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Jamie lynn sigler

Jamie-Lynn Sigler-Cutter Dykstrak - new couple alert?
By Andrea Reiher Former "Sopranos" and "Entourage" star Jamie-Lynn Sigler may have found herself a new man in the son of former MLB star Lenny Dykstra. According to Page Six, Sigler and Cutter Dykstra, who plays minor league baseball in the Washington ...

Jamie Lynn Sigler Cutter Dykstra: Dating Sigler Will Highlight Dykstra's Season
So Jamie Lynn Sigler and Cutter Dykstra, son of much-maligned ex-baseball player Lenny Dykstra, are currently dating. And for the minor league prospect in the Washington Nationals farm system, that will probably be the highlight of his season.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler dating Cutter Dykstra?
Is Jamie-Lynn Sigler, formerly of "The Sopranos" and "Entourage," dating baseball player Cutter Dykstra? The New York Post's Page Six reported the two have been seeing each other for the past few months and were introduced through Yankees star Nick ...

Sigler in new relationship?
Actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler attends the opening night of 'Driving Miss Daisy' on Broadway at John Golden Theatre on October 25, 2010 in New York City. (Jason Kempin, Getty Images) Former The Sopranos star Jamie-Lynn Sigler is dating baseball player ...

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brianbatescomic Why are people so surprised that Jamie Lynn Sigler is dating Lenny Dykstra's son? She dated Turtle for crying out loud. #entourage

RateDatelove Jamie-Lynn Sigler dating Cutter Dykstra?: Is Jamie-Lynn Sigler, formerly of "The Sopranos" and "Entourage," dati... http://t.co/UpJeN7ms

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Oh yeah, Jamie Lynn Sigler is single again. My chances? by C.O. Q: this is a joke question by the way. but she is single, and she's like my celeb crush. Here's a few pics of her: http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t112/http://cdn.maximonline.com/uploadedCmsFihttp://www.wickedbadkids.com/pics/Jamie%… and of me: http:[email protected]http:[email protected]http:[email protected]… how do u like my chances? i'm only 15, and she's like 25 or something. but a boy can dream can't he? this is a joke, if u failed to read the top of the question.

A: If you actually ask her out, you have my respect. lol btw - I know this a joke, just saying.

I'M EASTERN EUROPEAN...YET FEEL FOREIGN?!? by INA Q: i'm mediterrean, and i have the olive skin and italian name with the weird nose. I feel insecure becuse in the the us if your not blonde ...YOUR FROM SOMEWHERE!! I i'm mistaken for egyptian, turkish, sicilian, latina.....like i'm tired!! WHY IS THE EUROPEAN RACE SO FREAKING DIVERSE... LIKE HER SKIN http://cm1.theinsider.com/media/0/101/38/jamie-lynn_sigler_hbo_emmy_reception_1.0.0.0x0.400x606.jpeg

A: What is wrong with that? I'd rather being different than look like everybody else. It is always a conversation starter. Whatever you think is wrong with your nose I am sure it is nothing.

Has anybody heard this rumor about Turtle on the show Entourage? by Don sack Q: The rumor is that Jamie Lynn-Sigler is going to give Turtle Aids, or actually HIV, and that he will die. They say that there are a few different things in discussion to add some drama to the show and that this is a strong possibility. This is also one of the reasons that he has been getting skinny. The guys hard partying ways are going to be used as a reason that they don't discover it in time to save him. Also, this will add something to the tired story line of Vince is down, he got the movie, Vince is up, Vince is down, ... Oh yeah, I saw this a couple of places including IMDB in the forums.

A: sounds great! love that show!

Beachy Waves? How to? by polkadotstripes67x Q: Okay so my hair is really wavy/curly. But it never does the thing I want. I really want beachy waves. http://z.about.com/d/beauty/1/5/d/f/asianhair36.JPG And I would also like directions on how to get this... http://img2.timeinc.net/people/i/2008/stylewatch/gallery/star_beauty/080728/jamie_lynn_sigler.jpg I will give 10 points 5 stars, to the best answer! Pleasse (: Thanks!

A: try using some moose in your hair. after getting out of the shower blow dru your hair a little but make sure its a little damp and add moose and scrunch your hair with it and finsh blow drying it. or just use hair rollers. Hope it helps! :)

Would I look good as a blonde? by m bizzle ♥ Q: i have olive-toned skin that gets is cooler during the winter and warmer during the summer. would i look good with blond hair? my hair right now is medium brown and wavy and voluminous and thick...it's getting longer, so it's not frizzy or anything, and generally doesn't get puffy hair color: http://www.marieclaire.com/cm/marieclaire/images/Nb/MCXstealing-beauty-1108-1-medium-new.jpg skin tone: http://www.antoniobullen.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/jamie-lynn-sigler.jpg my hair takes bleach well...i've had highlights in the past and i bleached a strip of my hair

A: No, people with darker skin with un-natural blonde hair doesn't look good dye it a lighter brown or if you really want to just start with a little blonde underneath. Plus its really hard to dye dark hair lighter color i would know because i dye my hair more then i breathe haha Hope this helped a little ;)

"I Jizzed In My Pants" ROFL (Music Video)? by Mikey H Q: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=4pXfHLUlZf4 Epic Music Video, A must watch.. I just can't stop listening, Don't you agree? ------------------------- The first single from The Lonely Island's debut album "INCREDIBAD". In stores 02/10/2009. Video features guest appearances by Molly Sims, Jamie Lynn Sigler, and Justin Timberlake. The Lonely Island is Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone. (Directed by Kiv) Copyright - Universal Republic

A: Genius,sheer genius. I jizzed in my pants typing this!

Do you think Entourage is unrealistic? by Barracuda Q: Here are a few of my reasons: 1. There are no paparazzi following Vince or Drama, ever. 2. Ari turns down a studio executive job offer? What? 3. Ari's is obsessed with Vince. Why is he? If his career is in the toilet, wouldn't he focus on another more lucrative star? 4. Vince never cuts his hair for roles, or styles it differently. Just look at Smokejumpers, there's no way an actor could keep his shaggy hair for that role. 5. Jamie-Lynn Sigler having a thing for Turtle? Now we know this is fantasy!

A: Its a show loosely based of off Mark Wahlberg life in Hollywood. And when directors or producers say the words "loosely" you know its 95% fake. Some things I could see as being real as Vince (a good-looking movie star, millionaire) has girls throw themselves at them. I love the show.. but to answer your question, I think it is what Hollywood wants the average person to think/believe about Hollywood.. so yes I think it is unrealistic.

If you could marry one of these celebrities, who would it be? by ♥Britt♥ (☮The Freshmaker☮) Q: Regardless of their marital status, age, etc. (FOR THE GIRLS): Jorma Taccone (writer/actor/comedian), Ryan Sheckler (skateboarder), George Clooney (actor), Any of the Jonas Brothers (please state which one) (singer/actor), Brendon Urie (singer), Robert Pattinson (singer/actor), Brad Pitt (actor), or Taylor Lautner (actor)? (FOR THE GUYS): Jamie-Lynn Sigler (actor), Britney Spears (singer), Aimee Garcia (actor), Madonna (singer), Shelby Cobra (singer), Hilary Duff (singer/actor), Paris Hilton (singer/actor/heiress), Nicole Scherzinger (singer/dancer), or Audrina Patridge (actor)? There are 11 choices for each.

A: Ryan Sheckler.

Why does every cutout boot have to have a peeptoe? by white brick home Q: All I want is a platform, black, cutout boot/pump with a closed toe, decent quality for under $200. any suggestions? something along the lines of...(but without the peep toe) http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=10208355 http://secondcitystyle.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/2008/10/16/beneath_jamie_lynn_sigler_012_3.jpg

A: have you tried DSW?

which of these girls is the hottest? by johnny red knee Q: heather graham cheryl hines shawnee smith shannon elizabeth rose mcgowan drew barrymore jennifer aniston angelina jolie denise richards jessica simpson eva mendes reese witherspoon scarlett johansson sienna miller lindsay lohan carrie underwood julia roberts eva longoria michelle rodriguez mariah carey alexis bledel sarah jessica parker jamie lynn sigler emmy rossum jennifer lopez kiera knightley brittany murphy or michelle branch

A: i dunno!

Is this hairstyle/color attractive? by Q: http://www.hair-styles-secrets-revealed.com/celebrityhairstyles/Jamie-Lynn-Sigler.html

A: It's sexy, simple as that.

I am giving myself a makeover. Help? by Jacquelyn Q: Ok so I am a tomboy, and I no longer want to be "one of the boys". I always liked how Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Meadow from Sopranos) dresses and does her makeup. How do I do my makeup, and hair like her? Thanks so much! Here is a picture of Jamie-Lynn for reference: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm3953957632/nm0797464 I don't want to post a picture of myself on the internet, but basically I have a very similar look to her. Olive skin (I am very Italian), brown hair, big eyes (mine are green), and a bright smile.

A: Well for the make-up just use a bronzer and brush it over your face. Use a light pink blush. The eye shadow will be different for every eye color. Choose colors that would make your eye color pop. I got this guide for u ebay Guides Blue Eyes Gray, purple, silver, turquoise, fuchsia (for the brave folks), a dark blue that is darker than your eye color, pale peach will work well for blue eys. Look for soft browns and tans with pink undertones for the best look. Green or Hazel Eyes Try brown, purple, khaki, forest green (this will brighten the eyes), gold, lime-green, gray, or a very very light shade of green. Also look for colors with yellow undertones. For green eyes, also try caramel colors. Hazel eyes should experiment with golden brown. Brown Eyes Brown eyes need more neutral colors like copper, bronze, champagne, beige or khaki-green. Royal Blue can even be considered as an option. People with rather deep-set eyes should avoid dark colors on their lids at all costs. Light colors will help draw the eye out better. People with larger eyes or larger area of exposed eyelids can use darker colors while smaller eyes benefit more from lighter colors. It’s a general rule that daytime wear should have a more natural tone. Remember, you should stand out, not your makeup. Finding the right color eye shadow to match your eyes will be that subtle difference that will amplify your charisma Now for eye lashes like hers you would put the mascara brush right at the roots of the lashes and wiggle it to really work the color into the roots then just brust through the lashes. dont put the mascara on the bottom lashes that will be tooo bold for the look you are wanting. You should use a light brown or grey eye liner and do a really thin line along the lash line. For the lips do a light pink gloss. Now the hair i got this off the Pantene website i love their stuff Wash hair with Volume Shampoo and follow with Volume Conditioner—an essential step in keeping fine, fragile hair protected from damage. Apply Volume Mousse or Volume Root Lifting Spray Gel to hair, beginning at the roots and working through to the tips. The hair closest to the scalp is the most important place to build volume. Focusing first at the roots and moving outward, dry hair using a vented brush or your fingers to keep hair moving and lifted away from the scalp, particularly the crown. For maximum lift and volume, hold head upside down while drying. Section off dry hair with clips and spritz with a small amount of Volume Root Lifting Spray Gel. Using a round brush, pull each section of hair straight and roll it towards your chin, heating with a blow dryer for 15 seconds. Use a curling iron or large Velcro or hot rollers to create additional volume and a more "polished" look. Let curls cool and comb hair with fingers rather than a brush to prevent flattening. Finish with a light mist of Volume Hairspray sprayed all over, 8 to 10 inches from your head to set the style. Good luck too you

LADIES!! Do You AGREE WITH THIS? by Q: Jamie Lynn Sigler, who played Meadow Soprano, once said, '' there's a fine line between respect and being a bi*ch, it's very hard to walk. '' do you agree??

A: That's a pretty accurate discription, you can only be so nice to someone before you're taken advantage off and well being a b*tch is only good for so long..it's hard to balance--I agree!

does anbody know if any actress i name were nude in any movies and which one? by brian r Q: 1.amanda peet 2.amy smart 3.alica silversone 4.alica witt 5.alyssa milane 6.ashlee bashioum 7.elizabith hurley 8.ellen muth 9.jamie lynn sigler .10.jaime pressley 11. jennie garth 12.katie holmes 13.kate hudson 14.lacey chabert 15.lydnsy fonseca 16.marle sokoloff 17.sarah foret 18. sarah polley 19.tara ried

A: Jaime Pressley - in Poison Ivy 1,2 or 3 - whichever she was in http://www.maximonline.com/girls_of_maxim/pictures_and_bio/838/maximgirls.girl Alyssa Milano - Embrace of the Vampire & maybe Poision Ivy 1, 2 or 3 -whichever one she was in. I think she was in Playboy so if you can get that copy. (**I think they showed something in Poison Ivy - they must have) Angelina Jolie in Gia - not on ur list but I <3 her Amanda Peet was topless in the movie with Bruce Willis - Whole Nine Yards. (very very disappointing) Amy Smart - someone listed Kate Hudson- topless Almost Famous Tara Reid is always naked don't know about movies but here are some pics of her before and after her horrendous boob job: http://www.tara-reid-topless.com/

another Godfather casting question(and this time, no cruise, promise!)....? by The Dark Knight Q: w/all due respect to "the single greatest cast in movie history," if the Godfather was remade today, whaddayas think about these casting choices? connie: - natalie portman - leelee sobieski - jessica alba - claire forlani - christina ricci - jamie lynn sigler - alyssa milano fredo(a small but slightly expanded role from the original film): - nicolas cage - johnny depp - jake gyllenhall - josh hartnett tom hagen: - matt damon - josh hartnett santino: - matt dillon - james franco - lillo brancato michael: - leonardo dicapprio - colin farrell - cillian murphy - christian bale luca brazzi - sylvester stallone ( - would so resuscitate his career!) mama corleone: - talia shire(why not?) don vito: - no one but the great robert deniro! .....chime in, but be gentle! ....lately, i think i am leaning towards christian bale/colin farrell for michael! ...and isabella rossalini(sp?) for mama corleone ...actually switch stallone from luca brazzi to virgil solozzo(the guy who ordered the hit on vito and got shot in the head by michael in the restaurant) and play up that role a little more! ...joe pesci for luca brazzi ....harvey keitel for tataglia, sr. ...and re-consider patrick dempsey(my original choice) for tom hagen!

A: great! Connie - Christina Ricci Fredo - Nicolas Cage Tom Hagen - Josh Hartnett Santino - Matt Dillon Michael - Leonardo di Caprio Luca Brazzi - Sly Mama Corleone - Talia Shire Don Vito - Robert de Niro Bravo!!!

Is this hair style/color attractive? by Q: http://www.hair-styles-secrets-revealed.com/celebrityhairstyles/Jamie-Lynn-Sigler.html

A: I love it, especially the loose curls. They are in style big time.

Who's the most beautiful between those 4? by Quit... you have no choice. Q: Emmanuelle Chriqui http://images.askmen.com/galleries/actress/emmanuelle-chriqui/pictures/emmanuelle-chriqui-picture-6.jpg Jordana Brewster http://www.imdb.com/media/rm1718525184/nm0108287 Shiri Appleby http://weblogs.variety.com/photos/uncategorized/2007/07/15/shiriappleby.jpg OR Jamie-Lynn Sigler http://www.lasplash.com/uploads/1/malgosia-jamie_lynn_sigler.jpg Tell me your choice.

A: they all look the same!

How Come Some White Women Look Racially Exotic ? by Dave Buster Q: Some women like Danica McKellar, Kim Kardashian, Nikki Reed, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Mackenzie Rosman, Lacey Chabert, Candice Michelle, Jeanine Pirro, Stacy London, and Emmanuelle Chriqui for example look racially exotic, yet if you look at their page profiles on the website NNDB.com, it has them all listed as White under race. Here are pics of what they look like http://twilight-review.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/nikkireed.jpg http://www.kimkardashiandancing.com/images/kim-kardashian-showing-stuff.jpg http://www.exposay.com/celebrity-photos/emmanuelle-chriqui-i-now-pronounce-you-chuck-and-larry-world-movie-premiere-arrivals-0K4xCT.jpg http://www.ashjudd.com/Lacey%20Chabert/lacey_chabert_13.jpg http://a.abcnews.com/images/Technology/nm_danica_mckellar_090102_main.jpg http://www.debrashepard.com/images-debrashepard/debra-shepard-jamie-lynn-sigler.jpg http://www.sugarslam.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/mackenzie-rosman-pose.jpg http://www.candicemichelle.biz/images/candice-michelle-10.jpg http://www.nysun.com/pics/253.jpg http://dariaburke.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/stacy_london.jpg

A: It all has to do with acenstory, "White" incorporates many different cultures.

i think i am getting anorexia.........................................? by Britanny Q: i was reading chicken noodle soup for the teenagers soul in school i was reading one of the anorexia articles "Starving for Control" by Jamie Lynn Sigler, and for some reason i felt like i neede that because i am 98 pounds, 11 years old and 4'8. and i think i am super fat. people say im not but i know i am. i was passing a note inchem. lab with my friend about it and she said i could die, and i said i wouldn't. i think i am going anorexic i have read alot about it and i dont want it but i cant help it sometimes before this i have starved myself, but i didnt even know i was doing it, and franky, i didnt even care

A: Hi Britanny - I have that book myself - good article. Is there a trusted adult you can talk to, sweetie? A guidance counselor, your mom, an older relative, someone at church / synagogue? Eating Disorders are nothing to mess around with. I just turned 32 and have fought against anorexia since I was 8. It's only been the past 2 years that I have really beaten this. I'm lucky. I know girls / young women who have DIED from this. Physically, there's more going on than just losing a few pounds. Organs are damaged - heart. liver, kidneys. My heart skips beats now. Teeth can get pretty messed up too. I've damaged the enamel on several of my teeth and even had to have a couple of molars pulled. (BTW - that hurts worse than losing baby teeth!) Bones develop osteoporosis - like old people have - from not getting enough calcium. I have the bones of someone twice my age. Thanks to the damage I did to my body, I can't do a lot of the things I used to love. Dancing, running, playing basketball or soccer. Even playing with my little nephew. Everyone develops eating disorders for their own reasons. It's really important that you talk to someone about the reasons WHY you feel badly about your body. Talk before it really becomes a problem. I'm putting a link below to a really great website called Something Fishy. It has information about ED's and where to go to find help. Please look at it with a parent or guidance counsellor. Hang in there, hon

Which of these celebrities would make the best "Suzy Homemaker"? by L.A. Scene Q: Of this list, which would be the best "suzy homemaker" - one that would do the cooking and cleaning and put on the June Cleaver apron? If so, why? -Jennifer Aniston -Kelly Clarkson -Jennifer Garner -Beyonce Knowles -Meg Ryan -Jamie Lynn Sigler -Gwen Stefani -Oprah Winfrey

A: Most definitely Beyonce Knowles. I mean, she's made it more than clear she'd "cater" to her man completely...brush his hair, cut the game on, untie his freakin shoes, etc etc If she'd do all that, im pretty sure she'd cook and clean, while happily wearing the apron.


A: I thought Katherine Heigl looked absolutely beautiful, and so did Evangeline Lily and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (sp?). I agree that Eva's dress didn't suit her at all - it was too much for her small frame. I don't like the clingy dresses like Ellen Pompeo had on, but I don't believe it should have got her on the worst dressed list on the Emmy home page. Did you see pics of the girls from the office? They looked like they were having such a good time!! I think Conan did an amazing job hosting, and I hope they bring him back. I can't believe Barry Manilow won - I am a fan of Stephen Colbert, but I imagine that his views aren't shared by enough people to get him Emmy bling. Seeing Dick Clark was shocking to me - I am happy to see that he hasn't lost his great spirit and sense of humor. All in all, I'd say it was a great show.

has anyone ever told you, that you look like a celebrity? Who? by ♥ xtina ♥ Q: ive been told i look like Jamie Lynn Sigler from Sopranos.

A: People tell me that I kinda look like Derek Jeter.

Who would you bang, if you could? by Barracuda Q: Here's my list: Jennifer Connelly Diane Lane Padma Lakshmi Tina Fey Heidi Montag Anne Hathaway Jessica Biel That girl from Mythbusters Eva Mendes Megan Fox Jamie Lynn Sigler Rachel Ray Summer Glau The chick from 300 and Sarah Conner Chronicles Beyonce Rose Byrne Lindsay Lohan Ann Coulter

A: You left off Jessica Alba..>Come on.

Which of these females would you want to marry? and why? by boltclint Q: jessica alba, jennifer love hewitt, katherine, heigl, mischa barton, jamie lynn sigler, elisha cutbert, mandy moore, rachel bilson, carrie underwood, alicia keys, adriana lima, sophia bush, lacey charbert, gisele bundchen, maria sharapova, anna kournikova, kelly clarkson, eva longoria, amanda bynes, eva mendes and why. or scarlett johansson, or ashlee simpson

A: Kelly Clarkson... She seems like so much fun. Like she can be your best friend and so much more. Plus she is just so cute. I love her. lol

Which Type Of Jew Is More Common In Israel? by Q: This type of Jew http://images.politico.com/global/click/101029_breitbart_feud_522_regular.jpg Or this type of Jew http://www.bartcop.com/jamie-lynn-sigler-02.jpg One is light and the other is dark

A: the light one is usually Ashkenazim which is a jew from europe. the dark one is Sephardi who is a jew from middle east,asia(:Morocco,...) i myself am jew (sabar=born in israel),but askenazi cauze parents are from ukraine. here are probably more Ashkenazim as long as there was and is a GREAT aliyah from russia,...

If you could have replaced one member of the Soprano family? by Unknown Q: If you could have replaced one actor of the Soprano family, who would it have been? -- Tony (Gandolfini), Carmela (Falco), A.J. (IIer) or Meadow (Sigler) -- and who would you might have had replaced them? I personally would have had another actress play Meadow, Jamie Lynn Sigler just did not do it for me... unfortunately.

A: AJ - punk should have been knocked off just for his attitude.

Who was belle in Beauty & the Beast on Broadway from 2000-2001? by Ryan S Q: I'm trying to figure out who I saw. I forget who it was. It wasn't Andrea McArdle. I know that. So does anyone know who it was from after Andrea McArdle up until Jamie Lynn-Sigler?

A: Belle: Deborah Gibson (1997), Kerry Butler (1997), Toni Braxton (1998; the first African American to play Belle on Broadway), Andrea McArdle (1999-00), Jamie-Lynn Sigler (2002-03; Sigler's Broadway debut), Megan McGinnis (2003), Christy Carlson Romano (2004), Ashley Brown (2005-06, Brown's Broadway debut), Sarah Uriarte Berry (2006), Anneliese van der Pol (2007, Broadway debut). A total of seventeen actresses playing the part of Belle in the Broadway production, with Sarah Litzsinger playing it the longest.

I need to know the name of the a song.? by Q: Its a black r&b artist singing, and there is a white girl in the video. Her parents r mad cause they dont wont them together. I think the girl is jamie lynn sigler. not sure though.

A: woowww ssoo much infoo!

What do you think of this ACTRESS ? by Q: http://img369.imageshack.us/img369/4955/65432967vj6g0mw2ae4.jpg This actress is JAMIE LYNN SIGLER. She played the character of Meadow in "The Sopranos" show. I think is a good actress but sadly underrated by the media and physically, a goddess. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF ACTRESS JAMIE LYNN SIGLER ?

A: shes hot

Anyone know how to get this look? by blah. Q: Does anyone know how to get Jamie Lynn Sigler From the Sopranos Look? As in Makeup? Here is a picture of her that I would like my makeup to look like http://www.beautyriot.com/article.php?id=1977&c_id=54

A: It looks like she is wearing black eyeliner, with goldish eyeshadow. she has shadow around both lids. I would use a gold/bronze colored eyeshadow pencil for that look, so that you can draw a skinny line underneath. Then she has black mascara on. Hope that helps!

POLL For the gentlemen : Who would you marry in an instance ? by Q: Me =Jamie Lynn Sigler, or Naomi Watts or Halle Berry.

Whose girlfriends would you rather date Tim Tebow Or Mark Sanchez? by Q: Tim Tebow has dated or been linked to could've gone out with: Taylor Swift Katy Perry Diana Agron Mark Sanchez has dated or been linked to could've gone out with: Kate Upton Eliza Kruger Lindsy Mccormack Jamie Lynn Sigler Which list of girls would you had liked to date?

A: Mark Sanchez...Kate Upton is a dime!

What do you think of the french girl name Jacqueline ? by Q: Related girl names to Jacqueline are: Jamie / Jaime / Jaimie / Jaimee / Jami / Jayme / Jaymie / Jayma / Jaymi / Jaimi / Jamee..., Jaclyn, Jacquelyn & Jaqueline. Famous Jacqueline's: Jacqueline Kennedy, Jacqueline Bisset, Jacqueline du Pré, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood & Stana Jacqueline Katic. Famous women with related names to Jacqueline: Jaclyn Smith, Jamie Lynn Spears, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Jamie Bergman, Jamie O'Neal... What do you think of the french name Jacqueline ?

A: i really really like that name..its really pretty

The song during the credits of Entourage Season5Episode11 when turtle gets on the plane, puts on headphones? by Pete N Q: Turtle walks on the plane after hanging out with Jamie Lynn-Sigler. Right after Drama asks him if he's alright he says hes been better, puts on headphones and a kickin song plays. What song is that that comes on and is playing throughout the credits

A: Robin Thicke - "Dreamworld"

What do you think of the FEMALE name JAMIE? by JS Q: JAMIE ( and their different spellings ) is my favourite female because it's so sweet & tender perfect for a female. But I also love that name because all the Jamies I know are very pretty (and they have gorgeous bodies) and the most important thing: they are caring & kind. I don't know why some people always center in negative aspects, for example, in Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy. There are many famous & good examples of female Jamies: actresses Jamie Luner, Jamie Gertz, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Jamie Lee Curtis...singers like Jamie O'Neal, Jamie Benson...TV host Jamie Colby and more. What do you think of the FEMALE name Jamie?

A: I was thinking of calling a girl Jamie after like Jamie lynn spears, ive always liked her and i dont care if she did get pregnant (thousands of teens do ffs, what makes her different, except well she is famous but yeah besides the point) i like it (:

How do you IMAGINE a FEMALE named JAMIE? by JS Q: All the Jamies I personally know are very pretty and had wonderful bodies. But they are also beautiful inside, they are caring persons and very friendly. For this reason, in my opinion, Jamie is one of the best females names ever because it's so sweet & cute, perfect for a female and has many different spellings. There are many famous wonderful Jamies just like country singer Jamie O'Neal, actress Jamie Gertz, actress Jamie Lynn Sigler, TV host Jamie Colby, actress Jamie Luner... and a lot more. What are your PERCEPTIONS about the female name JAMIE?

A: Jamie is one of the few unisex names I really like. I imagine her as intelligent, caring, thoughtful and pretty in an elegant and understated way. I don't actually know anyone called Jamie, I think I'm just picturing Mandy Moore's character in A Walk To Remember...

What are your PERCEPTIONS about the FEMALE name JAMIE? by JS Q: My favourite female name is Jamie. All the female Jamies I personally know are very friendly and caring but they are also very pretty ( they have wonderful bodies ). For this reason, I associate this female name with beauty ( in all aspects: physically & emotionally ). And now that I think, there are many admirable famous Jamies like country singer Jamie O'Neal, actress Jamie Gertz, actress Jamie Lynn Sigler ... and a lot more. Jamie is one of that female names that are easy to remember, cute & very sweet...just like many girls. And sounds young !

A: i agree with everything you said.

What was the dress that Jamie Lynn Sigler wore at her wedding. I know it is Vera Wang but need to know what s by GoHuskies<3 Q:

A: The bride wore a strapless ivory Vera Wang dress, complete with a six-foot-long train.

did Jamie-Lynn Sigler play in the first episode of the sopranos? ? by Pat|Rick Q: i'm watching it now..and it doesn't look like her AT ALL. so..was it another girl that played her..or was she just really ugly at the beginning of the series? :x lol.

A: That was all her.

Who is hotter: Jamie Lynn Spears or Jamie Lynn Sigler ? by Q:

A: Jamie Lynn Spears

Who is more hot: Jamie Lynn Sigler or Jamie Lynn Spears ? by Q:

A: The one with no kids

Is Jamie Lynn Sigler a beautiful woman ? by Q:

A: YES!!

Do you think actress JAMIE LYNN SIGLER is HOT ? by S. Q:

A: I look at womens' minds, not their bodies.

Do you think actress JAMIE LYNN SIGLER has ONE of HOLLYWOOD's HOTTEST BODIES ? by JS Q: Check these images of JAMIE LYNN SIGLER: http://img369.imageshack.us/img369/4955/65432967vj6g0mw2ae4.jpg http://img369.imageshack.us/img369/6665/65402833amfbrierim8.jpg She has an EXOTIC look. Her ancestors came from Greece, Romania and Cuba. DO YOU THINK ACTRESS JAMIE LYNN SIGLER HAS ONE OF HOLLYWOOD's HOTTEST BODIES ? JAMIE LYNN SIGLER is the actress of " The Sopranos " show. JAMIE LYNN SIGLER is the actress of " The Sopranos " show. It seems that a lot of people have a PERFECT BODY because they are criticizing Jamie's natural hot body. Most of the Hollywood celebrities have cosmetic surgery but I prefer hot natural bodies like Jamie Lynn's To SELENA: These photos are from JAMIE LYNN SIGLER.

A: Yes. Her body actually looks natural! Hard to find these days in Hollywood.

Oh yeah, Jamie Lynn Sigler is single again. My chances? by C.O. Q: this is a joke question by the way. but she is single, and she's like my celeb crush. Here's a few pics of her: http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t112/Mydadisstupid/jamie-lynn-sigler_04.jpg http://cdn.maximonline.com/uploadedCmsFiles/Slides/59_Jamie_Lynn_Sigler_3002.jpg http://www.wickedbadkids.com/pics/Jamie%20Lynn%20Sigler%2009.jpg and of me: http:[email protected]/4206712521/in/set-72157623053182576/ http:[email protected]/4206712845/in/set-72157623053182576/ http:[email protected]/4207471206/in/set-72157623053182576/ how do u like my chances? i'm only 15, and she's like 25 or something. but a boy can dream can't he? this is a joke, if u failed to read the top of the question.

A: Nope

What USA show did Jamie Lynn Sigler star in? by girllovingthesouth Q: The show's about a girl who finds her dad & finds out he's a hitman & then goes to work for him I've been trying to think of the name of it but I just can't remember it I really hope somebody knows the name of it tho bc it's driving me nuts LOL

A: Check out her filmography here. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0797464/

Where can I find the beige shirt that Jamie Lynn Sigler wore on the Nov 6 episode of "Ugly Betty?"? by Susan N Q: The shirt was beige, flowy, and had a string detail in the front. I would love to pick one up for myself!

A: Im not sure..I liked to too. You can try asking Michael Urie and Becki Newton (they play Marc and Amanda on Ugly Betty) via their podcast at abc.com. Just go to the Ugly Betty homepage, find the link that says "Ask the Stars" OR "Ask Becki and Michael" and then write in your question. Then you'll have to wait and see if they say it in an upcoming podcast...they asked the wardrobe people fashion related questions in a past podcast and so they might do it again.

where can i find Starving For Control by Jamie-Lynn Sigler online? by wake_babe713 Q: i can't find it anywhere and i would like to read it.

A: It isnt in public domain and therefore not available online. Your best bet would be to try half.com and see if you can buy it used for a cheap price. Pax - C.

Why is Jamie Lynn Sigler dating that entourage guy when I am available? by Puke McTavish Q: Everything I do is classy. I have Nike Jumpsuits in every color bathed in aftershave and I oil my chest hair each day

A: Sorry about that, luv, I used my walking cane to beat into her head that you are mine!

Do you think actress JAMIE LYNN SIGLER has a HOT BODY? by JS Q: In my opinion, she has one of the hottest Hollywood's bodies but she's very underrated as a sex-symbol. Do you think Jamie Lynn Sigler's body is HOT? Thank you !!

A: I think she is very pretty not just her body but her face too.

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