10th went up against a then top ten rushing defense in then 18th ranked Auburn. Georgia then tore the field and put up 45 points on the Tigers. Georgia isn't a puppy either when it comes to their defense. They are ranked 28th in the country in Rushing defense (19th in total defense). They have a young team but they are no longer "inexperienced" with the intense SEC season that they have had. Georgia as well as USC have been very well keeping ahold of the turnovers, giving so few but taking so many. Georgia is ranked overall 69th in the country in total offense while USC is 43rd in the country. This has to be a major compliment to such a young offensive line that the Bulldogs have. As I stated, this is the best matchup. It feature the two hottest teams in the country who will be competing for National Championships throughout the next 2-3 years. USC VS GEORGIA. I pull always for my dawgs and just love the fact that its SEC vs PAC-10 and finally a better matchup than USC vs Arkansas. "The Cure" Maurice "KeMo" PS: Did I mention that the dawgs have averaged 37.2 ppg the last 5 games???

A college football scenario to end conference supremacy debate? by For The Emperor Q: Okay, so how about for one weekend in the college football regular season, some teams from one conference play some teams from another conference (like a home-and-home series, but arranged so that it's like an inter-conference showdown)? I'd think it would generate a lot of hype and excitement (and $$$!), and people would have an actual game results stacked on each other to see which conference is for real, and which conference might be overrated that year. Here are a few tangible examples: Pac-10 and SEC: Florida vs. USC Alabama vs. Oregon LSU vs. Arizona South Carolina vs. Oregon State Auburn vs. Cal Big Ten and Big 12: Iowa vs. Texas Ohio State vs. Nebraska Penn State vs. Oklahoma Michigan State vs. Kansas Michigan vs. Texas Tech ACC and Big East Virginia Tech vs. Cincinnati Miami vs. Pittsburgh Georgia Tech vs. West Virginia North Carolina vs. South Florida Boston College vs. Connecticut What do you think?

A: It would be nice to watch and would add a little fuel to the talk of what conference is better..but wouldn't solve anything. The problem would lie in that people would take record and say, "well the Pac-10 is better than the SEC" based on who won more games in the showdown. Now with it being hard to predict who will be good and bad from year to year...what if you were to take this schedule: USC vs. Arkansas Oregon State vs. Kentucky Oregon vs. Vanderbilt Arizona State vs. Miss State Alabama vs. Stanford Florida vs. Cal Now the Pac-10 may win 4-2 in series...but people would still argue that Florida could beat USC, Alabama could beat Oregon...and so on and so forth. In other words, saying if you took #1 vs. #1 from each conference, and #2 vs. #2...things would've turned out differently. Get what I mean? Like it wouldn't solve anything...would just give more to argue about.

predictions for this years college bowl games? by ilikecheese Q: wake forest vs. navy fresno state vs. colorado state memphis vs. south florida BYU vs. arizona troy vs. southern miss tcu vs. boise state notre dame vs hawaii florida atlantic vs.central michigan north carolina vs west virginia wisconson vs florida state california vs miami la. tech vs northern illinois NC state vs rutgers northwestern vs missouri nevada vs maryland oregon vs oklahoma state rice vs western michigan houston vs air force oregon state vs pittsburg vandy vs boston college kansas vs minnesota georgia tech vs lsu iowa vs south carolina georgia vs michigan state nebraska vs clemson usc vs penn state cincinati vs virginia tech texas tech vs mississippi kentucky vs east carolina utah vs alabama uconn vs buffalo texas vs ohio state tulsa vs ball state florida vs oklahoma total pts scored,florida vs oklahoma _________? total pts scored,notre dame vs hawaii __________?

A: Wake Forest Colorado State South Florida BYU Troy TCU Hawaii Central Michigan North Carolina Florida State California Northern Illinois NC State Missouri Maryland Oregon Western Michigan Air Force Oregon State Boston College Kansas Georgia Tech South Carolina Georgia Nebraska USC Virginia Tech Mississippi Kentucky Alabama Connecticut Texas Tulsa Florida

What are your 2010-11 Big Ten bowl predictions? 2011-12 season predictions? How are mine? by mjr2013 --- Wings in 2012!! Q: Big Ten team is listed first... Winner in CAPS BOWL PREDICTIONS Rose Bowl: #4 Wisconsin Badgers vs. #3 STANFORD CARDINALS Fiesta Bowl: #7 Ohio State Buckeyes vs. #13 NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS Capital One Bowl: #8 Michigan State Spartans vs. #9 AUBURN TIGERS Outback Bowl: #20 IOWA HAWKEYES vs. #13 LSU Tigers Gator Bowl: Penn State Nittany Lions vs. FLORIDA GATORS Insight Bowl: ILLINOIS ILLINI vs. Baylor Bears Texas Bowl: NORTHWESTERN WILDCATS vs. Texas Tech. Red Raiders Ticketcity Bowl: MICHIGAN WOLVERINES vs. Kansas State Wildcats Offseason Coaching Changes ---------------------------------------- Michigan State - None Ohio State - None Wisconsin - None Iowa - None Illinois - None Penn State - Galen Hall retires; new Offensive Coordinater selected by Joe Paterno Michigan - Rich Rodriguez & Staff fired; Jim Harbaugh & Staff hired Northwestern - None Purdue - Danny Hope & Staff fired; Dan Hawkins & Staff hired Minnesota - Jeff Horton & Staff given one year extension Indiana - Bill Lynch fires Bobby Johnson and hires new defensive coordinator 2011 PREDICTIONS DIVISION O Iowa Hawkeyes (10-3) Michigan Wolverines (9-3) Michigan State Spartans (8-4) Nebraska Cornhuskers (8-4) Northwestern Wildcats (6-6) Minnesota Golden Gophers (3-9) DIVISION X Wisconsin Badgers (10-3) BIG TEN CHAMPS Ohio State Buckeyes (9-3) Penn State Nittany Lions (7-5) Illinois Illini (6-6) Purdue Boilermakers (4-8) Indiana Hooisers (3-9) Whatcha think? What are yours? Alrighty Ohio State fan... Michigan never loses non conference games, look at the stats. And that Fiesta Bowl would be good. It is a toss up. Don't expect Nebraska to continue their Big 12 success in the Big Ten immidiately. There will be a transition period of 2 or 3 years.

A: I agree with most of your bowls. but disagree with your next year standings Hawkeyes are losing to much, there only winning 7-8 games, Michigan will only win 7-8, and the Badgers will only win 8. The Spartans and Huskers are both winning 10 games. Also expect Penn State to be better than 7-5.

In College Bowl games, who do you have to win and whats your CONFIDENCE for these picks? by howudoin Q: Utah vs. Navy Memphis vs. Florida Atlantic Southern Miss vs. Cincinnati Nevada vs. New Mexico UCLA vs. BYU Boise State vs. East Carolina Purdue vs. Central Michigan Arizona State vs. Texas Boston College vs. Michigan State TCU vs. Houston Maryland vs. Oregon State UConn vs. Wake Forest UCF vs. Mississippi State Penn State vs. Texas A&M Alabama vs. Colorado California vs. Air Force Georgia Tech vs. Fresno State South Florida vs. Oregon Kentucky vs. Florida State Indiana vs. Oklahoma State Clemson vs. Auburn Wisconsin vs. Tennessee Missouri vs. Arkansas Texas Tech vs. Virginia Michigan vs. Florida Illinois vs. USC Hawaii vs. Georgia Oklahoma vs. West Virginia Virginia Tech vs. Kansas Rutgers vs. Ball State Bowling Green vs. Tulsa LSU vs. Ohio State thnx so much 1-32 scale meaning 1 less confident 32 most confident...

A: My thoughts: Navy Memphis Cincinnati Nevada UCLA Boise State Central Michigan Texas Boston College TCU Oregon State UConn Mississippi State Texas A&M Alabama California Georgia Tech Oregon Kentucky Oklahoma State Auburn Wisconsin Missouri Texas Tech Florida Illinois... Just kidding... USC Hawaii West Virginia Virginia Tech Rutgers Tulsa LSU Just my thoughts

Which two teams will be in Title game and who will win? by shannontruelove Q: We are now down to 5 teams capable of playing for BCS title game. Who will they be? 1.LSU 2. Kansas 3. Missouri 4. West Virginia 5. Ohio State As I stated three weeks ago it will be LSU vs Ohio State with LSU winning it all. The winner of Kansas and Missouri will lose to Oklahoma. West Virginia will lose to UCONN or Pittsburgh Thus leaving the obvious The BCS system does work! Let me know what you think!

A: mizzou and lsu

BCS Matchups? by Yahoo User Q: Here's my BCS Picks: National Championship: Ohio State vs Oregon/Kansas/LSU Rose Bowl: Arizona State/Oregon vs Michigan Fiesta Bowl: Kansas/Oklahoma vs Oregon Orange Bowl: UConn/Kansas vs Virginia Sugar Bowl: Hawaii vs Auburn/LSU If you have any other predictions, post them. The surprise is that USC wont go to a BCS Game this year.

A: **nice predictions....you basically picked every team in the top ten and put different combinations of them in five games......my pick for the natl championship is ohio state/hawaii/arizona state/oregon/kansas/lsu vs. oklahoma/kansas/ohio state/michigan/uconn/SHUT UP!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL WEEK 5 Pickem MOST RIGHT GETS BEST ANSWER? by Q: pick the following games Texas vs Oklahoma State BYU vs Utah State Ohio State vs Illinois Kansas vs Baylor Miami vs Clemson Florida State vs Virginia Vanderbilt vs UConn Kentucky vs Ole Miss Air Force vs Navy Tennessee vs LSU Texas vs Oklahoma Michigan vs Indiana Michigan State vs Wisconsin East Carolina vs North Carolina Virginia Tech vs North Carolina State Arizona State vs Oregon State Georgia vs Colorado Georgia Tech vs Wake Forest Florida vs Alabama Stanford vs Oregon Washington vs USC Notre Dame vs Boston College Penn State vs Iowa idk what i was doing i meant A&M

A: Texas A&M is playing Oklahoma State Oklahoma State BYU Ohio State Baylor Clemson Florida State UConn Kentucky Air Force LSU Oklahoma Michigan Michigan State North Carolina Virginia Tech Oregon State Georgia Georgia tech Alabama Oregon USC Notre Dame Iowa

Who is going to be in the BCS bowl games? by jttm15 Q: National Championship:Georgia vs. Oklahoma Fiesta: Penn State vs. Kansas Sugar: Alabama vs. West Virginia Orange: Clemson vs. BYU Rose: Ohio State vs. USC (2nd matchup) switch osu with psu

A: National Championship: West Virginia vs Florida Rose: LSU vs USC (showdown of the century) Fiesta: Texas Tech vs Georgia Sugar: Ohio State vs Missouri Orange: Oklahoma vs Illinois

Kansas vs. Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl? by rie_m7 Q: Who would have guessed....? The Rose Bowl should take Illinois as a Big Ten replacement for Ohio State. (but they might go at-large and take Georgia) The Orange will more than likely take WV over OU or Mizzou. So that leaves the Fiesta to take OU and they won't take Mizzou because OU has beaten them twice already... so KU! National Title - Ohio State-LSU Rose - USC-Illinois Orange - Virginia Tech-West Virginia Fiesta - Oklahoma-Kansas Sugar - Georgia-Hawaii - only 2 teams per conference (why Mizzou and UF are out) - Hawaii gets a bid for being a non-BCS conference champion in the top 12 of the BCS (assuming they win tonight!) if not HI, AZ State will likely fill in that last spot... I doubt the Fiesta will take arizona state ahead of kansas. az state has lost 2 out of their last 4 and their victory tonight was less than convincing.

A: OU vs KU, the back-up Big 12 championship game, the game that could've been.....

NCAA Final Four Predictions? by ℓαυяα Q: Now that we know who's in the final four what are yalls predictions & who do you have in your bracket? just in case you don't know who's in the final four because you live under a rock or you were at work & missed the games Saturday March 31st Kentucky vs. Louisville at 6:00 PM ET Ohio State vs. Kansas at about 8:50 PM ET Both games are being played on CBS if you wanna watch um I have Kentucky beating Louisville 81-67 & Ohio State beating Kansas 80-76 (it will be a close one) Watch out Louisville Big Blue Nation is coming for you!

A: i would say kentucky, my favourite team hands down

Help with NCAA Basketball brackets.? by CheetoFactor Q: I need someone who REALLY knows basketball. Help with my bracket. Here are the games. #1 Kansas Jayhawks vs. Lehigh Mountain Hawks #8 UNLV vs. Northern Iowa Panthers #5 Spartans of Michigan State vs. New Mexico State Aggies #4 Maryland vs. Houston #2 Ohio State vs. UC Santa Barbara #7 Oklahoma State vs. Georgia Tech #3 Georgetown Hoyas vs. #14Ohio Bobcats #6 Tennessee vs. #11 San Diego #1 Syracuse vs. #16 Vermont #8 Gonzaga vs. #9 Florida State Seminoles #5 Butler vs. #12 UTEP (first bubble team in) #4 Vanderbilt vs. #13 Murray State Racers #2 Kansas State Wildcats vs. #15 North Texas #7 BYU vs. Florida Gators (another bubble team in) #3 Pittsburgh vs. #14 Oakland #6 Xavier vs. #11 Minnesota #1 Kentucky Wildcats vs. #16 East Tennessee State #8 Texas Longhorns vs. #9 Wake Forest #5 Temple vs. #12 Cornell #4 Wisconsin vs. #13 Wofford #2 West Virginia vs. #15 Morgan State #7 Clemson Tigers vs. #10 Missouri #3 New Mexico vs. #14 Montana #6 Marquette Golden Eagles vs. #11 Washington Huskies #1 Duke vs. #16 Winthrop Eagles #8 California vs. #9 Louisville #5 Texas A&M vs. #12 Utah State #4 Purdue Boilermakers vs. #13 Siena Saints #2 Villanova vs. #15 Robert Morris #7 Richmond vs. #10 Saint Mary’s #3 Baylor vs. #14 Sam Houston State #6 Notre Dame vs. #11 Old Dominion

A: 1 Kansas Jayhawks vs. Lehigh Mountain Hawks - Kansas Jayhawks #8 UNLV vs. Northern Iowa Panthers - UNLV Runnin Rebels #5 Spartans of Michigan State vs. New Mexico State Aggies - Michigan State #4 Maryland vs. Houston - Maryland #2 Ohio State vs. UC Santa Barbara - Ohio State #7 Oklahoma State vs. Georgia Tech - Geigia Tech #3 Georgetown Hoyas vs. #14Ohio Bobcats - Georgetown #6 Tennessee vs. #11 San Diego - San Diego State #1 Syracuse vs. #16 Vermont - Syracuse #8 Gonzaga vs. #9 Florida State Seminoles - Gonzaga #5 Butler vs. #12 UTEP (first bubble team in) - Butler #4 Vanderbilt vs. #13 Murray State Racers - Vanderbilt #2 Kansas State Wildcats vs. #15 North Texas - Kansas State #7 BYU vs. Florida Gators (another bubble team in) - BYU #3 Pittsburgh vs. #14 Oakland - Pittsburgh #6 Xavier vs. #11 Minnesota - Xavier #1 Kentucky Wildcats vs. #16 East Tennessee State - Kentucky #8 Texas Longhorns vs. #9 Wake Forest - Texas #5 Temple vs. #12 Cornell - Temple #4 Wisconsin vs. #13 Wofford - Wisconsin #2 West Virginia vs. #15 Morgan State - West Virgina #7 Clemson Tigers vs. #10 Missouri - Missouri #3 New Mexico vs. #14 Montana - New Mexico #6 Marquette Golden Eagles vs. #11 Washington Huskies - Washinton #1 Duke vs. #16 Winthrop Eagles - Duke #8 California vs. #9 Louisville - Louisville #5 Texas A&M vs. #12 Utah State - Texas A&M #4 Purdue Boilermakers vs. #13 Siena Saints - Purdue #2 Villanova vs. #15 Robert Morris - Villanova #7 Richmond vs. #10 Saint Mary’s - Saint Mary's #3 Baylor vs. #14 Sam Houston State - Baylor #6 Notre Dame vs. #11 Old Dominion - Old Dominion

Should Missouri, West Virginia, Ohio State, or Hawaii be #1? by _ Q: Missouri, West Virginia, and Ohio State are the 3 remaining 1 loss teams that have the ability to win BCS conferences (Kansas has only 1 loss, but they can't win the Big 12 because they lost to Missouri and are in the same division of the conference). Hawaii is the lone unbeaten team remaining. Major Victories for the teams are: Hawaii: 39-27 over Boise State (1 of just 2 losses for the Broncos in the 2 years their coach has been there) Missouri: 40-37 @ Illinois, 41-6 over Nebraska, 41-10 over Texas Tech, 55-10 over Colorado, 40-26 over Texas A&M, 36-28 over Kansas, lost to Oklahoma 41-31 Ohio State: 23-7 at Purdue, 37-17 at Penn State, 38-17 VS Wisconsin, 14-3 at Michigan, lost to Illinois 28-21 West Virginia: 31-3 at Rutgers, 38-31 over Louisville, 28-23 at Cincinnati, 66-21 over Connecticut, lost to South Florida 21-13 My rankings are: 1.Hawaii 2.Missouri 3.West Virginia 4.Ohio State Here's the remaining schedule for the 4 contenders: Hawaii plays Washington @ 11:30 PM eastern next Saturday night Missouri plays Oklahoma next week in the Big 12 Championship game (which is a rematch of their lone defeat of the year). West Virginia plays their rival Pittsburgh next Saturday Ohio State is off until January.

A: Hawaii has a really good team,but you put them up against any of the top ten teams,and they lose by double digits to all of them.I am not dogging them;i do like Hawaii,and I am always rooting for underdogs(non-BCS teams).They were a better team last year.I think it's a toss-up between WVU and Missouri.

Title Game is Now West Virginia vs. Kansas Or Missouri? by Marcus Arezzo Is Gay Q: Usc and ohio state, both a bunch of other overrated teams that wont make it, lol.

A: I just can't help but think of the staggering odds that would have been given at the beginning of the season that Kansas or Mizzou would meet West Virginia in the NC game.... I would not have bet...

How does Ohio State get 6 votes for first place in a bye week? by Jeremy C Q: Last week (Nov 17) Ohio State beat Michigan and got ZERO votes from coaches for first place. This week (Nov 24) they DIDN'T EVEN PLAY and got SIX... I could understand if theyalready had 6 before, and coaches stuck with them through a bye, that's sensible. In fact, I wish more coaches/voters were that steady. I think the most likely explanation is 6 Big Ten coaches realized they'd like a Big Ten team in the national championship more than Big Twelve, Big East or Southeastern conference teams. After LSU lost on Friday, theoretically Missouri vs. Kansas was a matchup of #3 (or 2 AP) versus #1 which should produce #1. It can't be the 8 Kansas voters from Week 13 changing votes. If you thought Kansas was #1 then you'd have to give your #1 to top-ranked Missouri for beating your #1 vote. The question is really how did OSU get 6 NEW votes for 1st place? I'm not saying OSU should or shouldn't be in the title picture. I don't really care. Since the votes are secret, this is one of the few cases where you can see specifically how votes were changed. Response I (Re: They were LSU votes) If voters had LSU picked #1, why would they need to switch their vote to Ohio State? There are no undefeated teams. If you [the coach/voter] like LSU, you might as well still like them. 6 OT's to put you at 10-2 is not really that much worse than being 11-1. That is, *IF* you liked LSU to begin with. If you liked OSU to begin with, well, why didn't you have them ranked 1st in Week 13? (No one did.) Response II (re: WTF do you care?) The reason I care is because the national championship (or who plays for it) is determined by polls. Before the BCS it was 100% polls, now it is around 33%. So it matters. I am not saying college football "matters"

A: Six morons, who probably come from the Big Ten as you fore mentioned.

What is the game time for NCAA men's Elite 8 regional championship in St. Louis? by Jordy Q: I've checked the NCAA web site, ESPN, SI, CBS, Ticketmaster, Stubhub, etc. I want to know the St. Louis Regional Championship game (Elite 8) TIME. I've only been able to find Sweet 16 times so far. Friday games: UNC vs. Ohio at 6:47 CT and Kansas vs. N.C. State at 9:17 CT What time would these winners face off on Sunday? If it hasn't been released, what time have the regional championship games been in the past few years? Thanks.

Ncaa: syracuse vs Kansas? by tampalightning Q: So as many others im filling out my bracket and i cant decide between Kansas and syracuse for the championship spot. on one hand Kansas is the number 1 seed in the whole tournement however they dont do as weel against teams that r strong in 3 pointers. Syracuse is amazing in 3 point shooting! also i feel that kansas might have slight trouble defeating ohio state and coming off a scarce win might affect their playing against syracuse... which one????

A: kansas. why is cuse in your finals? they are on a 2 game losing streak. they havent been playing hot lately. and there star big man onuaku is hurt. i think that the finals will be kentucky vs ?... syracuse has lost there magic touch i think. sorry dude

NCAA College Football Predictions for Week 13? by Military Mama due 03/09 Q: Give me your picks for the top 10 teams on the NCAA poll on whether they will win or lose..... 1. LSU ...............VS Mississippi 2. Oregon ...........VS Arisona (LOST 34-24) 3. Oklahoma ...................VS Texas Tech 4. Kansas ..............VS Iowa St 5. West Virginia .........VS Cincinnati 6. Missouri ...............VS Kansas St 7. Ohio State ...............VS Michigan 8. Georgia ...................VS Kentucky 9. Arizona State ...................Bye Week 10. Virginia Tech ..............VS Miami *Number 2 (Oregon Ducks) LOST so we know that answer*

A: LSU TexasTech Kansas West Virginia Missouri OSU Kentucky AS Virginia Tech

NRHH: What's your favorite flavor sunflower seed? by Q: I'm addicted to sunflower seeds Bq: Predictions for Ohio State vs Kansas @leb smh

Final Four Poll: Who do you got tonight? by Starhawke Coma Q: Ohio State vs. Kansas Louisville vs. Kentucky

A: Ohio State vs. Kansas: Kansas will win Louisville vs. Kentucky: Kentucky will win

What are you BCS predictions at the end of the season? Bowl games? Postseason Rankings? How are mine? by mjr2013 --- Wings in 2012!! Q: My Rankings ---------------------- 1. Oregon Ducks (12-0) PAC 10 CHAMPS 2. Boise State Broncos (12-0) WAC CHAMPS 3. Auburn Tigers (12-1) SEC CHAMPS 4. TCU Horned Frogs (12-0) MWC CHAMPS 5. Nebraska Cornhuskers (12-1) BIG 12 CHAMPS 6. Stanford Cardinals (11-1) 7. Wisconsin Badgers (11-1) BIG TEN CHAMPS 8. Alabama Crimson Tide (10-2) 9. Arkansas Razor Backs (10-2) 10. Oklahoma Sooners (10-3) 11. LSU Tigers (10-2) 12. Missouri Tigers (10-2) 13. South Carolina Gamecocks (9-4) 14. Iowa Hawkeyes (9-3) 15. Ohio State Buckeyes (10-2) 16. Florida State Seminoles (10-3) ACC CHAMPS 17. Michigan State Spartans (10-2) 18. Oklahoma State Cowboys (10-2) 19. North Carolina State Wolfpack (9-3) 20. Virginia Tech. Hokies (10-3) 21. Miami Hurricanes (8-4) 22. Mississippi State Bulldogs (8-4) 23. San Diego State Aztecs (9-3) 24. Arizona Wildcats (8-4) 25. Nevada Wolfpack (11-2) UNRANKED CONFERENCE CHAMPS -- Pittsburgh Panthers (8-4) (Big East Champ)... UCF Knights (10-3) (CUSA Champs)... Ohio Bobcats (10-3) (MAC Champs)... Troy Trojans (7-5) (Sun Belt Champs) BOWL GAMES Sorted by date with BCS games at end. Winner is in CAPS I avoided naming the sponser whenever possible ------------------------------------------- New Mexico Bowl: FRESNO STATE BULLDOGS (8-4) vs. BYU Cougars (6-6) Humanitarian Bowl: #25 NEVADA WOLFPACK (11-2) vs. Toledo Rockets (8-4) New Orleans Bowl: Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles (7-5) vs. TROY TROJANS (7-5) St. Petersburg Bowl: TULSA GOLDEN HURRICANES (9-4) vs. Western Michigan Broncos (6-6) Las Vegas Bowl: #23 SAN DIEGO STATE AZTECS (9-3) vs. Notre Dame Irish (5-7) Poinsetta Bowl: NAVY MIDSHIPMEN (9-3) vs. Utah State Aggies (6-6) Hawaii Bowl: HAWAII WARRIORS (9-4) vs. Southern Methodist Mustangs (6-6) Little Caesers Bowl: Ohio Bobcats (10-3) vs. ILLINOIS ILLINI (5-7) Independence Bowl: UTAH UTES (9-3) vs. Georgia Tech. Yellow Jackets (6-6) Champs Sports Bowl: #19 North Carolina State Wolfpack (9-3) vs. WEST VIRGINIA MOUNTAINEERS (8-4) Insight Bowl: #12 Missouri Tigers (10-2) vs. #14 IOWA HAWKEYES (9-3) Military Bowl: AIR FORCE FALCONS (8-4) vs. Boston College Eagles (6-6) Texas Bowl: NORTHWESTERN WILDCATS (8-4) vs. Baylor Bears (7-5) Alamo Bowl: #18 OKLAHOMA STATE COWBOYS (10-2) vs. Houston Cougars (6-6) Armed Forces Bowl: EAST CAROLINA PIRATES (8-4) vs. Army Black Knights (7-5) Pinstripe Bowl: SYRACUSE ORANGE (9-3) vs. Kansas State Wildcats (7-5) Music City Bowl: North Carolina Tar Heels (7-5) vs. KENTUCKY WILDCATS (7-5) Holiday Bowl: Texas A&M (7-5) vs. CALIFORNIA BEARS (6-6) Meinike Car Care Bowl: Maryland Terps (7-5) vs. SOUTH FLORIDA BULLS(7-5) Sun Bowl: #21 Miami Hurricanes (8-4) vs. ARIZONA WILDCATS (8-4) Liberty Bowl: UCF KNIGHTS (10-3) vs. Georgia Bulldogs (6-6) Chick-fil-A Bowl: #20 Virginia Tech Hokies (10-3) vs. #22 MISSISSIPPI STATE BULLDOGS (8-4) Ticketcity Bowl: MICHIGAN WOLVERINES (7-5) vs. Iowa State Cyclones (6-6) Outback Bowl: #13 SOUTH CAROLINA GAMECOCKS (8-4) vs. #17 Michigan State Spartans (10-2) Capital One Bowl: #9 Arkansas Razor Backs (10-2) vs. #15 OHIO STATE BUCKEYES (10-2) Gator Bowl: PENN STATE NITTANY LIONS (8-4) vs. Florida Gators (7-5) GoDaddy.com Bowl: NORTHERN ILLINOIS HUSKIES (10-3) vs. UTEP Miners (6-6) Cotton Bowl: #10 Oklahoma Sooners (10-3) vs. #11 LSU TIGERS (10-2) Compass Bowl: TEMPLE OWLS (9-3) vs. Tennessee Volunteers (6-6) Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl: Miami (OH) Redhawks (7-5) vs. CLEMSON TIGERS (6-6) Rose Bowl: #6 STANFORD CARDINALS (11-1) vs. #7 Wisconsin Badgers (11-1) Fiesta Bowl: #5 NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS (12-1) vs. Pittsburgh Panthers (8-4) Orange Bowl: #8 Alabama Crimson Tide (10-2) vs. #16 FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLES (10-3) Sugar Bowl: #3 AUBURN TIGERS (12-1) vs. #4 TCU Horned Frogs (12-0) BCS National Championship: #1 Oregon Ducks (12-0) vs. #2 BOISE STATE BRONCOS (12-0) POSTSEASON RANKINGS 1. Boise State Broncos (13-0) 2. Nebraska Cornhuskers (13-1) 3. Auburn Tigers (13-1) 4. Stanford Cardinals (12-1) 5. Oregon Ducks (12-1) 6. LSU Tigers (11-2) 7. Ohio State Buckeyes (11-2) 8. South Carolina Gamecocks (9-4) 9. Florida State Seminoles (11-3) 10. Iowa Hawkeyes (10-3) 11. Wisconsin Badgers (11-2) 12. Alabama Crimson Tide (10-3) 13. Oklahoma Sooners (10-4) 14. TCU Horned Frogs (12-1) 15. Arkansas Razor Backs (10-3) 16. Oklahoma State Cowboys (11-2) 17. Missouri Tigers (10-3) 18. Mississippi State Bulldogs (9-4) 19. San Diego State Aztecs (10-3) 20. Michigan State Spartans (10-3) 21. Nevada Wolfpack (12-2) 22. Arizona Wildcats (9-4) 23. Virginia Tech. Hokies (10-4) 24. UCF Knights (11-3) 25. Syracuse Orange (10-3) Whatcha think?

A: Wow this was really well thought out. I enjoyed reading it. It's looks pretty accurate to me. The only thing I have a problem with is Oklahoma and Ok. St. I think St. will beat Oklahoma, unfortunatley. Unless Oklahoma comes out ready to play, and plays all out, I think Ok. St. will beat them. Let's hope Oklahoma comes out with more determination and focus though eh? -Also the Alabama FSU game, that one will be intresting. I'm going with Alabama, but would rather FSU win. Very good job thinking this all out.

How should the BCS work out this year? by Solomon Grundy Q: How about this? BCS Title Game: Ohio State vs LSU Rose Bowl: USC vs Georgia Orange Bowl: Missouri vs West Virginia Fiesta Bowl: Kansas vs Arizona State Sugar Bowl: Oklahoma vs Virginia Tech The Rose Bowl is going to have to get over their Pac 10 vs Big 10 match up since #'s 1&2 lost. There is no way Georgia gets into the national title game nor USC. Since they're the 2 hottest teams let them play each other in the Rose Bowl. Ohio State gets in the Title game(yuck) by default since #'s 1&2 lost. Oklahoma cannot conceivably jump 7 spots to #2. LSU's losses were to ranked teams in 6 overtimes in the toughest conference in D1. Therefore LSU vs Ohio State in the BCS game. Oklahoma gets a BCS game since they won their conference. Kansas lucked out in getting one since they didn't play Oklahoma. Missouri should get a BCS game. Virginia Tech gets a BCS game for the same reason Oklahoma gets one. Who has any objections? It is about as simple as it can get in my opinion.

A: LSU won the SEC title, they should play Ohio State, although I do not like the fact there is no playoff! Ohio State had a weak schedule this year and the Big Ten has no playoff game like other conferences, which gives them an advantage over those that do play another game and if they lose, they drop. The NCAA Division I needs a playoff to obtain a real champion in football like it does in the other divisions and like it does in basketball, baseball!

March Madness Bracket Help? by Q: This years bracket is really stressin me out haha..here is my sweet 16 and let me know if I am looking in good shape.. South Kentucky vs. Wichita State Baylor vs. Xavier West Michigan State vs. Louisville Murray State vs. Florida East Syracuse vs. Vanderbilt Cincinnati vs. Ohio State Mid West North Carolina vs. Temple NC State vs. Kansas ELITE 8 South Kentucky vs. Baylor West Louisville vs. Florida East Vanderbilt vs. Ohio State Mid West North Carolina vs. Kansas FINAL 4 Kentucky vs. Louisville Ohio State vs. North Carolina CHAMPIONSHIP Louisville vs. North Carolina NATIONAL CHAMPION North Carolina Thoughts on this bracket...??

A: That's Just Terrible just Terrible!

Flip a coin. Who will advance to the Elite 8? by STEVE Q: Syracuse vs Wisconsin ---- (Wisconsin) Cincinnati vs Ohio State ---- (Cincinnati) North Carolina vs Ohio ---- (North Carolina) North Carolina State vs Kansas ---- (Kansas) Kentucky vs Indiana ---- (Kentucky) Baylor vs Xavier ---- (Xavier) Michigan State vs Louisville ---- (Louisville) Marquette vs Florida ---- (Florida) (My picks based on coin flips in parenthesis) --Who do you think will advance? Use any method you wish (personal opinion, random guess, etc)

A: I flipped a coin. lol!!! and here's my result Syracuse Ohio State North Carolina Kansas Kentucky Baylor Louisville Florida G0t it? Go0d!!!!

My 2010 March Madness bracket predictions? by Bob J Q: MIDWEST 1. Kansas vs 16. Jackson St/ Lehigh 8. Maryland vs Marquette 5. Tennessee vs 12. Cornell 4. Michigan State vs 13. Old Dominion 6. BYU vs 11. California 3. West Virginia vs UC Santa Barbara 7. Xavier vs 10. Louisville 2. Duke vs 15. Arkansas State EAST 1. Villanova vs 16. Radford 8. Northern Iowa vs 9. Ole Miss 5. New Mexico vs 12. Virginia Tech 4. Texas vs 13. Kenn State 6. Georgia Tech vs 11. Charlotte 3. Vandy vs 14. Oakland 7. Rhode Island vs 10. Siena 2. Purdue vs 15. Morgan State WEST 1. Cuse vs 16. Robert Morris 8. Clemson vs 9. Oklahoma State 5. Wake Forest vs 12. UTEP 4. Ohio State vs Utah State 6. Butler vs 11. St. Mary's 3. Temple vs 14. Sam Houston St 7. UNLV vs 10. Richmond 2. Kansas State vs 15. Vermont SOUTH 1. Kentucky vs 16. Jacksonville 8. Missouri vs 9. Florida State 5. Pittsburgh vs 12. Illinois 4. Gonzaga vs 13. College of Charleston 6. Baylor vs 11. Tulsa 3. Wisconsin vs 14. Murray State 7. Texas A&M vs 10, Dayton 2. Georgetown vs 15. Weber State

A: You loaded all the talented teams in the midwest. it would never work out that way

Ncaa tournament bracket help! final four? by TheGreatest Q: i have these teams in the final four Florida vs. Kansas Georgetown vs. Ohio State who will win each match, i can't decide. Explain why please.

A: unc, texas a an m, florida and ucla. unc takes it all (they are 7-0 vs top 25 teams!) Those are mine, but if I were to pick between your picks i would have to say Florida because of thier depth and coaching and Georgetown because of thier road record and winning streak at the end of the season. In the end for the big one go for Georgetown because of thier 6-2 record vs the top25 combined with their hot streak

Ohio State Football Question? by Alex C Q: If you are an Ohio State fan which team would help Ohio State more to get to the National Champioship? Missouri VS Kansas

A: It's amusing watching people grasping for straws. LSU will win the NC. Get used to it.

ncaa march madness predictions 2012 rate/fix? by Q: 1#seeds kentucky north carolina ohio state uconn 1# overall seed kentucky sweet sixteen kentucky 1 vs louisville 4 alabama 5 vs syracuse 2 north carolina 1 vs unlv 5 kansas 3 vs florida 2 uconn 1 vs vandy 4 miss st 3 vs duke 2 ohio state 1 vs indiana 4 memphis 6 vs michigan state 7 elite eight kentucky 1 vs syracuse 2 north carolina 1 vs kansas 3 vandy 4 vs duke 2 ohio state 1 vs memphis 6 final four kentucky 1 vs duke 2 kansas 3 vs ohio state 1 championship game kentucky 1 vs ohio state 1 national champion kentucky

A: i predict UNC

Final Four predictions for tomorrow? by Q: UK2K vs Louserville Ohio State vs Kansas who wins?

A: Kentucky over Louisville 83 to 76. Kansas over Ohio State 76 to 72.

What is ur prediction for the Bowl Games and Nat title? by Nicole J Q: National Championship Kansas vs LSU Rose Bowl Ohio State vs Arizona State Orange Bowl Boston College vs Missouri Sugar Bowl West Virginia vs Georgia Feista Bowl Virginia Tech vs Hawaii

A: National Championship game: LSU vs West Virginia Sugar Bowl: Georgia vs Virginia Tech Orange Bowl: BC vs Kansas Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs USC Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma vs Arizona State

The Top 10 rivalry games I must watch? by Chris R Q: 1. UCLA VS USC 2. Texas Tech VS Texas 3. Arkansas VS LSU 4. Pittsburgh VS West Virginia 5. Ohio State VS Michigan 6. Miami FL VS Virginia Tech 7. Iowa VS Wisconsin 8. Pittsburgh VS Louisville 9. Tennessee VS Florida 10. Texas A/M VS Oklahoma Other games you might tune into Michigan State VS Ohio State Michigan State VS Notre Dame Alabama VS Auburn USC VS California Notre Dame VS Penn State Kansas State VS Nebraska

A: How could you forget: 1. USC vs. Notre Dame 2. Florida St. vs. Florida

Will the Orange Bowl t and BCS Championship game next Monday be blowouts like the Rose, Fiesta and Sugar? by MrGenius Q: Will Kansas Vs Virginia Tech or LSU Vs Ohio State be better games? I think the only hope for a close game will be Kansas Vs Virginia Tech. . . . . Obviously LSU will take Ohio State behind the woodshed and pummel the heck out of them!!! Then LSU will knock Ohio State to the ground. . . whiz in their ear. . . and pound them again!!!

A: I think it will all be more blowouts!

Who wins the sweet 16 matches? by ♦ đeмøи øf ωяešтłeмαиıα 19-0 ♦ Q: 1: Northern Iowa vs. Michigan State 2: Tennessee vs. Ohio State 3: Syracuse vs. Butler 4: Xavier vs. Kansas State 5: Kentucky vs. Cornell 6: Washington vs. West Virginia 7: Duke vs. Purdue 8: Baylor vs. St. Mary's


Football Holiday College Bowl whos going to win from these picks!? by softball Queen Q: Arizona State vs. Hawaii Central Michigan vs. Middle Tennessee Florida State vs. UCLA Alabama vs. Oklahoma State California vs. Texas A & M Kansas State vs. Rutgers Clemson vs. Kentucky Missouri vs. Oregon State Houston vs. Southern Carolina Minnesota vs. Texas Tech Maryland vs. Purdue Boston College vs. Navy Iowa vs. Texas Georgia vs. Virginia Tech Miami Fla vs. Nevada Penn State vs. Tennessee Auburn vs. Nebraska Georgia Tech vs. West Virginia Arkansas vs. Wisconsin Michigan vs. USC Bosie State vs. Oklahoma Louisville vs. Wake forest LSU vs. Notre Dame Cincinnati vs. Western Michigan Ohio vs. Southern Miss Florida vs. Ohio State and Thanks for your Picks! Cause i need the HELP!

A: Hawaii, C. Mich., UCLA, Alabama, Cal, Rutgers, Clemson, Oregon St, So Carolina, Texas Tech, Maryland, Boston College, Texas, Virginia Tech, Nevada, Tennessee, Auburn, West Virginia, Arkansas, Michigan, Oklahoma, Louisville, LSU, Cincinnati, Southern Miss, Florida

Please help with a couple of the picks for my bracket!!? by Trey Blough Q: Pick who will win and why Tennessee vs. Ohio State Syracuse vs. Butler Pitt vs. Kansas State Duke vs. Louisville Utah State vs. Purdue I mean Siena vs. Utah State

A: I'm with Nemm.

Will this be the best College Football Weekend of the past decade? by Calm & Collected Q: UCLA vs. BYU Oregon vs. Purdue California vs. Maryland Washington vs. Oklahoma Fresno State vs. Wisconsin Michigan vs. Notre Dame South Florida vs. Kansas and of course: USC vs. ohio state Trojans will stomp them out! Ohio State won't be in any BCS bowl games after this beat down.

A: NO way not by a long shot. conference play is always the best Georgia Florida Auburn Alabama Oklahoma Texas rival week that's always the best

Here are just some SEC vs NCAA match ups, who would win? by #1 Cats Fan Q: All games at N. turf. + = My pick LSU+ vs Ohio State Florida+ vs Oklahoma Alabama+ vs Boston College Kentucky+ vs Southern Cal. South Carolina vs Kansas+ Auburn vs Oregon+ Georgia+ vs Arizona State Arkansas vs Virginia Tech+ Tennessee vs West Virginia+ Mississippi State+ vs Missouri Vanderbilt+ vs Hawaii Ole Miss vs Texas+ This is Match ups between the SEC and the other teams in the Top 15. pretty much their matched up based on rankings and SEC standings.

A: LSU, Fla, Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina, Oregon, Georgia, Virginia Tech, Tennessee, Missouri, Vanderbilt, Texas. SEC 8 The rest 4

Do you sense bitterness from the Ohio State fan who did this...? by Veritas et Aequitas () Q: Question Details: With LSU losing to Arkansas and #2 Kansas and #3 Missouri playing this weekend where will that put #4 WV vs. Conn. and #5 Ohio State (reg. season over) at in the rankings. Who do you think will be playing for the National Title? OHIO STATE VS MISSOURI OHIO STATE 35 MISSOURI 17 Deleted Answer: Okay, this has to be the DARKEST DAY in College Sports. Now we have to hear these tired OSU fans with their pipe dreams!!! Just be fortunate you get to play in a BCS Bowl. With that weak (ASTERISK ASTERISK ASTERISK) conference and all. And enjoy it because this loss solidifies Les Miles at Michigan and you will regret that day. Cough...Cough...I remember last year too when an SEC team pummeled your (ASTERISK ASTERISK ASTERISKes)! I even put the asterisks in myself and still got a violation. This time I just spelled it out for you rather than putting the symbol. Has to be a bitter Ohio State fan who did that. Sorry that I just tell the truth. I'm so sorry about that. Boo Hoo!

A: Sounds like it probably was. But that's a pretty clever move, spelling out the "asterisks"... good job! And you're right, the Big Ten is a totally weak-asterisk asterisk asterisk conference! And Ohio State and Michigan are the two most overrated teams in the history of college football... Last year just proved it with not one, but BOTH of them getting shredded in their bowl games against supposedly "inferior" opponents... We all went through a solid month of OSU/Mich fans talking about how the two of them should have a rematch for the national championship. How'd THAT work out? lol Florida 41 Ohio State 14 USC 32 Michigan 18 (edit: Both the answer before mine and the answer after mine are very reasonable, and both good answers..from true OSU fans that can be proud of their team for what it accomplished...that's a good thing). I'm not really sure why your answer would have been deleted... and all teams do have fans that are jerks. Who knows, maybe the moderator is a Michigan fan, lol.

How many of the remaining NCAA unbeatens will lose this week? by Captain Devilbat (Mr. C) Q: Here are the games: South Florida @ Rutgers Ohio State vs Michigan State Kansas @ Colorado Hawaii, Arizona State, and Boston College are all off.

A: Ohio State should be fine against Michigan State. South Florida better watch out, I think this is a trap game. USF is not used to being ranked this high and it might get to there heads a little. I know they beat Auburn and West Virginia but if there is one thing this season has told me its that anybody can beat anybody on any given week. I wouldn't be surprised if Kansas lost to an improving Colorado team that upset Oklahoma a few weeks back so I would say Ohio State is a lock to win but the other two are really toss ups.

Who's excited for the Final Four tonight (pick winners-10 points)? by Q: Who wins each game Kentucky vs Louisville Kansas vs Ohio State

A: Kentucky:74 Louisville:66 Kansas:82 Ohio st:78

Whose going to win march madness? by Q: I say Kansas vs. Ohio State....kansas win 49-51? Any other ideas

A: I have UConn over Purdue 75-68.

I have K-State to win the NCAA tournament, opinions? by Q: I Have Notre Dame, Ohio State, UConn, and Kansas State in the Final Four. State vs State in the finals, with K State winning it all. Jacob Pullen is really good, and i think they are a threat. But OSU has good Posts and Guards. What do you think?

A: I was thinking about taking Kansas State to the Final Four, but they were in the same Region as Pittsburgh, so I couldn't. I think its a good pick, they started off bad, but have really come on as late. Pullen & Kelly have played great lately, so they might win it.

Kansas vs. Northern Iowa- Who ya got? by GreenKnight93 Q: Northern Iowa Kansas is overrated just like Ohio State, Kansas State and Nova. I don't expect to see these teams next weekend :)

A: I'm guessing that Northern Iowa will be leading Kansas 36-28 at halftime and win the game 69-67 and make a clutch three pointer at the end of the game.

What is the biggest state vs. state rivalry in the US? by Jared Q: I know a lot of states have rivalries for many different reasons. A few come to mind: Texas-California Texas-Maryland New York-New Jersey Wisconsin-Illinois Wisconsin-Minnesota Missouri-Kansas Michigan-Ohio What two states in the union have the biggest rivalry between each other?

A: I'm going with Missouri-Kansas. I'm biased because I'm from Kansas, but whatever. That is a rivalry that transcends sports--it comes from the civil war when Kansas was in the process of becoming a state. There was arson, murder, and all sorts of other crimes in an attempt to decide whether Kansas would be a free state or a slave state. It has earned titles like Border War, Bleeding Kansas, and Bloody Kansas because of the amount of violent events that occurred. To this day the name John Brown inspires pride in most Kansans, while the name William Quantrill upsets them. The battles have now transferred into sports, with the University of Kansas Jayhawks and the Missouri Tigers involed in what is called the Border War, a contest determined yearly by the success of each school's sports teams. While it's no longer as intense of a rivalry as it was (meaning no one has been murdered in a while because of it), it is still a very, very passionate one. There's nothing quite like being in either state (especially in the homes of the universities, Columbia and Lawrence) on the day of a border war game.

Who will face off vs Ohio State in the National Championship? by Yahoo User Q: Will it still be Boston College? Here are some of the possibilities I think will play them: BC (#2 in the land) UConn (they keep rising) LSU (#3 in the country) Hawaii (Colt Brennan is dangerous) Oregon(high ranking) Arizona State (If they get past Oregon, they have a chance) Kansas (Unbeaten, rising in polls) WVU (They need to get past UConn and Louisville) Oklahoma (Not too bad a team) What do you think? Who else is a possibility to play dem Buckeyes?

A: There are better teams than Boston College, however, if they run the table, I can't see anyone else playing Ohio State for the national championship. That's according to BCS rules. Of course Ohio State still has to run the table as well. Michigan would like nothing better than to throw the BCS into turmoil once again.

Who Else Is Pumped For Final Four Games? by ℓαυяα Q: In about a hour Kentucky vs. Louisville Then after that Kansas vs. Ohio State I'm ready for the Kentucky/Louisville game Lets go Cats! So who do you got in these games i got Kentucky over Louisville & Ohio State over Kansas

A: I am! The same predictions --- My Buckeyes just barely over Kansas, and Kentucky over Louisville. And I think Kentucky will beat my Buckeyes in the championship game on Monday.

Final Four is set: Kentucky vs Louisville AND Ohio State vs Kansas.. Who wins? by Q:

A: Kansas vs. Kentucky, Kansas wins.

How about Ohio State vs Duke and Kansas vs Florida in the Final Four? by Brad Q: Do you think it is logical to turn out that way? Then how about Ohio State defeating Kansas for the championship? Are the odds good this will be how it plays out? Have a great Tuesday!

A: thats how i have it in my pool so yeah i think it is a possible happening but "march madness is upset city baby" so we will have to wait and c

Jayhawks Basketball pre-game vs. Ohio State #2 Ohio State @ #13 Kansas 12-10-11 KANSAS Men's Basketball pregame vs. Ohio State 12/10/11 Flashback: Ohio State v. Kansas 1997 - Redd vs Pierce Coach Self post game from Kansas v Ohio State [12.10.11] Thomas Robinson - 21 Points Vs Ohio State (Complete Highlights) 2004 Fiesta Bowl: Ohio State vs Kansas State (Drive-Thru) Free Picks: Kansas vs Ohio State Betting NCAA Basketball Final Four: Kansas vs Ohio State - March Madness NCAA Basketball 10 Final Four Simulation Feat. Kansas vs Ohio State - Kentucky vs Louisville Kansas Vs. Ohio State - Final Four KUsports.com Jayhawk Flashback: Dec. 16, 1999 vs. Ohio State Kansas VS. Ohio State Thomas Robinson #0 | 21pts 7reb 1ast | Kansas Vs. Ohio St | 12/10/11 Ohio State Vs. Kansas College Hoops 2k10 - PC - Kansas at Ohio State Donald Washington Cb Ohio State/ Kansas City Chiefs Kansas Defeats Ohio State in comeback win to advance to the National Title! Florida vs. Ohio State National Championship 2007 Final Four Bound: Kentucky, Kansas, Ohio State, or Louisville, Who wins it all in Big Easy? WATCH NCAA Tournament 2011 Bracket Revealed Ohio State Kansas Pitt Duke Get Top Seeds 2012 NCAA Final Four! Who Wins the Championship? Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio State, Kansas? NCAA, Live Stream Kansas v Ohio State Highlights, Preview, Schedule, Online NBA, Live Stream Kansas v Ohio State Highlights, Preview, Schedule, Online - nba the game | NCAA, Live Stream Kansas v Ohio State Highlights, Preview, 1999 Sugar Bowl: Ohio State v. Texas A&M (Drive-Thru) Miami Hurricanes vs Ohio State 2011 2002: Ohio State v. Purdue (Drive-Thru) 2004 Alamo Bowl: Ohio State v. Oklahoma State (Drive-Thru) College Basketball: Ohio State Buckeyes vs Kansas Jayhawks Miami Vs Ohio State 2011 Gonzaga Bulldogs v 7 Ohio State Buckeyes at 2:45 PM 1997 Rose Bowl: Ohio State v. Arizona State (Drive-Thru) Ohio State Buckeyes 2008 NIT Champions vs UMass Ohio State vs Akron 2011 Highlights 6 Xavier vs. 2 Kansas State Highlights 1991: Ohio State v. Minnesota (Drive-Thru) NCAA Basketball 10 (PS3) North Carolina vs. Ohio State ESPN Kansas Knocks off Ohio State 2006 Fiesta Bowl Highlights Ohio State vs Notre Dame Sullinger ready, set, go for Kansas Ohio State Head Coach Thad Matta post Kansas press conference Kansas ready for Ohio St. Rebecca hits a Triple vs Kansas Feb 13 NCAA FINAL FOUR 2012 // LOUISVILLE and KENTUCKY // OHIO STATE and KANSAS Highlights of Michigan vs. Ohio State Michigan Hockey vs. Ohio State Highlights 2-12-2011 Thad Matta Updates Jared Sullinger Status for Kansas Game 2011 12 10 KU vs Ohio State 001 NCAA Tournament #1 Ohio St. vs. #4 Kentucky 2011
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