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John Hurt

Hurt teases Doctor Who fans in series finale
Spoiler alert. John Hurt as Control in <i>Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy</i>. John Hurt as Control in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Veteran star John Hurt has been unveiled as an incarnation of The Doctor as the latest series of Doctor Who reached its climax ...

'Doctor Who' season 8 spoilers: What did John Hurt first say about role?
Through it, we learned that there existed another Doctor, played by John Hurt, at some point in the chronology, presumably in a place where he could be seen as the ninth on the list, though we and many others much prefer referring to him as the twelfth ...

Doctor Who star John Hurt reveals spoilers on 50th anniversary special
No return ... Christopher Eccleston has ruled out appearing in Doctor Who special. BBC. Eagle-eyed fans have spotted that John Hurt's costume bears a similarity to Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston's — his version would have come between them.

'Doctor Who' season 7 finale: John Hurt reveal, 'The Name of the Doctor' big ...
This is a pretty impressive number for the series, which featured a dramatic reveal of John Hurt as the secret “Doctor” who had long abandoned his title and the morals that come with it, and it also marks a significant increase from the prior episodes ...

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Kate_Bookworm RT @PondsAreCool: John Hurt I hurt You hurt We all hurt

zackster I'm looking forward to John Hurt #drwho

ironypursuit @amira_anne John Hurt though

SakinaAliKhan RT @PondsAreCool: 'Introducing: John Hurt as The Doctor' The Fandom: http://t.co/FLfRnTRvgQ

NeilBretana Okay... so who is John Hurt? I didn't get that. #DrWho

WhovianSmith J'ai eu 4 RT pour Matt Smith et 0 Fav pour John Hurt!

Robotmeile RT @josielawrence1: Excited to see John Hurt on Doctor Who. Been watching I Claudius lately. Here's John as mad Caligula! http://t.co/cQ2tL9oBZH via @youtube

ozumozturk RT @Gamzekaraman6: @ozumozturk Matt gitmiyor 12. doctor da o john 9. doctor http://t.co/guxWfzmieo

Gamzekaraman6 @ozumozturk Matt gitmiyor 12. doctor da o john 9. doctor http://t.co/guxWfzmieo

bobbybobing John Hurt as The Doctor #asdfghjkl

MisNatalieJayne For Those Confused About John Hurt. - shutupthisismymindpalace: thefirstprospect: “What I did was in the... http://t.co/30qGOOzlKN

samikelsh @jelltex @JLB_Tosche matt smith's signed on until next year i believe. the john hurt thing is, it seems, a bit more complicated...

marfa_m I'm sorry if you've not seen it an all, but Dr Who John Hurt?! Wha du fu.

PsychicStoner They are fucking with us, John Hurt wont be the next doctor...he'll be the next MASTER REGENERATION!

quigonsmith Just realised the John Hurt thing provides another potential explanation for the Morbius "Doctors". Hmm ... #DoctorWho


Who are people like John Boehner talking about when he mentions Job Creators? by He Himself Q: As I recall, he says that a tax increase on people earning over $250,000.00 per year would hurt Job Creators. But only 2% of the population make that much, so its not small business people he's talking about as almost none of them earn nearly that much. But he says he talking about small business people. That makes no sense. Who is he talking about? Hedge Fund Traders? Don't don't create jobs. They just make bets.

A: Thank you for using Numbers and Percentages in your Questions. I know it's generalized of me, but Democrats seldom use Accurate Numbers and Math. You have.....approximately 2.7% of all returns filed were by people who Earned $250,000 in AGI (adjusted gross income-before deductions and such) But, since you are obviously more learned than most, are you aware that Raising the Income Tax, 4%, on those Americans, which is what Mr. Bush Cut it, would only Increase Revenue by $40 Billion per year over the Last 10 years, or $400 Billion? That has virtually No Effect on our Economy or our Entitlement Spending. We would have to INCREASE taxation on the those Earning greater than $250,000/year to 100% of what they earn, to ALMOST cover our Annual Deficit projected for 2013. Please, apply your exceptional Math Ability to the Problem and see if maybe Taxation is not the Answer to our Economic Woes, and that SPENDING is the Problem. And without SERIOUS adjustment to our Spending Habits, we are Financially Doom within a Generation or 2. Thanks for a good question, and your concern.

Are there any Christian groups actually following Jesus commands to not hurt or kill other Christians? by revilo Q: “I am giving you a new commandment, that you love one another; just as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love among yourselves.”—John 13:34, 35.

A: The only one I know of are Jehovah's Witnesses.

How dumb was it for AJ Lee to blame Vickie Guerrero for injuring John Cena's ankle? by Q: AJ Lee went to Vickie Guerrero's office and blamed her for telling Dolph Ziggler to hurt John Cena. Did she not look at the replay? John Cena injured himself.

A: Pretty dumb. Just like she thinks every wrestler she kisses is the man of her life.

John McCain is skipping the State of the Union tonight. Is he really that worried about Mitt Romney? by Paper Mage Q: I mean, he's got two of the biggest Florida Republicans on his side. At this point, does he really think that a few hours more or less of personally campaigning will make the difference? Or will his skipping President Bush's final State of the Union hurt him with Republicans in Florida who still have some respect for the president?

A: He should be. Most polling has him and Mitt in a deadheat. some polls have them exactly tied. And the polls where he has a lead, its just a few points. He cant afford to not campaign.

Is it exaggerating to say that Republicans got their feelings hurt? by Abraham Lincoln Q: Minority Leader John Boehner "We could have gotten there today had it not been for the partisan speech that the speaker gave on the floor of the House," so where some republicans set to vote "yes" and change their mind over economic policy over a speech that had nothing to do with the current bill on the table?

A: Republicans are genius at finding someone to blame beside themselves. The self named party of personal responsibility are anything but responsible. They sound like a bunch of whiny children. Why don't they man up and admit that their laws, lack of oversight and corrupt president brought us to this mess, but they don't want to fix it. Why don't they want to put their names to this bailout? Because it is really a hoax and a blatant robbery of the US Treasury perpatrated by Bush and Paulson. Substitute smoking gun/mushroom cloud with economy/depression and you get the gist.

How long can a punch in the testicles continue to hurt? by Zombie Midget Q: So the other day my buddy was being a jerk to another guy so to teach him a lesson i gave him a punch to the balls. Nothing crippling, barely a tap if you ask me. Two days later he swears it still hurts. Is he overreacting/playing it up? I've taken my fair share of ball shots in my day and the pain, without fail, fades in less than a few minutes and i seriously didn't even hit him that hard.

A: |It should be okay. However, he may have a twisted testicle (very dangerous!!!) in which he will HAVE to go a see a G.P. This occurs if the spermatic cord is twisted due to an injury. It is highly unlikely that it was caused by a tip, but to make sure, you should advise him to see his G.P. for clarification. God bless, john O'Rourke

How do you prevent thongs (that strap between your toes) from hurting? by PhantomSue Q: I have a great pair of John Fluevog thongs but they hurt when I wear them. What can I wear between my toes to keep that strap part from hurting so bad?

A: It usually happens when the thongs are new. as they get old, your feet get used to them and their sharp edges and rough corners become smoother. Till then, you can either paste a plaster to cover the sharp areas of the thong or paste it between your toes (on the area that gets cut). if you think this is too visible, you can even rub a little vasline (or oily moisturizer) between your toes or even on the strap of your thong to reduce the sharpness. :)

Why is John Mccain teaming up with President Bush? by ohioguy4jc Q: Doesn't he know thats only going to hurt chances not help them any. Mccain isn't the best republican candidate anyways its Ron Paul so why is Mccain portrayed as the only choice when there is a better one? I'm frustrated. Ok neither one of those answers has anything to do with my question that is upsetting.

A: You're going to remain frustrated if you think Ron Paul is ever going to get out of Texas. Good man but not presidential material, and never will be. He serves well right where he is. John McCain isn't "teaming up" with President Bush. He's running his own campaign and, if elected, will run his own Presidency, but he will also welcome friendship and cooperation with both sides of the aisle, and of course with George W. Bush, who has a high respect for McCain even though they may not always agree. Do your friends and family always agree with you? Don't you still like them and cooperate with them?

Can you hurt your back without realizing it? My lower back hurts when I go from sitting to standing.? by Linda S Q: I don't sit for long periods of time. Even if I'm sitting at the computer for 15 minutes, my lower back hurts when I stand up. It's hard to even straighten myself up. I wonder if I might have hurt my back when lifting large, heavy suitcases while traveling last month, although I don't remember any specific time when it hurt to lift the suitcases. Might I have damaged something without realizing it? Should I go to the doctor?

A: Linda, There is nothing wrong with going to the doctor, however there are some things you can do. The back hurting in that case is most likely an issue of sitting wrong. Try the following: - Basic Cobra Pose (based on Cobra Yoga Pose): Lay face down on a mat. Arms by your sides palms down. Keep your face down with your chin near your chest and lift your upper body up with your back muscles. - Never lift with your back - always with your legs (if your legs aren't strong enough then do some leg workouts) - (most important for a sitter like you) Lean over so your thighs touch your chest before you sit down. You'll be on a different part of your bottom when you sit. Sit on that part of your bottom every time you sit. That stuff should help, but there are other things you can do and I know a great resource for further investigation. I will post a link below so you can dig deeper. Good Luck with the pain, John

Why did John Hospers feel we should respect human rights? by KN Q: I can't think of any other reason other than that since we are in control of our bodies, and not anyone else, we should respect what they want to do with their bodies. Likewise, since they don't control anyone else's body, they should respect others' rights, according to Hospers. BQ- Why did John Rawls feel we should respect human rights?

A: Hospers: "No one is anyone else's master, and no one is anyone else's slave. Other people's lives are not yours to dispose of. No human being should be a nonvoluntary mortgage on the life of another. Hospers sees these as three versions of the same absolute right of personal liberty." http://web.mnstate.edu/gracyk/courses/phil%20115/Hospers_outline.htm Hospers learned his ideas from Ayn Rand: "I found Ayn most insightful of all on the topic of rights. (I later came to admire her paper "Man's Rights" more than any other, though it was not yet written at the time of our discussions.) I had read much on that topic, but Ayn's way of laying out the subject struck the jugular in a way that nothing else did. And gradually I came to treat more and more aspects of ethics and political philosophy under the rubric of rights. It also drew my thoughts toward a different magnetic pole: previously, my first question in evaluating a proposed law was "Whom does it benefit and whom does it hurt?" whereas Ayn's first question was "Does it violate anyone's rights?" http://johnhospers.com/Articles/Conversations1.html But no where on Google could I find Hospers "reasons" for the basis of rights, and Rand would later come to despise and criticize Hospers for spouting platitudes without knowing the basis for them. "I’d rather vote for Bob Hope, the Marx Brothers, or Jerry Lewis," she wrote; "they’re not as funny as John Hospers and the Libertarian Party. If Hospers takes ten votes away from Nixon (which I doubt he’ll do), it would be a moral crime. I don’t care about Nixon, and I care even less about Hospers; but this is no time to engage in publicity seeking, which all these crank political parties are doing." Human rights are based in "individual sovereignty" as defined by John Locke. Rand wrote about it, but Hospers never did. http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/individualism.html "Individual sovereignty was not a peculiar conceit of Thomas Jefferson: It was the common assumption of the day;" http://www.friesian.com/ellis.htm The human is individually sovereign because if he is not--then where do the rights come from which he gives up to the social contract? Apparently Hospers never figured that out. Hospers would never be caught saying what Barry Goldwater said, but Goldwater is whom Rand supported in 1964. "I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom. My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them." Goldwater

What are 5 possibilities that could ruin or hurt Wrestlemania XXVII? by 24/7 - Muta Scale-FullMetal. Q: What are 5 predictions that could hurt Wrestlemania for where you say, "Why did I order this crap?".

A: 5 things that will hurt wrestlemania (in order of importance): 5. Rey Mysterio Winning Cody Rhodes, after such a great build up so far and Cody looking to be a future star, if WWE bury him like how sheamus is now then that will hurt WM a lot. 4. John Morrison, not allowed to do outrageous stuff, and him and ziggler given 5 mins of match time while people go for a pee break, they could steel the show, if given enough time. 3. if orton wins against punk, punk should get hes revenge on orton, its strange how people loved punk then, and when punk recaps they still hate him. 2. if triple h win against the Undertaker (im one of those guys that thinks takers streak should not ever end) 1. If Cena Wins, or if miz wins without rocks interference. (after all this build up everyone will agree that if rock deosnt do something in this match then that would be a big disappointment.)

How do I know if I hurt my Achilles tendon? by Amanda B Q: I was playing basketball and a girl stepped on the back of my ankle. It still hurts 5 hours later. I think it might be my Achilles... How do I know and what do I do to help it stop hurting?

A: it isnt your Achilles tendon. it is a tendon/muscle you hurt cold or heat on it, whichever feels better stay off it best you can crutch or cane will help keep the weight off it will take a week to heal if there is no improvement in 2 days see your doctor or go to the emergency room if your doc isnt available David peace up, in Jesus amazing grace and prayer John chapters 3 & 10 it is past time to read the bible for you, but dont blame God ... things happen in life

How can i learn to do the STFU from John Cena? by Scruffs Q: It looks like it really hurts and i would like to try it.

A: Watch how Cena does it...

What was the relationship between Eddie Guerrrero and John Cena? by Dude Q: I watched a clip between John Cena and Randy Orton and Cena was wearing a black shirt that said Latino heat. Were Cena and Guerrero rivals? Who won the matchups? Another miscellaneous question: Is WWE fake? Do wrestlers really beat up the refs and hit people with chairs?

A: No John Cena and Eddie Guerero were not really rivals in the WWE however they did have a little bit of a feud in 2003 on Smackdown. They were actually pretty close friends outside if the ring having a lot of respect for one another. They have both won matches against each other in their careers. No the WWE is nor fake. They are actually putting their bodies on the line every single time that they go out and wrestle. However why some people consider the WWE to be fake is because the matches are pre determined so the wrestlers aren't actually trying to beat each other but rather put on a show to entertain the fans. They do not actually beat up the refs it is all part of the plot in the match. The steel chair shots will sometimes hit the actually wrestlers but they do it so it hurts them as little as possible because the wrestlers don't actually want to hurt one another.

When do you think John Cena and Candice Michelle will comback to WWE? by WWE fan Q: I know they got hurt bad, I think they'll come back at Wrestlemania wat about u?

A: John Cena while be makin a appearance at WM24 and Candice has just finished rehab or will be done very soon. She is due back in the near future

What are symptoms you get when you need Tommy John Surgery? by manny_7788 Q: I get elbow pain, but hurts when i throw a lot. When i throw at an angle it doesn't hurt as much as when i throw straight overhead.

A: Pain in the elbow after throwing that doesn't go away after twenty-four hours might be something serious. Pain will commonly be produced if patient clenches his fist. UCL (Tommy John Injury) usually results in loss of elbow range of motion. Pain is usually more prominent in the overhead phase of throwing. Rest will commonly help, but if you think you have it you should visit a doctor.

What are some songs about being hurt by someone but still loving them? by Iamxoable Q: So basically I found my boyfriend of one year flirting with 4 girls online. He also cheated thrice. But I still love him like crazy and all I could do was cry all night thinking they must be prettier. And I'm still with him. To torture my heart a little more, I'm looking for some really sad songs about loving someone even after they've hurt you. No old songs, please. (Nothing before the 90s) Thanks !

A: Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy Back To Black - Amy Winehouse Someone Like You - Adele Blind - Ke$ha (more bitter) The Harold Song - Ke$ha Breathe - Taylor Swift Breakeven - The Script Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis Cold As You - Taylor Swift (more bitter) Don't Think Twice It's Alright - Metric Early Winter - Gwen Stefani Fading - Rihanna Hardest of Hearts - Florence + the Machine Heartbreak Warfare - John Mayer Here Without You - Three Doors Down Im Lost Without You - blink182 Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri The Last Song - All American Rejects Love the Way You Lie (Part 2) - Rihanna Need You Now - Lady Antebellum Not Like The Movies - Katy Perry Over - Lindsay Lohan Nothing Compares To You - Stereophonics Wake Up Alone - Amy Winehouse Whats Left of Me - Nick Lachey You Were Meant for Me - Jewel And after you have some sad songs, listening to more empowering ones after a break up especially one like this always makes me feel way better: Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood Brand New B**** - Anjulie Cannibal - Ke$ha Girls Fall Like Dominos - Nicki Minaj Blazin - Nicki Minaj & Kanye West Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO How I Roll - Britney Spears Hot As Ice - Britney Spears I Dont Need a Man - Pussycat Dolls Just Dance - Lady GaGa Middle Finger - Cobra Starship Moment 4 Life - Drake featuring Nicki Minaj Headlines - Drake No Love - Lil Wayne & Eminem Selfish - Britney Spears So Happy I Could Die - Lady GaGa Whoa is Me - Down With Webster Winner - Jamie Foxx, JT & TI Yes - LMFAO Yummy - Gwen Stefani

Did slave revolts help or hurt the antislavery cause? by A1 Q: I need a good argument about how they HURT the antislavery cause because we have a debate on this. My part is about 40 seconds and I need a really good argument about it. Any help would be appreciated, thanks! lmao!!!!! wooow kim i didn't think anyone would fine me xD and i honestly have no idea that is why I was on here because we didn't really get much done and I just needed something quick sothat i could say lol!

A: Slave revolts were the biggest fear of many southerners, not just the plantation owners. The efforts of John Brown and his kind hurt the efforts of the abolitionists because freed slaves would exert revenge on thse who owned them as slaves was also a fear of the southerners. The abolitionists in Kansas were so vehement that the bloody conflicts between abolitiomists and slavery people were alled "bleeding Kansas."

How come John Edwards didnt take the stand? by BBQ Ribs Q: Did it help him or hurt him or will it have no bearing? What would you think if you were apart of the jury?

A: By taking the stand he would have only hurt his own case. There is nothing he could have said that would make the jury think more favorable of him.

What are some quotes about loving someone you've hurt ? by e m Q: What are some quotes about hurting a bf or gf that you truly love. You want to be with but they have some strong hate for you, but strong love under all of the hate.

A: “Hate destroys, Love builds. Hate tears down, Love renews and creates. Hatred holds no hope for the future. Love creates Today as its own better future.” - Jonathan Lockwood Huie “Love commingled with hate is more powerful than love. Or hate.” - Joyce Carol Oates “Dogs love their friends and bite their enemies, quite unlike people, who are incapable of pure love and always have to mix love and hate in their object-relations” - Sigmund Freud “I love to love those who love to hate me and I laugh at the laughter directed against me.” - Leif Ericsson Leo Veness “Love and hate can hold hands. Love and fear cannot.” - Dani Reynolds “Love sees sharply, hatred sees even more sharp, but Jealousy sees the sharpest for it is love and hate at the same time” - Arab Proverb “You love, you hate, you forgive, but you never forget.” - Steven Monaco “Love secures, Hate destroys!” - Timothy John Waterhouse

Do you know any Folk / bluegrass / acoustic blues songs with "John" in the title or by an artist named John? by colin_21 Q: I've already come up with John Henry, John Hardy, John Hollin, Sleepy-eyed john, Lazy John, John Browns Dream, John Lewis, Walk in Jerusalem just like John, What Johnny Booker would do, Roll on John... For musicians: John Hartford, John McCutcheon, John Sebastian, John Prine, John Fahey, John Cephus, John Hiatt, Mississippi John Hurt, John Hammond, John Gorka.

A: All I've got is John Lee Hooker, Dr John & John Dee Holeman. Good luck.

who do you think will win at wrestlemania 28 the rock or john cena? by Connor Q: The Rock and John Cena are going at each other at wrestlemania 28. Who do you think will win?

A: That's very hard to predict, but my guess is The Rock, unless it's a WWE Title match. My pick is The Rock because this is his first one on one match back after 8 years absent. And he can't lose it or it will hurt his legacy. Not to mention, he's the hometown hero in this match. And Fans would be pretty disappointed if Cena beat him that night.

How bad does industrial ear piercings hurt? And, how long can i leave my cartilage earring out? by John Q: I want my industrial done, but i hate pain. And, i got my cartilage pierced in January 2011 and when i take it out, sometimes i get scared its guna close up, after only like a few mins. I'm a 13 year old girl, im using my dads account, thats why it says John.

A: If you hate pain, an industrial is not a good idea. They hurt more than a regular cartilage piercing. They also require a lot of care and take several MONTHS to heal completely. The cartilage piercing shouldn't close after a few minutes, but it's not a good idea to leave it out for more than a couple of hours.

John Deere riding mower, what kind of engine oil does it use? by cymru1965 Q: Trying to add engine oil, can regular motor oil be used? Will 2 cycle engine oil hurt he engine?

A: Do not use 2 cycle oil in a 4 cycle motor! Here is the general rule for John Deere. For motors with a pressurized oil system (those using an oil filter) use a multi-weight oil. JD oil is 10-30 but 10-40 is fine too. For non-pressurized systems use a straight weight oil. 30wt is the recommended oil. Happy mowing......say, you missed a spot over there.

What were the major beliefs of John Calvin. How were they similar to Luther's beliefs? by Q: What were the major beliefs of John Calvin. How were they similar to Luther's beliefs? How were they different?

A: For Luther, justification of faith was the shibboleth of the Reformation, but for Calvin it was the fear of the Lord, living in the presence of God in every area of life. The sacrament of the Lord's supper was a key difference between him and Luther. Against Calvin, Luther taught the real presence in the Lord's Supper. Luther did not agree with the Roman Catholic dogma of transubstantiation, which teaches that "In the most blessed sacrament of the Eucharist 'the body and blood, together with the soul and divinity, of our Lord Jesus Christ and, therefore, the whole Christ is truly, really, and substantially contained'.... It is by the conversion of the bread and wine into Christ's body and blood that Christ becomes present in this sacrament" (p. 383 f. Catechism of the Catholic Church). Luther taught instead the doctrine of consubstantiation. In his Small Catechism, he defined the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper as "The true body and blood of our Jesus Christ under the bread and wine, for us Christians to eat and to drink." Its purpose, he continued, "is shown us by these words, 'Given and shed for you for the remission of sins.'...For where there is forgiveness of sins, there is also life and salvation." Luther stated that "Even though a knave takes or distributes the Sacrament, he receives the true body and blood of Christ, just as truly as he who [receives or] administers it in the most worthy manner. For it is not founded upon the holiness of men, but upon the Word of God." Calvin criticized Luther's view because it involves a localization of Christ's presence. In a letter to Martin Bucer in 1538 he wrote regarding. Luther, "How foolishly he erred when he stated that the bread is the body itself." He also wrote to the Council of Geneva stating that he could not change his mind about Luther's view as he didn't want to betray the truth. Calvin affirmed the presence of the living Christ in the sacrament of the Lord's Supper by the action of the Holy Spirit. Despite the vast distance of space between us and the ascended Christ, we are united with Him through the hidden power of the Holy Spirit. Calvin believed that Christ was "truly and efficaciously" present in the Lord's Supper, but in a spiritual sense, and through the mysterious intervention of the Holy Spirit, the communicant partakes spiritually of Christ's body" (cf. Institutes IV, 17, 18). He said at the Synod of Berne (1537), "Thus we must recognize that his Spirit is the bond of our participation with him, in such a way that he truly feeds us on the substance of our Lord's flesh and blood, to give us by sharing in them life and immortality. This communion of his flesh and blood Christ offers in his holy supper under the symbols of bread and wine, and he presents this to all who celebrate it duly in accordance with his lawful institution." Neither Luther nor Calvin changed their minds. For sound Scriptural reasons, Calvin could not accept Luther's view. This break with the Lutherans deeply hurt Calvin.

Who is John Murtha Endorsing for the Presidential Election?Will it Help or Hinder Who He Chooses? by What say you? Q: Is he going to wait so that he won't hurt anyones feelings?

A: John Murtha has no standing - this is a person who lied about how he got his purple heart and he was caught on tape considering accepting illegal money. http://www.politicspa.com/FEATURES/baileylttomurtha.htm http://www.cnsnews.com/ViewSpecialReports.asp?Page=\SpecialReports\archive\200601\SPE20060113a.html http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2131539854655700584&hl=en http://www.cnsnews.com/ViewPolitics.asp?Page=\Politics\archive\200601\POL20060113d.html

Is John Cena really hurt or is this another excuse for him to be out, to make another movie? by A_WWE_FAN_4LYFE Q: I have tickets to go to the Supershow this coming Sunday, in St.Louis, MO, now that John won't be there, I don't even feel like going. I guess I shouldn't complain, iv'e seen John Cena before in real life on 1/8/07, when I attended a live Monday Night Raw in St.Louis, MO.

A: Yeah, it's legit. You should still go to the show

What were ways Thomas Jefferson supported John Adams? by Issy Q: I mean when John Adams was president, when America was having conflict with France, when the Alien and Sedition acts came out, and other events that happened near those time periods.

A: they didn't support each other at all...in fact, they despised each other Basically, in the 1800 election, Jefferson won over Adams, and Adams did all that he could to hurt Jefferson's administration way before Jefferson took the inaugural oath in March 1801<> And even before that, Adams and the Federalist dominated Congress passed the Alien and Sedition acts which the Republicans were against. This formed an even larger rift between the parties than before. So, I definitely would not say that Jefferson supported Adams at all.

How many celebrities named John can you list? by Ama Charreau Q: JOHN only, no Jons! Also, forenames only- nothing like Elton John or Jack Johnson. Longest list= best answer.

A: John Cusack John Mayer John Lennon John Travolta John Belushi John Denver Johnny Rotten John Hurt John Cleese John Candy Johnny Depp Johnny Cash John Stamos John Goodman John Coltrane John Grisham John Malkovich John Legend John Wayne John Williams John Woo John Bonham John Entwistle Johnny Marr

What is the John Wayne western film with the lead female role named Hannah? by RunRunRun Q: I caught the very end of this movie on television, but they didn't re-list the title. All I could gather from the film is that it involved a bunch of men - I think some sort of militia - out in a sort of shanty/shack with this woman named Hannah. At the end of the film, he takes her bandana off her hair, telling her he's in love with her, but isn't going to hurt her anymore and leaves. All the men depart, but he doesn't return and the film ends. What is this movie?

A: hi there, long shot : "The Horse Soldiers" (1959) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0052902/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Horse_Soldiers Mike Dennis.

How did John F Kennedy's assassination affect the civil rights movement? by Sabeen Q: That question is the question I decided for my extended essay, and I need a good source that either states that his assassination helped or hurt the civil rights movement. By a good source I mean like a historian. I have searched everywhere, and I just can't find one. All I ever get is "It's a conspiracy!" So does anybody have the answer to the above question with a good historian source? Please don't forget a source, it would help me greatly.

A: Your subject is very interesting. There is a lot of material and I really applaud you for taking on this topic. To answer your question, the assassination of JFK helped the civil rights movement because it put LBJ in the White House. JFK himself was in favor of civil rights, but he was not very effective at working with Congress to get legislation passed. On the other hand, LBJ was a master at pushing legislation through Congress. Also, LBJ was probably more committed to civil rights than was JFK, so Johnson may have pushed the limits more than JFK was able or willing to. Kennedy supported the Civil Rights Bill, but he couldn't get it through Congress. When Johnson became president, he did a lot of arm twisting and politicking in Congress and he got the legislation passed as the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Johnson was a complex and flawed man. He was overbearing and arrogant, but he was also very insecure. He escalated the war in Vietnam on the flimsiest of grounds and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans and Vietnamese during his terms in office. I could go on, but read it for yourself in the sources I've listed below. LBJ was committed to end racism and he made the greatest progress of all of the presidents except, perhaps, Lincoln. As for sources, look for books written by Bill Moyers, Doris Kearns Goodwin, and Robert A. Caro. Also, check the Wikipedia article and look at the sources cited there.

Is John MCCain the biggest threat to either Obama or Hillary in a a general election? by Scott Q: He has the least amount of pittfals like other republican candidates and is most experienced and fought in war. Mitt Romney being a mormon will hurt him. Guliani supports gun control, gay marriages, and abortion all of these gun mccain have the opposite view. Huckabee is too conservative to win a state that is not conservative and is using the bush tactic which is claiming he is an evangelical.

A: A McCain - Hillary matchup is the only one where i put money on the republican winning. She's not liked by indepedents... he does very well with independents, and ultimately those are the onse who decide most elections. Romney is rediculously intelligent and compident, but he will be cast as a flip flopper, and he is a morman which will hurt. Hukabee wont be able to win outside of evengelical states. Liberals and independens wont go for him and the liberatarian wing of the republican party wont vote for a non small governement conservative, especially after the atrocious spending record of the past 7 years. Rudy is becoming more devisive and he has a really messed up personal life. If Obama gets the nom, its his election to lose. McCain wont fare as well against him because they btoh draw independendts and dems are more excited about abama then repus are about McCain. Olso Obama will cast McCain as the establishment canidate. Hillary cant do that because she too is the establishment.

Is it true that John Cena and Randy Orton are really best friends in real life? by Slipknot Q: One of my friends tried to convince me that John Cena and Randy Orton don't really hate each other. He said that Randy Orton is just acting sick and twisted on television when the cameras are rolling, but in real life he is a loyal respectful guy. My friend also said that Randy Orton never hurt John Cena's father and that he made sure that his father would not get injuried before delivering a boot to his skull. Honestly you people can't truly believe this can you? Tell me what are your thoughts.

A: Much of the WWE is scripted (its all a big Soap opera) i mean just look at the memorials of people like Eddie. In the ring he was hunted down and "Hated" by the likes of Kurt Angle and JBL. However, in the memorials they show that this is just for the entertainment of the fans For example. JBL in the ring hated Eddie to the point of brutalising him in various matches and yet Eddie played an important role at his wedding as best man John Cena and Randy orton will crack each others heads open in the ring, but at the end of the day its all buisiness. Everyone knows that (for the most part) many of these wrestlers that fued wildly are the best of friends outside the ring

How bad does tommy john surgery hurt? by bthoneyc Q: I'm having tommy john surgery on November 13th and was wondering how bad it hurts. I'm a college baseball player and hopefully I can make a full recovery and continue living my dream and hopefully play professionally one day. I am just wondering what I should expect the pain to be and the recovery. Thanks!

A: im not a doctor or anything but i just had the surgery about a month ago myself. So far i haven'tt had any pain what so ever i didn't even need any pain killers after the surgery. From what i have heard the most pain comes inphysicall therapy.I dont know if this helps or not but good luck

How many teeth does actor John Hurt have on his bottom row? by MD Q: Has anyone else noticed that he has WAY too many teeth on his bottow row? He's in V for Vendetta as Chancellor Sutler.

A: http://www.lahiguera.net/cinemania/actores/john_hurt/fotos/2744/john_hurt.jpg looks like he has a lot! haha.

Is John Cena hurt or did he get suspended? by WWE 4 LIFE Q: Cause we all know that he's actually not fired. If he is hurt or suspended, could you give me some details?

A: He's busy filming a movie called Blood brothers. He was actually at my work filming in one of the units. Its a jail movie

Is john cena hurt bad? What is his condition after the nxt attack? by Brandon M Q: I know wrestling is fake but i love it and the story lines. Is Cena hurt bad and what is his condition?

A: You know I am sooo glad that I am not the only one who asked this. I know it is fake, but to me it is fun to watch. Well last night was hard to watch with the "Beating" but overall it is fun for me. I work full time, am a mother and a wife and have a full plate but I will tell you that when this show comes on, I watch! It takes me away from my daily life to watch something entertaining. I have so much on my plate that this is how I decompress. I don't need anything else to build my world around. The acting last night was somehting else and I sure do hope that no one was injured at all.

My boyfriend and I have sex on a regular basis. sometimes maybe a day a two later he gets bruise marks? by Blackrain Q: he also gets scabs that come and go. the other day we did the do three times in two hours and he said that his john hurts. what is causing that? help please because i dont like it when he is hurt it makes me sad.

A: Are your genitals made of barbed wire or razor blades? Maybe you hit him. Stop hitting him.

Who played the first doctor in the episode The Name of the Doctor? by Harry Potter Is Awesome Q: Just watched the episode, but I cannot seem to find who played the first doctor in the episode The Name of the Doctor that was aired 5/18/20013. John Hurt played the doctor as did Matt Smith, but the credits did not say the first doctor's actor. Just wondering, because I am curious.

A: It was old footage from William Hartnell's time that was restored and edited into the finale episode. So, it was William Hartnell. The First Doctor.

Is there a film version of George Orwell's 1984 with Lawrence Olivier in? by peace Q: I have seen the film 1984 with John Hurt in but thought I heard somewhere that there was a version with Lawrence Olivier in.

A: I don't think so. I googled and binged it and come up with nothing.

where can i find the film 'New York I Love You' to either watch online or buy in the UK? by letalis Q: I can only find trailers and clips with no indication of UK DVD release. Its from the same people as 'Paris, Je t'aime' Actors: Natalie Portman, Bradley Cooper, Orlando Bloom, Christina Ricci, John Hurt etcetc. Any help greatly appreciated.

A: try open www.freewatchtv.info I know the site almost has everything, totally free and safe, no viruses, high quality, no surveys or hidden cost. International visitors welcome. Try it out, hope can help you.

Is the movie 1984 a good adaptation to the book? by Lilly Q: I need to know if the movie adaptation of 1984 (starring john hurt and Richard Burton) is good and true to the novel by George Orwell. I needed to do it for summer reading and totally forgot and the test is tomorrow. I need to know if I can get away with watching the movie and passing. Thanks!!

A: Yep , it is pretty close , in fact it is probably better than the book . The only thing is , the film is set with a few more futuristic sci-fi things in the background than George Orwell wrote in the book . The book was set in a pretty grubby sort of city , because that was all that Orwell knew .

What was the meaning of the BBC horror, 'Whistle And I'll Come To You', shown this Christmas? by ♣ George ♣ Q: It was the one where John Hurt played the astronomer who encountered the 'ghost' of his demented wife in a secluded, sea-side hotel. It was possibly one of the most cryptic programs I've ever watched... I don't understand the dream he had, why she the wife disappeared after the husband's death or why the nurse and receptionist seemed to know what was happening.

A: This is one of those sickening perversions of a great original work. In this case, it is a short ghost story, by M.R. James, the MASTER of ghost stories. I love the BBC but I hate how they constantly mangle the classics. Read the ORIGINAL story!!! Just read some M.R. James ghost stories instead of this offal. But I'm sorry for not answering your original question. I'm just a fanatical M.R. James fan. Read him and fall in love. http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/8486 (Arggh... don't even get me started on the Masterpiece claptrap version of "Dracula"... ) In the original WAIWCTY, he was a Professor of Ontography. P.S. The other great authors of ghost stories are E.F. Benson, Algernon Blackwood, William Hope Hodgson, Sheridan LeFanu, and Lovecraft.

Is john hurt the first doctor? by Melissa Q: He says he has had 11 faces as the doctors does this mean there has been 12 of him and John Hurt is the original?????

Does anyone know of an older movie about a captain of the ship in a fantasy world? by Q: The captain is in love with a woman who has no body and his best friend is a sniper with a musket.. we think its john hurt who's the star but not sure

A: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

What Does Commision Mean As In The Original Karate Kid? by Miranda Q: I'm newly obbssed with ex hottie Ralph macchio in the karate kid ( I'm 13 ) I was watching the end scence and Kreese ( hate that man ) said put Daniel in commision to John? What does that mean technicaly? I know it's something to do with how John hurt Daniels leg.

A: I think you may have misheard slightly, he tells him to take him OUT of commission. out of commission in this case meaning to stop something working or injure someone so they cannot continue.

Who is the voice in a Kay Jeweler's Christmas commercial? by pat b Q: The commercial has a gingerbread couple (husband and wife) hanging on the Xmas tree as an English narrator speaks in rhyme. It sounds a little like John Hurt, but I don't think it is.

A: It is Malcolm McDowell.

How does one get a scholarship to RADA ? by Emerald Q: I intend to audition for other theatre schools too, but I heard John Hurt received a scholarship to RADA and I was wondering, how does one get a scholarship to RADA ?

A: That was about 40 years ago! They don't do scholarships any more - they have far too many people willing to pay the whole fee. Back then, hardly anyone could afford to go, so talented students were helped a lot. It just doesn't happen any more. Sorry! Every year RADA gets get about 4,000 applicants for only 24 places. That's the same as all the other drama schools, by the way.

How to sing and play guitar at the same time? by Kempiet Q: Dont just say practice as i know that is what pays off in the end, but i'm just curious about how to go about singing whilst playing really complicated guitar parts I can play much like Mississippi John Hurt with complicated picking techniques but when i start to sing all the words are jumbled and messed up and i lose concentration on what i'm playing. Any tips on what to do before this stage?

A: Start out playing the song, making sure you can nail it every time without thinking about it. Then play it again while singing the familiar parts, like the chorus or the bridge. Again, make sure you know as many of the lyrics and notes as possible or it will throw you off. Slowly add in more lyrics until you can play and sing at the same time.

What was the worst movie adaptation of a novel? by Half Drawn Boy Q: For me it has to be the 1984 film rendition of the novel Ninety Eighty-Four by George Orwell starring John Hurt. They completely butchered the story and got so many things wrong. There is supposed to be a 1950s movie which is better but I haven't seen it. Which novel do you feel has been done injustice on the silver screen?

A: I'm a huge Stephen King fan and other than The Green Mile...no film adaptations of his books ever did them justice, and I think the main reason for that is because King relies so much on OUR own imaginations to make the impact...he just sets the stage. Very few of his stories rely on in literal interpretations.

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