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Jessica Ennis

Jessica Ennis sets hurdles record
LONDON -- In front of a jam-packed stadium, British heptathlete Jessica Ennis opened the Olympic athletics meet in record fashion Friday, finishing the 100-meter hurdles in 12.54 seconds, the best time ever recorded in the opening race of the event.

Jessica Ennis leads GB's Olympics athletics medal charge
Jessica Ennis leads GB's Olympics athletics medal charge. By Tom Fordyce Chief sports writer at the Olympic Park. Jessica Ennis opens the British athletics medal charge in the Olympic Stadium on Friday as the team seek to double their haul from Beijing.

Jessica Ennis has all the attention, and now she must deliver
For Jessica Ennis, the time is nigh. Come 10.05am today, Olympic gold will be on the line for the Great British hope of track and field as she sets out in event one of the heptathlon, the 100m hurdles. The Sheffield woman starts as the favourite and ...

The Associated Press. Britain's poster girl, Jessica Ennis, just won her Heptathlon hurdles race in a time of 12.54. Russian President Vladmir Putin, left and British Prime Minister David Cameron watch the judo during the women's 78-kg judo competition ...

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frenchcritter RT @TeamGB: #Heptathlon The incredible results continue as @J_Ennis hits the 1.74 mark in the High Jump. What a Heptathlon it's been for Jessica so far!

RosellaBanks1 Jessica Ennis Haha. -- The almighty I really like it when this happens http://t.co/NM7GpyGb

AlanFlint01 RT @TeamGB: #Heptathlon The incredible results continue as @J_Ennis hits the 1.74 mark in the High Jump. What a Heptathlon it's been for Jessica so far!

PaigeWood95 I would like to have abs like Jessica Ennis please.

Leah_Ann_Clark Just read that Jessica Ennis's heat time for hurdles today would have got her the gold medal in Beijing! #wow

Hayley_Theobald RT @London2012: Pic: Jessica Ennis (GBR) in action during her world best performance in today’s women’s Heptathlon 100m hurdles heat http://t.co/tKpV9K94

LeanneRSPCA RT @TeamGB: #Heptathlon The incredible results continue as @J_Ennis hits the 1.74 mark in the High Jump. What a Heptathlon it's been for Jessica so far!

Matt_Fay11 Jessica Ennis marry me?

jocott31 anyone know how Jessica Ennis is doing #olympics

AlissaGreene8 Jessica Ennis Does this truly can be found? http://t.co/9bxlS7b3

Ryanyoung11 Jessica Ennis #ohmy #strangecrush

jack_boyce @RossMcCarter I'd let Jessica Ennis punch me in the face if she wanted to. #hurdleseyeview

LeannaLeach6 Jessica Ennis Gotta see this - made my own morning! http://t.co/qkdQwyUw

eleanooorrr RT @nathy_matthews: Jessica Ennis sets new British record to lead heptathlon after first event, c'mon beautiful do it for Britain, your just perfect.

chrisbpuff I'd be all for giving Jessica Ennis a good time. If I could catch her :(


Is 14 too old to become an athlete and maybe one day be in the olympics? by Q: I’m 14 years old and I want to be an athlete in the future. But then again I’m 14, is this too old to train and become a world class athlete?? I love to run 200m, 400m and 800m and I love hurdles. Both my parents were into doing athletics when they were younger (Dad used to run 10 miles a day and my Mum did hurdles at county). I’m the fastest in my P.E group at school and my teacher said I was a natural at hurdles so I guess that helped my confidence. I've never trained but I’m very determined to become someone great and make something of my life. I want to be like Jessica Ennis, maybe not in the same discipline but I want to be great like her. If I’m not too old where do I start? Mum said I can start an athletic club if I can keep up with all my other commitments. Also its 4 days till we break up for the summer break so how can I get prepared to start athletics in September? Thanks in advance for any answers you might give me xx

A: It appears that the sport you are being drawn to is track & field. So, no you are not too old. If you were wanting to be a world class/olympic gymnast then yes starting at 14 would be difficult. However, many track athletes start at your age. I would be sure to practice real hard, and enter summer track and field meets. There are 3 main track and field events available during the summer. USATF , here is there link: http://www.usatf.org: AAU meets, here is their link: http://aauathletics.org/ State Games of America here is their link: http://www.stategames.org/ Best of luck! Marcia Sullivan Athletic Points http://www.athleticpoints.com

How can I get a body like this? by Q: http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/7700000/Aviva-UK-Championships-World-Trials-jessica-ennis-7702202-387-594.jpg This picture is of Jessica Ennis..now i know she is a champion athlete but i strive to have this body. I play football and hockey so i CAN achieve this but i just don't know how. what type of foods should i be eating? should i be running everyday? what activities do i need to be doing? do i drink a lot of water? if you guys cna help me out i'd appreciate it. Thankssss guys! :) oh i am i girl! i just love david beckham haha:P x

A: yes, lots of water. lots of running,. of course, extreme ab work outs. you should also do weightlifting for reps so your muscles burn and get ripped. Most of all, stick to a daily exercise, as it takes a while to get great bodies. TIME and HARDWORK. one other thing is to eat 6 small meals a day instead of the traditional 3 large meals as your body will store fat from 3 large meals

how to meet ur idel????? by Q: jessica ennis<3333 im 14 and wana meet her so bad , shes the best atthlete ever! i loveeeeee her! is there like a ticket thing or is it luck? :S id pay thousands ! she wudnt read it aha:p

A: How about dropping her a letter, dear boy? I daresay she would be most impressed by your command of the English language.

Song from the new adidas advert? by Q: What's the song fron the new adidas advert with jessica ennis,andy Murray and David villa

A: My coach says. You can find it here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqYhBTYlAo4

Did anyone see Jessica Simpson's nipple in the Duke's of Hazzard movie? by premierexcellence Q: In the movie towards the end - when Jessica walks into the sheriffs office and takes off her coat and she's only wearing a bikini. She leans down to Ennis's ear and asks where the boys are and he blurts out the answer. Right when she goes to stand up it shows a shot of her breast right at his face and her nipple is part of the way out of her top. I couldn't believe that it didn't get noticed in the screening of this movie. How many other people saw it? Or is it just that I am very observant? AND how many of you are going to run out and rent it just so you can see it? Hee Hee

A: Really?? Wow must see it again.. thanks for the TIP !!

who is the strongest british athlete? by Q: [female british athlete] Jessica Ennis looks the strongest, she is friggin ripped! very very athletic. Zoe Smith Britain's top weightlifter though, although she is little she can lift very heavy weights. Hannah Wheelan, She is leading the Women's Gymnastics. Many say gymnasts are amazingly strong, though she is the smallest of the 3 here. Who do you think is 'Physically' the strongest and why. I think its too close to call

A: none

Olympics: Who is the strongest woman in team GB? by Q: Jessica Ennis looks the strongest, she is friggin ripped! very very athletic. Zoe Smith Britain's top weightlifter though, although she is little she can lift very heavy weights. Hannah Wheelan, She is leading the Women's Gymnastics. Many say gymnasts are amazingly strong, though she is the smallest of the 3 here. Who do you think is 'Physically' the strongest and why. I think its too close to call

A: If you're talking raw power then it's Natasha Perdue. Another weightlifter, in a heavier weight class than Smith so she can lift more than Smith. Though within their weight classes Smith is the better lifter.

How to get a toned body, fitness regime, diet etc? by dέѕiя Q: http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/7700000/Aviva-UK-Championships-World-Trials-jessica-ennis-7702202-387-594.jpg Now I am aware that it will take time. I am 5' 4 and weight around 60kg, I need to lose weight and tone up. Any tips are more than welcome.

Who do you think will get the olympic heptathlon gold medal? by Tom L Q: 1.Jessica Ennis 2.Kelly Sotherton 3.Lyudmila Blonska 4.Austra Skyutje 5.Tia Hellabaut 6.None of the above-if so state who you think will win.

A: the reason why Athens gold medallist and three-time world athletics champion Carolina Kluft of Sweden was not included in this list was because she already announced last week that she will not going to compete in this event anymore in 2008, stating that she was no longer motivated to train for and compete in heptathlon. instead, she will compete in triple jump and long jump in Beijing. with Kluft already ruled out, Lyudmila Blonska will emerged as a slight favorite to win the gold medal in Beijing on the strenght of her silver medal finish behind Kluft in the recent world championship in Osaka. I will not totally count out Austra Skyutje who won the silver medal behind Kluft in 2004 Athens, who despite only finished a disappointed 6th place in last year world championship, holds the womens world record in decathlon. so for me, it will be Blonska and Skyutje for the gold with Ennis, Sotherton and Lilly Scwarzkopf of Germany fighting for bronze medal.

Is it possible to become an elite athlete in the heptathlon? by Q: I’m a 14 year old girl. I live in the UK and I want to become an elite athlete in the heptathlon. What do I do to fulfill my dream? Btw I am not in any athletic groups and I have never trained properly in my life, so really an unrealistic dream but I still really want it badly, but I love to run and hurdle. Plus if it helps I want to be like Jessica Ennis. Thanks in advance.

A: You need to get on a team so you will have a coach to teach you the different events. It is very possible for you to become an elite heptathlete.

Where can I buy Jessica Ennis sequin dress that she worn on sports personality of the year 2009 ;)? by Q:

A: Try this... http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Jessica+sequin+dress+&x=14&y=20&tag=big-sale-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957 I hope this was helpful for you. Merry X'mas and Happy New year!

Will Jessica Ennis compete in the High Jump at London 2012? by Q: I know she's multi-discipline and doing heptathlon but she's competed in high jump this year and is britain's best high jumper so will she be in the competition at the olympics. need to know asap for college assignment. thanks

A: no just the heptathlon .it would be to much at such a serious meeting

What is the song they play when Jessica Ennis comes 3rd in BBC Sports Personality of the year 2009? by Captain Khan Q: They don't play much of the song, however if you listen carefully you will clearly hear the chorus of the song playing. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00pclz1/BBC_Sports_Personality_of_the_Year_2009/ Skip to about 1:57 (1 hour 57 minutes 0 seconds)

A: its by europe aint sure if its carrie or the final countdown.......................

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