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Janoskians overshadow Karise show
Move over Justin Bieber and One Direction, there's a new group of boys stealing the hearts of Perth's teenage girls.

Cruise starts settlement talks
... Hollywood star Ernest Borgnine dies · Elton John cancels Vegas shows · Oscar-winning actor Borgnine dead at 95 · Actor feared wallaby explosion · Cruise won't 'play the media' in divorce · Rude teddy set to steal limelight · Janoskians overshadow ...

Gelato stars urge Italians to stay home
... for answers to murder mystery · Schoolgirl covered in black fur by rare condition · Police attacked with bottles · Birthday party turns violent · Two dead, two injured in Carnarvon crash · Evans' Tour de France helper starts well · Janoskians ...

Duffield named Freo sub as draft steal debuts
... Schoolgirl covered in black fur by rare condition · Police attacked with bottles · Two dead, two injured in Carnarvon crash · Birthday party turns violent · Evans' Tour de France helper starts well · Janoskians overshadow Karise show · MP pulls ...

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SofiaLucia4 @janoskians i agree with u all! u guys are amayzing and i cant wait till yur single comes out! x

_Krystal_24 @JaiBrooks1 follow me please? Please be the one of the Janoskians to follow me.... :) Anyway.. Love you guys! :)

LukeBrooksGang @1D__Janoskians Someone would put it on youtube because jai told someone to do it

joannabelas AHHHHHHH THE JANOSKIANS! http://t.co/uvUJdA2X


RaveenaBainsxo When that old lady was like "I'm not a fan of the janoskians, they're irresponsible" haha you don't get the humour.

amberobrien98 RT @JaiBrooks1: Janoskians Friday 13th Dance Party tickets, concerts and tour dates #Ticketmaster_AU http://t.co/ikgZZvlO

shannonmates The Janoskians have so much talent shut up you dickheads, you know nothing you stupid news readers! GRAB YOUR KNIFES AND PITCH FORKS!

BieberMeansHope RT @JaiBrooks1: Janoskians Friday 13th Dance Party tickets, concerts and tour dates #Ticketmaster_AU http://t.co/ikgZZvlO

Saja_Moussa9 Whoelse just watched the Janoskians on Today Tonight ? :)

MaddiSales101 2 minutes. Janoskians. Today tonight. Jliagxhdkakdw <3 @BrooksBeau @James_Yammouni @JaiBrooks1 @luke_brooks :33

br00ks_gr0upie Today tonight; The @janoskians are nobodies with very little talent but they're known by the world? Me; Yes and you're a slut. Leave, now.

HoranAusArmy RT @1DDemiLoveXx: I like the Janoskians but if you actually think they are talented you need to think through your life

breehirt RT @TodayTonight: On #TodayTonight at 6:30.. Neet the @Janoskians - Aussie teens w/ boy-band looks and millions of hysterical fans.. http://t.co/PHNeCYnH

Nialler_potatoe #50ThingsAboutMe i have a obsession over Ed Sheeran , Janoskians and One Direction :)


Does White out wash out of clothes? by Q: I have a top that says I love Ben, and I want to make it say I love Beau, (Beau Brooks Janoskians, if you have no clue who they are, youtube them, & subscribe) And the I love Ben is written in white, and i was wondering if I could use whiteout to change it. Would it work? & Not get washed off in the wash?? :)

A: yeah if the shirt is white

I have a huge celebrity crush? by Q: I have a huge crush on Luke Brooks from the Janoskians. It hurts because I know he will never even notice me :( How Can I get over him? Btw, it wasn't only the looks that attracted me. It was also his interests and personality. It's hard to find a guy like that. No rude comments please.

A: I love The Janoskians :) I like Daniel because he's cute and sometimes they can be mean to him but I love them all anyway. I know how you feel I had a crush on someone for 2 years and I cried lots because I couldn't ever be with them, but I moved on which just happened naturally. I would say it hurts now but one day I think you will look back and be like, "lol I was hurting for a silly reason" but just day dream about him for now and enjoy your thoughts

Does someone have the link of the ''Jakoskians suck'' Video? by Q: everyone seems to be ranting about these kids who dissed The Janoskians, and I can't find the original video, please Help :(

A: No it was removed, in that video the guys were SO rude to the Janoskians and were racist to Teddy and said hurtful thing about James and going on about the Brooks brothers. I LOVE THE JANOSKIANS I hated 'Janoskians suck' video :(

Hot to crop someone into a picture on photoshop?10 points for best answer!? by Q: PLEASE HELP! Its my sisters birthday and im gonna crop her into a picture with luke from the Janoskians and i dont know how to do it!ive watched all the youtube vids, but they dont make sense.I think its because that was a older version.PLEASE ANSWER!

A: There isn't a single tool that can do this properly in all situations but there are a range of tools you can use. There are loads of ways to do this, some semi-automatic, some manual. All are going to work towards the same end - you need to separate part of an image from the rest of it. If there are lots of similar colors or hues in the image then you can use the Magic Wand to select those portions you want. You can also use the various lasso tools. The Magnetic Lasso is the most automatic of these - http://graphicssoft.about.com/od/photoshop/l/blrbps_3aleaf.htm You can use Quick Mask - http://www.idigitalemotion.com/tutorials/guest/mask/mask.html You can use a Clipping Path - http://www.graphic-design-employment.com/photoshop-clipping-paths.html You use a Layer Mask - http://photoshoptips.net/2006/07/25/layer-masks/ CS4 had an Extract filter - http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Photoshop/11.0/WSCAC4D084-6AB1-483a-B264-6336B4888649.html - this is basically the Refine Edge tool in CS5. You could make a copy of the image and use the Eraser tools to remove the background. Once you've made your selection you can refine it as much as you want. You can use the Polygonal Lasso tool to add or remove parts of the selection. A semi-automatic way to do this is to use the Refine Edge tools in the Select menu. Don't forget, you do not need to select the actual object you want to keep, sometimes it's easier to select everything else and then invert the selection. Always work on a copy of an image whether you think you are going to do something destructive to it or not and save often. Which of the above methods is quickest depends on the image. Some images are easy and take a couple of minutes, some are complex and a single image could take quite a while. Don't get discouraged if it doesn't work out exactly right the first time. Like lots of things, it can be harder than the adverts portray it. Some images are very difficult to get right, especially those with hair or fur - http://www.showandtell-graphics.com/hair_selection.html

How to get more views and subscribers on YouTube? by Q: My friends and I started a YouTube channel this week. It'll be kind of like the Janoskians if you know who I'm talking about. And we were wondering how do we get more viewers and subscribers?? Also if you could watch our first video that would be awesome :) Thanks http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZPIUFlWXpk

A: I watched your video, I think you and your friends are beautiful and funny, but if you want to get more views, I think you need to make your videos looks like better, my suggestion: 1. add intro or funny texts on the video. 2. make full screen video, no black bars. 3. add background music. 4. promote the videos to get more views. by the way, you can use youtube movie maker to add texts/musics and make full screen video for youtube(make videos module), and also can use it to promote videos to get more views on youtube(manage videos module), or directly place advertisement on youtube, you can download youtube movie maker from makeyoutubevideo.com, and view below channel for some online guides, youtube.com/easymakevideo, if my answer helps you, please give me Best Answer, thanks.

How do you make a week seem like it's going by quickly? by Q: So in a week I'm going to meet these boys called the Janoskians (Go on youtube and search Janoskians). They're really famous in Australia and they are my idols. I can't wait the whole week to meet them. How do I make it seem like the week's going by fast? I can't use any money though and it's winter so the weather isn't the best. Help!?

Would it be weird to give Lynx as a present? by Q: I'm sending the Janoskians a fan letter and I want to send something extra with it. I have no idea what to get them, would it be weird to give me Lynx deodorant? Other people have sent weirder stuff like toy chickens. But I dunno..

A: Belongs in the wild, yes, it would be weird.

What should I send with fan mail? by Q: I am sending the Janoskians a fan letter. I want to send it with something else like a fan made poster or gifts.

A: Flowers and chocolates.

How do you get twitter famous people to follow you? by Q: A lot of twitter famous people follow me, but i mean like, they're famous outside of twitter too. Like the Janoskians! I want them to follow me before they become really famous. the most followers out of the group is Luke, and he has 159K followers, but people with over 200k follow/notice me. but no matter how hard i try, they never notice me, and their followers go up EVERY day. PLEASE help me? :( you can follow me if you want (; lol. @TOMLINATORARMY

A: There is no way for that. They will only follow you if they like you.

How do People get it to do it like this? by Q: I have been watching videos: as in Janoskians and other "Elevator pranks". I want to know how they keep or put there camera/camcorder on the top of the elevator so no one holds it. Also, What is a good camera/camcorder that is good but cheap.? Thank you

A: They put velcrow on the back or it then put some velcrow on the walls and hang the camera from the velcrow then start recording.... And for the camera, I don't know just go in to the Walmarts and look around...

What do you think the name Beau for a boy? by Q: I really like Beau, like Beau Brooks from the Janoskians, what do you think?

A: i love the name Beau for a boy. and i love the spelling, instead of Bo. It will be easy to find any name that flows well with it.

How can you tell Jai and Luke Brooks apart? by Q: This is probably a stupid question but just wondering if any of you janoskians know? : )

A: Judging by some pictures, Jai seems to have a fuller face and looks more 'innocent' in some way.

How do you merge different pictures together into one or like they were together.? by Q: I have a YouTube Account but I want to personally customize it myself, I need help with that though. What do I use to help me.? I want to merge different pictures together ( of different people) so it looks like It was made together. Like this site: http://www.youtube.com/user/Janoskians or http://www.youtube.com/user/temptutorials?feature=results_main Please help! Also, for the profile picture too!

A: Easy enough try this website : http://pizap.com/

what are the janoskians names? by Paris Q: :)

A: Jai, Luke, Beau, Daniel and James

Do you LOVE The Janoskians ? by Q: I do !!

A: yes yes yes yes yes !!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE them SOOOOOOOO FREAKIN much. especially beau <3 xoxo

How do you unsuspend an account from Twitter? by Q: I have a Janoskians fan account shared with 4 other girls. I was tweeting someone excessively and got our account suspended. Is there any way to "un-do" it? Please help!!!

what breed of dog is the janoskians' dog lala? by Q: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EttrYDEfZSs&list=UUCRl0RTgrRo3AdY-jKD-NZg&index=1&feature=plcp here is an example of lala

A: Who? Never heard of it.

Which janoskians is the hottest? by Q:

A: BEAU BY FAR!!!! <3

What Should I Send To Janoskians P.O Box? by Q: I am a massive fan of Janoskians + my friend and I really want to send something to their P.O Box. We want it to be something worth while, something that will stand out in piles and piles of fanmail. We can't spend a heap of money, so sadly no vans or snapbacks like other fans have sent. Beau wants a car, I'm thinking that may be a bit expensive .... ;) If you were a bunch of amazing, hot, talented pranksters, what would you most want to have sent to you by fans in the mail? Or what do you think they would most want? I've been discussing it with the friend and she said her ear with a message that says "Don't love us, we die." I kinda rejected that idea :') <3 Thanks! (:

A: i reckon that you should make a scrapbook all about them and talk about how much you love them and put in pictures from their videos and stuff, also make a page about who you are and maybe ask them if they can follow you back on twitter or tumblr cause thats what i would do :)

Would it be weird to include a picture of yourself on a fan letter? by Q: I want to send a fan letter to the Janoskians, would it be weird to put a picture of myself on the letter?

A: no..

YOUTUBE JANOSKIANS ON YOUTUBE!? by Q: Im a huge Janoskians fan and everyone youtube them and like there videos, share them, subscribe, follow them on twitter, like there Facebook page <3

A: If you have a Youtube, please support my friend by writing a nice comment.. He's being tormented for a video he made for his girlfriend, after someone took it off his girlfriend's phone and posted it on Facebook and Youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSP5S3tfWC8&feature=topics" He's really broken up about this.. If you have a facebook, please spread the word..

FUN QUESTIONS ABOUT THE JANOSKIANS!!!? by Q: 1) are they hot? 2) who is the hottest? 3) what are there names? 4) are they talanted? 5) have you met them? 6) which one would you want to meet the most? 7) if you could hang out with them for a day wat would you do? 8) can they dance? 9) are they cool? 10) do you love them?! i love the janoskians <3333

A: 1) are they hot? YES YES YES! 2) who is the hottest? Beau Brooks 3) what are there names? Beau Brooks, Luke Brooks, Jai Brooks, Daniel Sahyounie, James Yammounie 4) are they talanted? They're really funny and that's a talent 5) have you met them? I WISH! 6) which one would you want to meet the most? I love them all so much but it would be one of the Brooks brothers probably Beau or Jai 7) if you could hang out with them for a day wat would you do? SO SO MUCH! Can't explain 8) can they dance? Not really but I can't do much better 9) are they cool? YES! 10) do you love them?! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!! <3 I LOVE THE JANOSKIANS

JANOSKIANS. Personal tumblrs!? by Q: Hey, do you know all of the janoskians personal tumblrs? If you do could you put the links below, thanks!

A: Why would you ask that in the Personal Finance section?

Acronym for this word Janoskians? by Q: So far I have J: janoskians A:are N: Never O: Obnoxious? any other ideas for the letters s,k,i,a,n and s

A: It's called a dictionary.

Challenge ideas for the Janoskians? by Q: Hi i'm Luke Brooks from the Janoskians, we need ideas on what new challenges we can perform in public. Follow our page on FaceBook and Subscribe to us on YouTube. Thanks! http://www.youtube.com/user/Janoskians?feature=watch

A: Mmmmm War head challenge!! Haha you guys are sooooooooooo damn hot ;) Please give a shout out to lina!! Thankss babes <3

Janoskians Meet and Greet-Melbourne? by Cloe Q: Hi, I was just wondering where and at what time the Janoskians meet and greet is, all I know is it is on the 21st of March...

A: It's actually on the 31st, which is this Saturday and it would be at Fed Square. I don't know what time but it'd probably be around lunch time. Hopefully I'm going!

Do you know who the Janoskians are? by Q: Well their funny as Australian youtubers!

A: YES YES YES! Of course I know who they are, I love them, they are really funny and I've watched all their videos they're amazing. BEAU, LUKE, JAI, DANIEL, JAMES <3

Janoskians Meet and Greet? by Cloe Q: Hi, I was just wondering where and at what time the Janoskians meet and greet is, all I know is it is on the 21st of March...

A: Its actually been changed to luna park from 1 o'clock til 4:) http://www.facebook.com/jamesyammouni - Check his status for all the official information:)

what does janoskians mean? by Q: the janoskians have revealed what their name means on tumblr but i don't have it and i really want to know what it means

A: Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation (the 's' makes it plural)

when are the janoskians coming to sydney? by Q: need to know asap cause i gotta see them please

A: At Christmas I think or something like that...

how did the janoskians get there name? by Q: i would like to know how the janoskians get there name ??

A: Well,they made it it up like this J- Just A- Another N- Name O- Of S- Silly K- Kids I- In A- Another N- Nation S- SKIP! Well hope that helped!!! :)

what are the janoskians fans called? by Q: e.g. One Direction- Directioners Justin Bieber- Beliebers Austin Mahone- Mahomies JLS- JLSters I've heard "Janoskianiggas" but does anyone know any others?

A: They are called Janoskianators but the actual Janoskians said that the fans can also call them selves Janoskians

Anyone watch the janoskians? by Q: Does anyone else watch the janoskians in the uk? And are they really famous in australlian or osmething?

what is the title of the janoskians new single? by randomquestions Q:

when are the janoskians coming to queensland?!? by Q: when they coming to queensland? and is it in movie world? thank youu!

A: look on their twitter it will tell you? they are gorgeous right? :')

I'm a 15 boy and I always watch the janoskians on YouTube. Is this ok? by Q:

A: if it makes you happy it cant be that bad

How old are the Brooks(Janoskians)brothers? by Q: How Old Are The Jansokians??? Luke Brooks and Jai Brooks are twins so oviusly they are the same age so how old are they?? and Beau Brooks there oldeer brother how old are they and there birthdays if you know thansk<3

A: luke & jai are 17, beau 18, james 17 and skip is seventeen also i think... luke and jais birthday 3rd of may, beau 31st july, skip halloween and james' is in march... hope i helped! :)

what are some pranks that are like the ones that the janoskians do? by Q: not ones that they have actually already done, but ones that are similar to what they do

A: Here are some of the pranks they have done: 1. Pegging - When you try and put pegs on people in the street without them knowing. You have to get as many as you can on them. 2. Invisible rope - When two friends (On either side of road) form their hands in a rope tugging shape, and as a car\ bike comes you pretend to pull an imaginary rope across the road. 3. Ghosting - When you secretly sneak right up behind a person on the street and follow them as long as you can without being noticed by that person. 4. The Game of p*s - Walk into a shop and call out "p*s" make it sound as if you were looking for a person and call out "p***s" as many times as you like. For example: "Did you see p***s walk in?" 5. Can I please order? - Walk into a fast food shop, McDonald's, KFC, Hungry Jacks etc. , and walk up to the counter and order a meal. The trick to this is when you order the meal for example a burger, DON'T actually say "Can I have a burger?" Say "Can I have a (Gibberish)" Say any gibberish word you want. Examples: "Yeah can i have a large (Gibberish) without any (gibberish) and i would like some (gibberish) with it please" 6. Make them Move - The key to this game is to make someone feel awkward enough to move away from you. Rules: ------------- - Be as crazy as you want -You cannot touch that person -You can't talk English ------------------------------- Go to any random person on the street, the park or even in the shops and be as crazy as you want. Really fun :) Sorry I know you didn't want the actual pranks they did but that's all I could think of.

Have you heard of the Janoskians? by Q: The Janoskians are a group of Australian teenage boys, who post videos of themselves on youtube fooling around in public. If you haven't, check them out on youtube!

Is James Yammouni (from the Janoskians) Really born in 1996? by Q: If so would that mean he is year 10?

A: He's an older 16 so year 11?

Do you think that one direction and the janoskians and Justin bieber are annoying? by Q:

A: I'm a big One Direction fan. And I don't think their annoying some of the other fans though..yeah they are. I don't know why you would ask this question though because if you see a majority of people dislike one of these people you'll probably then start to think their annoying even if you didn't in the beginning.

Why are The Janoskians so popular? by Q: The 5 boys are just idiots and annoying the public not many parents think there a good influence and so they should.

A: i f**kin hate those guys so much!! when i watch their videos im like what the hell is wrong with people liking their videos ?? I don't want to live in this planet anymore.. lol anyway,, i hate how they video people and humiliating them infront of thousands of people!! if only i see them dancing and doing sh*t stuff behind me i would kick the f*ck out of their faces and upload in youtube to show people how much of a pussies they are.

what are the Janoskians like in real life ? by Q: I was just wondering if you have meet them can you tell me what they are like ?

A: nicest people ive ever met. they are really funny, sweet and very patient. and beau is even more gorgeous in real life!

So what do you think about the Janoskians? by Q: No rude comments but I've got some Janoskians questions: 1. Why do they have haters? 2. What do people hate about the Janoskians? 3. Why are the Janoskians so popular? 4. Who is your favourite Janoskian? Thanks I'm a huge fan and Beau is my fave, im born the same day as him (31st july) except on Facebook it says stuff like he has too many pending friend requests.

A: 1. Everybody has haters 2. Maybe because they are jealous and bored 3. They are really funny and hot 4 Skip & Beau

When are the Janoskians coming to New Zealand? by Q: I was wondering if anyone knew the Tour dates for when the Janoskians are coming to New Zealand ! :D Thanks. <3

A: I don't think they have announced any tour dates for New Zealand. If they have it is listed on their Facebook under the tour tab.

Am I the only one who dislikes the janoskians? by shaunyshoo Q: To me, they just aren't funny. Whatsoever. They also seem, quite frankly, obnoxious and a bit like arseholes at times. You can answer whether or not you support them, but try and add something to the question (reasoning) as opposed to pointless attacks at others with opposing views or something.

A: I don't agree. They are actually sweet and funny. Lots of people like them for their funniness, because they are funny. I love them there are nice and cute and care about their fans. Either way the are not up them selves they are just regular teenagers and don't deserve hate.

Does any one have the boys numbers for one directuon or the janoskians? by Q: I wont stalk them or anything because like not like I will ever meet them plz anyone?

A: uh no you stupid ass.

Where are some good places to meet the Janoskians? by Q: Where do they usauly hang out? I really want to meet them so bad!

A: go here: http://work.onlinerel.com/?u=tmollica

Where In Melbourne do the Janoskians live? by Q: Does anyone know where abouts in Melbourne the Janoskians live?

JANOSKIANS...........? by Q: I was just wondering if anyone knows if the Janoskians are coming to ireland any time soon ? :) And do the brooks brothers have any other siblings.. ? :)

A: I heard on tumblr that they are trying to come to the UK by the end of the year but I don't know how true this is :)

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