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Joe the Plumber

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boffahaew1 delwilliams Joe was a product of (and bff's with) Sarah Palin. google teaparty and "Joe the plumber"vcE

Elngod Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky's 'Joe the Plumber' Moment - Big ... - It was her Joe the Plumber moment... http://t.co/QqFiwvh5

daddsdhcn6 Joe the plumber (the actual guy) just filled papers to run for congress in Ohio. America eat your heJ3UIVL

Elngod Joe The Plumber Running For Congress « Alan Colmes' Liberaland - The official site of Alan Colmes-liberal... http://t.co/5UAfAiyz

Elngod God Has Told Joe the Plumber to Run for Congress -- Daily Intel - God Has Told Joe the Plumber to Run for Congress.... http://t.co/I6scTPeM

frestacuznpm7 JBBdude Pres_Bartlet No, it's Samuel "Joe" Wurzelbacher, the infamous Joe the Plumber from Ohio runn0oFGm

clevelandlocal Joe the Plumber speaks tonight at Fairview Tea Party me... - http://t.co/bhtvVWWH

Elngod Joe The Plumber Is Running For Congress | Election 2012 - The man known as “Joe The Plumber” is running for... http://t.co/sqS9FMZz

Elngod Where You At Wednesday : Joe the Plumber | The Mixtape Monster ... - Since the election, Joe wrote a book called... http://t.co/PG3KoBH0

alegriadlbtkt8 I don't get it. Sorry. RT badbanana: Joe the Plumber is running for office. I hope he runs for presihMZOSQ

plumbingfitlof Joe [sic] the Plumber [sic] becomes politician [sic] - The Guardian (blog)

bahriaonmb9 David Bowie announces that Joe the Plumber cannot use Joe the Lion as his campaign song.Yx3

Elngod Joe the Plumber, Call Your Agent - The Daily Beast - Joe the Plumber, whose on-the-street questioning of Barack... http://t.co/y54sm6ID

Elngod Samuel Wurzelbacher, Joe the Plumber, May Run for Congress ... - Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, the plumber turned author... http://t.co/fZqCCDyQ


Does Joe Plumber is gonna share the wealth? by Omar Jafet Anti fanboys/girls Q: By giving plumbing assigments to us all??? Or he's gonna go Maverick and keep it all for himself and his plumbing buddies?

A: no, he just helps you get rid of some of yours.

since joe the plumber makes over $250K an year, he has nothing to worry about. Why mccain keeps talking of Joe? by Yahoo user Q: Mccain said Joe the plumber will pay more taxes under Obama. But that is if Joe makes $250K an year. And since Joe plumber clearly makes more than $250K an year because he will pay more tax, whats the issue here? I don't think Joe the plumber is even relevant to the debate. He sure isn't suffering economically like most are.

A: Because he is John McCain's idea of a poor person. Anybody who makes less than ol' Joe the Plumber is just a lowly pauper, a servant, not worthy to shine a Senator's shoes, in McCain's opinion.

Why do you think Democrats are so scared of Joe the Plumber? by the_wife_from_7th_heaven Q: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/05/06/joe-plumber-wont-let-gay-people-near-kids/ Is it because he represents the regular person-American? Well Dems, a lot of people are flocking to the words and wisdoms of Joe, Sarah, Mitt and Jeb, fact. Joe the Plumber is the man who will save the GOP and sink the Democrats, and he is an American hero for it, fact.

A: I was curious to see in your link what might indicate such fear. I saw nothing there. Besides being about Joe the Plumber, it has nothing to do with your question. I doubt that many people are scared of the guy. Some people like, as you obviously do. Others are annoyed by him or think he is a joke. Personally, as a person who avoids political partisanship, I think that he is an opportunist who plays to some of the lowest common denominators in society. I don't fear him per se. Rather, I fear the qualities in society that allow such a person to be raised to a position of prominence. This has nothing to do with him being a "regular person-American". Rather, it has to do with his acts to continue to polarize people around political figures. I think that our society needs to drastically reduce the influence of politics. Joe the Plumber, indeed a "regular person-American" in this regard, does the opposite.

Is Joe Plumber gonna employ the 900K people who lost their jobs this year? by mrlinuxguy Q: Or are there more people with problems than him?

What happened to 'my friends', my friends? Has McCain swapped all 'his friends' for 'Joe Plumber'? by Tokolosh Q: Meet Joe Plumber, my new friend, my friends. Is McCain getting cornier by the day?

A: Look. My friends. We all know who Joe the Plumber is. He is just a small businessman who makes a lot of money. But that there is going to tax more this resident of this great country of ours that I have served all my life. I will take on the Republicans and work with the democrats as I have always done during the past 23 years--see my records--to give my friend Joe a tax break. Joe, thank you for your service to my campaign. If I become the President I will fight for your cause. I might not win the Miss Congeniality, my friends in Washington call me Maverick and I am proud of being one.

Joe the plumber: Didn't like McCain but really didn't like Obama, What can we do about our system to clean it? by American Woman Q: Apparently Joe, like most conservatives didnt like McCain but stayed with him because he like the idea of Obama being President even less. This is what voting for the lesser of two evils gets you. Evil. We have a broken election system that is filled with corruption. http://thinkprogress.org/2008/12/09/joe-plumber-versus-mccain/

A: I am a firm believer in the idea that George Washington expressed in his farewell speech: our political system should never be based on party politics. The problem with party politics is that in order for a person to get the most sought after positions they must appease their party, often going against the people who elected them to office. This leads to a need for the politician to hide their actions from the voters because to be forth coming would get them voted out of office. It is due to this fact that pork is included in every bill that is passed. Politicians hide the truth, fail to represent their constituents, and get drawn into special interest all due to partisanship.

Mccain is now gaining ground after using Joe Plumber? by first lady Q: Obama supporters please don't get comfortable thinking this thing is in the bag. Mccain actually gained ground today using the Samuel "Joe" the Plumber in his rally. Please go out and vote this lead is very small and Obama needs each and every vote. Don't listen to the polls they are a smoke screen to keep democrat voter's out of the poll. Are you going to vote?

A: Joe the plumber doesn't even have a plumbers license! So who knows what the real deal is w/ that guy....

Do Joe Plumber and McCain understand accounting? by Terry Q: According to Joe the Plumber, his company might GROSS over $250,000. If it does, it would certainly deduct a large portion of that for costs associated with the company. Obama plans to tax NET profits. So Joe is still far away from the tax limit. Surely someone should have explained this to Joe and McCain?

A: Apparently not, and neither do the majority of middle class Republicans who are believing that their taxes will be increased by Obama. My husband and I make under $200K a year combined, and last year we paid $4500 in income taxes on top of what was taken out of our checks - nice! The year before that we paid around $1200 in additional income taxes. Under the Obama plan we will actually get a refund of around $500. A REFUND!! Money in our pocket, albeit, not that much, but I would rather get $500 then pay $4500. I also would like to point out that taxing my healthcare, would likely put me into a higher tax bracket - which would be a TAX INCREASE to me, and take more money out of my pocket. Do the math people, before you go to the polls do the basic simple math. I'd also like to point out to these crazy people that think their tax dollars get redistributed to the poor, that tax dollars pay for wars, schools, police, firefighters, parks, libraries, highway repairs, building of infrastructure, national security, the military, etc... these are things all people use rich and poor, it's not a redistribution of anything, it's reality.

Joe Plumber's buying a business worth 250k and we should feel sorry for him ? by FumbDucker Q: Let me get this straight. At a time when hundred's of thousands of Americans are losing their jobs, many of whom have no health insurance we should feel bad for Joe the Plumber because he's going to have to pay higher taxes. Poor Joe, how terrible it must be. Poor Joe must not believe in himself then if taxes are going to make or break him. Maybe Joe shouldnt buy the business like so many of those people who shouldnt have bought homes when they couldn't make the payments.

A: No, Joe the Plumber claims he is buying a Business that has between $250,000 and $280,000 PROFIT each year. Businesses are taxed on PROFIT, not SALES. Given that your average business has a 7 year return on investment, Joe will be spending $1.7 million to purchase this business. Hardly a mom & pop operation. Joe has done well for himself and I don't feel sorry for him. Not to mention that under Obama's plan, Joe's tax rate will only increase 3% on profits that exceed $250,000 which amounts to about $900 if he really earns $280,000. What a sob story.... But for some reason I don't believe Joe and I don't think he has his facts correct. The whole issue revolves around Joe's definition of the word "Makes". More than likely, he was talking about $250,000 in total sales, not profit. Which means that he's actually making far, far less that the $250,000 cap Obama will place on tax increases. In the debate McCain kept bringing up how America's 35%corporate taxe is destroying America's small businesses. However, everyone should know that that majority of small businesses are not corporations. They are sole proprietorships, limited liability corporations (which are structured like corporations but taxed like partnerships), and s-corporations (which do not pay corporate taxes at all.) But here's the real difference between corporations and sole proprietorships. If you own a sole proprietorship, you are taxed no differently that if you didn't own a business. Income is income. However, you assume all the liability yourself. If your business losses a million dollars, creditors are going to take your house and car. If you own a corporation, you pay higher taxes, when when your business folds, you can simply walk away, because corporations are considered separate entities apart from their directos and shareholders. The tax payer's end up footing the bill for your failure. Just ask George W. Bush. He sat at the helm of three failed corporations and ended up profiting from them all.

who is joe plumber? is it a giant inside joke or is he really a famous plumber? by Mitsuru Q: everywhere i go i see and hear joe plumber? who the hell is he? something tells me he isnt a famous plumber...am i correct on that?

A: Joe was the first plumber. He invented plumbing. He's Joe the plumber. He's a famous plumber. He plumbs. He's famous for plumbing. Plumbing is his trade. He is a plumber.

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