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Justin Bieber Cancer

Justin Bieber Cancer Hoax Tried to Persuade Fans to Shave Heads
Justin Bieber's fans don't need to shave their heads since the 18-year-old singer doesn't suffer from cancer at all. A hashtag #baldforbieber was trending for a while on Twitter, but faded as soon as people found out the truth. Kenny Hamilton, Justin's ...

Beliebers Shave Their Heads After Sick Justin Bieber Cancer Hoax
A fake Twitter account, claiming to be Entertainment Tonight, tweeted, “pop Star Justin Bieber was diagnosed with cancer earlier this morning. Bieber fans are shaving their heads to show their support,” but later deleted the tweet. A Facebook page has ...

4Chan Members Fabricate Justin Bieber Cancer Scare; Fans Shave Heads To ...
Last night, a group of users from the popular image-based message board devised a campaign around the notion that Justin Bieber had developed cancer and was forced to shave his head. The pranksters covered their ground by developing a plethora of ...

Go 'Bald for Bieber' urges Internet cancer hoax
Justin Bieber devotees were thrown for a loop this week after a couple bad apples on the Internet started a rumor that the pop prince had cancer. The hoax, Reddit attests, began Tuesday night when a 4channer used something to the tune of the Fake Tweet ...

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DouglasBaastos Justin Bieber está com câncer? .. http://t.co/U8YsNyux

ClumsyGirlJ RT @peoplemag: Justin Bieber does NOT have cancer, so please don't shave your heads, girls. #baldforbieber

LordShelley so everybodys saying justin bieber has cancer wtf

RecruitJustin Justin Bieber cancer hoax: Did fans shave their heads for nothing?: The internet pranksters at the 4chan message... http://t.co/1vO023d0

Faku_ndo Gracias a #BaldForBieber miles de sus fans son calvas por un supuesto cancer de Justin Bieber

TeresaMathew_ RT @beachboy123_: there was a rumour about justin bieber having cancer and lots of beliebers were shaving their hair to support him but it wasn't true......

WOW_OMG_LOL Marina Krim Justin Bieber Cancer Lil Wayne Mockingbird Lane Lena Dunham Hurricane Sandy Windows 8 E...

oksarge RT @shannoninottawa: This is why we teach media literacy. Justin Bieber fans go bald after cancer prank. http://t.co/WUUJR0L9

Catia_Santos20 RT @BieberLasagna: You are not funny. Cancer isn't a joke, idiot bastard. http://t.co/sauEToIf

adamjld So 4chan started started a rumour that Justin Bieber has cancer and encouraged fans to shave their heads in support. Lulz. #baldforbieber

RenaudGuerin RT @ValentinSteph: Magique ! RT @Ganeshdeux: 4chan fait croire que Justin Bieber a un cancer; et ses fans se rasent la tête en soutien http://t.co/Z92NomjK LOL

PedroDur4n 4chan emite el rumor de Q justin bieber tiene cancer y las tontas de las Fans se rapan la cabeza!! jajajaja Son los putos amos!

Rafaelluish RT @elespectador: Seguidoras de Justin Bieber se raparon la cabeza en respaldo a un falso cáncer, conozca los detalles de la broma. http://t.co/UO8QMsL1

alinkarev RT @SoyMisterX: Los de 4chan merecen mi respeto, han hecho que las beliebers se rapen, las han hecho creer que Justin Bieber tenía cáncer #baldforbieber

boontwill014 Does Justin Bieber have cancer? His bodyguard speaks out https://t.co/dDZ33y0f


POLL: Why is everyone so cruel to Justin Bieber? by The Captain Q: I never thought I would see the day when the entirety of the internets would insult and harass a cancer victim. For Christ's sake, she lost both her breasts to breast cancer, underwent chemotherapy which stunted her hair growth and still has the courage to sing for millions - yet even Wikipedia is cruel enough to actually call her a boy. She's only 16 years old...give her a break! So brave.

A: Hahaha. I didn't expect that haha... But that's kinda offensive to people who do have breast cancer

Cancer Woman & Piscies Man ? by Clarissa Nicole Q: How would a relationship with a cancer and pisces work ? Will it be like selena gomez ( cancer ) & justin bieber ( piscies ) , fun & romantic .... yes , no , .. maybe so ?

A: Wrong forum

what would happen if Owl City, Justin Bieber, Adam Lambert, and Nick Jonas did a song together? by Abby Q: All of these people are my favorite artists and i was thinking if i was dying of cancer or something and i got 1 wish from the make a wish foundation, would this be a good idea?!?!?!?

A: I would freak because I love Adam (Owl City).

Do you hate or dislike Justin Bieber? by Stay Classy Q: I think his music is terrible. However, I think he's a very good person and I don't think anybody who doesn't know him should hate or dislike him. He just donated a lot of money to cancer research, who can't appreicate that?

A: I hate his atempt at singing.

Does Justin Bieber Seriously Have Leukemia? by Kallie Q: I heard that it was announced on some radio station like 3 moths ago. And it's all over twitter (#baldforbeiber) Does the kid actually have cancer? And cancer is nothing to joke about. Why would somebody be so cruel as to start a rumor like that?

please, does anyone out there know how I could possibly contact Justin Bieber? by ♥ ♫ Maci Dawn ♫ ♥ Q: I swear to you, imm not a stalker.or anything crazy like that. I am doing this project at my school. And I need his help. The project if for Breast Cancer Awareness... Someone please help. Someone has to know a way.

A: Twitter, or fan mail him would be the best.

My friend said that Justin bieber is 19 is this true? by abby Q: my friend said that justin bieber faked his age and said he was two years younger than he is because the producer people thought he would appeal to the younger age group. She said he had leukemia when he was younger and that the cancer stunted his growth. HELP!!!! do not respond if u hate him... i want the TRUTH! do u really think he is 19?!?!

A: ask for the birth certificate. Leukemia stunts life, not just growth (as in height) That type of cancer kills. So what if he is even 21 or 25 . Does his real age really matter? People lie.

Why do so many people hate Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black? by Rory Williams Q: As for me, I'm a hater too. I absolutely hate their voices, they sound like Chewbacca having lung cancer trying to sing. How about you guys? I want to know your reasons. well, I got nothing against them as persons, only their voices bagsy84, dude, did you just say she's pretty? I have to disagree, she's almost as ugly as nicki minaj, and sings as horrible too.

A: At least D Fed's got an Ipod, i cant even say that much cuz mine broke and theres no way i can afford a new one :( as for Justin B and Rebecca Black, i dont really care that much for either of them, but i got nothing against either of them

If Al-Qaeda kills Justin Bieber, how emotionally confused would you be? by thelau Q: Especially after the death of bin Laden, they'll be gunning for a retaliatory strike. But....they'll be doing the world a favour by ridding of this stupidity-promoting cancer. Note: Answers wanted to throw this in the homosexual, transgendered, etc section. I guess it recognized the words "Justin Bieber." I would love to ask a stoner this question and watch the "whoooaaaa" reaction.

A: hahaha i never even thought of that. honestly......idk wtf would happen. that might actually bring us to peace with them because we'd be like ayeeee you just killed bieber, and then they'd be like oh yes, that little girl is very annoying....we kill her.....HIGH FIVE

Can I talk to Justin Bieber online? by kmoore Q: Okay, so I don't have a twitter or Facebook or MySpace or anything and I would like to talk to Justin Bieber. I know that a lot of websites say that you can talk to him...but not all of them are true. My friend has serious cancer and is a big fan of Justin. I would like to see if he could meet her or something. Or at least talk to her on FaceBook because she does have an account on FaceBook. Thanks for responding so fast!! I think I might try that.

A: Just make a video of your friend saying like it would be her dream to meet Justin Bieber and that she has cancer and maybe he will see it and maybe she will get to meet him

Please take this survey for my economics class (10 questions) its about Justin Bieber Barbie Dolls lol? by Uncle Pedro Q: This is a survey for my econ project.... For the project I'm running an advertising company... for Justin Bieber Barbie Dolls lol 1. On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you like Justin Bieber? 2. Do you find Justin Bieber's music catchy or horrificating? 3. How many people you know would be interested in buying a Justin Bieber Barbie Doll? 4. Do you like Selena Gomez Barbie Dolls or Selena Gomez? Does this influence you to like Justin Bieber more? 5. Did you know that Justin Bieber Barbie Dolls have a feature that allows you to rip off Justin Bieber's clothes with ease in case you can't handle the Bieber fever? Does this encourage you to buy a Justin Bieber Barbie Doll? 6. Justin Bieber Barbie Dolls hairs are made from dead Justin Bieber fans / wannabes, does this encourage you to buy a Justin Bieber Barbie Doll? 7. If you only had enough money to buy either a Justin Bieber Barbie Doll or a Jack Black Barbie Doll, which would you buy? 8. Would you buy a Justin Bieber Barbie Doll for $70? 9. If Justin Bieber Barbie Dolls caused cancer, would you still buy them? 10. What is your favorite feature about of Justin Bieber Barbie Dolls? What feature should be added? lol i know.... I need more people :p I have like 7 people who have done it... and I need like 3 more

A: 1. I guess a 5 2. Catchy 3. I like Selena. No it don't influence me to like Justin more 5. No, I didn't know that. And no, it doesn't encourage me to buy the doll. 6. No 7. Lol..I guess Justin's 8. No 9. No 10. No favorite feature. I don't care what the features are

Please take this survey for my economics class (its about Justin Bieber) (only 10 questions :D)? by Uncle Pedro Q: This is a survey for my econ project.... For the project I'm running an advertising company... for Justin Bieber Barbie Dolls lol 1. On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you like Justin Bieber? 2. Do you find Justin Bieber's music catchy or horrificating? 3. How many people you know would be interested in buying a Justin Bieber Barbie Doll? 4. Do you like Selena Gomez Barbie Dolls or Selena Gomez? Does this influence you to like Justin Bieber more? 5. Did you know that Justin Bieber Barbie Dolls have a feature that allows you to rip off Justin Bieber's clothes with ease in case you can't handle the Bieber fever? Does this encourage you to buy a Justin Bieber Barbie Doll? 6. Justin Bieber Barbie Dolls hairs are made from dead Justin Bieber fans / wannabes, does this encourage you to buy a Justin Bieber Barbie Doll? 7. If you only had enough money to buy either a Justin Bieber Barbie Doll or a Jack Black Barbie Doll, which would you buy? 8. Would you buy a Justin Bieber Barbie Doll for $70? 9. If Justin Bieber Barbie Dolls caused cancer, would you still buy them? 10. What is your favorite feature about of Justin Bieber Barbie Dolls? What feature should be added? lol... mb.... I have content besides this though =P can u do the survey too =D thanks for everyone who has done survey so far... i rlly appreciate it... i am also having fun on fb since i posted this as my status and people are doing it... =P

A: Oh boy. I can just imagine the answers u are gonna get. But u asked for it. 1. The scale does not register that low. 2. I don't call it music. I call it autotuned caterwauling. 3. If anyone I know revealed that they would be interested in such a thing, I would refuse to know them. 4. Does dog pisss encourage u to like a dog more? 5. To even answer this encourages gayness. 6. If I had my way, they would have an uninterrupted supply of dead Justin Boober fans to obtain hairs from. 7. I would buy a condom 8. I wouldn't touch a Justin Boober Barbie doll if they gave me Microsoft and Apple put together. 9. They do cause cancer. They cause gayness too. 10. They should have a feature to self-distruct...taking the purchaser along with it.

Okay all you Justin Bieber Fans please read this and its the truth? by Kyle Jaykob was born 8/17/2010 Q: Okay Justin Bieber does not by any means have cancer nor has he ever. He did however break his foot when he fell at a concert he was performing in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dgb5GMByhHw&feature=related also just to let you know he cant sing live either. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HA9sZlijqjU

A: I know ur all gonna be hatin But He is a Hawt Sissie Who needs to wear a cast For a sprained ancle !?!1!

Are the people who make talentless people like Justin Bieber famous slowing down evolution? by Dan Man Q: if the entertainment industry had higher standards, our minds would get bigger at a faster rate. We might find the cure for cancer and other ailments a lot faster. How is my over sized head going to get fixed?

A: you are stupid. all you do with your life is sit on the computer. Justin Bieber is bigger and better than you will ever be. he is 17 and has 65.5 MILLION dollars. he has a girlfriend. (you probably do not) he has many adoring fans. (clearly you do not) you wouldn't know true talent if Justin Bieber came a sacked your tiny little raisins. go and watch his movie. your opinion will change on him. he is from stratford..... 30 000 people. and now he tours all over the world...... building schools in poor countries, donating money off of every ticket that is purchased for his concerts, going to hospitals to help out with sick children. what the hell did you do with your life? NOTHING. suck mine b!tch.

POLL - Would you shave your head to show support for justin bieber? by KILLER Q: 4chan hacked justin bieber's twitter and posted that he had cancer and he'd have to shave his head, so a lot of people shaved their heads. turns out it was some trolls from 4chan... wow. i'm just glad i lived to see this day.

Why do so many people hate Justin Bieber? by Teen Q: Fun facts: Marijuana causes cancer Cigarettes are healthy for you Black people love watermelon White people rule the world Justin Bieber is the king of pop.

A: jealousy.. they think he sounds like a girl but he doesnt!.. anymore! <3

Can People please help me meet justin bieber? by Jack Robertson Q: i have had the worst year with my parents both having to go through cancer and then almost getting murdered and nothing would make this year better than meeting justin bieber. can everyone please help? no hate please?

A: I'm really sorry for you but I heard that the best thing you can do to get someone noticed is tweet at him on twitter cos he spends most of his time there. Just make an account if you don't have one and tweet as much as possible and I hope that Justin will notice you. Hope I helped and good luck :)

How Do I get Justin Bieber to preform at my birthday? by Beauty Buzz Q: OK so its actually my cousins birthday and she has cancer and i want to make it sooo special. her idol is justin and it would maybe make her forget about cancer so if u know the info so i can contact him plz comment!

A: Go to his website and click on contact or management. You can get the name of his manager and contact him since he controls Justin's schedule. You could also go to his record label's website and get in touch with them. Don't be too disappointed if he can't come because he's probably very busy and he probably costs a lot of money. But I'm sure if he heard about your friend's cancer he would sign something for her. You could also try to tweet him on twitter.

how to cure bieber cancer? by Rachel W Q: my friend is OBSESSED with justin bieber honestly i couldn't even put her in a catorgory for bieber fever its more than that its... BIEBER CANCER how can i cure her from. its like everyday she keeps talking about him and she even made a collage of bieber on her wall. p.s. bieber cancer isn't supposed to offend people with cancer) just so no one gets offended

A: Slap them and tell them the truth. If you were ever see him he wouldn't even acknowledge her. And then tell her that he got a girl prefnant

do you think if i was to cure cancer would i be more known and famous than justin bieber? by Steven Q: please be fair and try not to hate

A: you could have a lot less than that and be more famous than him. And not to mention your morals and ethic is wrong. You want the cure to cancer just to be more famous than somebody? To answer you question! No, you would not be. Name the person who came up with penicillin? or the person who found dna? Any guess? Exactly, they aren't household names.

what is he sad video that justin bieber talks about in his book? by Verified Belieber Q: In justin Bieber's book he talks about a video with a song about a girl with cancer, and we are guaranteed to have tears in our eyes after we watch it, what it is called? And what page was it?

A: Sarah Beth by Rascal Flatts; pg. 214.

Justin Bieber vs. soldiers, million dollars, cure for cancer and aids? by Hi, Caption EO from Disney Land Q:

A: cure for cancer and aids

Did Justin Bieber die? Does he have Cancer? by Robert Q: I just heard about this but can't find anything about it.

A: No he didn't die and no he doesn't have Cancer.If that was true it would be in the news

Justin Bieber vs. soldiers, cure for cancer and aids? by Hi, Caption EO from Disney Land Q:

A: How is Justin Bieber related to soldiers, cure for cancer or aids? People can easily support both Justin Bieber and the cure for cancer. Not the best question to ask :-/

My mate loves The justin bieber and i like him to i want to reasure her is he being cured for his cancer? by Taylor Q: If he actually has cancer hope not (:

A: Justin Bieber doesn't have cancer. It would be a major story if he did.

Enstarz - Why Does People Hate Justin Bieber So Much? by Daniel Q: http://www.enstarz.com/articles/1650/20120214/justin-bieber-cancer-valentines-day-avalanna-routh.htm He doesn't seem to be such a bad guy....

i need a name for a petitition about justin bieber meeting a girl with cancer.? by LoveeDee. Q: my cousin has been sick with cancer for two years. i'm starting a petition for him to notice her. i know i can get alot of signatures because we're being sponsored by several companies. i just need a good name that will draw people in... any ideas? please no rude comments, god bless!

Does justin bieber have thort cancer? by Christy Q:

does listening to justin bieber cause brain cancer? by Q:

A: Clinical studies at Stanford University have shown a strong link between brain cancer and listening to Justin Bieber. Early symptoms include mild hysteria, vomiting and painful cramping.

Does Justin Bieber has cancer? by Nikki H. Q: I think he has. Please confirm. A video is made and look ----> Ill show you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tY5yn27DY4c&feature=yo%C2%ADutube @Ashley what? Seriously. I'm not a Belieber but...this is really freaky,,, Thank you Herobine, Basketball and Nicolas. Not too mean like the others below that I rated (low). A lot of sources say it's leukemia. So...not throat cancer. Please survive :( God bless Justin. Thank you Dr. Thomas. ! I will wait for more answers and I think it's true. Opinion. But still....

did Justin Bieber ever have cancer? by Rohanie S Q: I know, i am a fan of Justin but i don't really know and I would like to know as well

A: I wish he'd have cancer

is justin bieber like cancer? by DAVID DAVIES Q: to me he is just like the big c he will not go away i didnt mean this in a jokeing way sorry if this up sets any body i have lost family due to te big c i just wanted to see how many people would reply to this

A: haha indeed

does justin bieber have cancer?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!? by jessy Q:

A: Justin Bieber IS cancer.

does Justin Bieber have cancer? by Abigail Q:

Did Justin bieber have cancer? by Time Killer~ Q:

A: You must have seen his old utube vids. No he just shaved hiw head that's all. Geez can't a person shave their head without people saying he has cancer

Does Justin bieber have cancer? by john Q:

A: Justin Bieber's agent released a few months ago that he has contracted cancer, but will give no further details. "He hopes to continue his career as if all were the same, and will not let his condition interfere with his relationship with his fans." A few days later, Barry Weiss, CEO of Island Records issued a statement regarding the youth. "We [Island Record staff] are grieved to learn of our young artist's plight, but we are confident in this man's ability to overcome. He is bent on working on through his trials and we will do all we can to support him." Justin's condition was intended to remain behind closed doors, but a news article on WikiLeaks released the information to the public. I personally give a hats-off to the young man for his bravery. Just remember he has Selena, his record company, and a world of adoring fans to help him through. Stay strong :)

Does justin bieber have cancer? by maXXine96 Q: some of my friends said he does!!!!!please say its not trueee!!!!!!!!!!!!

JUSTIN BIEBER HAS CANCER :(( WILL HE SURVIVE? by Soulja Buoy Q: HE IS MY IDOL , I LOVE YOU JUSTIN :(( The most I could do was shave my head to show my support , I wish I could take all your pain justin :(( Please tell me that there are chances for justin to survive
A: People like you are what make this world so stupid and pointless. Freaking out and wetting your panties over someone you don't even know. He's just a damn singer, not your f*cking mother. How would your life be affected whatsoever besides having one less crappy pop artist? Seriously. Ridiculous.

Does Justin Bieber Have Cancer? by Emma Q: It's all over the internet #baldforbieber, I kinda find it hard to believe that someone would go THIS far, making facebook pages, fake celebritity twitter accounts, why would someone who hates him go that far just to piss off his fans? But then again, it would have been all over the news and stuff and I probably wouldn't have to ask if he did, so idk. I hope it's not true becasue nobody deserves cancer, whoever started this rumor has a very sick sense of humor. Does anyone have any proof??

Justin Bieber has cancer? by Herobrine Q: I heard justin was diagnosed with leukemia, is this true?

Why did God create Hitler, cancer and Justin Bieber? by Q:

A: Because he's a butthead.

Is it true justin bieber has cancer ? by Anthony Q:

A: Go ask this in the entertainment/celebrity category. No one would know here, as this is a place to ask about your health, not some celebrity.

Does Justin Bieber really have cancer? by inseparablexxlove Q: & if he does, thats pretty fricken sad, for him especially since he was livin the dream.. oh and i heard it was testicle cancer?

A: No, it's not true. Justin Bieber is very healthy and he doesn't suffer from anything . it's a rumor, don't believe any crap you read in the internet.

Does Justin Bieber have cancer? by Tara Q: I heard of a new thing called Bald For Bieber and I was just wondering if this is really true....because if it is then I want to support him 100% and shave my hair, hair is just hair but justin bieber is an amazing and talented human being.

Is it true that justin bieber has cancer? by Pink Q:

A: I doubt it. He's healthy. But to those who actually want Justin to have cancer are cruel b*tches... Just because you dislike him/his music doesn't mean he should die.

Why would an all powerful creator include cancer, AIDs, hangnails and Justin Bieber in his Intelligent Design? by Q: It seems like an intelligent creator would have left out such horrible things. And don't tell me Justin Bieber is just a result of sin, because that is callous of you!!!

A: Well, if it doesn't care about humans, and instead cares for the highly secretive octopus, then it makes perfect sense. Because that's what happened. The octopus and us Deep Ones are pretty cool with each other. I go party with them sometimes.

What do you think of Justin bieber getting cancer? by OrgannicallyGrownIndica Q:

A: If you can't say anything nice, son't say anything at all. (hence my silence)

Poll: I heard Justin Bieber has cancer, so do you think he finally heard his own voice? by !Cactus! (Essa) Q: Yeah? Hurhurhur.-.

what cancer does justin bieber have I LOVE YOU JUSTIN <3 FIGHT ON!? by Aunt Cack Q: i just heard about justin's cancer! im rooting for you justin fight on!

A: Justin Bieber has cancer; under chemo In what was a shock to the listeners to the 98PXY, 98.6 station in New York, singer Justin Bieber revealed that he was afflicted with Leukemia and was under chemotherapy. Bieber, age 18, was wearing a baseball cap, but the gradual loss of hair – common to patients undergoing chemotherapy was visible. Bieber announced that he would be making a formal announcement soon. He thanked his fans for his support, and asked media outlets to respect his privacy in this difficult time.

Does Justin Bieber have cancer or is a rumor? by Susie Q Q: I did not ask about nolvadex Quit pushing it Your not a doctor.

A: i wish he did but my dreams r crushed

Justin Bieber Pays Tribute To Cancer Victim 'Mrs. Justin Bieber' Avalanna Routh: ENTV Dream Come True: Girl, 6, With Cancer, Meets Bieber Justin Bieber Cancer Justin Bieber has cancer, support him! #baldforbieber Justin Bieber Gets Cancer. #BaldForBieber Justin Bieber Meets Young 6 Years Old Cancer Patient Video This Is Justin Bieber - Routemaster Ride & Visiting Cancer Patients [HD] Justin Bieber has Cancer? Avalanna Routh & Justin Bieber Justin Bieber diagnosed with cancer ;( #baldforbieber Interview With Justin Bieber Cancer Hoax JUSTIN BIEBER MAKES TAYLOR SWIFT CRY 4 REAL Boyfriend Ronan Music Video Stand Up To Cancer HD BALD FOR BIEBER, Justin's battle with cancer. Justin Bieber meet and greet surprise JUSTIN BIEBER - CANCER CHARITY EVEN.flv Girl Cries Over justin bieber having cancer Justin Bieber Marries A Cancer Patient - Hollywood News Justin Bieber Surprises Hailey Roser, 4-Year-Old Superfan Fighting Cancer 'May God bless her' Justin Bieber has Cancer!!! #BaldforBieber JUSTIN BIEBER HAS LEUKEMIA ( CANCER ) REAL PROOF Justin Bieber has Cancer #BaldForBieber Justin Bieber Has Cancer Justin Bieber Interview Cancer Hoax 2012 Girl Befriended by Bieber Loses Cancer Battle Justin Bieber having Cancer, the True Story Justin Bieber Tribute Artist Matt Taylor - American Cancer Society Relay for Life concert RIP 'Mrs Bieber' Avalanna Routh Loses Her Battle With Cancer Justin Bieber American Cancer Society Commercial (singing Happy Birthday) Justin Bieber - Baby, Cover by Matt Taylor - Sunrise Fund Children's Cancer Benefit Justin Bieber - The Beauty Book for Brain Cancer ~ [Justin Bieber and Avalanna Routh] ~ Justin Bieber - All Around the World - Matt Taylor - dance cover Beautiful Carly Rae Jepsen Ft. Justin Bieber (Avalanna).wmv Avalanna Routh and Justin Bieber Tribute - Be Alright Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me - Matt Taylor dance cover Justin Bieber - RIP Avalanna Justin Bieber Boyfriend - Matt Taylor Live cover - Relay For Life Pray For Avalanna! - Justin Bieber Avalanna Routh the 6 year old girl with brain cancer, meets Justin Bieber Taylor Swift Ronan Lyrics Stand Up To Cancer SUTC We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together VMA 2012 Dedicated To (Avalanna Routh) - Song Titled 'DEAR CANCER' BY EJ ROBINSON One Direction One Thing Live Performance HD Stand Up To Cancer Live While We're Young Take Me Home Justin Bieber has CANCER Cancer patient 'Mrs. Bieber' goes prime time Justin Bieber Tribute Artist Matt Taylor- Sunrise Fund - Children's Cancer Event My Cancer Story - One in a Million Justin Bieber and Beliebers pray for Avalanna. Kesha Die Young Lyrics Ft Taylor Swift Ronan Live Stand Up To Cancer VMA 2012 Video Music Awards Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez(Jelena)_The Way I Loved You Justin Bieber Tribute Artist Matt Taylor and Tito Suavé - Eenie Meenie Live cover
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