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I_am_Sammi #SMH RT @ferialhaffajee: #City_Press Sunday. Are you a Jezebel? our handy guide.

dollz_magolz RT @sboshmafu: Niwile. RT @ferialhaffajee: #City_Press Sunday. Are you a Jezebel? our handy guide.

MissNadiaM Bathong? RT @lebza4sho: RT @ferialhaffajee: #City_Press Sunday. Are you a Jezebel? our handy guide.

micahEberman RT @JenKirkman: This is completely worth clicking on. No shame. RT "@Jezebel: Iconic Album Covers Reimagined With Kittens http://t.co/tsyD7VlX";

ferialhaffajee #City_Press Sunday sprinkled between the sex, summer loving (our fave DJ and an Idol) and Jezebel tales, we are serious too. Promise.

Felicia_Kays Death RT @SpokyJama: LOL! RT @ferialhaffajee: #City_Press Sunday. Are you a Jezebel? our handy guide.

imthebrandon Men: Can Men Handle Being Ogled? - @Jezebel http://t.co/KMebEhqW

ZikhonaT RT @sboshmafu: Niwile. RT @ferialhaffajee: #City_Press Sunday. Are you a Jezebel? our handy guide.

MsCebo Laaark Really? "@LuloCafe: On City Press? RT @ferialhaffajee: #City_Press Sunday. Are you a Jezebel? our handy guide."

lucillee Strussbob!! RT @sboshmafu: Niwile. RT @ferialhaffajee: #City_Press Sunday. Are you a Jezebel? our handy guide.

k_souk http://t.co/UXcaURu5

sboshmafu Niwile. RT @ferialhaffajee: #City_Press Sunday. Are you a Jezebel? our handy guide.

LuloCafe On City Press? RT @ferialhaffajee: #City_Press Sunday. Are you a Jezebel? our handy guide.

lebza4sho RT @ferialhaffajee: #City_Press Sunday. Are you a Jezebel? our handy guide.

FeministaLatorr Tu esposa esta gorda? Ponle los cuernos! http://t.co/uK9axn6r #feministaentwitter


How does a church get rid of the Jezebel spirit? by Deb S (SFECU) pray4revival Q: It seems like such a problem in churches these days. Have any ideas or advice? And have you seen this in a church and the cleansing of it?

A: Enforce Church Discipline, But do so in Love and Compassion, This involves prayer over the individual in question. If It is a whole Church ? Leave, Find another, Pray for the Church yes, But why would you spend time among those in that Church who suck the Life out of you ? Just leave and let God do what God does best concerning a Church like that

What do you think of the name Jezebel? by Brandon Q: What do you think of the name Jezebel and what are some pretty middle names to pair it with? I'm not religious at all.

A: I wish my mom called me jezebel Good middle names are... Hepzibah Pandora Amelia Hope you like them (:

Is it alright to name a little girl Jezebel? by Anna Q: I really love the name Jezebel for a girl but it has bad connotations. Do you think I can still use it or should find another name?

A: If you really don't like her, it would be a great name!

Have the women in the wicked, impetuous and perverse city the jezebel spirit? by A B2 Q: what's the jezebel spirit profile? are the amazons women with the jezebel spirit?

A: Define perverse city; or at least give the reference.

Why are promiscuos women referred to as Jezebel? by Nicky Q: I dont really know the story of Jezebel in the Bible. However i often hear slutty women referred to as Jezebel. I know she was evil and pursuaded her husband Ahab to do evil things but was she some sort of tease in the Bible or something. Im just wondering why slutty women are referred to as Jezebel?

A: As some have said, Jezebel's primary infraction was leading those in Israel under her husband Ahab's rule to worship Baal instead of Yahweh. Also, the Bible says when Elijah was strolling through town he saw her on a balcony and she had "painted her face" and Elijah asked some eunuchs to throw her from her balcony, which they did and she was eaten by dogs. From wikipedia: The name Jezebel has come down through the centuries to be used as a general name for evil women. Her Biblical account depicts her as a scheming, manipulative woman who did more than anyone to promote an evil religion. Thus, in Christian tradition, a comparison to Jezebel suggests that a person is a pagan or an apostate masquerading as a servant of God, who by manipulation and/or seduction misleads the saints of God into sins of idolatry and sexual immorality, sending them to hell. Peace, Bill

Christians has your church ever had a woman with a Jezebel spirit ? by Camille Q: What does a Jezebel spirit do to the people around them?

A: Yes, they take peoples eyes off God, they walk by sight not according to the Word of God.

Why does my weird Christian auntie keep calling me a Jezebel? by ROBERTA Q: Like every time the family gets together for weddings or funerals. She cakles and points her crooked old finger and me and says "Jezebel" in a raspy voice. She is almost eighty and is always carrying a bible. It freaks me out because she is nice to my sister and cousins. Is a Jezebel a bad girl's name in Jewish talk?

A: I can't imagine she means it as a compliment. In modern times it's come to mean a woman who is evil and scheming. Biblically, she's unfairly been associated with Prostitutes for dressing in finery and putting on makeup. She was also known as a seductress. She was actually a Phoenician princess and queen of Israel as the wife of Ahab. According to the Bible, she was the real power behind the throne. She also encouraged idolatry, more specifically the worship of Baal. You can imagine this did not sit well with the Israelites. Upon Ahab's death, she was murdered and fed to the dogs. Maybe she means it in the sense that you're strong willed and don't take crap from anyone. :)

Would you ever consider a Bible name with negative connotations - Jezebel or Sapphira? by Julia Q: What do you think of names commonly associated with 'villains' - would you still consider using them? The two I have in mind are Jezebel and Sapphira from the Bible.

A: No I wouldn't, I don't care for the names, but I wouldn't want a name that is viewed at harshly, so I wouldn't name my child a name that I definitely wouldn't want myself. It would definitely be unique! Edit: I didn't think about Delilah which is a villians name but is also a pretty name, I don't know if I would use it but it is really pretty and I would at least consider it, but most people think of the Delilah song now instead of Delilah & Samson.

Why is the has the name Jezebel become known as immoral woman in the dictionary? by ! Q: Jezebel was an Israeli queen who was immoral however her being Israeli had nothing to do with her choice to be so petty, vain, narcissistic and immoral. So why use her name as a derogatory against women?

A: its from the bible. there were two one in the old testament and one in the new. i used the site listed in my sources and cut out some parts u can read the whole thing if u go to the site. "Jezebel - Old Testament. The first time the name Jezebel occurs in the Bible is when she is getting married to King Ahab in 1 Kings 16:31. She was an evil woman who killed many prophets of God while feeding and caring for the prophets of two gods called Baal and Asherah (1 Kings 18:1-19). In 1 Kings 18:20-46 ... Jezebel sought to kill Elijah (1 Kings 19:1-2). In 1 Kings 21:5-25 Jezebel had Naboth the Jezreelite killed so that her husband could own Naboth's vineyard. ... Eventually, Jezebel was trampled to death by horses (2 Kings 9:36-37). The horses had trampled her so badly that only her feet, skull and the palms of her hands were left." "Jezebel - New Testament.The name Jezebel is used for a woman once again in Revelation 2:18-29. Here, Jezebel is described as a prophetess, a false teacher, an immoral woman and idol worshipper. She attended a church at Thyatira. She encouraged those who attended the church to engage in sexual sin and worship other gods. She was like the Jezebel in the Old Testament. They share many of the same characteristics. God warned this Jezebel that He would punish her if she did not stop teaching this evil and repent. God not only warned Jezebel the teacher, He also warned her followers to stop and repent (Rev. 2:22-23). "

What do you do with someone that has a jezebel spirit in your church? by Denise M Q: Before you call anyone a jezebel or any other spirit or even accuse them of something like that do you consider that they might not be aware? How do you know for sure, couldn't something like this distroy someone? gosfighter - its not good its a controlling spirit that manipulates it way to leadership to get the church to do her purpose and not Gods.

A: You know, I usually don't "pick" on "Christians", but how damn ignorant is this? You point the woman to Christ, that's what you do. You do not judge her. You do not call her names. You teach her the grace message, and................... oh, sorry, I forgot. Churches do not teach the grace message. I almost forgot who I was talking to.

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