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Evgeniy_s I favorited a @YouTube video http://t.co/n78kTdQc Roger Taylor and Jeff Beck - People Get Ready

Evgeniy_s I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/n78kTdQc Roger Taylor and Jeff Beck - People Get Ready (Live)

susieq68old RT @RayBeckerman: "People get ready" Rod Stewart & Jeff Beck http://t.co/USDxkMxB #music

lili_19XX この動画はお薦めです -- Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart - People Get Ready (music video) http://t.co/0eXW69Y6 via @youtube

ktanakk 親指奏法、アーム&ボリュームワーク最高ですなぁ。 -- Cause We've Ended as Lovers - Jeff Beck http://t.co/BgHP1DvU via @youtube

timrote RT @RayBeckerman "People get ready" Rod Stewart & Jeff Beck http://t.co/KB7DhmRW #music

Gimmikc DJとvsでこれやると楽しそう。 Check this video out -- Jeff Beck http://t.co/ZM7DwxXL via @youtube

3PennyMovies RT @RayBeckerman "People get ready" Rod Stewart & Jeff Beck http://t.co/F2FP7Mzk #music

RayBeckerman "People get ready" Rod Stewart & Jeff Beck http://t.co/USDxkMxB #music

Dee_ianrr And jack daniel is brown-red RT @aldaeatbrain: Jeff beck-love is blue

aldaeatbrain Jeff beck-love is blue

javigpalao I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/c3qeNyPh Roger Taylor and Jeff Beck - People Get Ready (Live)

sober_talk ロジャー・テイラーとジェフ・ベックが2011年6月のコンサートで共演♪ /Roger Taylor and Jeff Beck - People Get Ready (Live) http://t.co/Rtt1ZVXm via @youtube

MikelLindhout Nu luisteren naar een classic album van gitaarvirtuoos Jeff Beck "You had it coming"

Dezchamp #Nowplaying - I Ain't Superstitious by Jeff Beck Group, from #SoundHound http://t.co/fQK3pS0U


How did Jeff Beck get so many weird sounds out of his guitar? by Gimme Pizza Q: He does so much that I've never heard from any other guitarist, how does he do it?

A: He doesn´t use a pick. Just his thumb and index (sometimes middle) fingers. He applies excessive use of the whammy by lifting and pushing down on it while tapping on the strings with his bare fingers and plucking the strings not in the body of the guitar, but on the neck and simultaneously finger muting after a half a second the string was plucked. Not to mention all this is done in odd timing, high improv skills and amazing visionary point of view of the technicality of guitar playing.

Why was Jeff Beck Group's first album overlooked? by cychuck1213 Q: Truth by Jeff Beck is one of my favourite ever albums. The blues rock is just genius. Yes, most of the album are covers, but they are fantastic. Why were they overlooked to such an extent?

A: As a big fan of Ron Wood, Rod Stewart & Jeff Beck, I can only say it was kinda before the time--if ya know what I mean. And possibly also, 'cause it was alot of covers. GREAT album, IMO ♥♥♥

Whats the best Jeff Beck Guitar song? by youdontknowme Q: I always here of how great Jeff Beck is and I can't seem to find any song that really just pops out at me. I've listen to cause we've ended as lovers, freeway jam, and a day in the life, but it doesn't sound like he's that great of a guitarist. I know he's good I just want a good song by him.

A: led boots

How much is the Jeff Beck LP Record "Then And Now" worth today? by Kaylin C Q: I have a Jeff Beck 33 LP. "KZEW present" "A collector's compilation of great album tracks by Jeff Beck. A special Limited edition to commemorate his 1980 U.S tour." Two Record Set. on the back is a label that says "FOR PROMOTION ONLY Ownership Reserved By CBS Sale is Unlawful" I was wanting to know how much this LP is acctually worth.

A: You've actually got a little something there. In mint condition, it retails for around $25-$50. This site has two for sale at $50 each. http://www.audiophileusa.com/display.cfm?days=9999&mode=Artist&text=Beck,%20Jeff $27.65 here: http://gemm.com/q.cgi?rb=DAVECONN&artist=beck,jeff&title=jeff+becK=with+the+jan+hammer+group+live $25 here http://www.musicstack.com/album/beck_jeff_group/jeff_beck_group_-_epic No scratches, I hope. If you sell it at a record store, they'll only give you $10-$15 for it. But you might fetch more if you sell it yourself. Or just keep it a while longer.

Does anyone know where i can find high quality footage of jeff beck and john mayer @ el rey? by Frazzle Q: i have seen two bad clips of it on youtube of jeff beck and john mayer playing manic depression live @ el rey!

A: Try ebay or you tube. Peace.

When will the new Jeff Beck DVD come out? by Oscar B Q: Guitar virtuoso Jeff Beck will finally release his new DVD this Jan, 2009.

A: I bought my first Jeff Beck album in 1968. How old is this guy?

What band featuring Jeff Beck do you like the most? by EmF Q: The Yardbirds, Jeff Beck Group, Upp, Beck Bogert & Appice...this would be too hard for me to decide lol So which one do you favor?

A: The first Jeff Beck Group had a raw Rod Stewart on vocals. 'nuff said.

Why Jeff Beck is less popular than Clapton? by milanwater Q: I love Beck and Clapton for long time. Although EC is very popular at all times, JB has not been so compared with EC. Why Jeff Beck is less popular than Clapton? The two of them are the greatest guitarists historically. And JB is still aggressive and progressive to play the guitar and he has evolved anytime. I am sorry to know that his CD sales has been poorer than E.C.

A: Clapton sings and made more radio friendly songs during the 70's. Beck is better on guitar but he didn't write any hits.

Why does everyone think Jeff Beck is so good? by Jc Q: People always say Jeff Beck has "hot licks" and is one of the greatest guitarist of all time, but whenever i listen to him, he doesn't even sound as good as everyone says. I mean obviously, he's great, and he's better than a lot of other guitarists, but why do people think he's one of the best?

A: I think Beck brought a jazz-like sense to rock and roll, which was unusual at the time. And, honestly, who's good is always a matter of personal taste. I'd rather have a tooth extracted than listen to Jimi Hendrix, but to some people he's the greatest guitarist ever.

Would seeing Jeff Beck in concert be a good one to see? by JJ44 Q: I'm thinking about seeing Jeff Beck (former guitarist of the Yardbirds, Jeff Beck Group w/Rod Stewart) at the Fox Theater in St. Louis this week. I've never heard his work before, but I was wondering if it would be a good show. I like rock and classic rock and would like to learn more about classic rock. Thoughts?

A: you are in for a good show a nd even at age 63, beck can still jam on the hard blues

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