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Jill scott

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J3DIMARKY RT @mOjODiScO: Jill Scott and Erykah Badu are the only singers i feel who didn't digress after their first albums

maughnvbqzm1 Np: Jill Scott The Way...woke up this mornin wit a smile on my face...ak7q

alynettethomas I thought that was Jill Scott!? RT @BenBangedYoBody: #NowPlaying Golden~Chrisette Michele

masimdingane #nowplaying Sergio Mendes ft Jill Scott - Let me ♥ #SundaySoulfulSelection

KKF_U #np jill scott hear my call....

luvnmuzik215 I want Raphael Saadiq's music to be the life soundtrack....with a hint of Jill Scott, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, and Method Man

NoKsNzi Faka! S'fun kwazi :'D RT @Sbusi13: #NP Jill Scott - Gettin in the way ☺♥ dedicates it to @*****

babaloginya Jill Scott ♥

Missylynne_ Loving me some Soul Music on this cloudy Sunday. #NP India.Arie, Jill Scott, Nneka, Lauryn Hill et al.

bruthaanature RT @hommieFATALE: jill scott be SANGING

hommieFATALE jill scott be SANGING

Mutable_Pisces #NP "The Fact Is"... (I need you) Jill Scott

Switcheeks @TheDragNet hehe you have joined Team girl crush on Jill Scott,eh?:)that womans hotness..woi I love her so!!ahem:)

Nathi_Nutz RT @ThePoopStar: Rachel Crow is a 13 year old jill Scott :)

soulbrother64 @ChasingSoul i may go to see fourplay this week and I am definately going to see george duke and also jill scott this month


Fellas...Have you ever saw Jill Scott on TV, and it made you want to improve yourself to get women like her? by DJ Rapture Q: It's like...Jill leaves a strong, motivational prescense because she's so beautiful. Deep down inside, I really do want her.

A: Nope. I don't know who she is and it really doesn't matter. If you change who you are in order to 'get' someone, you have TRASHED who you are and wasted all of the challenges that have made you who you are. There is nothing wrong with bettering yourself, but do if for YOU and not who you may be able to 'get'! Do it, but do it for you.

Who is a better artist. Beyonce or Jill Scott? by Multib Q: I love both dearly but i happen to think Jill Scott is a better artist and VOCAL performer and Beyonce is a better Performer. It is hard to compare the two but im curious to see what the world thinks.

A: HELL NO! YOU DID NOT EVEN COMPARE JILL SCOTT TO BEYONCE!!!! How could you. Jill Scott is a poet, an actress, a wicked vocalist, songwriter, inspiration, musician, talented, honest, afrocentric what u see is what u know u get but most significantly; she's profound. Beyonce is a model and a good dancer. and You're really about to compare the two of them????

What should i sing for the talent show? Its love by: jill scott or one time by: justin beiber? by NeW-nEw Q: these are not the only songs that u can choose from if u want to reccomend a song please do ok Byee :)

A: one time that's a good song or like Michael Jackson or something.

What is the name of this Jill Scott video when she plays a soldier's wife? by purplestarz179 Q: I don't remember the name of the song, but they started out young and her husband went off in the military. She played the loving housewife and it was a good love song. They grew old together and it was like a family reunion. Anybody can help me? Thanks!

A: "Whatever" from the Beautifully Human album.

What's your favorite song by Sade, Anita Baker, and Jill Scott? by Rooker Q: Sade - "Somebody Already Broke My Heart." Anita Baker - "Good Love." Jill Scott - "My Love."

A: Sade- Somebody Already Broke My Heart (I like that one too) Anita Baker - Giving You The Best That I Got Jill Scott - every damned song that has ever come out of her mouth!

Can ANYBODY find me these 2 jill scott songs? by Shariah Q: I need a URL to the songs "I Love You" and " The Light Of The Sun" jill scott songs off her new album The Light Of The Sun. I cant find the single with the same title as the album, and I DO NOT want I love you live. I need it recorded. Find it 10 points AUTOMATICALLY,#5 stars I cant find them on Youtube duhh amber. . and no not the whole album just these two songs.

A: You could probably go to YouTube and find the songs there. If you want to buy the CDs I suggest Hot Topic, Wal-Mart, or Barnes and Noble.

JIll Scott? by Lu Lu Lovelene Q: Has anybody heard if Jill will be making a new record?

A: She's supposed to drop something this summer ... "Recently, Scott was prominently featured on hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco's 2006 single "Daydreaming" which will also appear on a new Jill Scott collection called Collaborations on January 30, 2007. The set will serve as "an appetizer" for her next studio album entitled The Real Thing which will release in summer of 2007."

jill scott? by wildflower7171 Q: what is the name of her band and how long have they been together? Also, is Ms. Scott still working with this band?

A: jill scott is a solo performer. She was discovered by "?uestlove" of The Roots, her next album is called "The Real Thing "which will release in summer of 2007.

Jill Scott....? by OFFICIALLY MRS. HOWARD! Q: If you love Jill Scott songs, what are your favorites? The Fact Is I Need You Show Me Hate On Me Can't Explain Nothing(Interlude) Not Like Crazy.....Oh My Gosh I can go on and on and on. It's Love Come See Me All I Wanna Be Loved.....She is Wonderful.

A: ''Lets take..... a long walk..... around the park..... after dark. ''

Jill scott? by Kaitlin Q: does anyone know where i can find/download that hidden track, i think its called here i am, by jill scott

A: How is this anything about Television or Comedy? Wrong category.

Jill Scott 'A Long Walk' Jill Scott 'Hate On Me' Jill Scott 'Golden' Jill Scott - Shame (feat. Eve & The A Group) Jill Scott ft. Anthony Hamilton- So In Love (Official Video) Jill Scott 'Gettin' In The Way' Jill Scott 'The Way' Cross My Mind - Jill Scott Jill Scott - My Love Jill Scott - 'Hear My Call' (Official Video) Jill Scott - He Loves Me Jill Scott & George Benson- 'Summertime' Jill Scott - 'Crown Royal' Jill Scott - So Gone (What My Mind Says) (feat. Paul Wall) [Audio] Jill Scott - All I Jill Scott - Whenever You're Around Def Poetry: Jill Scott Jill Scott 'Whatever' Love Rain - Jill Scott && Mos Def Jill Scott - He Loves Me Live - 2001 Jill Scott 'Gimme' Jill Scott On 'The Light of the Sun' Jill Scott - So Blessed Jill Scott - Slowly surely Jill Scott - My Petition Jill Scott ' The fact is (i need you)':) Jill Scott- So Blessed Jill Scott- 'Golden' (Live) Jill Scott 'Cross My Mind' Jill Scott 'The Way' and 'Whenever You're Around' LIVE Jill Scott - 'Insomnia' - Music Video Jill Scott previews 'Light of the Sun' album Jill Scott - Comes To Light (Everything) Jill Scott - Shame Jill Scott 'Hate On Me' LIVE Jill Scott & the Roots - You got Me Jill Scott Live!!! (UNRELEASED FOOTAGE) Jill Scott | Blessed Jill Scott - The Fact Is (Live in Paris) Jill Scott ft. Anthony Hamilton - So In Love (New 2011) Jill Scott ft. Paul Wall- 'So Gone (What My Mind Says)' (Official Video) Jill Scott - An Evening of Poetry At The White House Jill Scott - Whatever Jill Scott on Sesame Street - 'We Are All Earthlings' Jill Scott - Epiphany Jill Scott LIVE 2 @ Montreux Jazz Festival 2008 So In Love - Jill Scott ft. Anthony Hamilton JILL SCOTT -GIMME (SOME MORE...!) LIVE 2008 JILL SCOTT from the Vault Vol. 1 - Lovely Day He Loves Me (Jill Scott Smooth Jazz Tribute)
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