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VickyAllstarx @smiley94rose yeah im even listening to Judas haha xxx

HardRockMedia LION'S SHARE Official Free Promo MP3: 'Judas Must Die' (Full Song) (2009) (Blistering) - Download Here: http://t.co/35yfjkD0 | #rock #metal

kikskii pantesan gue kyk pernah liat daryl yg di the walking dead, ternyata itu yg jadi judas -_-

UpickMaulana #nowplaying Lady Gaga - Judas

vilmalms conservai-vos no amor de Deus, esperando a misericórdia de nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo para a vida eterna. Judas 1:21

sercanerbakan Check this video out -- Judas Priest - Before The Dawn http://t.co/TNdkp1yM aracılığıyla @youtube @_jazzcellist_

chibatch29 「As I Lay Dying - "Decas" - 06 Electric Eye (Judas Priest Cover) [NEW SONG 2011]」 http://t.co/nWmDI01X

KingSMJ23 @AshGordon89 @stuartarnott Stu ain't a judas & wont return to the Rock. He recently told me he wood rather b 'spidermaned' by @justinbieber

rizzobr Sábado, 8h30 da manhã e a Bandeirantes travada Judas no começo, é isso aí São Paulo...

imAmiraa RT @JudasSparkling: Allright JUDAS !!! Kita cuman ngumumin 15 besar aja..karena 15 setengahnya dr anak @JudasSparkling. :) congrats ya :)))

JudasSparkling Allright JUDAS !!! Kita cuman ngumumin 15 besar aja..karena 15 setengahnya dr anak @JudasSparkling. :) congrats ya :)))

19660910tetu JUDASなぅ

HardRockCDs Amazon USA #2200 The Chosen Few Judas Priest $6.28: In celebration of the Metal Gods Farewell Epitaph tour, kick... http://t.co/uTsXyaBA

PabloCacafuti ¿alguna vez he dicho que me encanta despertarme con Angel de Judas Priest? Sí, ¿no? seguro que sí.

jyagaimonoki @LlamaPumpkin omg it felt so good to chant Judas at him :D


Did Judas know the story of Julius Caesar and the role of Brutus in his murder? by Mr Q: Is it fair to assume that Judas would have known the story of Julius Caesar and his murder (specifically the role of Brutus)? Considering that Judas lived in the Roman Empire some 75 years after Caesar's death, I assumed that this would be common knowledge, but could not find anything specifically about Judas's knowledge of it. Might anyone know any bible verses or links to documents specifically discussing Judas and Julius Caesar's murder (or Brutus)? Thanks!

A: There's really no way of knowing. My gut feeling is that he did not...as a Jew he wouldn't have been all that interested in Roman literature even if he could read Latin and Greek (an unknown...though I would presume he knew Greek...and some Latin)...I think culturally we are aware of Brutus because of Shakespere...

Is Judas Iscariot the most misunderstood person in history? by Lone Soldier Q: The epitome of treachery and betrayal. His very name is reviled all over the world. Yet... If Judas never betrayed Jesus, if Jesus never died on a roman cross, Christianity and his plan of Salvation would have NEVER unveiled itself to humanity. History and the world would be very different today if Judas never betrayed Jesus. Thoughts?

A: Thoughts are that every fictional story has a Judas character. This one is no different.

Doesn't Judas as a hero in the Gnostic gospel of Judas Iscariot make more sense in the Jesus myth? by Hall of Skulls 8 Q: Jesus had to be crucified anyway, so Jesus told Judas to turn him in. Now here is where the Gnostics differed. Jesus want to be released from his physical body and become a pure spirit. He couldn't commit suicide, so he had Judas "turn him in". What are your thoughts?

A: The whole mythology is based on the Jesus character dying and resurrecting so of course Judas is also the hero of this particular tale... @ no chance, I guess there's no chance you have a brain...you dismiss anything if it doesn't fall exactly into the way you 'believe'. Btw, everyone who was ignorant enough to say 'read the Bible'...what do you think confuses everyone and leads to atheism (who do you guys think was at the resurrection? here's a hint...THE STORIES CONTRADICT EACH OTHER ON WHAT HAPPENED!-skepticsannotatedbible.com)

What is the point of Judas Iscariot betraying Jesus if Jesus' death was already planned? by Tʰℓ PʰΦspʰ∂tℓ ♏iɳℓs Q: Wasn't Jesus supposed to die anyways to forgive Christians for their sins? I don't understand the idea of him betraying Jesus by turning him into the Romans. Can some explain the point of Judas? Also which Historian speaks about Judas Iscariot the son of Simon or any other early century Historian?

A: There is not one single mention of Jesus in the entire Roman record - that is right - not one! At the same time as he was supposed to have been around there were a number of Jews claiming to be the messiah - all of whom are well recorded! There is not a single contemporary record from any source and even the bible mentions of him like all other references were not written until many years after his supposed death! He was supposed to have been a huge problem to the Romans and produced wonderful miracles but still not one contemporary record? Even the bible mentions of him like all other references were not written until many years after his supposed death! Pilate is recorded in the Roman record as a somewhat lack luster man but no mention of a Jesus, a trial or crucifixion that would surely have been used to make him look brighter! At best he was an amalgam of those others but almost certainly never existed!

How likely am I to get Judas Priest or WhiteSnake autographs at a music festival? by Madman_RR Q: I'm planning on going to the Moondance Jam Festival in Walker, MN to see Lita Ford, WhiteSnake, and Judas Priest in concert...and I would really like to get their autographs but I'm guessing the chances are pretty slim... Does anyone know if they give out autographs ever?

A: Yes, they're yesterday's bands, they would love to give autographs.

What is the significance of Judas in modern Christianity? by Anon Q: Like the significance of the Last Supper is to remind Christians of Jesus being humble and giving the new commandment and to follow his example, what would the significance of Judas be? Surely it can't be as simple as just "be loyal" "don't betray people" etc? Thanks!

A: Excerpt from Chapter 1 Forgiving Judas: Manifesto for a New Christianity, Bill Harmening “So how do we relate the Judas story to the modern day Church? I would argue that his act of betrayal, as chronicled by the New Testament writers, is the single most toxic event in the New Testament; toxic in the sense that the Judas narrative provides a microcosmic glimpse of a young church already drawing a venomous line in the sand, and in the process failing in its first opportunity to put into practice the very teachings upon which this new way of life and spirituality were to be based. You see the great lesson of the Judas narrative is to be found not in his betrayal, as the modern Church has rather obsessively kept at the forefront of its teaching, but rather in the one thing that is strangely absent from the saga; an apparent lack of forgiveness on the part of the disciples. Judas’ unthinkable act, the Crucifixion, and the miraculous resurrection and ascension are presented so dramatically by the Gospel writers that the reaction of the other disciples to Judas easily goes unnoticed, as the reader becomes absorbed in the whirlwind of events that take place from the time of Jesus’ death to the gathering of the disciples in an upper room in Jerusalem some fifty days later.” http://www.williamharmening.com/forgiving_judas__manifesto_for_a_new_christianity_78647.htm

How do i download Judas by lady gaga to my computer? by Emily Q: I want to download the song Judas so i can put it in windows media player and speed it up but i want to get it with no viruses and for free... is there any way?

A: You can download songs on amazon ...

Judas betrayed Jesus, and so did Peter: what made the difference between the two? by Chris Greenwood Q: Is it because Jesus prayed for Peter and not for Judas? Is the difference because of God's sovereign decision to show grace to Peter and not to Judas? They both sinned grieviously against the Lord, yes?

A: One killed himself, and the other did not. Peter denied Jesus, Judas betrayed Him to be crucified. Why do some people get drawn into different sins? We are all different. We respond to His call differently. Now, please tell me how it is because one was a elect and one was not. ----

Why did judas betray christ for nothing more than a bag of coins? by bio-rogue Q: Surely, if he so desired it, Judas could have even gained lands, and warriors even. Was Judas merely jealous of the power of christ? Or is there something more to this story, something that has gone unwritten?

A: This was not about power or jealousy. Judas did what he was suppose to do. Jesus had to fulfill Gods' plan so it was not about money or anything, it was about Gods' will and plan for Jesus to save us.

Judas........................? by Forrest Gump Q: In the Bible, does it say Judas goes to hell or heaven?

A: he kills himself but it does not explicitly say. But if that was Gods plan why would he go to hell for doing Gods bidding

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