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Did new teammates Randy Winn and Jorge Posada once fight? by Baltimorebomber Q: I watch almost every Yankee game and I vaguely remember a Yankees-Rays Brawl in which a Rays player bumped Jorge Posada at the plate. Posada was none too happy and took exception to it, and a fight between the two followed. This was in one of the early 2000s seasons, not sure which one. Does any fan remember if it was Randy Winn, or was it another player?

A: No, never! I do however remember the playoffs of 2003 against the Red Sox. Posada definitely wanted a piece of Pedro Martinez. I would have paid to see that one! That might have been Pedro's last day in the Majors if Posada had gotten his hand on him.

Is Jorge Posada allowed to pee on his hands in the batters box or on deck circle? by Lakers Fan Q: Posada urinates on his hands to make them tough because he does not use batting gloves. Do the rules allow him to pee on them in the on deck circle or batters box to have a fresh grip?

A: i guess he could as long as he doesnt whip out his dick for everyone to see cuz that would be sexual harrassment. lol but seriously 1)he wouldnt do that and 2) its not really necesary to do it right before an at bat. he does it after or before the games i think

Why does Jorge Posada only get credit for one hit in game 4 of this year's World Series. Yet he has 3 RBIs? by Mark B Q: In tonight's game four of the World Series, Yankee's catcher Jorge Posada had 2 hits and 3 RBIs, yet every box score I've read gives him credit for only one hit. Why is that?

A: Tonight the only hit Posada got was that 2-RBI single that he was thrown out at second in the ninth. In the first inning he got an RBI by hitting a sac fly to score Damon from third, so he was out but still scored a runner.

what happened with johnny damon and jorge posada? by joe g Q: todays the 6th of july and the yanks are playing the red socks and i noticed that johnny damon isnt playing and jorge posada is catching.... whats going on? i meant posada ISNT catching

A: From that collision with the fence on the Youkilis playDamon was injured and is now on the DL. Something just isn't right with Posada. His catching days may be through.

Jorge Posada, Derek Jeter for Jason Varitek, Josh Beckett, and Jason Barlett. What do you think? by Cooldannykid Q: Jorge Posada, Derek Jeter for Jason Varitek, Josh Beckett, and Jason Barlett. What do you think?

A: Take Varitek, Beckett, and Bartlett. Beckett should get you a lot of points, and Bartlett's good for some steals. Varitek looks a little better at the plate this year but really he's just an afterthought in this trade. Posada's not going to hit that many HR's, even in the new stadium that is Coors Field East, and Jeter's true worth will never come through in a fantasy league. I realize Jeter's hitting with a surprising amount of power so far, but I wouldn't expect that to last.

how much would a jorge posada autographed photo cost? by JPowell Q: how much would a jorge posada (yankees catcher) autographed photo cost? And I mean an authentic one with a certificate of authenticity.

A: If you really want one, look on EBay. I'm sure there are plenty for sale. But really, there are far better things on which to spend your money! I never understood the allure of autographs; some famous person wrote his name on something? Big deal. Spend the money on a decent bat and/or glove and go play baseball or softball. That'll be a better use of money.

What would happen if Jorge Posada still isn't healthy by spring training? by Jimmy Bob Q: Let's say Jorge still can't throw long distances what would happen. Should the Yankees trade Matsui for a good catcher and let Posada DH?

A: Actually, I wouldn't mind having Jose Molina as our starting catcher. Yes, I know, he can't hit. I think he makes up for it with his defense though, he's one of the best defensive catchers in baseball. I say let him catch and bat 9th, and Posada can DH and hit in the middle of the order.

Jorge Posada?? by Red Sox lover Q: Does anyone else remember that when Posada first played, his name was pronounced "George" and not "hor hey"?? I even remember him having his little son at the all-star game and introducing him as "Little George"..Does anyone else remember this??

A: no not really bu jorge posada rulez

Where does Jorge Posada live and what are his parents names? by Gemma Q: I have to do a presentation on a spanish speaking person and I chose Jorge Posada but Im having trouble finding some information.... Does anyone know where he is currently living and the names of his parents? Thanks for the help!

A: He lives in Iceland and his parents are named Roberto Jimenz Calinda Chavez-Domingo and Alice Smith.

jorge posada? by mccurdy008 Q: is his catchign days over jose molina is catchign all the time and posada is always at first or dhing? is this it?

A: Posada is getting oleder and he was on the dl earlier this year and still has a sore shoulder and at first you don't wear out your arm or shoulder that much. He will still provide a great bat and will most likely be their catcher in the near future.

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