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phantomlovers RT @thoton: 【速報】天皇陛下が気管支炎のため東大病院に入院 [テレビ朝日] http://t.co/2safHnfp #news #japan #tvasahi #皇室

dub314 RT @thoton: 【速報】天皇陛下が気管支炎のため東大病院に入院 [テレビ朝日] http://t.co/2safHnfp #news #japan #tvasahi #皇室

saru303 RT @DalaiLama: Video of HHDL's visit to Ishinomaki, Japan, on November 5th to meet and speak with survivors of last March's tsunami. http://t.co/YfqyLSeR

Limit_is_Fail @hirokkie I have cycling as a hobby too.I love cycling Japanese style...Hope soon to japan (if you come to Barcelona again we ride together)

IAMhinari @PocketSarah i've never visited to lime crime :( i think there is no lime crime shops in japan ugh D: i'll try mac's red lipstick! Thanks fo

inoue_roto RT @thoton: 【速報】天皇陛下が気管支炎のため東大病院に入院 [テレビ朝日] http://t.co/2safHnfp #news #japan #tvasahi #皇室

DDJ___ Japan pakt Chinese visser op: De Japanse kustwacht heeft zondag de kapitein van een Chinese vissersboot gearrest... http://t.co/bABCUpcx

tg_buitenland Japan pakt Chinese visser op http://t.co/YboO6bNe

ohkrissy I wanna go to India so I can wear a sari, there so beautiful and Japan so I can wear a kimono dress..

jun_jun [email protected]_junさんの思い出の一曲 】松本英子「Squall」(1999年) 思い出の名曲がいっぱい!→http://t.co/wNZwjlq7 #歴代ヒットソング

kinugoshi_at03 ふじろっくとかさ、rock in on japan とかふぇすもいいよねー

CharylD1522 RT @msbuddyg: @nickcarter Hey Nick today's my b-day. Would really make my day to get a b-day shout out from you. :-) Thx & best wishes for your Japan tour

Moriin RT @DalaiLama: Video of HHDL's visit to Ishinomaki, Japan, on November 5th to meet and speak with survivors of last March's tsunami. http://t.co/YfqyLSeR

SteffVi blom liat teaser BTD japan 0.o is it still with L n woohyun??! *excited*

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How did Japan come successful in Isolationism when China became a slave nation? by Q: Both countries practiced Isolationism for a period of time. China became a disaster and was practically controlled by Allied nations after the law was lifted. Japan had a successful period of peace, and even after its isolation, it became a Global power, and started the largest war in history. Why is this?

A: China believed it was the superpower of the world. They called themselves the "Middle Kingdom" as in the "center of the world". They were rich in things (tea, spices, etc.) that Europe wanted. Japan was seen as a port to acquire China's resources. During the mid-late 1800's the Europeans divided China amongst themselves. They were able to do this due to technological superiority (guns vs. swords). Japan saw what happened to China and feared that happening to their land. So they embarked on a massive modernization program (the Meiji Restoration) which transformed them from a feudal (samurai) based society to a modern society. The Japanese hired foreign soldiers (German, British, and American) to modernize their army. With this military strength, they were able to fend off attempts at colonialization and even took part in the dismemberment of China. As for starting WWII. The Japanese became extremely militaristic after defeating Russia in the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905) which proved that that their modernization had proved successful. Another major factor was that while Japan was on the side of the Allies in WWI, they received much less compensation (colonies and reparations) than any other major country. Hope this helps.

What if Japan became an American territory after World War II? by Erik G Q: This is an important question that I'm asking here: What if Japan became an American territory after World War II? The United States occupied Japan from 1945 to 1952 so they could disarm the country's military and make the country more democratic. As a result of the occupation, Japan became an economic superpower. If Japan became an American state rather than a reborn nation, what kinds of effects it would have on American and world history? Would the Japanese assimilate to American culture, or retain their traditional culture as they did before? What else would there be of a Japanese-American state on the edge of East Asia?

A: Japan is only nation which reborned powerfully after the occupation of GHQ. See other countries. How about Vietnam and Korea? They have been in chaos for long time. And Iraq and Afgans are still terrible situation. Their will to obtain the goals is always very high and the characteristics is very different from other countries. That is why they could achieved Meiji Restoration with bloodless surrender of Edo Castle.

What lead to Japan and Germany becoming allies in WW2? by Sambo Q: Why and how did this alliance form? Germany & Italy were Facist in government and were preaching white supremancy. Japan held a feudal monarchy with a militaristic ruling class. Japan, it would seem, wouldn't fit with Hitler's view on race. What did either side gain by being allies?

A: well firstly the japanese and germans had quite similar racial outlooks - the germans believed in aryan ideal whilst japan taught that because they had never been colonized and they had an army that was unbeaten in any war throughout its history that they were in fact superior to any of the asian nations and had a right to create 'an east asian co-prosperity area' as they called it or japanese colonization of the pacific region has the west would put because they were racially better then any other asian group - this can be seen in there treatment of the indigineous chinese, filipino and burmese races. japan had a constitution and government modelled on that of germany. japan and germany had long been in contact with each other exchanging ideas on political control and systems. after ww1 japan was one of the only contries in the world that accepted german trade and influence. in return germany aided japans transition from a sogun type society into a modern government system it was a marriage of convenience - germany had no interests in the pacific area england , america, france and holland all had colonies and interests in the area. germany would only gain if japan was to extend its area of control. communisim - both countries hated communist ideals and saw them has a huge threat. japan also had russia on its border in manchuria and korea(which it controlled) so was eager to sign the anti-commintern (agreement to fight russia irf attacked) pact with italy - germany -japan militaristic societies - both countries had a history of militarisim and backed each others outlook that they should be able to increase the size of their militry from a ration of 3 to 5 compared to america and britain and even brought this point tot the league of nations. expansionisim - japan supported italys claim to ethiopia, germanys claim to sudetenland and danzig corridor while germany supported the japese claim to manchuria

In Japan is it culturally acceptable to wear a towel over your lap in a public bath house? by prettykittygirl94 Q: Just out of curiosity would it be acceptable to wear a towel over your lap for modesty's sake? Say if your a foreigner in Japan would this be ok to do? And if it's not acceptable why?

A: Definitely not in the bath tub even if you are a foreigner. The reason is, well, it's just you are not supposed to soak anything but your own body in the hot water. Guess we think you use a towel to wash/wipe your body. Of course it is ok to wrap around your waist to walk around in the bathing area.

Japan - its ideology and how they seen themselves and others during the history? by rossetta Q: I'm looking for information 'behind scenes' which might led to attack on Pearl Harbor, for instance Japanese movements, ideologies in Japan culture such as superiority, etc. I need more ideological JPN's view, JPN's view of the World during the history, especially in the inter war period. I'm looking more for psychological aspects within JPN, which might led to desire for an Empire and attack on Pearl Harbor itself.

A: The Japanese were expecting their results of the attack cripple the U. S. Pacific Fleet for a period of up to eighteen months, preventing aggressive action against imperial forces, with the fleet to later be drawn out into a final battle and destroyed. The Japanese launched a surprise attack on the US Navy and Air force so they could proceed in conquering China. The Japanese believed that if they were successful with bombing the US Ships and Aircraft that they would then have enough time to proceed in conquering China.

Why was Japan able to become a superpower in 40 years during the Meji era? by Q: Historians today still find Japan's transition from agricultural feudalistic society to a superpower in the world in such a short period of time amazing.In no more than 40 years Japan became as modernized as Europan powers and was the only nonwhite super power in the world.How did the Japanese obtain this in such a short time?

A: this answer is very simple. 3000 gaikokujin (foreign experts) and many japanese studying overseas (or spying and writing everything down) then the factories appeared and japan copied the same form of industrialization like england USA or other superpowers. of course another key factor is the japanese culture of education, dedication to work and strive for perfection. here some additional info to the Meiji Economy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meiji_period#Economy

What time does the Japan vs Cameroon world cup start in England and Japan? by Drop_Dead_XxXx Q: I am Trying to find out what time The World cup starts between Japan and Cameroon because me and a special Japanese friend would like to watch it together, but the only way is msn. so we are going to watch it and be on msn too. But we dont know what time it starts in England or apan. Please tell me the time in Engand and Japan. THANKS!

A: 7am

JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? by Q: ok, so i have about $200 dollers right now and i kno i need like $2,500 if i want to go to japan (which i do) anyway, i was asking how i could earn some money, and/or if anyone has any cheap cheap travel prices like orbitz or something. im looking to goo next january

A: Let's see.. you have to make about $2300 dollars to go on the trip. Sounds reasonable for a 1 week stay. Let me give you some advice. Figure out how long it took you to save that first $200. Then do some algebra and figure out how long it will take you to save enough up for the trip. When you get near to the end of this period of time, which I am guessing will be a large amount of time, get back to us here. Lots of things change when you are saving up your allowance for a trip to Japan. Also, I will go the extra mile and help you out on this. Exactly how do you plan on saving, wait a second, about $400 a month between now and then? Do you really think that this is realistic? It's just simple math combined with reality. This message has been brought to you from MOSQUE. Is there a need for unrealistic question Ministry in addition to those that are simply silly?

Japan?!?!? by ?#R Q: Doe any one live in Japan? From what all the media shows about japan, it looks very interesting. I am looking for poeple who lives or lived there. Hos is it there? whats the life style? How do people dress? what kind of food do they like the most? etc. just tell as much you can about japan from your experience.

A: I lived there for 12 years in total, so I could write pages...but to keep it short, I'll just go with what you asked. The lifestyle is pretty high-paced (well, for an Aussie like me it is). Even in the smaller cities, you always seem to be busy. Its a very convenient place, you can find convenience stores everywhere open 24hrs, and vending machines selling drinks are on almost every corner. They even sell hot drinks in the vending machines in winter! It can be an expensive place to live, depending on where in Japan you're located and the type of lifestyle you lead, although there are some very reasonably priced clothing and food shops around. People dress in western clothes mostly, and young people tend to follow fashion trends earnestly. Most Japanese people love brand-name clothing and items, so its not unusual to see teenage girls carrying Louis Vuitton or Prada bags, even though they cost a few thousand dollars a piece. Western food is very popular (like McDonalds and Wendys). Most young people eat meat daily. Japan is a culture which revolves around food. You know the Iron Chef? Well, that is just one of the heaps of cooking shows. But not just cooking; they have lots of shows where the host goes to popular or famous restaurants to try the food and tell the public how good it is. So you are basically watching at TV programme of someone eating. There's not one food that you can say all Japanese like, but most Japanese still love fish and seafood. Noodles are also really popular, and so is international cuisine (up until I left last year, Korean food was 'in'). What I loved about Japan was its history. I come from a country with a very short written history, and the history before white man isn't well known. Japan's history is so long and well-documented, and a lot of their culture is based on events in history that its extremely interesting. Its a novelty to stand out over there as a foreigner, but after a while it wears off; if you plan on living there for a long time, you just want to fit in and live your life without being on display (it does give you a bit of an insight into what life must be like for celebrities, though). Japanese people are just like Westerners in that they gossip, b*tch and can be very blunt, but they do seem to have a better sense of putting up a facade and behaving well in public. And what you may see on TV about the government and big business is not reflective of the public. I found that although the government is doing very little to help foreigners assimilate, and in some instances actively encourage the homogenous image of Japan, the average Joe on the street assumes that if you live in Japan long enough, you are Japanese, even if you do some things a bit different. Up until the day I left, my friends were shocked that I wasn't automatically made a Japanese citizen upon marrying my husband. Ultimately I loved my time over there, although I am happy to be home. Some things annoyed me, but that happens wherever you happen to be. And living over there really teaches you a lot about yourself.

japan????????????????????? by joe b Q: i want to go to japan now. i really am into japanese culture and im even teaching myself japanese. i am only 16 and i dont even have a minimum wage job. my mom says she will let me study abroad in college, and that sounds really fun but i wanna experience japan ASAP. any tips 4 money making or money saving?? any tips on how to get to japan without rushing it?? any help would be great!! thx so much :)

A: You usually need working or student visa to live in Japan. For working visa, you have to get a job offer from a Japanese company. But you can't look for a job in Japan without a visa. So you need it before you enter Japan. For student visa, you have to be admitted to a Japanese college. You need to pay tuition and living cost for 4 years. It could be about $80,000.

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