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John travolta

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La_Paulitaaa Buscando a mi john travolta para la grease party jaja

Ben_Hazrael @etseovnis nao, A Reconquista produzido pelo John Travolta ainda é o pior filme

nih_checoni I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/HOHCDR5R Olivia Newton-John + John Travolta - You're the One Th

MC_MYIDOL_PAGE En 2009, Miley junto a John Travolta se dio cuenta de "película de animación Perno '[ES - Lightning]. Coloca un... http://t.co/gYX2UfNI

Lo_Lo_Michael Watching true life "i have a hot mom" and the one mom looks like john travolta in drag #nothot

kchingg I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/R1boNVNX allard cork buiten rooie John travolta xD

kp_tyt_niggaret Grease mus b ma ultimate old tym fav movie eva!!..John Travolta neva disappoints #Love

iiRockn_Rollup 5-4-3-2-1 take off,, John Travolta wit the head, Ill suck yo face off!!

JeBoyDennis RT @Sidnanfr: Ik ben nu john travolta met opscheer foto??

OliverTuits Los dos crímenes más famosos de 1977 los perpetraron Roman Polanski con una violación y John Travolta con una película.

Frank_or Pa cuando madonna era virgen y John travolta en el piso daba vueltas

Sidnanfr Ik ben nu john travolta met opscheer

havenosecrets @Regis_and_Kelly I guess John Travolta!

AolaniglennaKQ Female Baldness Remedies Dog Bald Spots John Travolta Bald Female Pattern Baldness Remedies Treat http://t.co/uvN0DiGg jude law balding

Lagatapsicopata Esta el día Graese, John Travolta #culpablefacts


Have John Travolta and Denzel Washington been in a movie together? by seannsgirl2005 Q: other then The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 have denzel washington and john travolta been in any other movies together, if so what movies?

A: Nope. Both are great actors in they're own way. I can't wait to see that movie, it's gonna be very good.

What is the title of this John travolta movie? by Binger! Q: The movie has John travolta and he has a wife an 2 small kids... I saw the begining and couldn't finish but I want to so if anyone knows the title it would be great. It was recently played on ABC family.

A: The only John Travolta movie on ABC family now is "Look Who's Talking Now" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Look_Who%27s_Talking_Now

Does anyone know where I can send a sympathy card to John Travolta and his family? by Patti Q: I love John Travolta and it was such a shock when I heard it on TV about his precious son Jett's death, so if anyone knows a address, i would greatly appreciate it.

A: I found this address on one of his fan sites; John Travolta PO Box 3560 Santa Barbara, California 93130 Hope this helps you :)

How can I arrange for my mom to meet John Travolta? by april2008 Q: My mom is literally the most wonderful person on Earth. Not gonna go into detail but something she's ALWAYS wanted is to meet John Travolta. Any ideas as to how I could make this happen?

A: this is going to soung reduiculus but contact doctor phill?

Did John Travolta make a documentary about his son that died? by jonboy6073 Q: I think I remember vaguely something about John Travolta was going to do a documentary about his son that died, did he ever do that? If he did what was it called?

A: no

What languages does John Travolta speak? by SparkleDee Q: I remember when John Travolta began acting in Welcome Back Kotter and Saturday Night Fever. I believe he is of Greek and/or Italian background. As he has been in the news with his wife expecting ''a new addition to the family'', how many languages does he speak?

A: He speaks few words in Italian on some Italian commercials, but I don't think he speaks it fluently. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWrUUUN-UcY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U1WDZcAsSg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpNGugM5t34

John travolta? by Jayson T Q: hey its me john t. any good job openings out there for me : )

A: heheheheh

What is the WWII movie with John Travolta as Jimmy Doolittle, flying the attack on Japan? by Yahoo Security Q: John Travolta is the main actor, and he's trying to carry out Jimmy Doolittle's real plan from WWII. They have to fly all the bombers off of the carrier at sea, and fly over to drop the bombs on Japan. What's the movie?

A: Alec Baldwin played Doolittle in Michael Bay's 2001 movie Pearl Harbor. Is that who you're thinking of? There's an old documentary called Jimmy Doolittle: An American Hero (1988). http://www.netflix.com/Movie/Jimmy_Doolittle_An_American_Hero/60028000?mqso=80020215&partid=Jimmy_Doolittle:_An_American_Hero but it starred Jimmy Doolittle and James Stewart. P.S.--I looked at John Travolta's filmography on IMDb and I don't see one in which he played that role. Maybe I missed it...you can take a look at the link provided below.

Why do people pick on Tom Cruise but not John Travolta for being a Scientologist? by Sweet n Sour Q: For example TMZ showed a film clip of John Travolta wearing a navy/pilot type uniform and cap, giving a salute and all. They thought it was funny and cute, ignoring the fact and not mentioning that it was a Scientology Sea Org uniform - uniforms scientologists wear and salute each other with. That's like nutso territory but it's cute when John Travolta does it - imagine if Tom had. So why the double standard?

A: Cause Tom Cruise is all around one of the most coolest men alive. Of course he's gonna get hated on! Just ask Kobe Bryant.

In what movie did John Travolta stab a girl who had overdosed on drugs to resuscitate her? by manuel7marin Q: I can't remember the title of a John Travolta movie where he stabs this girl that had overdosed. She actually wakes up. I doubt this would work in real life. He also tells a joke about a tomato family where papa tomato tells his kid to "ketchup", because he was running behind.

A: It is Pulp Fiction and he injected her (Uma Thurman) with adrenaline to get her heart to start pumping.

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