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Joe namath

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swazyLOVEBIRD RT @Superlearning: Until I was 13, I thought my name was 'Shut Up.' Joe Namath

JoshuHasT Until I was 13, I thought my name was 'Shut Up.' Joe Namath

Superlearning Until I was 13, I thought my name was 'Shut Up.' Joe Namath

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MyBusinessBook Until I was 13, I thought my name was 'Shut Up.' Joe Namath

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LoverBoy_Jamesy @BigSuHefner it is..they shared Joe namath high school

mrspanjaitan RT @FocusLeadership: To be a leader, you have to make people want to follow you, and nobody wants to follow someone who doesn't know where he is going.Joe Namath

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shadream @havenoheart I'm sure he is. But whos moon is it? This Time. Mr. Mewes or young Joe Namath from when todd was middle aged? Hi Todd :)

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Where didi the myth start tha joe Namath was a good QB? by tatimsaspas Q: Career stats TD-INT 173-220 Yards 27,663 QB Rating 65.5 50% compeltion for his career so he was cocky so he won one low scoring super bowl that makes him great

A: Those look like Eli Manning numbers and everyone thinks he should be made a probowler this year when he ranked 16th out of 32 QBs. It's funny how a QB will get all the credit weather it's good or bad, like Romo getting blamed for all the Dallas loses.

If Mark Sanchez gets to the super bowl & correctly predicts a victory will he become a legend like Joe Namath? by Lakers Fan Q: Would he become an immortal legend like Namath?

A: Joe Namath might be the worst player in the HOF. I hope you don't consider these career numbers immortal. Sanchez will almost assuredly be more productive in his career. Record: 62-63-4 50.1 % Comp 173 TDs (4.6%) 220 INTs (5.8%) 65.5 QB rating

Why in the world is Joe Namath in the HOF? by N.J. Q: I feel it is a JOKE that Namath is in the HOF. He has 173 TDS compared to 220 INTS. Not only is he in the HOF, but he is revered as one of the greatest QBS of all-time. Can anyone give a good reason why he is so beloved?

A: There are several factors concerning Joe Willie. 1. The Prediction. I shouldn't have to explain, everyone knows the story. It made him famous. 2. Joe was the NFL's first celebrity. Famous for wearing furs and appearing in commercials and on TV. The first NFL player to have that kind of star power. 3. The first passer to pass for over 4,000 yds. That was in a 14 game season, too. Namath tore the League up his first five years or so. His production declined with the deterioration of his knees.He had suffered a serious knee injury in his senior year at Alabama. It plagued him into his pro career. Some of the all time great coaches consider Joe to be one of the greatest. His injuries really affected his career stats in that, the stats just don't do Joe Willie justice. He led the way from run oriented offenses to a more evolved passing attack. . Here are a couple of quotes from 2 Legends... Hall of Fame coach Bill Walsh stated that Namath was "the most beautiful, accurate, stylish passer with the quickest release I've ever seen." Hall of Fame coach Don Shula stated that Namath was "one of the 3 smartest quarterbacks of all time"

what is a joe namath signed hall of fame enshrinement football worth? by zg34110 Q: i have a joe namath enshrinement football signed by namath and approx. 50 other hall of famers from 1987 down,how much is something like this worth

A: depends on who signed it and if theres a COA I'd guess between 100-500. if you want to find out for sure take it to a card shop or put it on ebay.

Why is Joe Namath in the Hall Of Fame? by Blue Jay Z Q: Personally, I did not see him play during his career, so maybe there was somethings I missed. I was looking into Hall-of-Famers one day and say Joe Namath. I was surprised at his unbelievably mediocre statistics: Here is what I found: His record: 77 wins 108 losses and 3 ties, doesnt sound like hall of fame stats to me. Heck, its not even .500 football. His .501 career completion percentage, man, is it just me or did Michael Vick threw better passes than this guy? His 27 663 career passing yards, okay, its respectable, but even Jake Plummer threw 1590 more yards than this guy in only 3 more games. His TD to INT ratio: 173-220. Wow, he threw more picks 47 more picks than TDs in his career. There are a bunchloads of guys who threw better TD to INT ratios and isnt in the hall. Yes, I knew he garanteed the colts vs jets game, but all it proves is that this guy is confident in his abilities to lead his team, just like a lot of other QBs. So why is he in the HOF? I am not trying to critisize Namath in any way. I hope people will stop seeing this question as an "attack" on Joe. As I said before, I did not get to see him play. Judging from stats, his "prime" was mediocre at best. He did win the superbowl for the AFL, but according to wikipedia, his defense came up with 4 interceptions, so your really cant say he "singlehandly" won the superbowl for the AFL. Besides, I am pretty sure there are also other factors. I am just simply saying what I saw, from stats and all, and ask the question. I hope people will stop seeing this as an criticism to Namath. Also, which season was considered his "prime", judging from stats again, i guess it would have been the 1969 one, where he completed 185 passes out of 361 attempts for 2734 yards and 19 tds and 17 picks.

A: I'm old enough to remember Namath at his best and at his worst. At his best, he was an above-average quarterback. After the injuries started wearing him down, he was absolutely horrible. Namath is in the Hall more because of his image then anything else. Yes, he won a Super Bowl at a time when nobody thought any AFL team could ever win one. But if Namath had spent his career playing for the Chargers, the Oilers, the Bengals or any of the other mediocre teams of his time, he would have been looked upon as an average quarterback at best. The fact that he played in New York certainly helped him, and the fact that he was quite the ladies man helped him even more. He was the face of the NFL for a few years, and certainly contributed to the game's popularity, but to me, he's just not a Hall of Fame player.

How much would a autographed photo of Bear Bryant, Joe namath and Shorty price be worth? by Nikki35563 Q: We have a 3x5 pic of Joe Namath, Bear Bryant and Shorty Price standing together and it is autographed by all three and on the back it has (1942 Cotton bowl and 1962 Cotton bowl, AL & Texas A&M- Shorty Price-Head #1 Cheerleader). Does anyone know about how much this is worth or know where i can find out? Thanks for the help!!


How much would an autographed Super Bowl 3 Joe Namath football be worth? by Tupac Shakur Q: Its a Super Bowl 3 Autographed game used Football signed by Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Namath under the score board in silver writing. I have the certificate of authentication, the signature is genuine, and not worn. Super Bowl 3 was held in the orange bowl in Miami were the New York Jets won over the Baltimore Colts 16 to 7.

A: it would be worth $10.

How much is my Joe Namath 1 in 4000 Topps Collectible worth? by katrina Q: I have a framed Joe Namath Topps Collectible with cards from all his teams throughout the years. It's certified as 1 in 4000 and I'm just wondering how much it's worth, or if you could tell me where to go to find out how much it's worth?

A: Check out beckett.com. They specialize in sports-card prices. That said, the answer to these questions is always the same: It's worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. That could be $5 to a casual fan, or $500 to a Joe Namath fanatic.

Joe namath? by Mathew A Q: what is joe Namaths famous line?first one right get 10 pts

A: "We'll win the game. I guarantee you."

Joe Namath? by daughters_a_wookie Q: Who was or is the Joe Namath of other sports? The skill at the game, plus a personality that revolutionised the pop-culture aspect of the sport. Will there ever be another Namath in football? What are the odds that Joe is totally loaded right now hitting on an unsuspecting reporter, this very second?

A: OJ Simpson comes close, but for all the wrong reasons.

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