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Asian-style dishes steal the show
Thirteen years later, the Awfully Chocolate range now spans eateries like Mooshi Bakes, Joojoo and Everything with Fries. And it is not stopping there. The rapidly expanding made-in-Singapore brand's latest baby takes the form of a full-fledged ...

iPad's “obvious” design proven by Crunchpad evolution?
What's noteworthy is that the Crunchpad Joojoo on the left was handled four months prior to Steve Jobs showing off the original iPad. Cubrilovic says that his team had no prior knowledge of the iPad's design or Apple's patents, yet the Crunchpad/Joojoo ...

Fusion Garage uses ruse to launch new tablet
Fusion Garage (FG) suffered brand damage after its JooJoo tablet failed in 2010. To help circumvent the damage and give FG's new Grid-10 tablet a fair shot at launch in August, the company and AOR McGrath/Power carefully executed a ruse in which a fake ...

Fusion Garage's Grid10 tablet gets the FCC teardown treatment
Thanks to recently published FCC internal photos of the Grid10 tablet, we now get a look inside Fusion Garage's successor to the JooJoo. A look at the Grid10's main circuit board shows the device's NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor and Sandisk iNAND flash ...

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Dog names - Beatles related? by Erin B Q: I'm in the process of adopting a puppy and can't think of what to name it. I wanted to do something Beatle's related (like from a song title, lyrics, etc) It's a smaller female. I was thinking maybe Penny, or maybe Joojoo (from joo-joo eyeballs in Come Together). I'm having trouble being creative, could use some more ideas. Thanks!

A: I love Prudence!! Also: Lucy (inthe sky with diamonds) Diamond Jude (boys name i know, but still cute for a girl) Beatle (really cute!!) Whisper (words of wisdom) I also like Penny! Love the beatles!!

Should I get the iPad? by 1up Q: I have an 3rd generation 32gb ipod touch. I want a tablet, I know people are going to say the iPad, but I want the best tablet. The JooJoo, iPad, Google galaxy or others. which one should I get and why?

A: yeah, you should

why is my brother so weird and how do make him unweird? by Hit-Girl Q: my bro is so weird and the biggest crybaby ever he is 8 years old and cries more than my 6 year old sister. he always yells out weird things like JOOJOO or FEEEEENN and stuff like that. how do i get him to man up???

A: being weird isnt neccessarly a bad thing

Trying to find the name of an old cartoon? by Bun Q: Okay. I probably watched this cartoon about 10-13 years ago. I "think" the main characters were bears, but I'm not sure. And whenever there was trouble, they'd drink some magical juice or whatever to give them powers to fight it off. For some reason Joojoo or jub jub juice sticks out in my mind, but I didn't get anything relevant when i looked it up. I'm not sure what channel I watched it on, but I really loved the show. Nah, wasn't Yogi. :) It was more kidd-ish than that show.

A: Gummi Bears? (bouncing here and there and everywhere) They drink Gummi Berry Juice which makes them bounce to get out of trouble. Intro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRTSZZgCUik Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disney%27s_Adventures_of_the_Gummi_Bears

Is there any other kind of tablet that is not the iPad? by Sammi Q: I would like a tablet with flash, which the iPad doesn't have. Is there anything else out there? I heard about the JooJoo but I'm not really up to waiting 10 weeks for it.

A: Yes! There is all kinds of tablets! I take technology and my teacher tells about great ones. Have you ever tried the Smart Notebook one?

Is an Ipad worth getting if you have a laptop already? Also JooJoo? by Pretti_Mamita Q: I was considering getting an Ipad(well not anytime soon since I have no money) but I already have a laptop. So I wanted to ask others if they think I should just not get one since I got a laptop or get one. Give reasons why to get or why not to get one if you can..And if you have one tell me the pros and cons and your opinion on it or if you know someone with one or used one at all.. I dont want to waste money or make someone else waste money on it.. Also I think its called a JooJoo,not sure but its similar to the iPad,it has a cam on it though...Any knowledge on that will be welcomed as well cuz I considered getting that as well..

A: no its a waste of money can't muti task no camera no flash not a real computer its another overpice toy from apple don't waste your money or time on it you have a lap top you don't need it

What ist your favorite programming language for tablet PCs and why? by Gerald Q: Tablets like iPad, Archos' Home Tablets, JooJoo, HP Slate, The Notion Ink Adam, ... And Tablets should be connected to the Cloud.

A: In case of Windows 7 tablets, Delphi is a really good choice. You can design brilliant GUIs with it (ribbon included) and it supports touch gestures (from 2009 version I think).

Names: JooJoo or Crunchpad? by HI Q: Fusion Garage's new tablet is called the JooJoo but honestly I prefer the Crunchpad. How about you? which name is best? https://thejoojoo.com/

A: Crunchpad is edgier and contemporary. JooJoo sounds like a candy bar!

How is holding your breath bad for you? by Georgie Porgie Q: I know lack of oxygen can mean bad joojoo for the brain and I have passed out in a pool one time from holding it longer than you should multiple times, but what exactly is happening to my body? Brain? Lungs?

A: Every cell in your body uses oxygen in your blood to transport protiens. Without it the cells in your body aren't getting fed. You turn blue because the oxygen in your blood is what gives your red blood cells or eurocytes the red color. When you arent getting oxygen from your lungs you aren't transporting "food" to your brain and organs. Your body can go several minutes without oxygen and will exhale reflexively when it needs too. It is very hard to hold your breath long enough on purpose to do any damage, but after about five minutes you start to do damage to brain tissue due to lack of oxygen, and you cannot grow new brain cells. This leads to brain damage, or in serious casses, death.

Can JooJoo compete with the iPad? by Q: I have lost my iPad a few days ago, and now, I have to find another tablet to purchase. I am deciding between the iPad ans JooJoo because they share the same price and kind of the same features. But is there any con for the iPad or JooJoo. What are the pros and cons of both tablets. Is it true that the JooJoo comes with a built in webcam? Can I download apps into the JooJoo like we can do with the iPad from the App Store? And what are other things that help them to stand out from each other? WHAT WOULD YOU CHOOSE?

JooJoo UI walkthrough JooJoo tablet review Joojoo Tablet Windows 7 (Crunchpad) iPad vs JooJoo Little Barby - Joo Joo JooJoo Tablet Hands On JooJoo Tablet Windows 8 multitasking on the Fusion Garage Joojoo tablet Did I Buy Another JooJoo? Windows 8 Developer Edition 'Preview' running on JooJoo Tablet Engadget Review of the JooJoo Tablet Tablet Wars: Apple iPad vs. JooJoo vs. HP Slate vs. Dell Streak 5 Fusion Garage CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan Talks Joo Joo Pt. 1 joojoo Joojoo Linux tablet video demo Crysis 2 played on the joojoo tablet with 1.6ghz Atom CPU and nVidia Ion Assassin's Creed Brotherhood onlive on joojoo windows 7 tablet Mosspuppet: 'Arrington's bad JooJoo' Fusion Garage CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan Talks Joo Joo Pt. 2 Battlestar Galactica Online Joojoo fleet tour Dance Dance - Joo Joo Joobi Joobi 1 - Alisha Chinoy Fusion Garage JooJoo Tablet Hands-On Preview Fusion Garage Joojoo Install windows 7 on Joojoo tablet(with external DVD drive and 32gb kingspec SSD) [Real JOO] JOO comeback!!! Fusion Garage JooJoo (formerly CrunchPad) tablet PC in action Bad Joojoo ...Dad... There's No Deee! VANDAALIT - Karvoja korvissa Crysis running on the nVidia Ion Intel Atom powered Joojoo Tablet Galactic Civilizations 2 running on Impulse on joojoo tablet star trek online on joojoo space combat target camera Star Trek Online on joojoo controlled by touch [10/22] Soap in the JooJoo Fusion Garage CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan Talks Joo Joo Pt. 3 Joojoo Hands on Review Part one Windows 8 preview booting near instantly on the Joojoo Tablet JooJoo Lemmenkipeet - Joo Joo Joo (with lyrics) Minecraft played in IE9 on a Windows 7 Atom Ion powered joojoo tablet JooJoo OS mod vers.2 Fallout 3 GOTYR on Steam on joojoo tablet PC Tom Clancy's Hawx 2 onlive on a Joojoo tablet iPhone vs iPad vs JooJoo pad performance Darkspore beta on joojoo campaign part 1 A First Look at Fusion Garage_s JooJoo Web Tablet - PC World.flv Starcraft II running on the Joojoo (ex Crunchpad) Fusion Garage CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan Talks Joo Joo Pt. 4 joojoo Snowmaking at JooJoo Darkspore beta on joojoo campaign pt 2
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