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irisgastelum1 UN SALUDO PARA IRIS (@gerardoortiznet live on http://t.co/7WV7yFHw)

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irisgbcs Se você tiver um sonho,não deixe que ele seja impedido só por causa que você foi obrigado a acordar. (Iris Gabriela)

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irisgastelum1 cAntas super <3 UN SALUDO PARA IRIS porfavor (@gerardoortiznet live on http://t.co/7WV7yFHw)

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irisgbcs Não importo o que eles falam. Eu não ligo mesmo. (Iris Gabriela)

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what is eating my iris and clematis? by ED Q: i have some iris in a raised-bed with some clematis next to them. And i noticed that something has been eating round holes on my clematis' buds and cutting off my iris flower stem and clematis young growths (they don't eat the iris flower but just cut off the stem) Both happens about a foot up (or just below the top bud of the iris) from the soil line, below that, things are pretty much untouched. So I don't think it's slugs or snails. What ate them?

A: Slugs and snails will eat round holes in the leaves but they hardly ever eat the stem off. To check if it's slugs or snails go out there about 3 hours after dark with a flashlight and see if you see any. If they are not there by then, they are probably not your problem. It sounds like a small mammal to me. Rabbit, chipmunk, ground hog--something like that. Do you ever see any of those things around your place?

How can I tell if this is an Iris or a Lilly? by Catnip42 Q: I've got a flower in my garden that I want to identify, and half my friends say it is an Iris and half say it is a Lilly. Can anyone describe the difference well enough for me to tell? It is yellow with some orange-ish in the center, grew from a bulb, and is still blooming in June in Texas (90's). It's been blooming since spring. I haven't cut them back at all, and the stalks are probably over four feet high.

A: If it's over 4 feet high, I am going to go with Lily. I raise all types of iris, german, tall bearded, japaneses, siberian, dutch, reticulated and none that I know of really get that high, but that could be due to our climate. But then again, I also raise lilies and I don't have any that blooms continuous. I do have iris that rebloom. Can't you get on Yahoo and search Iris pictures and Lily pictures and see which one it looks like? If there is just one stalk and the leaves are thin and coming out kinda circular and the blooms come off that one stalk then it is a lily. It the leaves are wide and flat and light green and the bloom stalk comes up from them and multiply blooms comes off that stalk it is a tall bearded iris. But there is tons of different types within the 2 species. Sorry I can't be of more help.

What is the most effective way to kill Iris roots? by Brandy H Q: I am trying to get rid of some Iris' that were growing along side of my house and taking over my driveway. I chopped them all down with the weedeater last night because they were just too out of hand. Now, I am trying to figure out the best way to rid of the roots, so that I dont have to chop them down every year. I have already used Roundup. Didnt even phase them. It is on the side of the house where the driveway is, so there isnt enough room for me to dig them up.

A: If you used Roundup, you need to wait for it to sink in and the plants to start dying. By cutting off the leaves, the Roundup can't make it to the base of the plant. If you used roundup and saw zero leaf die-off, check the expiration date of your RoundUp. Also make sure you mixed it to the right concentration. You need to use *alot* of RoundUp to kill a plant, so spray the heck out of it next time. Wait for dry weather so that rain won't wash the chemical off. If it were me, I would've offered the plants free to neighbors. Lots of people love Iris, and they would've done the hard work of carefully digging up the bulbs for you. Right now your only option is to use a small hand shovel to dig out the bulbs.

Where about is the IRIS enrolement room at LHR Terminal One? by dicky1241 Q: This is the place where you go to get your iris scanned so UK citizens can enter the country through the iris channel at certain airports. On the Home Office website it says the enrolement office is on the right hand side before reaching the shops (at terminal 1), i wonder if anyone could be more specific? Also do you know if it is open on a Saturday? Thanks.

A: It is open on Saturday.

New iris leaves coming in - how to remove old ones? by Mrs E Q: (Completely new to gardening, small bed of iris came with the house!). I cut back the old leaves last fall but the rest of the old leaves are still in the bed, completely brown and dry. Should I cut them or give them a tug to remove them? The new leaves started appearing last week. Also, any tips to make them last once they bloom? Last year it seemed pretty fleeting - maybe a few weeks max?

A: Cut the dried brown leaves off with scissors carefully and leave the green ones. If you pull, you may accidentally pull up the plant. To increase your blooming time fertilizer will help any plant. Just don't overdo it or it could burn the plant. You could also plant other Iris that bloom at a slightly different time to lengthen the overall blooming time of the bed.

What is the difference between the pupil and the iris? by Jedimasterchief Q: What is the difference between the pupil and the iris? And if the iris is part of the pupil what does it specifically do? And what does the pupil do?

A: Iris is a patch of tissue. You can call it a curtain. Pupil is the gap between the tissue. You can call is the gap between two curtains. If you shrink the two curtains the gap between them will widen, which means the pupil will widen to allow more light to pass through. Similarly if you draw the two curtains close the gap(pupil) will narrow down and less light will pass through

What are the designs in the iris of the eye called? by Wannaplayball Q: In most people with lighter colored eyes you can see what looks like diamond shapes or fibers in the iris (the color part of the eye). What are these fibers or designs called and what are they. Also I heard that they can be caused by injuries. Sounds false? Why do some people have more crypts then others?

A: The variations of the iris strands are called crypts. EDIT: It is simply related to the fact that all people are different. There isn't anyone else in the world that looks like me. Likewise, there isn't anyone else in the world who has the same iris architecture as I do. Some security technology actually employs iris architecture analysis.

When should I split my Iris and peonie plants in the spring or in the fall? by Tam Q: I want to move my iris and peonie plants from one location to another in the yard. When is the best time to split and move them?

A: Wego is right, for the peonies either spring or fall will do, and fall is best. For the Iris, the best time to split and transplant them is 6-8 weeks after they finish blooming. The following are detailed instructions for splitting and transplanting both plants. Peonies When splitting your peonies, the most common major mistake people make is to plant them too deep. Be sure to plant the division at the right depth--plant them too deep and they won't bloom. Also, it generally takes two to three years for them to begin blooming after transplanting, so if they don't bloom for the next two or three years, that is normal. Peonies develop an extensive root system that can take a couple of years to establish. It’s not unusual for blooming to be sporadic or delayed until year three or four. Peonies are long-lived plants--many will live more than 50 years--so try to plant them in a permanent location where you won't want to move them. Also, they like reasonably well-drained soil and need a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. Some things to know/do to successfully divide peonies: 1. Take care to avoid or reduce injury to the roots when dividing or transplanting peonies. 2. To begin the process, start by moistening the soil around the plant several days before lifting. 3. Cut the soil around the crown to a depth of about 8 inches and then lift out the crown. 4. Wash the soil from the roots, cut the stalks off within 1 inch of the tip buds, and with a sharp knife or spade, separate the clump into several divisions containing three to five buds each. The growth buds are the dark red “eyes” at the top of the roots 5. Crowns and roots will vary in size and shape, but buds and roots must be in each division. The most vigorous portion of the crown is usually found around the crown’s outer edge. 6. Next, move the divisions to the prepared transplanting site and set the divisions shallowly, with buds no more than 1 to 2 inches below the soil surface. Planting too deeply can result in plants with abnormal growth, reduced vigor and little or no flowering. 7. Fill soil between the roots so that there are no air pockets, then water thoroughly. 8. Apply an organic mulch 2 or 3 inches deep to prevent winter heaving the first season. After the first year, mulching is usually not necessary for herbaceous peonies. Keep newly planted peonies evenly moist. Iris You should understand the Iris life cycle--each individual rhizome will only produce one flower stalk during its lifetime. After (and sometimes before) it flowers, it will turn its energy toward producing "increases" (new rhizomes growing from the sides of the "mother" rhizome). After these new rhizome grow to blooming size and eventually flower, they will then become "mothers" and grow increases of their own. That is how single rhizome turn into clumps over the course of a few years and why they need to be divided when the clumps become overcrowded and deplete soil nutrients. In regards to your dividing and transplanting your Iris, the following may be helpful: 1. Don't transplant irises in very hot weather (90+ F degrees), but DO make sure to get them transplanted back into the ground a couple months before freezing weather to give them time to root in well before winter. 2. Iris sometimes take a year off bloom after transplantation to settle into their new homes, so don't be disappointed if they don't bloom the spring after planting. Irises moved before bloom will often lose their bloom that season as well, which is why it's best to wait until after bloom to dig and divide. 3. Use a spade or fork to dig up your iris clumps and wash them off until you have removed all dirt and can easily see where the rhizome are attached to one another. With a sharp knife, cut through the attachments (you can break them apart with your hands, but a sharp knife will make a smaller, cleaner wound). 4. Inspect the rhizome thoroughly. Discard any which are soft or mushy or show any other signs of disease, any that do not have viable roots, and any that are just too tiny to bother with. Many people also discard old "mother" rhizome that have already bloomed because they will not bloom again. These "mothers" may grow additional rhizome (increases) however, so they may be worth re-planting if you have the extra room for them. 5. Remove any dead, spotted, or unhealthy (brown or yellow) leaves or parts of leaves. Many folks cut the leaf fan back a bit when transplanting so the weight of the leaves won't cause the newly planted iris to tip over, but you should leave as much leaf on the plant as possible to continue to feed the rhizome. Snap or cut spent bloom stalks off at the rhizome. Snip off any dead roots but leave the plump roots intact. 6. After you have separated, inspected, and cleaned up your rhizome, lay all of them out in a shady, dry area for a couple days to allow the cut wounds to scab over before transplanting. 7. Transplant these Iris divisions into an area providing at least 6 hrs of direct sunlight a day, making sure the soil is well-drained and properly fertilized. Avoid high nitrogen fertilizers. Excessive nitrogen can promote bacterial soft rot in bearded irises. 8. When you plant your irises, make sure the top surface of the rhizome is level with or just slightly below the soil surface. If you bury the rhizome too deeply, the plant may refuse to flower. 9. Do NOT mulch directly over the rhizome. Mulch will tend to retain too much soil moisture right around the rhizome and promote bacterial soft rot (unless you live in a hot desert climate). If you have the room, plant your rhizome about 2' apart with no other plants nearby to overgrow them and compete for soil nutrients. You can also plant 3 separate rhizome in a triangle 1' apart with the leaf fans facing outwards to produce an instant clump effect. Water the irises deeply once a week for the first month if there is not adequate rainfall. Avoid frequent, shallow waterings. Over-watering is another common cause of soft rot problems. Good luck with your gardening!

What causes the iris of the eye to turn yellow? by Mike C Q: My eyes are naturually ocean blue, i recently discoevered that the tops of the iris in each eye, more the left than right have turned yellow just above the pupil in normal state. Im not talking about the small yellow lines most ppl have, an actual part of the blue has turned yellow. i've tried to look everywhere to find out whats going on. i know it isnt jaundice because the white of my eyes are not effected. any help would be much appreciated. thanks, Mike.

A: Mike, There are several possible causes of iris color change. Inflammation inside the eye; loss of the some of the pigment making it look yellow or dull; circulation changes to the iris like diabetes and cholesterol. Any of these possible causes need to be examined by an eye doctor, Board Certified Optometrist or Ophthalmologist. If it is a change that has happened recently, then you should get it checked soon.

My water iris has developed a large, green seed pod. When and how do I save the seeds to start new plants? by Marilyn B Q: I have several water iris' around my pond but have never attempted to save a seed pod before. But with economic woes here in Michigan, I figure that I could save some money next spring by starting more water plants from seed to share with fellow "ponders" or just expand my own collection.

A: Just let the pod mature naturally and look for signs of splitting. You can then cut off the pod and collect the seeds. http://www.cdn-iris.ca/seeds.html You can also make new plants by splitting the rootstock.

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