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Jessica sanchez

American Idol: Jessica Sanchez wows with Whitney Houston ballad (+video)
American Idol: Jessica Sanchez dominated with Whitney Houston's, "I Will Always Love You." Why did American Idol foist Stevie Wonder on the boys? By Jodi Bradbury, Contributor / March 8, 2012 American Idol's Top 13 contestants are unveiled to the media ...

Jessica Sanchez sings Whitney Houston
The Kony 2012 campaign succeeded in making African warlord Joseph Kony infamous, but left out much of the background. Here's Monitor coverage on Kony and his Lord's Resistance Army. What happens when ordinary people decide to pay it forward?

Access Hollywood - Celebrity News, Photos & Videos
Also, Jessica Sanchez chats about Jennifer Hudson giving her shout out on Twitter for her performance of Whitney Houston's “I Will Always Love You.” Plus, DeAndre Brackensick is horrified over his ugly cry. Will Jennifer Lopez Marry Again?

'American Idol' recap: Oh the Stevie Wonder of It All
By Annie Barrett | Published Mar 8, 2012 American Idol's Top 13 gamely took on Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston last night, but the real story of the episode -- sorry, Jessica Sanchez, "I Will Always Love You" anyway -- was Randy Jackson's sparkly ...

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BMXCorporation Meko Starr: 'American Idol' Recap: Jessica Sanchez Soars in (Lackluster) 400th Episode http://t.co/R56K8IqC

krummy09 Jessica Sanchez singing "I will always love you" already has 144 thousand views http://t.co/3ebwINlQ last week's performance already 455k

anselMaajid Photoset: › Jessica Sanchez-I Will Always Love You (Top 13) › › stole the show..!! http://t.co/GvUWiuo7

timstrel Jessica Sanchez-Amen!!!

MekoStarr 'American Idol' Recap: Jessica Sanchez Soars in (Lackluster) 400th Episode http://t.co/v1Kd3hrP

ColorsRetailg 'American Idol' Recap: Jessica Sanchez Soars in (Lackluster) 400th Episode http://t.co/6JfsNyO8

bigbadbawang @JSanchezAI11 RT @bigbadbawang: Im now officially a JESSICA SANCHEZ fan!Calling pinoys all over the (cont) http://t.co/G2m7OKIo

ninamills Jessica Sanchez (American Idol Top 13)- "I Will Always Love You" (Whitne...: http://t.co/fqcPOSYv via @youtube

karlalalaaaaa Jessica Sanchez all night long baby!!

PetraisMe @aMrazing ada lg lex jessica sanchéz sampe bikin 3 juri standing applause :D re: skylar dan hollie

PJhaleyfan Wow I just got on and Haley is tweeting Jessica Sanchez. She' turning into a twitter addict

chuva Jessica Sanchez performing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” – American Idol (VIDEO) http://t.co/Uvp0TzZ0

ThomasWillie American Idol: Jessica Sanchez wows with Whitney Houston ballad (+video): Only Randy was keeping it real, saying... http://t.co/8De7xu7h

AdzAlag I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/DEZxpnLA Jessica Sanchez - I Will Always Love You - American Idol 2012 (

fierce_12 Whoa! Jessica Sanchez is AMA to the ZING!!


Who is......? by Dr. J Q: Your celebrity crush? Mine's is Roselyn Sanchez, Eva Longoria, and Jessica Simpson. I have others, but who is the main one? Who is your's? I also like Carmen Electra, Cameron Diaz, Beyonce, Scarlet Johanson, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba....everybody.

A: david wright the baseball player..

Whose breath do you think is the stinkiest? by Fa d Q: 1. Trish Stratus 2. Jessica Alba 3. Christina Aguilera 4. Sandra Bullock 5. Jessica Simpson 6. Roselyn Sanchez 7. Drew Barrymore 8. Jessica Biel

A: I wouldn't mind kissing each one to find out. But to answer your question, I would have to say Drew Barrymore, cause she's a smoker.

Why do some women think that ALL men like women with big butts? by Fex Q: Or curvy?... I get the fact that all men MIGHT "hit that", but I don't think ALL guys go around drooling over Jessica Biel, Roz Sanchez, Kardashian or Beyonce. I mean, crap, have you seen Kim attempt to do the mambo?... I can't imagine her doing the horizontal version after watching this clip. I just can't. I get tears in my eyes every time I think about it. Question inspired by a question I can't find now. See Kim dance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5xwYo1KfbQ Mogar -noted - "36-24-36 - only if she's 5 ft. 3 in." - is what he says, and that's exactly what I am. My backside isn't anywhere near as big as any of them women I just mentioned. I mean, it's nice, don't get me wrong, but it's not ginormous. Here - I found it http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20101013075524AAQinrN

A: I can't say what or why some women think a certain thing. Even less for men, since I'm a man and I know we are jerks. I showed your picture to some of my clubhouse friends, male and female. If you had ESP, you'd have heard a lot of admiring whistles about you. And they don't even know how smart you are, your multi-lingual fluencies, etc. Know why women complain that men never listen to them? They're the curvy women with no brains. The guys saw surface sexuality, and later realized that they had made a HUGE mistake! Sigourney Weaver and Susan Sarandon are my ideal women. There's a couple others, but I forget right now, and I can't go anywhere to look them up. ! LOL. You can't have a relationship with a big booty. Only with a good brain.

Who is the hotter Latina actress? by bigwave braddah Q: List your choices from these selections, you should know who they are remember whoever is the hottest is number 1, here are the choices Sofia Vergara, Roselyn Sanchez,Rosa Blasi,Jessica Alba,Eva Mendes,Eva Longoria,Tessie Santiago,Sara Ramirez,Paula Garces I only listed actresses of Latin heritage models will be a different question. List from the choices provided don't pick just one Salma Hayek isn't on the list people!

A: Jessica Alba Eww and Eva Mendes is so ugly

FOR LESBIAN AND BI WOMEN ONLY! put in order? by Corey Q: oK put these hot girls in order! Jessica alba, Roselyn sanchez, Eva longoria, Nicole Scherzinger( lead singer 4rm pussycat dolls),and Sarah Shahi(4rm the l word)

A: #1 Jessica Alba #2 Sarah Shahi #3 Roselyn Sanchez #4 Eva Longoria #5Nicole Scherzinger RIGHT ON

who are the top 5 sexiest women alive? by Black Mamba Q: this is my list not in any order eva longoria jessica alba roselyn sanchez gabrielle union eva mendez

A: ME jennifer aniston charleze theron megan fox ....cant think of #5

Top 5 sexiest celebrities? by Harlem Shake Q: 5-Lucy Liu 4-Roselyn Sanchez 3-Jessica Alba 2-Andriana Lima 1-Selma Heyek

A: 5- Nicole (for the p*ssy cat dolls) http://imdb.com/gallery/granitz/4349/Events/4349/ThePussyca_Wargo_7543081_400.jpg.html?path=pgallery&path_key=Pussycat%20Dolls,%20The 4- Taye Diggs http://imdb.com/gallery/ss/0120703/Ss/0120703/stella.jpg.html?path=gallery&path_key=0120703 3-Channing Tatum (she's the man, and step up) http://imdb.com/name/nm1475594/ 2- Sarah Michelle Gellar http://imdb.com/gallery/scrapbook/61/Sbk/61/60092_1_3.JPG?path=pgallery&path_key=Gellar,%20Sarah%20Michelle 1- Catherine Zeta-Jones (way hotter than Angelina) http://imdb.com/name/nm0001876/

Who do you guys want to see pose in Playboy? by largatijo454 Q: My vote is for Lauren Sanchez and Jessica Simpson

A: jessica alba

Who do you think are the top 25 hottest women are in the world? by horatio91 Q: 1.) Katherine Heigl 2.) Heidi Klum 3.) Megan Fox 4.) Cheryl Burke 5.) Evangeline Lilly 6.) Christina Milian 7.) Gabrielle Union 8.) Mariah Carey 9.) Roselyn Sanchez 10.) Vanessa Minnillo 11.) Jessica Simpson 12.) Rachel Bilson 13.) Ashanti 14.) Jessica Alba 15.) Rihanna 16.) Vanessa Hudgens 17.) Ashley Tisdale 18.) Eva Longoria 19.) Jennifer Love Hewitt 20.) Maggie Q 21.) Mandy Moore 22.) Sandra Bullock 23.) Kiera Knightly 24.) Tila Tequila 25.) Blake Christina Lively

A: Kim Kardashian Eva Longoria Parker Heidi Klum Giselle Bunchen Jessica Alba Jessica Simpsoon Denise Richards sorry that's as far as i got.. ♥ ash

If Hispanic Is Not A Race, That What Race Do These Famous Hispanic Celebrities Belong To? by Q: 1.Snooki 2.Salma Hayek 3.Roselyn Sanchez 4.Michelle Rodriguez 5.Jessica Alba 6.Selena Gomez 7.America Ferrera 8.Jennifer Lopez 9.Eva Mendes 10.Raquel Welch

is this a good test?...i'm making a reading test? by gg-i-l Q: When she arrives at the ball she took a second look at the cavernous room. A. cramped B. vast C. dark D. small He was a gentleman because of his courtesy. A. good manners B. incivility C. intelligent D. insolence Sarah got annoyed when her sister started to mimicking everything she did. A. emerge B. cheering C. imitate D. confusing She was very gregarious at home but at school she was know as the shy girl. A. sociable B. eager C. hostile D. tough Each teacher at Hereford was more dour than the last. A. sympathetic B. stern C. compassionately D. nicely Because she was mischievous when it came to her school, she botched. A. failed B. triumphant C. cherished D. lucrative After Jessica Sanchez solo album went platinum she became proverbial internationally. A. indistinct B. loved C. Recognizable D. indefinite She sob every night and reminiscence of the heckle she receive at school A. murmur B. marvel C. suppurate D. harass Her life became so tedious, where she could banal her days A. epoch B. generate C. change D. forecast I smiled at them obsequiously, but they both turned away A. curtly B. impertinently C. respectfully D. insolently I saw Cheryl shoot Marshall a warning glance, but he was either oblivious or decided to ignore her A. unaware B. cognizant C. deliberate D. willful Some of it was vapid crap, but most of it was kicking party music A. dull B. lively C. vivacious D. brisk Lisa and matt were so vain to see there son graduating college A. melancholic B. forlorn C. content D. arrogant The cold air in my lungs and the pumping of my muscles brought on a light-headed kind of euphoria A. quail B. elation C. gloom D. anguish Lisa argument with her mother was both powerful and plausible although she was being mendacious. A. fantastic B. hesitant C. reasonable D. cynical His face was growing hard as he spoke and took a menacing step closer to me A. comforting B. reassuring C. soothing D. threatening Lena went to France and she had to exchange her American currency for Euro’s. A. clothing B. money C. documents D. rapport I’d come here to solve a case, not break the heart of some poor vulnerable girl A. sweet B. invincible C. impervious D. susceptible I was suddenly acutely aware of just how much Danielle needed me. A. slightly B. vaguely C. intensely D. faintly Her lavish experience lifestyle wasn’t needed to survive in the real life A. plentiful B. scanty C. sparse D. paltry

A: yeah its good =]

Where are the black young child singers? by mizzes95 Q: I'm just wondering, where are the African American kid singers? I was on Youtube and I found ALOT of Philipino and Latino kid singers (Karina Pasian, Jessica Sanchez, Jasmine Villegas, Thia Megia) Where are the black singers at!?! No, I have nothing against them, I love them all becuase they are all talented. But I want to see someone my color go and make muusic at a young age. If you know of any kid (under age 16) African American singers please tell me their names. I know about Tiffany Evans and Gabi WIlson, but help me out please

A: I know a number of black singers who I have personally help to become stars. They don't always make it like Gabi Wilson who is an awesome star. I produced the show at the Robert & Margrit Mondavi Center where Gabi was first discovered. However, there are many black singers, dancers, and instrumentalist that have appeared at the Mondavi prior to Gabi's appearance who are doing very well in the business. If you are keenly interested in knowing who they are, please visit www.omegaboysandgirlsclub.com ..... thanks for asking

American Idol Top 13: DeAndre over Jen Hirsh? by TonyRockaroni Q: This is the top 13 on American Idol: DeAndre Brackensick Hollie Cavanagh Colton Dixon Heejun Han Jermaine Jones Skylar Laine Joshua Ledet Shannon Magrane Phillip Phillips Jeremy Rosado Jessica Sanchez Elise Testone Erika Van Pelt However, there is one name that I do not agree with on this list: DeAndre. Jennifer Hirsh had so much talemt, a powerful voice, attitude, and was consistant. DeAndre on the other hand cares more about flipping his hair and singing too much like a girl by using too much false setto. Jen was so much better than DeAndre, and the fact that the judges thought he was better than Jen tells me that they need a new judging panel, cause Jen should be there even over Erika, but I'm okay with her being there. It's DeAndre that I'm worried about, and I am praying for him to go home, cause he should not be in the top 13. And if they had to pick only 1 girl, then it should've been Jen, with the other two spots going to Jeremy and Reed, Jeremy and Adam, or Jeremy and Aaron, not DeAndre! On the plus side, at least Haley, Eben, and Chase didn't make it through, but does anyone else agree that Jen Hirsh is so much better than DeAndre? @Corey: Yeah, DeAndre's more talented than Jen...at hair flipping! When it comes to performing, Jen is way better than him. @esquire415: DeAndre brings nothing new to the table but a guy singing like a girl, a crap load of highly unnecessary hair flipping, and a lot of false setto that completely out of tune and off pitch. DeAndre wouldn't habe made the top 10 even if Jermaine was brought back. And for the record, Jermaine is so much more talented than DeAndre. Other than that, thanks for agreeing me. @ForeverDance.: Feel free to disagree, but you'll see soon enough that I was right once DeAndre goes home. How much you wanna bet he won't even make the top 10? His voice is not original, the hair flipping is annoying and a ripoff of Brett Lowenstern (who I didn't like either), he reminds me a bit too much of Jason Castro, he has major pitch problems and sings all over the place, and Jen was so much better than him it's not even funny. You'll see once DeAndre goes home, and hopefully soon. I garuntee he won't even make the top 5, let alone win.

A: I am not a fan of Deandre Breckensick but that's because i don't like when guys have female voices and sing like women...I do like it when a guy sings like a guy and I would not buy a DVD with Deandre Breckensick songs on it because it would give me a headache but I knew that the judges would use the wildcard on him because they were raving about him so I knew that he would be getting voted through. I suppose by choosing Georgia he did the best he could to show a range of going very high but also sometimes sang in a deeper voice..that was a good choice for him to get voted through but I am not a fan but I am sure a lot of others are even if America did not vote him through...he is too much like another female singer there and I would have prefered Jen Hirsh to get voted through because she had a great range in her song last night and I was very surprised that she did not make it...but I agree that Erica van Pelt also did a great job...but I would have preferred Jen over Deandre. I agree with all the other choices for the top 13...I am happy with the other 12 decisions only this one is not to my personal liking either..x

American Idol: My review of the Top 12 Girls? by TonyRockaroni Q: Tonight, the top 12 girls gavevit their all on American Idol, and they did a little better than the guys in my opinion (the fact that the judges all think DeAndre was a standout makes me think they're tone deaf). With that being said, here's my review of the girls: 1. Jessica Sanchez OMGA! She just blew everyone else out of the water, even Jen Hirsh. She gave an amazing performance, and proved that she's in it to win it. She has rhe attitude, the swagger, the voice, the talent, and the looks. She officially became a front runner tonight in my opinion. Best performance of the night hands down! 2. Skylar Laine Skylar delivered an awesome performance that was powerful, on pitch, and showed off her true potential. I loved her sass, her attitude, her voice, and her performance. She rocked it out and should have absolutely no problem making it through to the next round. 3. Jennifer Hirsh Definitely one of this year's front runners from the get go. Her voice is powerful, pitch was spot on, she just nailed her performance tonight. Her song choice was current and it was a great choice, which was a problem with many of the guys last night. She's one of my picks to win, to be honest. 4. Hollie Cavanagh I thought she did an amazing job. She just sounded so beautiful, and gave one of the best performances of the night. Her voice is very powerful, she has great pitch, and I have no idea why she didn't make it last year. She could definitely win like Jennifer Lopez said...as long as the voting isn't biased this year like it was last year. 5. Shannon Magrane I think Shannon did a very nice job with her performance. She has a strong voice for a 16 year old, and she has quite a bit of potential. She definitely looked more comfortable on stage than many of the other contestants. I definitely think that she'll be here next week. 6. Hallie Day I think Hallie gave a very beautiful performance. She has an old school vibe to her, I loved the bluesy feel to it, and you can tell that she put her heart into that performance. But just like with Haley Reinhart, Randy doesn't seem to know what type of artist she wants to be. I think she made it pretty clear. 7. Elise Testone I really wanted to like this performance more than I did. She did do pretty good, but it wasn't really that great. I can understand that she has a scratchy voice, but I think she was a bit too scratchy. If she can just learn to control her voice a little more, you have one talented young woman. 8. Erika Van Pelt She has a very unique voice, and she gave a good performance. However, it wasn't completely mind blowing. Here voice seems deeper than the other girls on the show. I think she has a lot of power in her voice, but like Eben did last night, I felt like she was holding back. 9. Baylie Brown Baylie has such a beautiful voice, and she gave a pretty good performance. However, the song choice wasn't that good, but she made the best of it. I also think that the judges were too harsh on her. I think she could do better though, but will she get a second chance? Probably not. 10. Chelsea Sorrell Honestly, her voice didn't sound that good to me tonight. It was pitchy, but it did sound good near the beginning. However, I know that country music is supposed to be nasally, but she was a bit too nasally if you ask me. Also, the performance didn't really show originality. The only good part was the strong vocals, which still weren't enough to make it a good performance. 11. Brielle Von Hugel The judges really overrated her performance tonight. I felt like she was a bit all over the place, it wasn't very current, and she just didn't perform that well. At times, it sounded partially screechy, and the song choice did not fit her. If that was her showing us Brielle, then she has a long way to go. 12. Haley Johnsen This performance did not have enough of quite a few things. Words, actual singing, her staying on pitch, and a couple other things. I can understand changing a song around, but she didn't change the song in a good way. I have to agree with Randy. It was kind of a nightmare, it wasn't a good song choice, and I think she's going home unless Vote for the Worst saves her. Well, there's my review of the top 12 girls. I honestly hope that Jessica, Skylar, Jennifer, and Hollie make it, and that Haley and Brielle do not. Do you agree with my opinions or disagree? Who do you think will make it through? Why are people saying Brielle did amazing? She did a terrible job with her performance!

A: My order would be: 1. Hollie Cavangh 2. Skylar Laine 3. Jessica Sanchez 4. Hallie Day 5. Jennifer Hersch 6.Shannon Margrane 7. Erika Van Pelt 8. Elise 9.Baylie Brown 10. Chelsea Sorrell 11. Haley Johnson 12. Brielle Von Hugel

audition help!!!!!!! by sikaela Q: i am singing "and i am telling you i'm not going" for an audition in about 15 days, but in order to sing it at my best, i have to listen to someone with a strong, powerhouse voice which is EXACTLY what jessica sanchez has (this is a video of her singing the song- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0f4lu40HD4) ... how do i learn to do this at my best by myself? i can sound really, really good.... i just need help learning how to do it on my own! God bless :) thanks sooo much i mean i sound like her when i sing with her, and in order to see the video since it won't work with URL, go to youtube.com and then type in "jessica sanchez- and i am telling you) and then click on it

A: SHes Okay..Her voice can be kinda of annoying..but shes good..you shouldn't kind of sing like her youshould sing like yourself pprat icepratice is the key to nailing your audition.. SING in the bathroom or someplace in yur house where this is a echo. so you can hear your self also try singing in front of an audience GOOD LUCK EMAIL ME YOUR SUCCESS

i got a question about youtube? by Q: ok so if i have tons of videos on youtube, n ppl subscribe them in stuff. How can a record label or any producer contact me if they like what they see?? i kno plenty of ppl got signed from youtube like Dondria,Justin Biebers,Jessica Sanchez jus to name a few. like i wanna be up there wit the big crew. if anyone can tell me how can the record label contact me, i would absoultey love it. n thanks for your help! ♥ peace!

A: its not going to happen you should try doing something else that you can make money doing that would be more realistic like shoveling shit

American Idol: My review of the top 13? by TonyRockaroni Q: Time for my review of the top 13 on American Idol. 1. Jessica Sanchez Wow, Jessica was the one that blew everyone else out of the water tonight. She laid it all on the table and delivered the performance of the night. It was brilliant, powerful, and she showed great stage presence. Right now, she's my pick to win. My biggest concern with her is what happened to Pia did last year, and I am praying to God that that doesn't happen. 2. Hollie Cavanagh Hollie was a close second tonight. She is very consistent, she has power, and she just sounded so beautiful during her performance. This just might be the year that a girl finally wins for the first time since Jordin Sparks in season 6, and Hollie is only one of the reasons. 3. Skylar Laine Skylar did a great job tonight and proved that she was in it to win it. I don't think it was as nasally as Jennifer said. She proves that she was a frontrunner by delivering another powerful performance. Randy was absolutely right. She can sing just about anything. 4. Heejun Han Heejun is one of those guys who sings nothing like the way he sounds. He sounded great tonight, and he was the best out of the guys tonight. His pitch was spot on, and he remained consistent. The sad part? Vote for the Worst is actually thinking about endorsing him. For a site that picks the worst, they're not exactly doing they're job. 5. Colton Dixon He did a very good job, showed his true potential, and proved that he is a force to be reckoned with. I also like how, unlike Erika, he brought his own style to the song. It was near flawless and he should have no problem making it to the next round. 6. Joshua Ledet I think Joshua did a great job with his performance tonight. He set the bar very high for the other contestants, and he proved that he can do both slow songs and uptempo songs, which makes him a dangerous competitor in this competition. Now let me get a hallelujah for Mantasia! 7. Phillip Phillips Phillip's song choice was one of the smartest song choices of the night. He has one of the most unique voices this season, he delivered an awesome performance, and glad that he did a rock song cause that is one of his comfort zones. He'll definitely be here next week. 8. Jermaine Jones Jermaine did very well tonight in my opinion. The song was a great choice for him, he showed his range, and I disagree with Randy about the chorus. I do think he needs to loosen up a little bit like Jennifer said, but once he does that, he'll be a contender for sure. 9. Erika Van Pelt Truthfully, I think the judges overrate Erika a bit. I will admit that she did a very good job and was way better than last week. She has a very unique voice, and she could go a ways in this competition, but I do not expect her to win. Many of the other contestants are much better than her right now, and I'm not too sure that she can outdo them. 10. Jeremy Rosado This guy really did a great job tonight. I somewhat disagree with Randy. The performance was pretty good, but I will say that it wasn't his best performance. He has a very soft voice, and that makes him unique cause know one else has that kind of voice this season. But he'll need to do better if wants to avoid being in danger of going home. 11. Elise Testone Randy was right on all accounts. Elise has such an amazing voice, but I feel like she dropped the ball a bit with her performance. It didn't really feel like the right song choice, it was underwhelming, and it took her a while to get started. I think she picked it up near the end, but her performance was under par. I hope she doesn't go home cause she deserves a second chance. 12. DeAndre Brackensick I still have no idea why the judges put him through. He was kind of all over the place, but I will admit that he did much better than his performance last week. I will say that the ending didn't work too well, but I am glad that he didn't go full onfalsettoo. The fact that he held back on it made the performance better, but he was still under par and might be going home. 13. Shannon Magrane Honestly, she crashed and burned tonight. She is going to be in real trouble, cause she held back in the beginning, and when she got near the end, it became pitchy, and when she hit that big note into the final chorus, it was just not good. When Melanie Amaro sang this song on The X Factor, it was brilliant. Tonight, it was kind of the opposite. So there's my rankings for tonight's performances. I think Shannon, DeAndre, and Elise are the three in the most danger with Jeremy in slight danger. Do you agree with my rankings or disagree? Who do you think will most likely go home? @Corey: Your opinion. I don't have to agree with it. But when DeAndre ends up in the bottom two, don't come cryng to me.

can u check out this song ? by Clark_Kent123 Q: well, its my remix to MC bye bye... covered by me and jessica sanchez from AGT. PLZ CHECK IT OUT.. COMMENT AND RATE PLZ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rmk0ScBZ_EQ

A: Awesome! absolutely love it! thanks for sharing.

Help!! what kind of shoes are these?? by Julie M Q: i found these on jessica sanchez is myspace http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=229172014&albumID=1620060&imageID=24123738 what do u guys think of them if you have them are they comtorble?:)

A: CONVERSEEEE!!!! yu can get dem at Journeys

Child singers???? by Veron x3 JONAS LOVER Q: i absolutely LOVE kid singers i have been listening to on you tube, but do you know any other GREAT singers who are childerens. my favorites are bianca ryan, jessica sanchez, julia abueva, and amy diamond.

A: Try: montoyakamaljasmin :they're good.

WhT song was this on American idol? by Q: The American idol performance challenge From Jessica Sanchez Deandre brackensick And Candice glover

A: it doesn't matter anymore originally by buddy holly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q80vPeejm7k

Did anyone like Bianca Ryan from Americas Got Talent? by Alexis Q: Because I liked her and I dont know why every one keeps dissing her.Bianca sings awesome! so does Jessica Sanchez she sang "I surrender"

A: I liked the two jugglers and the Quick Change people the best.

Where can i get a dress like this? by hiphop.soul Q: i lovee this dress that jessica sanchez is wearing, does anyone know where i can get it? heres her in that dress.. http://youtube.com/watch?v=F7RSMNOeE1Y

A: Wetseal has some similar ones.... http://www.wetseal.com/catalog/product.jsp?categoryId=104&subCategoryId=124&productId=8824 http://www.wetseal.com/catalog/product.jsp?categoryId=104&subCategoryId=189&productId=11456 http://www.wetseal.com/catalog/product.jsp?categoryId=104&subCategoryId=124&productId=11378

Favorite American Idol in top 13? by Norma C Q: Who is your favorite in the top 13? Mine would have to be Deandre (I love love love his high voice and he is sooo cute lol) and - also LOVE Jessica Sanchez. She is incredibly amazing! I also loved Brielle, but she didn't make the top 13. So who is yours?

Poll: whos your favorite American idol singer? by Q: Personally mine is Jessica Sanchez and deandre brackensick

Can you tell me r&b singers whoes are only teens? by Liv Q: I like Jasmine Villegas, Nguyen Thanh Hien and Jessica Sanchez songs... anybody can tell teen r&b singers.. thank you so much... xoxo Liv

A: Karina Pasian and Tiffany Evans are two R&B girls who have released albums. Teyana Taylor is a teen rapper who has slowly incorporated more singing to her repertoire,

how can i make it bigtime in singing? by Chita Q: i have always been told i have amazing voice and i was just wondering do you guys no where there wanting kid performers or somewhere i could preform like jessica sanchez (if you don't know who she is just type her name in on youtube) any places

A: In the acting/singing business it doesn't matter if you are talented or not. They may pick someone with a worse voice then you because they like her look, and she still has a decent voice. No, it isn't fair, but when is life ever fair? Good luck, though. If you want it as much as I want it, I hope you do make it big.

what nfl teams are u goin to be watching this season and why? by Q: jets (mark sanchez) lions (see if they can win a game and matt staford) bills (owens is bringing all this playoff hype into buffalo) patriots (can brady bring em back to the playoffs) cowboys (is this finally the season where they win a playoff game no more owens or jessica simpson) and of course my NINERS we're hungry for a playoff berth I think this is our year.

A: A lot of teams I'll be paying attention: 49ers of course, they're my team as well. Cowboys, like to see how they'll perform without TO. Bills as well, interesting to see how well they do with TO. Bengals, a Carson Palmer fan and would like to see if Ocho Cinco finally stop acting out. Texans, a fan of Andre Johnson and want to see Slaton. Vikings, purely because of All day Adrian Peterson. Falcons, White showing signs of a breakout. Ryan and Turner fun to watch. And last, I don't enjoy watching them but I have to keep an eye them, Seahawks and Cardinals.

American Idol....Who do you think will be the Top 5 girls? by Q: I think that Hallie Day will definatly be in there, and Jessica Sanchez, what about you?

what time and what channel is tonights (9.22.08) espn monday night football thing? ? by Nikki Ole Q: i REALLY want to watch tonight's football game because i want to see jessica sanchez perform the national anthem. what time and what channel is it going to be on? i live in the pacific time in the usa. and i have direct tv....xD

A: Monday Night Football is played on ESPN. The game will be on at 5:30 PM pacific time.

Guys: If you had to worship any of these latinas as your goddess who would you choose Shakira, Jessica Alba? by Feelz™ (Gonorrhea ♥ Rice) Q: Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, Rosario Dawson, Eva Mendez, Eva Longoria, Salma Hayek, or Roselyn Sanchez?

A: Shakira , Jessica Alba , or J Lo. Hard to choose just one

Who are the best singers on youtube? by Q: i think jessica sanchez, dondria, christina grimmie, & thats all i can think of right now. :D

A: could be these guys: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGspCKCL0-g or her: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7D-iHb8TEU or her: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rUBVUzHiD8

Why do most women want to be skinny if curvy women are the ones that attract all men? by ice man Q: Look at Jessica Biel, Roselyn Sanchez, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce men are literally drooling for women like that including me . Why are there still women that want to be as skinny as possible.

A: Im old school, I don't like "Skinny Minnie's". I like a woman with some meat on her bones! Not over weight, just healthy and thick! Skinny chicks scare me!

Who do you hope wins American Idol this year? by Norma C Q: Who are your favorite this season and who do you hope wins? Mine are: Deandre Brackensick (African American mixed guy with curly blond hair), Heejun Han (funny, cute asian guy lol), Philip Philips (cute guy that moves a lot when he sings lol), and Jessica Sanchez (asian girl that can sing her AZZ off lol). Out of those I hope Heejun Han wins though. And if you don't care or haven't watched American Idol, then don't comment:)

Who will win this Season of American Idol? by Q: I want Colton Dixon or Jessica Sanchez to win it. Oh yeah I like Deandre too. I think he is really good and his voice is out of this world. I hope he wins or goes far too. :)

A: To early to say who I want I think at this point, If I had to give two who will be in at least the top 3, I would go with Colton or Phillip They are young, the type that won for the last 4 years Jessica has a nice voice Not sure if a girl could win American Idol any more She is very young Remember Pia from last year, everyone thought she would be the last girl standing, she was out at 8 or 9

How do you think will be the next American Idol winner? by Izzy Q: No doubt, this year is filled with lots of talent but I DO have a favorite and I have been following her for about 4 years now on YouTube. She is amazing and her voice is angelic. It's Jessica Sanchez! I really think she has the best voice in the competition. Hee Jun is great also but it's Jessica for me :) Who do you think will win? Who do you think, sorry.

Poll: Jessica alba or Jennifer lopez or Roselyn Sanchez? by Q: appearance wise

how old is JESSICA SANCHEZ? by KATE s Q: of americas got talent

A: she'z 12

who knows jessica sanchez? by 1x1 pic Q: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aqaudz2r51k a contestant in America's got talent; same batch with Bianca Ryan. she's half filipino half mexican, btw....:)

A: you can check the website about her bcoz all i know is Karina Sanchez sorry


A: Here you go: http://www.upload-mp3.com/pfiles/13504/Jessica%20Sanchez%20-%20I%20Surrender.mp3 I converted it from here :http://x.imeem.com/ceBK9czEkz

who is jessica sanchez? by Q:

jasmine v or jessica sanchez poll? by Q: who sings better?

A: Fan of both beautiful artists...but JESSICA SANCHEZ takes this question!

Charice Pempengco or Jasmine Villegas, then Thia Megia or Jessica Sanchez? or just a guy, Arnel Pineda? by Q: Singers, filipinas, filipino

A: I'm not sure what your question is. If you're asking who do you think is a better singer, then here's what i think. Charice is a way better singer than Jasmine. Jasmine's voice is average. She's not that great. I like both Thia and Jessica but I like Jessica more. Both are amazing. Jasmine is more popular and will probably go far because she prettier than Thia and Jessica. People comment more on her looks then her voice on her youtube videos. And no I'm not hating, I'm just saying the truth. She's not that special. She's just all image.All three are talented and will go far in the Entertainment industry. I don't know who Arnel Pineda is.

From American Idol, who is better, Jessica Sanchez or Shannon Mcgrane? by Q:

A: JESSICA, without question, was the best performer of the night.

how's jessica sanchez now? by 1x1 pic Q: how's jessica sanchez now? after AGT, i never heard any news about her.

A: you can find her vidoes on youtube. :-) I think she's amazing.

Do you think Jessica Sanchez will win American idol? by Q:

on american idol Jessica Sanchez? by Q: i loved the blue dress and necklace that Jessica Sanchez so wonder where did she get it?

what is the nationality of american idol contestant jessica sanchez? by Q:

A: Jessica is Mexican and Filipino She does look more Filipino with an mexican last name Side note She was on American Got Talent wild card show in 2006

Is jessica sanchez still on American Idol? by Q: I didnt even know she was on there until i started watching some of her cover then american idol popped up and i was like WHATT?!? lol but i just wanted to know if she's still on there?

A: yes

Do you guys think Jessica Sanchez can be the first pinoy to win American Idol? by Q: I hope so! That could be such a HUGE recognition for all Filipinos around the world!!!!!!! We watch whatever the hell we want!

Jessica Sanchez - The Prayer - American Idol 2012 (Final Judgement) Jessica Sanchez - Love You I Do - American Idol 2012 (Top 12 Girls) American Idol [02.29.2012] - Jessica Sanchez - 'Love You I Do' Jessica Sanchez - I Will Always Love You - American Idol 2012 (Top 13) Jessica Sanchez-I Surrender Jessica Sanchez - American Idol 2012 Final Judgement Jessica, Deandre & Candice - Doesn't Matter Anymore - American Idol 2012 (Vegas) Etta James - I'd Rather Go Blind (Jessica Sanchez cover) Jessica Sanchez on American Idol 2012 J Rice Ft. Jessica Sanchez - 'Skyscraper' Demi Lovato (Cover) Jessica Sanchez - 'Love You I Do' - American Idol 2012 Top 12 Girls (HQ) Jessica Sanchez - Hollywood Week Interview - Fox Channel 5 IDOLOGY: 'American Idol' - Week 7 - Top 13 Favorites Jessica Sanchez, Skylar Laine, More: ENTV AMERICAN IDOL: Jessica Sanchez, Celine Dion's 'The Prayer' 14 Final Picks Revealed: ENTV American Idol - Jessica Sanchez 'The Prayer' [HD] Jessica Sanchez - Love You I Do - Top 25 Beyonce - Love On Top (Cover by Jessica Sanchez) - YouTube.flv Jessica Sanchez - American Idol - Deandre Brackensick Candice Glover - Challenge plus jury comments Jessica Sanchez,Deandre Brackensick,Candice Glover American Idol 2012 Las Vegas Round It Will Rain (Cover feat. Jessica Sanchez) Jessica Sanchez - The Prayer ( Top 24 Live on American Idol 2012 ) Jessica Sanchez In The Studio With Jasmin Villegas & Thia Megia AMERICAN IDOL RECAP: Jessica Sanchez 'I Love You I Do' Jennifer Hudson, Elise Testone Adele: ENTV America's Got Talent - JESSICA SANCHEZ American Idol - Jessica Sanchez -- Love You I Do -- Top 12 Girls American Idols Jessica Sanchez, Deandre Brackensick, Candice Glover 'It Doesn't Matter Anymore'Vegas Jessica Sanchez - 'I Do' (GREAT PERFORMANCE!) American Idol 2012 Top 12 Girls Show REVIEW Jessica Sanchez sings The Prayer on American Idol Season 11 just you & me /Brandon Kane- Jessica Sanchez Jessica Sanchez - Road To Hollywood (American Idol 2012) AMERICAS MOST TALENTED SCHOOL - Jessica Sanchez (FORGET YOU COVER) Jessica Sanchez and J. Rice - Skyscraper - Demi Lovato Jessica Sanchez Interview, before American Idol Top 24! Jessica Sanchez - I Will Always Love You - American Idol 2012 Top 13 Performance Review: COMMENTARY! Jess Sanchez American Idol (Using Editors Keys SL150 USB Microphone & Vocal Booth Pro) Jessica Sanchez: Hollywood Week Preview: American Idol JESSICA SANCHEZ MAKES TOP 24! AMERICAN IDOL REVIEW 2/22/12 Jessica Sanchez, Deandre Brackensick, Candice Glover (American Idol 11 Las Vegas Round) IDOLOGY: 'American Idol' - Week 6 - Joshua Ledet, Jessica Sanchez Top 24 Favorites: ENTV Jessica Sanchez - 'The Prayer' (GREAT PERFORMANCE!) American Idol Top 42 Final Judgment Show Review Jessica Sanchez - Love You I Do - Top 13 Girls ( American Idol 2012) Jessica Sanchez - American Idol Performance Challenge (Las Vegas) Jessica Sanchez Interview about American Idol Jessica Sanchez- Single Ladies (Beyonce) Jessica Sanchez - 'I Will Always Love You' - American Idol 2012 Top 13 Performance (HQ) Jessica Sanchez American Idol 2012 Top 42 Performance Jessica Sanchez - Hater Luv Jessica Sanchez ~ American Idol 2012, San Diego Audition COMMENTARY Jessica Sanchez - Love You I Do - American Idol 2012 (Top 12 Girls) [Filipino Pride] Jessica Sanchez
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