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Itunes Top 100

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AliBritney RT @DasHausOfJack: I see TEOG + IWG are returning back inside the top 100 US iTunes soon! I like how the new songs that pushed them down all fell like a rock!

tvboo "South Park, Season 15 (Uncensored) - South Park" hits iTunes TV seasons top 100: http://t.co/XEU4I7xA

tvboo Top 100 TV episode on iTunes: "The Change in the Game - Bones" The unidentifiable and gruesome remains of a male... http://t.co/ZY2rexKX

DasHausOfJack I see TEOG + IWG are returning back inside the top 100 US iTunes soon! I like how the new songs that pushed them down all fell like a rock!

tvboo "Audrey Is Dumb - Rules of Engagement" hits iTunes TV episode top 100: To Jeff’s (Patrick Warburton) enjoyment,... http://t.co/vBpPcpkT

EmilyKelsey95 @ClaireTaylor95 I don't, it's in the top 100 rock songs on the iTunes store

chisnallebez4 just don't hop on when i'm iTunes Top 100... RT “ChingChingfever: Iphone sound beat????? Really RaymOID7

ieperlingetje Amerikaanse iTunes Top 100 van 5 November 2011 http://t.co/WZMsNE1r

ieperlingetje Australische iTunes Top 100 van 5 November 2011 http://t.co/mX1JCjxC

ieperlingetje Belgische iTunes Top 100 van 5 November 2011 http://t.co/hd9NOIzF

ieperlingetje Britse iTunes Top 100 van 5 November 2011 http://t.co/O6ZfftBe

ieperlingetje Canadese iTunes Top 100 van 5 November 2011 http://t.co/7QIhXJI8

tvboo "Covert Affairs, Season 1 - Covert Affairs" hits iTunes TV seasons top 100: http://t.co/is9M7a6k #ad

tvboo "Sole Searching - Project Accessory" hits iTunes TV episode top 100: The designers get a lesson in bling when... http://t.co/QIX4mFOx

XmasTop100 Although its been said many times, Merry #Christmas #XmasTop100 for the #iPhone http://t.co/1Jt6B9UQ download #now


has anyone ever made a itunes top 100 song from their home? by Spongebob Q: not from a company, just by themselves off their computer? anyone?

A: dont think it would be possible, cause people have to buy it and it usually is quite high rated ont he radio as well.

What are some really good songs that are not currently on the itunes top 100? by Amy Q: Any genre, preferably something more upbeat and fun. Just looking for new songs...too lazy to do it myself ;) Um and more hip hop/r&b songs...

How do they choose which songs are on the iTunes Top 100? by SarahD Q: Is it by the number of times it was bought JUST that one day or Overall how many times it has been bought in all time? I think its the first one but im not sure.... Thx!

A: its by the number of times it was bought just that one day

How will I put itunes top 100 songs rss feeds in my mozilla firefox toolbar? by Angelo Q:

What are some good popular songs besides the ones on itunes top 100? by biddies Q: Also, any 1 know some good techno without the gay talking, and some dance. I like akon, T.I, Rihanna plz dont stop the music, and a few more. I want to make a new cd i have more then what i mentioned above. Just dot down a few ideas on what your fav music are, and i will check em out.. thnx

A: Some of these may be in the iTunes Top 100 but there are some good songs here you may like: Akon - Beautiful Rihanna feat. The-Dream - Hatin' On The Club Rihanna feat. Chris Brown - Bad Girl Ciara feat. Chris Brown - Turntables (with gay talking but its not too bad) Lady GaGa feat. Kardinal Offishal - Just Dance (RedOne Remix) Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake - Love Sex Magic The-Dream feat. Kanye West - Walking on the Moon Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow Busta Rhymes feat. Estelle (but it sounds nothing like Estelle) - Make the World Go Round Lil Mama - I'm A Diva And check out Kanye West - Street Lights (it's a bit of a dance record with a good beat and one of the best songs of his career - listen to the lyrics they are so deep and profound).

How long has Journey "Don't Stop..." been on iTunes Top 100? by Suzzette M Q: It has been up there forever. Just wondering if there was a way to see how long it has actually been in the top 100 and if it is one of the longest.

A: didn't it get a big boost on the series finale of the sopranos? other than that, yeah, it's a classic.

Why is the iTunes top 100 infested with Michael Jackson songs? by Nickyo Q: Are people going to start buying it now that he passed away? Wouldn't the true fans already have his work? Well yeah you're right they become more famous because people create a fuss about it but I think iTunes is just trying to make $$$ because it's all over the news now and people say "Oh MJ's songs are on iTunes, let's checkem out!" Lol, Teddy. I never said I was a fan of MJ, anyway.

A: People who may not have had his music might be trying to rediscover him and/or relive their youth through his music. Whenever there is hype/large media coverage about something, people always feed into it and get excited, thus the spike in sales :) EDIT: It has nothing to do with Apple, they had his songs long before he died and the only reason they are so prominent now is because people are buying them.

How often are iTunes Top 100 songs chart updated? by BlubberMan Q: I believe Amazon updates its charts every hour. How about iTunes?

A: I think it's checked in the morning and the evening, they usually do it after a day because people have bought the tracks then :L

Why is it that everything on the itunes top 100 sucks? by iBAMF Q: the only good songs right now (and their position on the top 100): 57. Im on a boat- the lonely island 70. Dont stop belivin- journey 75. viva la vida- coldplay 97. let it rock- kevin rudolf + lil wayne all the good songs are like really low as well. like all the music now sucks. anyone agree with me?

A: I have a theory that a lot of artists today are just the kids of wealthy parents who can afford to make them rock stars regardless of their talent. Thus what we are sold as top 100 is really the top 100 spoiled brats in America. Not all artists are like this, but when you think about the talentless hacks like Li'l Wayne or that H0!3 (something like that) group, or perhaps Miley Cyrus (who has a direct correlation to a wealthy, established father) it all starts to make sense. However, there is plenty of good music out today, you just have to avoid the mainstream outlets that might lead you to believe otherwise. I recommend you use the internet to your advantage- use youtube, wikipedia, maybe find a music based message board and see what the music fanatics are listening to and perhaps join and ask for some recommendations. You will find good music- you just have to search for it these days.

So I have heard from a lot that the theme next week on American Idol, is iTunes Top 100.? by At the Bottom of Everything Q: Some sites said top 100, some said iTunes downloads, whatever that means. My favorite is Megan, I think she'd be good singing Chasing Pavements, which is on the top 100. Who is your favorite and what song do you think they should sing?

A: My faves are Adam and Allison. One of them has to do So What by Pink. That'd be awesome. Or if Adam did something unexpected like Journey or Bon Jovi or Justin Timberlake, or even Lady GaGa. Or if Allison did Livin on a Prayer. It's tough to pick for them, because it seems when they DO pick a song that would suit them, it turns out as a disappointment in the performance, cuz we're expecting them to make it their OWN, and not just cover a song and do a sound-a-like. So maybe when they pick something totally way out there, and then it's easier to make it different. I really wish Megan would get someone who could really really help her tune into her talent that's being made a mess on the show. She's lost and trying too hard I think. It's in there somewhere though, she needs direction, a vocal coach, and some really good advice on picking songs.

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