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steveaustin16 Video, photos capture terror as gunman killed 4 people at Nevada IHOP restaurant: Authorities said Sencion was d... http://t.co/XM5qNFzV

EdLover1 I wnt some ihop but they dnt taj Euro

jaredfox16 I'm at IHOP (2501 I-35 Service Rd., Moore) http://t.co/RiXZt4Pv

djbigralph This damn ihop is so good #fb

Og_Chris Im jealous RT @NATSAKEEPER: This is the slowest Ihop ever!!!! Smh!

theTAB_life @im_knucklehead IHOP !

zackawhiair Video, photos capture terror as gunman killed 4 people at Nevada IHOP restaurant - Washington Post http://t.co/8f7m0KiP

TriggaaaTre No I'm at ihop u go to bed

Sappfo Hur få ihop en blomsterbukett ifrån vilande natur i november? Några frökapslar, nypon, smällebär och prisad vare nävan i blått!

ifyouseekayy [email protected]: @IfYouSeeKayy y is there no ihop here..?” good question it ain't even near me I just see the commercials! lol..

ElevenPigs [email protected]: is ihop made by apple too..?” -NAW BY FORD.

_BohemianBEAUTY ishudd go to iHOP

iNonchalantTEAM Hungry as hell now...who wanna go to ihop

joelborg Lördagsjobb -> skumma igenom rec från gårdagens gig m Bon Iver och Watain. De borde göra nåt ihop. Bon Iver perfoms Rabid Death's Curse

Chinky_Nessa @ IHop....


Why is it that random shootings always happen at an IHOP? What did pancakes ever do to shooters? by fps_dean Q: Seriously, IHOP has always been famous for shootings. And now after the last one, they will certainly never outlive this one. Were there many shootings at IHOPs in the past, or any famous events?

A: yes in fact IHOPs hav the highest death ratios in all restraurants in the world

What is the starting pay for a shift manager at IHOP in Austin TX? by That one guy. Q: The last question was worded wrong. I am transferring from an IHOP in west TX and need to know what the pay is in the larger metropolitan areas around TX, specifically Austin if possible. Thanks!

A: You mean that you are already in the IHOP system and you don't have anybody to ask there so you have to come on to Yahoo Answers and ask people who probably know nothing about IHOP wages? If they are not franchised, then I'm sure that there is a national human resources number that you can call and they can tell you more. If not, then try calling an IHOP location that you would like to work for and ask the management there. Doing that would probably get you better information than information that somebody on here would tell you.

What is the sound effect in the IHOP commercial, when the pancakes become whole again? by tc05111782 Q: In the new IHOP commercial announcing their all-you-can-eat pancakes a man is eating pancakes. Then suddenly the stack of pancakes becomes whole again with a distinctive sound effect. It bugs me, I recognizes the sound effect, but don't know where from.

A: Isn't it from the Bionic Woman? (Original version) Like when she would jump and exert herself.

Want to make a omelet like IHOP does? by badbender001 Q: I love the omeltes from IHOP and when you read the menu it says they add pancake batter to make them nice and fluffy. My question is how can I reproduce this at home? How much do I add? Do I make the batter and then add it to the eggs or do I just add the dry powder to the eggs? Is there a particular brand to use? I know how to make fluffy omelets using other methods, but I am wanting to make it like IHOP does. I have a flat grill to cook on as well. Thank you for your ideas!

A: I have never heard of adding flour to eggs to make an omelet. For a fluffy omelet, Heat the pan to the state where it is ready. IHOP uses a giant griddle and has the advantage here. Whip the egg with 1 teaspoon of water in a blender or use a mixer or hand stick blender to air rate it. Pore just enough to cover the pan bottom Add your omelet ingredients When the egg looks almost done, fold it in 2 enclosing the ingredients then plate it. Carry over heat will complete the cooking on the plate. Result 1 fluffy Omelet note if the outer egg has any Brown on it, your pan was too hot. Also in place of the water you can use sour cream. Do not use milk as it will help to scorch the egg.

How long do shifts normally last as a server at iHop? by xnsozh Q: I'm wondering how long the typical working shift lasts for a server at iHop. Also if there are different shifts as per situation, each listing would be appreciated. All help is very appreciated!

A: depends on how busy it is usually it is 7 to 8 hours as a hostess it was 7 hours how it was operated was hostess worked weekends and depending on the availability servers worked almost every day most servers come in the morning on the weekend and let some go depending on the business how this helps

What should I eat at iHop before a big day of drinking? by timmy Q: Tomorrow is rush day for my fraternity, and a bunch of bids are going to iHop before in the morning. I was wondering what would be good to eat before a long day of drinking.

A: Pancakes or Waffles.....

How do you make the cheese sauce found in Ihop's bacon temptation omelette? by Agt. Michael Scarn Q: I love the bacon temptation omelette at Ihop, but I gotta new griddle for Christmas and I love it. IF I can keep my eggs from running all over the place, I want to make an omelette tonight on the griddle. I'd love to fill it with that rich, creamy, cheese sauce from Ihop. Does anyone know of a recipe for, or similar to that? Thanks so much!

A: When I make omelets at home, I just use some Velveeta. Slice it on the thin side and then put it on top of the goodies in your omlette, then fold over the hot egg on top of it all. It will be melty by the time you get it to the table.

IHOP??????????????????????????? by TheGrim2213 Q: How much does a breakfast sampler cost?

A: No idea. Only time i go there i am completely hammered lol

Ihop??????? by ♥Hikimberlydo♥ Q: It's a resterant does it have good pancakes and other stuff???

A: Yeah, it's wonderful, and in case you didn't know Ihop stands for International House of Pancakes...I just found that out a couple months ago! : ) But if you haven't been there I definitely suggest you go and try something, I usually get the pancake stack with strawberries and bananas all over it! : ) Have a nice day!

ihop!?!?!?!? by chopperfan95 Q: is there a ihop in guatemala my parents and i were debating about that

A: The Answer is NO. Here is a list of all the IHOP locations in the world. Canada, Mexico, and the US. Joy was on the right track, but forgot to mention Mexico and Luv'r Girl, Guatemala is part of North America. If you think there is an IHOP in the city, you may be thinking of one of the many knock offs down there. There is a knock off Waffle House, but it's not part of the official franchise.

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