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Olympics: World champion Jordyn Wieber fails to advance to all-around finals ...
LONDON -- As Jordyn Wieber, Aly Raisman and the rest of the U.S. women's gymnastics team waited to march onto the happy pink floor of North Greenwich Arena at the London Olympics, coach John Geddert pulled out his iPhone and, in a tweet, described ...

Team USA athletes: Jordyn Weiber, Michael Phelps Olympic lackluster shocks fans
Jordyn Weiber and Michael Phelps were the two of the half dozen athletes that Team USA has been really pitching as the best of the Olympics. Oddly, the two biggest names have missed picking up medals like anticipated. On Saturday Michael Phelps came ...

Jordyn Wieber's surprising Olympic pain proved to be Aly Raisman's unexpected ...
LONDON – Fifteen minutes had passed since Jordyn Wieber's Olympics came crashing down around her. Back in the locker room, her coach, John Geddert found her in a heap of devastation, tears streaming down her cheeks. The reigning all-around world ...

Disappointed Jordyn Wieber offers words of support to US teammates competing ...
AP PhotoU.S. gymnast Jordyn Wieber cries after she failed to qualify for the women's all-around finals during the Artistic Gymnastics women's qualification at the 2012 Summer Olympics, Sunday, July 29, 2012, in London. Jordyn Wieber has released a ...

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connorw31 Well is it Tuesday yet I gotta see @jordyn_wieber get the gold

WhatHappensAt11 just read about @jordyn_wieber. Man I feel so bad for her, and I don't even know anything about gymnastics

jessyoung25 RT @UpdateOlympics: RT if you think Jordyn Wieber should of went to the final 24 and don't agree with the Judge's

lalalilbit RT @bradikanireader: Respect for Jordyn. I sure couldn't have done that interview! #Gymnastics #Olympics2012

kayleeshawxo RT @courruptedgirl: I just want to say jordyn wieber is one classy girl she handled it so well

lisalela11 RT @buckhollywood: I have no problem with Aly and Gabby beating Jordyn. But to stand there & interview them with Jordyn crying behind them??? Really? #Classy

jazzynicole97 RT @UpdateOlympics: RT if you think Jordyn Wieber should of went to the final 24 and don't agree with the Judge's

wangshirleyy RT @LondonOIympics: RT if you think Jordyn Wieber should of went to the final 24 and don't agree with the Judge's

emiller2011 RT @JohnSelinski: Jordyn handled that with class #respect

ktortuga12 RT @UpdateOlympics: RT if you think Jordyn Wieber should of went to the final 24 and don't agree with the Judge's

Lamees_Jad So.... why didn't they show Jordyn Wiebers brother!!??

mar_harry RT @EmilyForever_: Jordyn Wieber deserves to be in the all around. She's a flawless gymnast.

Mrs_N_Horan_ RT @deathfrom1D: When Jordyn was hysterical none of the other girls went to comfort her, really? #messedup

emhazstyle RT @amy_deee: that was rigged omg no jordyn cant just leave like that she worked her whole life to be there no omg.

RuthAnnMundth RT @UpdateOlympics: RT if you think Jordyn Wieber should of went to the final 24 and don't agree with the Judge's


Which spelling do you like for a girl? Jordyn or Jordin? by Q: Or other? I am ONLY asking about the spelling, not the name, thanks!! BTW this is a GP name so I am not planning on using it for an actual child.

A: Jordyn cause I think the 'y' adds a lot to the name

What do you think of the name Jordyn Brietta? by Q: I have only met one other person with the name Brietta but I love it :)

A: I love it !! Its so unique :]

Should I name my daughter London Michelle or Jordyn Michelle? by Q:


what is a good middle name for jordyn? by Sunshyne Q: i am gonna be induced tommorow and i cannot find nothing that sounds as good with jordyn. any suggestions?

A: Jordyn Grace Jordyn Faith Jordyn Nicole Jordyn Ella Jordyn Eve Jordyn Lee (if my parents had another that would be its name) Jordyn Arabelle Jordyn Belle Jordyn Reena Jordyn Taylor (<--- cool name) Jordyn Rachel Jordyn Diana Jordyn Laura Jordyn Joy Jordyn Mikayla Jordyn Mikaya Jordan Natalie Jordyn Karina Jordyn Penn (<-- random thought there) Jordyn Annabella Jordyn Terra Jordyn Ashley (

Is the name Jordyn kewl at all? by Xxgreen day girlxX Q: My name is Jordyn. I want it to be so kewl. Well is it?

A: it kinda depends on you... doesnt matter wat your name it if you arent likeable haha i like the name tho (:

Which name goes better with the middlename Makenzi Jordyn Elle or Ellie? by Q: Help

A: You need help with spelling. I'm sure you aren't really having a child and are just playing, but I would not stick such a horrible, misspelled name on anyone.

Whats a good middle name for Jordyn for a girl and also one for Megan? by gymnast4life Q:

A: I personally really like Megan Elise. I think it sounds sweet, simple yet really feminine and elegant. As for Jordyn I think a cute middle name would be Isabella or Emily. Megan Elise Megan Kate Megan Victoria Megan Ray Megan Brianna Megan Vanessa Megan Ashley* Megan Bella Megan Alyssa Megan Delaney Megan Joy Megan Lynn Megan Selena Megan Serena Megan Christina Megan Deanna Jordyn Leigh Jordyn Emily Jordyn Isabella Jordyn Kate Jordyn Nicole Jordyn Brielle Jordyn Frances Jordyn Francesca Jordyn Christina Jordyn Michaela Jordyn Marie Jordyn Anne Jordyn Melissa

do you like the name Jordyn Nicole for a girl? by Q: do you like the name/combo if Jordyn Nicole for a girl? i actually name my daughter this 5 years age and never questioned if people would hate it. i came up with the name because a good friend of mine was in the marines and overseas and his name was Jordan.my best friends middle name is Nicole and they flowed great.

A: Jordan is a boy's name, by the way. No I don't like it. Sorry.

What is a good girl nickname for Jordyn? by j_elle_y Q:

A: Jeejee? :-]

How Does the baby name JORDYN MICHELLE FLORES sound ? by Zoey Renee's Mommy <3 Q:

A: Love it!!!! It is such a cute name!! I love the name Jordan for a girl I think it is a great name! I also love the name Michelle! I think you have picked a great name and your baby is one lucky kid! I'm naming my daughter Keilly Jordan :-) best of luck!

What's a good middle-name to go with first name JORDYN? by miss_hollywood14 Q: Im having a girl. I wanted something pretty and unique Ex: : Jordyn Nicole

Is Jordyn really a bad name for a girl? by History In The Making Q: I like it but my fiance says it's only for a girl so I suggested the change in spelling(from Jordan to Jordyn) to make it more...feminine I guess. She isn't big on the name. So, good or bad name for a girl? Why or why not? I was typing too fast. She only thinks it's for a BOY and I want to name our *possible* daughter Jordyn. We already have twins on the way so we have to think of names.

A: I like it. But everyone has different tastes for names. Keep trying to sell her on it, at least for a middle name. I think it's cute. =) You could pick a name she really adores for a middle name that sounds good after the name Jordyn. Example: Jordyn Grace or Jordyn Rachel. And try selling the name that way. If she still doesn't like it, I guess it's tough luck. I'm sure it's difficult to find names you both really love. But, it's better to chose a name you both just like, rather than a name one loves and the other doesn't like. Find some middle ground and go with it. =) Best of luck!

Does anyone know when Jordyn Taylor comes out on iTunes? by Carly F Q: The last times i've been on iTunes, she has not been availble to download songs from? Is she on there? and if not, when will she be?

A: omgosh!! i asked the same question!!! i have been searching to but jordyn IS on "imeem" though... good luck sweetie.......

How does the name Jordyn Paige sound for a girl? by jennnnnn Q:

how do i buy jordyn prutts song "inside looking in" on intunes? i dont see it? by Summmertime(: Q: OKay, so i want to buy jordyn prutts song on the inside looking in on itunes.. not any other site just itunes. But it isnt coming up.. is that song even on itunes? thanks o im sorry.. i meant outside looking in

A: you mean outside looking in?

How old is Jordyn Wieber (the gymnast)? by Henry J Q: I live by her and i was wonderin how old she is.

A: She is 13 right now.. still a Junior International Elite. She will qualify for Senior in 2 yrs.

What do you like better Jordyn Teana Nicole or Teana Jordyn Nicole? by Spunkie Q:

A: They are both cute and all 3 names are adorable. Jordyn Teana Nicole has a better flow to it :) Hope this helped & Good luck!! x

What is a cute/unique stage name following ''Jordyn''? by Q: I really need to add a last name to Jordyn. I've been thinking -Jordyn Skye -Jordyn Raine -Jordyn Summers HELP PLZ .!! Please give me some suggestions.. =)

What do you think of Takiyah Jordyn angel Nicloe for a baby girl? by (ஐ^$%*#%%^%N33-SK33%#$%!@#%&%^ஐ) Q:

A: I'm going to assume Nicloe is a typo and you meant Nicole. Four names is quite a lot since you're not royalty. ;) Heavens, those little princes and princesses get some LONG names. LOL Normally three is bordering on being excessive, especially if the names are long but four is getting silly. Drop at least one to make the name less bulky. Takiyah is one of those weak novelty names that sound a bit ghetto and people aren't likely to remember. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but I don't care for the name. Of course these are purely matters of taste, but I think there are better, yet similar names to consider. Takira would be one. Still unusual, but has more body with the added R and less spelling hassle with less unnecessary wovels. Jordyn is not my favourite spelling, I think Jordan however more common is simply prettier, both the spelling AND pronunciation. Putting the wovel Y wherever you can is very trendy, but this is not a name that will benefit from it. Angel is a darling name for a baby, of course they are Mom's and Dad's little angels, but Angel at its best sounds too fluffy and its worst trashy for an adult woman. The best thing is that you can call your children Angel, Princess, Sunshine whatever you want when they're kids as NICKnames, but they won't be stuck with them when their diaper days are over. Out of your suggestion I'd drop Angel and Nicole [which is an okay name, but doesn't really add anything essential to the whole] and modify the rest to: Takira Jordan Which I think is quite nice. The first name isn't everyday, yet is easily spelled and pronounced. It's balanced out by the sensible, unisex Jordan so the combination isn't too novel. And it flows nicely in my opinion.

Does anyone know what the US gymnast Jordyn Wieber's floor music is called ? by Q: The one she used at the 2010 Pacific Rim in Melbourne about a month ago ?

A: En Ville- Frisco from Cirque Du Soleil.

What is a good middle name for Jordyn for a girl? by gymnast4life Q: And also what is a good Middle name for Megan?

A: Jordyn Isabella( is my oldest daughters name) Jordyn Michelle Jordyn Makena Jordyn Skye Megan Michelle Megan Savannah Megan Rose

What was the song that played on the olmypics 2012 while jordyn weiber was on? by fenerli kiz Q: doing gymnastics? it goes hey hey hey hey hey hey

Who else thinks Jordyn Weieber should have made all-around and not Aly? by Q: Don't me wrong Aly's a great gymnast but I believe that Jordyn had a stronger routine

What do you think of the name Jordyn Lillie for a girl? by Reagan! At The Disco. Q: Don't worry, I'm not pregnant. But I'm writing a story and I need a girl name. That's the one I thought of. What do you think about it? If you can, please rate it 1-10. 1 as the worst you could rate it. And 10 as the best. Thanks!

A: its cute, but a bad name for an adult to have-5

What do u think of the names Jordyn Makenzie and Brooklyn Grace for twin girl names? by plant gal Q:

A: Very nice names. Although if I were "Brooklyn" I'd be jeajous of my sister for having more syllables in her name. But I guess that's just my OCD coming through.

where can i download the jordyn taylor song strong? by Frankenstein Q: i want to download it. for free. where do i find it?

A: http://www.savefile.com/files/1322858 Theres The Link' xo

What is a good nick name for jordyn? by Q: my sisters name is jordyn and she wants a nickname but she wants 1 that relates to her .She is a sweet and smart person and she is very artistic and she wants be a actress and she uses a british accecent ALL the time. and ideas?

A: I like Jo.

Do you like the Name Jordyn-Grace Makiya for a Baby Girl? by Morgan Q: Yes I know that is what The Duggar's just Named their 18th Child. I wouldn't use that Full Name for my Daughter but I would use the Name in this Way. Arabella Makiya Arielle-Grace Malia Amelia Jordyn What do you think of these Names? I Love the Watching the Duggar Family. God has Blessed them with 18 bundles of Joy! Thank You for your Response. God Bless! Thank You Tanisha R!

A: I like the name. If the Duggars like it, that's all that matters. I like how they had a vote, although I dislike how the older girls "bought" the votes for the baby's name. Them using the name Makiya is actually the fist time I had seen it or heard it. I know a Mah-K-la, not sure how it's spelled but that's how it is pronouced. I love hyphenated names too! I like your choices: Arielle-Grace Malia, and Amelia Jordyn ( I even like the spelling of Jordyn).

What is the Song from Jordyn Wieber's 2012 Olympic Trials Floor Routine? by Q: Okay so I've been watching the trials, and ever since I saw this routine the song got stuck in my head! BUT I can't find the name for the song anywhere. If anyone knows the name and composer of the song that would be AMAZING!!!!!! Thanks!

A: Wild Dances - Ruslana (she used an instrumental version) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10XR67NQcAc

What would be a good scene name for Jordyn? by Xxgreen day girlxX Q: I'm scene/emo/punk-rock. I want a scene name like everyone else. Some of my friends and family calls me Jay but that's kinda old. So can you help me out for choosing a scene name for me?

A: JordynJuvenile :) ~MatthewMalice myspace.com/mcrxmusicxrock

Are the gymnastic judges blind or do they have an agenda against Jordyn Wieber? by BEAST SCOTT Q: Two 15's that got a 14.something and she got screwed of the all-around

What is a good team name that goes with Jordyn? by Q: I am an insulin diabetic. We are walking for a cure and I need a team name that has something to do with my name Jordyn. Previous names where Jordyns Jammin Crew and Air Jordyns. Can anyone think of a name I really need help thanks jordyn:)

A: The Sparks (for Jordyn Sparks of American Idol!) I'm not sure though how she spells her first name though .. just thought that might be cute. And, thank you for walking for a worthy cause. Sorry you have to deal with this issue on a daily basis!

Is Jordyn Weiber still on the Olympic Gymnastics team? by Q: I saw she didn't qualify for the all-around but does that mean she's done? Is she still on the team or does she go home??

How many medals could Jordyn Wieber Win? by Q: In what events can Jordyn Wieber win a medal?

where can i find the free legal mp3 download for the song "whats good" by jordyn taylor? by britt Q: Other than on the website -limewire -myspace -& other bad, illegal websites.

A: Find it here : www.4shared.com www.kohit.net www.aimini.net www.mp3.com www.hot-mp3-now.com www.download.com www.ziddu.com www.rapidshare.com www.stafaband.info (on the right side of the site) www.music.download.com www.feerl.com www.ez-tracks.com mp3.baidu.com www.pengusahaonline.com/gv/bisnis-hibu... www.easymusicdownload.com www.mp3-center.org www.intomusic.co.uk www.dilandau.com www.misshacker.com www.mp3000.net www.jukeboxalive.com untuk-telinga.blogspot.com www.find-greatdeals.com www.3mp3.ru www.mag4you.com http://www.mag4you.com/music/ http://www.mp3int.com/ http://www.theatremp3.net/ http://www.mp3songshome.com/ http://www.indianchild.com/Music/downloa... http://musicmp3.ru/ http://www.srikumar.com/Music/mp3_music_... ========================== Saya Arnold SuasanaSegar

What is a cute girl nickname for Jordyn? by Q: My daughter's name is Jordyn and she wants a nickname but I can't think of anything. She doesn't like Jordy, Jojo, Jord, or joe. Like her friend Brittney...her name is Bribear. I thinks it's cute. Something cute like that. Any suggestions..

Which name do u like better for a girl? Jordyn or Carter? by Q: Jordyn is number 21 on my guilty pleasure girl’s name list and Carter is number 22. Please tell me why u picked that name and please be honest but not rude, thanks!! For anyone that doesn’t know what a guilty pleasure name is, it’s a name u love but wouldn’t use for an actual child. So in other words I am NOT planning on using these for an actual child.

A: I like Carter because it just sounds like a strong woman. Jordyn kinda sounds a little strange, but I guess I would go with Carter because it sounds cooler, and its a nicer name once you say it, it sounds like a brave strong girls' name haha.

Can jordyn wieber try to go to the Olympics in 2016? by Q: She is 17 right now so in 4 years can she be in the all around?

What are some points I can use in convincing my fiance to name our daughter Jordyn? by History In The Making Q: Long story short, I like the name and want to use it as our daughter's first name(if one of the twins is a girl) but she says if I can convince her,we can. So besides the spelling,what are some good reasons? I would rather use Jordan but my fiance says she'd get called a he all the time. To help sell her on the name, I suggested Jordyn. Not trying to be "trendy" at all.

A: I think it is pretty and have always liked the name. I think the y in the name makes it sound trendy - even though you are not meaning too. I have known many girls named Jordan and I always liked it though. If you pair it with a very feminine middle name you should be able to convince her. But try to get the A in there. No one is going to think it is a boy. Tell her she can pick the middle name and you will let it be whatever she wants! Also remind her that "unisexual" names are very popular right now. I have a cousin named Ryan - and she's a girl ;)

How should we spell our daughters name Jordan, Jordyn, or Jordin? by Scott W Q: My wife and I are going to have a baby girl soon. We are debating how to spell her name.

A: Jordan, no question. It's a boy's name traditionally, but spelling it wrong to make it girlier is just wrong. Plus, there's a river and a country named Jordan, all spelled Jordan. Jordyn and Jordin just look uneducated.

Does anybody else have a strange attraction to Jordyn Weiber? by Q: It's very strange, i feel like i have to help her. Frankly it's kinda depressing.

A: To her style in gymnastics. I hope she helps us to win the gold.

Is it alright if i named my daughter Jordyn if my name is Jordan? by Q: I've always loved spelling Jordan J-O-R-D-Y-N. Dont ask me why i just do. I would also like good boy names because i cant think of any.

A: Of course it's alright if you want to!! :) Boy names: Jacob James Peter Alexander Tyler Hayden Quinn Austin Aaron Liam Benjamin David Hope this helps

What do you think of Rosemarie Jordyn for a girl and Xavier James for a boy? by Q: I'm pretty sure these are my top names right now, though Xavier Scott is also on my mind. Are these good names? If not, do you have any other ideas? (I'm set on the first names, I'm just wondering about middle names to fir with them) Yes, I'm pronouncing it Zay, not Ex-zay. I was also thinking of Rosemarie Jane, does that sound better?

A: Jordyn sticks out like a sore thumb. The rest are lovely names. Alternatives to Jordyn... ● Rosemarie Georgia ● Rosemarie Jordana ● Rosemarie Jacqueline ● Rosemarie Jasmine ● Rosemarie Josephine ● Rosemarie Jessamine ● Rosemarie Jane

Why do parents name their daughters Jordan instead of Jordyn? by Q: Jordan is a boy's name, my brother's name, in fact. When parents give birth to a girl, why do they spell it with an A like for a boy, rather than a Y for a girl. In past generations, if you saw Francis, you would know it's a boy, or Frances for a girl. Why can't parents nowadays keep consistent the spelling with the gender when using a name that can go both ways?

A: I know what you mean. My friend's name is Jordyn, then a grade above us is a girl named Jordan, and that to me is a spelling for a boy. It goes the other way too. I saw Adelyn used as a boy's name. Lyn is feminine. People want to be unique and creative, which is good, but some people just take it too far and then it's weird and confusing.

How cruel/sad was it for the cameraman to follow and zoom in on Jordyn Weiber ? by Q: I think this was bullcrap. She's a 16/17 yr old kid ad they got all in her face and wouldn't let her have a minute to recover. I swear if that was my teammate or player or child I go off and tell them hurry in thier ear to leave the poor girl alone. She just lost a chance to win a gold medal and is on worldwide tv

What would be a good middle name for a girl named Jordyn and also a boy siblings name? by Q: suggestions & i do like Jordyn Brielle .. what do you think by the way sibling names .. this is for a set of twins ..

A: Jordyn Brielle is nice. Jordyn Elise Jordyn Olivia Jordyn Amelia Jordyn Alexandra Jordyn Brooke Jordyn Kate Jordyn Haley Jordyn Carly Jordyn Claire Jordyn Lacey Jordyn April Jordyn Amanda For a sibling... Jordyn & Grant Jordyn & Bryce Jordyn & Zachary Jordyn & William Jordyn & Rhys Jordyn & Alexander Jordyn & Casey Jordyn & Rhett Jordyn & Max Jordyn & Matthew Jordyn & Cole

Will Jordyn Wieber get a chance to win gold at individual events like floor and uneven bars? by James Blake For President! Q: I think it is very unfair that Wieber is unable to compete in individual all around finals, but I'm so happy for Ally Raisman, winning as an underdog. But will she be able to compete in individual events like the vault, the floor, the beam, and the uneven bars? Luckily for her though, she will probably go home with gold anyways, because I'm, sure US will win team gold.

is jordyn wieber competing in the 2009 visa championships? by ROLLERCOASTERS! Q: hi, so i havent seen the visa championships yet but is jordyn wieber competing in it? because she is one of my favorite gymnasts so i am just wondering .. and if shes not, why?

A: According to the results from night 1, she is not competing. I can't say why that is other than wanting to give the other 19 gymnasts a look under the conditions.

Do you like the name Amelia Jordyn for a Baby Girl? by Morgan Q: I Love the name Amelia because it means "Work of the Lord" and I think Jordyn spelt this way is Adorable! Mia is also a cute Nickname I think. What do you think of it? God Bless! Thank you for your opinions good and bad!

A: I love it! I never knew that was the meaning of Amelia....very cool! I also love this spelling of Jordan...so much more feminine than what my parents stuck me with! lol.

What is a good middle name for Jordyn Ward? by Q: I am due anyday and I still haven't picked a middle name for my daughter. Her name is Jordyn Ward, that is set in stone. I like the idea of two middle names; but I just can't pick one. I liked Jordyn Anne Rose Ward, but I am not going to use it because dad doesn't like it. Please help!

A: Don't give your child two middle names-that is just cruel! Here are some ideas- Jordyn Leah Ward Jordyn Lynn Ward Jordyn Elizabeth Ward Jordyn Grace Ward Jordyn Nicole Ward Jordyn Hope Ward Jordyn Anna Ward Jordyn Mikal Ward Jordyn Anna Ward Jordyn Anne Ward Jordyn Alexis Ward Jordyn Mckenzie Ward Jordyn Kelsie Ward Love the name Jordyn and it goes with many things. Good luck!

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