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TexSean RT @vroom222: Napolitano subpoenaed for illegals data - Washington Times: http://t.co/JH45Rpa1 via @washtimes

KYReprisal RT @vroom222: Napolitano subpoenaed for illegals data - Washington Times: http://t.co/JH45Rpa1 via @washtimes

vroom222 Napolitano subpoenaed for illegals data - Washington Times: http://t.co/JH45Rpa1 via @washtimes

perezgomezlaw Immigrant Entrepreneur Gets Visa After 'World News' Story http://t.co/dlCvqevz

itnweddingNews Matsumura Immigration Lawyer Office 松村行政書士事務所 ビザ申請 ... http://t.co/AaiLdbyW @itnweddingNews #itnwedding #news

Tawnyaessrs Immigration News Check the Dates

WiStateJournal From your letters: Chuck Litweiler: Mass immigration won't solve nation's problems http://t.co/hGwQ3mZp

provoutahtweets State legislators discuss immigration with federal delegation http://t.co/nFLCoVUr

pluzmedia Huge support for Jan Lokpal bill in Sonia's constituency: Huge support for Jan Lokpal bill in Sonia's constituen... http://t.co/3KdfGPfd

SandersFirmPC Immigration Reform Knee-a-Thon for immigration reform today - The Ledger: LAKELAND -- A group of Floridians marc... http://t.co/sCCixrcV

ImmigAdvocate Knee-a-Thon for immigration reform today - The Ledger: LAKELAND -- A group of Floridians marching for immigratio... http://t.co/ZjrNOiGE

lucillerussell9 Grassley: Obama's Immigration ‘Policies Are at Odds with the Rule of Law’ | http://t.co/XjN1TSoE http://t.co/lr5YiCwB

DavidLeopold Why does judiciary chair @LamarSmithTX21 spend our tax dollars fighting smart, targeted #immigration enforcement? http://t.co/d3v4tyYg

ImmigAdvocate Suspension for UK border force chief Brodie Clark - In the News: The asylum seeker and immigration cases had bee... http://t.co/7vyIqDGG

pluzmedia Don't encourage self-immolation, says Tibetan PM-in-exile: Don't encourage self-immolation, says Tibetan PM-in-e... http://t.co/tcAMY8dX


What is the latest news on illegal immigration? by Sexyeyez Q: I know they were planning on building some kind of wall and they are trying to get it so that they can get amnesty any new updates?

A: Not that I know of. Since you are interested, come to my blog. There is a link to the pres. talking about building a fence while illegals are climbing over the fence in the background. http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-ojGZLP4jfqjfSqfSc0rMAyzqIzA-?cq=1&p=477

What is your viewpoint on the immigration legislation in the news lately? by thekidzonehome Q: What is your opinion on the immigration legislation, and what can be done to improve the bill?

A: I don't have an easy answer to that question, but I do have a different point of view that others may not have considered. In this world, we are so focused on borders and on competition with one another that we have all lost sight of the fact that we are all human. We want some of the same basic things as humans - food and shelter among them. We all want a better life for our children than we had. And we all want friendships. Rather than separate ourselves with a border between countries, why not create peace and unity with one another to our mutual benefit? ALbert Einstein said that, "Insanity is making the same mistakes expecting different results." We keep making the same mistakes and then wonder why we have war not peace and why we have hunger in this world. I believe that we are ALL citizens of Earth and of the human race. I believe that it the United States, Canada, and Mexico all shared the same borders and if we all encouraged each other to be their best, that we would ALL have enough food, shelter, and energy for all of us. But so long as we are dependent on the US government for help by legislation on creating a barrier from one another, that we will stay hungry as a species and also have a hard time with shelter and energy. Rather than competing against one another for energy and shelter, why not invite eachother into our homes and break bread with each other and drink strong coffee? I may not have a popular point of view, but I do sleep very good at night being at peace with those around me.

Shouldn't they be talking about illegal immigration in the news more often? by Alright Q: I have learned so much about it just from this section. All the links I have seen, all the numbers. If they showed it on the news a lot more people would be educated on how it is affecting us.

A: I wish the media would talk about THIS point: Have you ever heard of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Plyler v. Doe, 457 U.S. 202 (1982)? The state of Texas had created a law (May 1975) requiring that all children enrolled in the public schools be either U.S. citizens or legal immigrants -- prohibiting illegals. A little more than two years later a lawsuit was filed in Tyler, TX challenging the law as a violation of the 14th Amendment's guarantee of the equal protection of the laws. All three levels of the federal courts came to the same basic conclusion -- the law is unconstitutionally discriminatory. The U.S. Supreme Court's ruling was by a narrow margin, 5 to 4, with Justice Brennan writing the majority opinion, for himself and Justices Blackmun, Marshall, Powell, and Stevens. (In previous cases, Justices Blackmun and Powell had taken the view that the state may constitutionally ban legal immigrants from jobs as police officers (Foley v. Connelie, 435 U.S. 291 (1978)) and that getting an education is not a constitutionally guaranteed fundamental right (San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez, 411 U.S. 1 (1973)).) My "favorite" (note the sarcasm) part of Brennan's opinion for the Court is, "It is difficult to understand precisely what the State hopes to achieve by promoting the creation and perpetuation of a subclass of illiterates within our boundaries, surely adding to the problems and costs of unemployment, welfare, and crime." What a swell job of understanding the motives of the Texas legislature. Six years after the Plyler decision, Professor David P. Currie, writing a two-volume text called "The Constitution in the Supreme Court," had harsh words for this particular decision. He wrote, "With all due respect, this is carrying solicitude a little far. Public resources are scarce and those who have no business being here can have poor claim on them. I may have a right to keep a burglar out of my house, the Court appears to be saying, but once he is there I must invite him to dinner."

What do you think of the yahoo news reports on Immigration reform? by Ruby Q: Seems that despite the March 21st rally that there will be no reform in 2010. But what do you think of the white house saying "immigration reform will not happen without strong bi-partisan support." and that "the president even if he wanted to couldnt pass immigration reform" yahoo.com its right there.

A: Yahoo is as liberally biased as the NY Times.

How come there is so little news about Georgia immigration law and there was so much brouhaha about Arizona? by Isabella Q: I have heard that Georgia's law is more stringent, yet there is little heard about it versus what was in the news about Arizona. Are we facing again "selective news" by media, quite frequent recently?

A: Georgia has a far smaller amount of illegal immigrants, and a far smaller population of American hispanics to be offended by the law. Therefore there is less enforcement and less media attention. Arizona has a far higher amount of illegals due to its proximity to the Mexican border and its use as a gateway for illegal immigration to the rest of the country.

How do people feel about this news article on illegal immigration? by Queen of ♥♥♥ Maria Lopez Q: Illegal-immigrant populace in Ariz. falls by a third, study says The number of illegal immigrants living in Arizona has plunged by one-third in the past two years amid a dismal job market and stiffer enforcement of immigration laws, according to researchers who released a new report. Arizona saw the largest decline of any state, according to researchers at the Center for Immigration Studies, whose report shows that the nation's undocumented population fell nearly 14 percent from the summer of 2007 to the first quarter of this year, following years of steady growth. The report comes as the Obama administration is gearing up to push for major immigration reforms, including a possible legalization program for millions of illegal immigrants in the U.S. http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2009/07/30/20090730illegalpopulation0730.html

A: Good! But they all moved to Texas so what we need is Sheriff Joe. Sheriff Joe in 2012.

Are you contacting your Representatives about illegal immigration? News reports say the pro-illegals will.? by DAR Q: I read that the pro-illegals are planning to inundate Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist with cards and letters. They are asking for a Bill even more pro illegal immigration than the Senate Bill, one which would have a 'rolling' statute of limitations so that anyone who was here for 3 years illegally now or in the future would automatically be able to apply to be legalized. I am against ongoing illegal immigration and think this would encourage it. Do you agree or not? Are you going to contact him yourself at http://frist.senate.gov/index.cfm?FuseAction=AboutSenatorFrist.ContactForm? BantamRooster the legislative aids and interns process the mail and tally the scores. The Senator only sees the scores since she would get no governmental work done if she only read mail. It counts though. The Senate Majority leader will be negotiating the Senate Bill, once it is adopted, with the tougher House Bill. He is a key figure even if he is not your Senator.

A: i e-mailed the ones here in georgia. i also e-mailed our governor about the problem. probably a waste of time. but i did it any way.

Is Numbers USA a reliable source for immigration news and info? by Hero in Command Q: I asked about FAIR and most people blasted them. So what about Numbers USA? I'm just trying to find a group I can trust.

A: no NumbersUSA Addicted to Bigotry The anti-immigration group NumbersUSA is continuing to strengthen its relationship to white nationalists despite claims to the contrary made by executive director Roy Beck. The national civil rights organization Center for New Community made public a new video produced by NumbersUSA that allegedly speaks to immigration and the economy. But it actually spotlights individuals affiliated with a network created by white nationalist John Tanton. http://imagine2050.newcomm.org/2009/06/08/numbersusa-addicted-to-bigotry/

Any immigration news for el salvador? by Getsbetterwithtime Q: My friend at work said she saw something on the news about salvadorans getting help with immigration. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Or point me to a good site to check it out? My husband's case has been stagnate for a year and a half. I miss him. If anyone has heard anything in immigration laws or updates for people waiting on visas please let me know.

A: from the US embassy webpage in el Salvador? The 18-month extension will allow Salvadorans who entered the US before February 13, 2001, and who properly registered under previous extensions, to work legally in the United States until March 2009. Approximately 230,000 Salvadorans have benefited from TPS.

Can I have links to news articles about immigration from Mexico to the US? by Aj Q: I need links to online news articles; preferably relatively recent publishing. They can be about The turn over of power in Cuba The issues in Venezuela or The immigration reform in the US. Thanks, guys.

A: Immigration from Mexico to the U.S., or illegal aliens? Try http://idexer.com

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