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Iphone 5 release date

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iPhone 5 Release Date? by Mason Thomas Q: There are a lot of rumors as to when the iPhone 5 is to be released. The majority of dates I have come upon is late fall and Thanksgiving 2011. Some questions I have pertaining to the release date are: 1- Why would Apple come out with the iOS5 in such close time with the iPhone 5? 2-If the iPhone 5 was to come out in the fall, why wouldn't apple corporations incorporate the iOS5 software into the new iPhone 5 instead of having them as separate release dates? 3-Are there any other logical release dates that have been leaked?

A: Each time Apple comes out with a new phone, they update the iOS. So, most likely, iOS 5 will be released to the public on the same day as the iPhone 5. Just as iOS 4 was released with the iPhone 4. And they can ballpark the estimated time of release (Fall 2011) but there is not an official date out there. And the new iOS's are released with the new devices because the new devices are optimized to use the newer iOS versions. For instance, the software on the iPhone 4 makes it capable of running iOS 4 without difficulty, whereas iOS 4 on an iPhone 3G or 3GS would be significantly slower.

Iphone 5 release date? by Biscuit Head Q: Does anyone know the exact iphone 5 release date? Thanks in advance.

A: Apple have not confirmed the release date officially yet but all the rumours seem to point to between the 7th and the 14th October. I hope this helps.

iphone 5 release date? by arelius360 Q: Basically i'm up for upgrade next month, I have heard rumours about the iphone 5 but have no idea. Not sure whether its worth waiting for it or not. Bottom line is I want a new phone soon so I don't know whether to get the iphone 4 now or wait for however long! Anyone heard any rumours on release date?

A: No fix date but releasing soon!

When is the iPhone 5 release date? by wh1488 Q: When is iPhone 5 coming out? Will it be available for Verizon?

A: Usually the new iPhone is released about 2 weeks after the start of the WWDC. The date of the WWDC has not yet been announced. No one knows whether a CDMA version of the phone will be released.

What is the iPhone 5 Release date? by Sara Q: i heard that the iPhone will come this September, it that true?

A: iPhone 5 will be released in U.S. on September 5, and the international release is scheduled for October 5.

What is the iPhone 5 release date? by John Q: Is the iPhone 5 actually coming out soon? If so, are the concept features real?

A: Like a typical major Apple release, rumors have been spinning for months, with the latest report putting the iPhone 5 release date on October 21. Going through those rumors out in the market, it seems that the new version of iPhone is just round the corner. Most probably, Apple will be unveiling iPhone 5 in October. However, there is no chance for a further delay to November or December, according to sources.

Does anyone know the iPhone 5 release date? by Jessica Q: Release date? When I can start pre-ordering? Any (legit) leaked pictures you know of?

When is the Iphone 5 release date? by Julie Aran Q: Iphone 5 release date, according to some news that Iphone 5 release date will be on Oct 4 2011 is it correct? waiting for the date.

A: The Oct 4th date, like any date is pure speculation. Nothing is confirmed until Apple says so themselves. Many dates have been tossed in the last couple of weeks. 4th, 5th, 15th, 17th, etc.

iPhone 5 release date September or October? by Anum Zulfiqar Q: i want to buy a new iPhone, and the latest one right now is iPhone 4, i have heard a lot of rumors about iPhone 5 release date, some say its coming in September and according to some iPhone 5 will release in October. i am not sure now about what should i do now. either wait for the iPhone 5 to release or get a new iPhone 4. if anyone know anything about iPhone 5 release date, do share. i will appreciate that. Thanks.

A: i live in UK... according to some authentic sources, iPhone 5 release date in UK is November 21, 2011. But according to CNET uk, iPhone 5 will release on 7 September. So the thing is there is no exact release date of iPhone 5 given by apple. China Times Claims iPhone 5 To Release In Second Week Of September. Apple will initially put an order of 400 million iPhone 5 units, also claimed by them. You can get the latest updates on iPhone 5 release date here http://iphone5hacks.org/iphone-5-release-date-september-2011/ Regard's Meena

Does anyone know the Iphone 5 release date? by Iroock Q: Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew the iphone 5 release date, cause I heard it might be coming out in June,July or September. And if it does come out in September, should I wait t'ill then, or should I get the iphone 4 right now? Okay, well thanks for your time in advance!

A: If there is one, it will almost definitely be in June/July, as the last 4 iPhone have been released then. I believe a WWDC has already been scheduled by Apple for one of those monthes. As to if an iPhone 5 will be unveiled - It's looking unlikely, as many trusted sources have said that it will be a software conference (iOS5) rather than a hardware conference (iPhone 5)

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