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KarenKristo RT @Eaglefly124: When John Boehner says, "We're focused on jobs", he means the ones the Rs can still destroy, like USPS and gov't jobs. #TraitorousBastards

Zoocritter RT @Eaglefly124: When John Boehner says, "We're focused on jobs", he means the ones the Rs can still destroy, like USPS and gov't jobs. #TraitorousBastards

chaz1944 RT @Debra129: John Boehner Calls Grover Norquist 'Just Some Random Person' http://t.co/O9vRhz8m

gtsdc John Boehner: Debt Deal Will Include New Tax Revenues http://t.co/gmKrWUk1

TexMex817 Uh, are they really Republicans? [email protected]: Republicans will dominate Sunday's talk: Huntsman, Boehner, Paul http://t.co/nvxqoDcL

ziggymetal John Boehner Calls Grover Norquist 'Just Some Random Person' http://t.co/RLrWtv57

Jay00789 Video: I miss the days when this video was the only reason I knew about Michele Bachmann and John Boehner. http://t.co/Jrr0lv6I

sterlingvoth RT @AHMalcolm: Republicans will dominate Sunday's talk: Jon Huntsman, John Boehner, Ron Paul http://t.co/958uqrp3

AluraStar Coming Up on 'This Week': House Speaker John Boehner, Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice - ABC News http://t.co/trCLbpzs (via @ABC)

Dolly_World RT @TexasAgape: Make a comment 202 456 1111 White House comment line! John Boehner is 202 225 6205. Give them the news WE R THE REAL 99%.

Just_Me_Brett RT @SOBamalarky: John Boehner disgrace to the Republican Party - Tea Party Nation http://t.co/MzLNpxED

TexasAgape Make a comment 202 456 1111 White House comment line! John Boehner is 202 225 6205. Give them the news WE R THE REAL 99%.

BigSamSFO28Left John Boehner & Eric Cantor are listed as similar to me?! #Fuckouttahere

dmataconis RT @AHMalcolm: Republicans will dominate Sunday's talk: Jon Huntsman, John Boehner, Ron Paul http://t.co/gFIvzFyh

USA_TAM RT @exposeliberals: Weeper Boehner not ruling out 'Balanced Budget Amendment' with unlimited fed spending http://t.co/x2ExYHFx #tcot #tlot #sgp


Republican John Boehner criticized Obama for funding schools in the stimulus package ? by iamct01 Q: On Meet the Press Sunday Republican John Boehner (OH) asked how is funding schools going to stimulate the economy. My question is should the youth be punished for the fading generations mistakes?

A: here's my view,more taxes for schools,lotteries for schools,fund raisers for schools and probably more. how much money do the schools need and will there ever be enough?

Why is Republican John Boehner going on a five week vacation when the jobs issue is still a problem? by Growth vs Oil Q: Republcian John Boehner made money in his personal investments giving the debt ceiling a hard time.

Why is Republican John Boehner allowed to profit off giving the debt ceiling a hard time? by Growth vs Oil Q: John Boehner and Eric Cantor have profited off giving the debt ceiling a hard time. Their personsonal investments hedge against American.

A: Its the republican way, steal at all cost, and the cost? The American people.

Does John Boehner have the worst record of any Congressional leader in history? by Free At Last Q: GOP House leader John Boehner has lost every single vote on every single issue that's come before the House of Representatives since John became the minority leader. Should he be given some sort of prize for ineptitude?

A: No. But he has the very best fake and bake tan!

Why does john boehner accept campaign contributions from Al Qaeda? by Bopped Q: John Boehner has been accepting contributions from individuals and groups with ties to Al Qaeda. Most politicians refuse such tainted contributions. Why does he accept them?

A: He's an equal opportunity scumbag

When john boehner says Congress should freez all tax rates for two years is he saying give the wealthiest? by mike Q: When john boehner says Congress should freez all tax rates for two years is he saying give the wealthiest back their tax break and let the middle class pick up the rest? hey @Pfo, its exactly what im saying, he is saying keep the tax cuts for the wealthiest in America.What dont you understand ? He is saying it in a way to fool the people, and i see he has 1 already fooled, you.

A: Yes. Never mind that the tax cuts were unfunded at the start. Never mind that the GOP refused to extend UI benefits because they were unfunded. It's part of Boehner's trickle down approach. It is far better to restore the tax rates for those over $250,000 and reduce the deficit.

What was so important that Republican leader John Boehner couldn't attend the memorial last night? by NONAME Q: Side note; when you type in John Boehner why does YA spell check suggest you change it to Boner?

A: Imagine the Head of the US House of Representatives doing this: The Ohio Republican is holding a 7 p.m. cocktail reception Wednesday night for 168 RNC members, who are in the Washington area for an annual meeting. The event is sponsored by Boehner’s political action committee and will take place at Maryland’s National Harbor resort. http://thinkprogress.org/2011/01/12/boehner-party-memorial-service/

Why does the Republican house leader John Boehner always look so uppity, and arrogant? by Lone butcher Spartan remembers ? Q: Also why does John Boehner seem to express disdain for the American middle class? IMO John Boehner looks like a little punk, and Karma is probably gonna get him.

A: John Boehner is a punk, he looks like a typical douche bag.

How long will it take John Boehner to send Special forces to Kenya? by Jason James Q: During the campaign trail John Boehner promised a investigation and impeachment trial of president Obama. I was wondering How long will it be before he will be able to send the Green Berets, and the 3rd Infantry Division to Kenya to find his birth records and Impeach Obama?

A: john who,

What would Republican John Boehner be guilty of if Obama is not an American? by Growth vs Oil Q: When a candidate wants to be president they have to go through a vetting process from the opposing party. John Boehner is on that vetting team.

A: This was what could be defined as a "brilliant political strategy" by Boehner. Whether one accepts the credentials Obama has presented or disbelieve them, WHY should Boehner get involved either way. There are numerous "actions" coming in the next few months, that should provide hard evidence one way or the other. Boehner has far more serious issues to deal with than the Obama issue.

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