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Hurricane bawbag

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LouTommoLover RT @HayleeWan: I genuinely think this is the aftermath of Hurricane Bawbag and therefore should be called Hurricane Fannybaws.

rachypops_x It seems that hurricane bawbag is back with a vengeance

LaurenMc_xxx Hurricane bawbag part 2 is defos here!

plouise16 @AlanCarr Hurricane Bawbag is back with vengeance in Scotland my dads naming this one Hurricane shite-yourself!

LisaODonnell82 Hurricane bawbag had returned & means business this time #scared :(

itsmoran Hurricane Bawbag is back! Seems far more upset this time.

sophiequigg1Dxx Hatin' you Hurricane Bawbag!

rachypops_x RT @BruceLeannnn: Hurricane Bawbag is back. We thought we had won but I guess we just pissed him off.

DuncsH Update on hurricane bawbag 2 roof off a house around the corner this is worse than bawbag 1!!!!! http://t.co/ShheWQvg

kimberlyblack_ Hurricane bawbag tearing up shit in my garden http://t.co/oWgojM0y

__grant__ Ride cancelled. Hurricane Bawbag is back....

rachelgrievex Looks like hurricane bawbag is back

RosieRathbone Hurricane Bawbag is back. And this time, its personal.

BryanMclauchlin you cant call this "hurricane" bawbag again, need something original know what am sayin

mynameskirsten hurricane bawbag is back then.


What song mentions the type of weather you are having in your area? by Mucky Pup Q: The Mission-like a hurricane http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJl_Nihs87U severe gales in Scotland that we have called hurricane bawbag http://entertainment.stv.tv/opinion/286086-scotlands-hurricane-bawbag-raises-twitter-storm-the-top-reactions/ bawbag http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=bawbag its national insurance number in UK. Tis that Opi but fannybawz can be friendly sometimes,hey we like insults in Scotland. Hey Mark how's the wee one?

A: Cold as Ice-Foreigner http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_1XdSqBQUg Snowblind-Black Sabbath http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLq8KZQ0L_8 Yup its just another 9 months before Spring starts :D

Poll: dont you think us Scots come up with much better names for our Hurricanes? by Q: http://thedrum.co.uk/news/2011/12/08/scotlands-hurricane-bawbag-twitter-hit-worldwide

A: Hahahahaha That's pure dead brilliant so it is I havenae laughed so much for ages

Hurricane babbage update? by Q: Can someone please tell me the latest on hurricane bawbag and will it continue into tomorrow please help I live in Glasgow btw??

A: I thought it had already hit Glasgow. Try BBC weather or something, you'll get more reliable answers. Google is your friend.

Where Did Hurricane Bawbag Begin? by Q: Some say Hurricane Bawbag started in the mid atlantic, then took two day to hit Scotland

A: The sky

Was Hurricane Bawbag Worse Than Hurricane Katrina? by Q: People In Forfar Are Saying It Was A Lot Worse Than Hurricane Katrina. They are even saying Hurricane Bawbag is the biggest in human history

A: It depends on a few factors: loss of life, property damage, wind speed, location, etc. Each person who goes through a hurricane or any other natural disaster will feel their experience is the most horrendous. See if the weather bureau has anything online as to which they feel was worse. Their answer will be from a compilation of facts, not feelings. Steve

Hurricane Bawbag Hurricane Bawbag! Hurricane BawBag Official Theme Tune Auld yin brave's hurricane bawbag... Hurricane Bawbag Appeal Trampoline rolling down street - Hurricane Bawbag TRAMPOLINE TRAMPOLINE (CRAZY WINDS) Scotlands Famous ''Hurricane Bawbag'' taking a trampoline ( MUST WATCH HAHA) Omg Trampoline (ORIGINAL VIDEO) Scotland battered by severe storms as hurricane bawbag causes havoc Hurricane Bawbag Sweeps through Scotland + Escaped Trampoline! Hurricane Bawbag Old Woman Survives Hurricane in the UK Hurricane Bawbag Scottish Hurricane Update 8/12/2011 'HURRICANE' BAWBAG ! Hurricane Bawbag - The Theme Song Hurricane BawBag Official Song hurricane bawbag Ayr Beach Scotstorm December 8 storm Fenton vs OMG Trampoline -- Hurricane Bawbag Hurricane Special - Thursday, 8th December 2011 Hurricane Bawbag Hurricane BawBag OMG SONG Little Smoke - OMG Trampoline! (Hurricane Bawbag Remix) Oh My God , TRAMPOLINE! Hurricane Bawbag Comes To Get Me! - 12.12.2011 Waves Hitting Trainline Going into Saltcoats During Storm (Hurricane Bawbag) 8th Decemeber 2011 Hurricane Bawbag on tv Wind Turbine Catches Fire! (Hurricane Bawbag, Scotland) 'Hurricane Bawbag' - Tartantrouser Trampoline Escapes Hurricane Bawbag in Scotland HURRICANE BAWBAG BLOWS UP WINDMILL Hurricane Bawbag Mission Impossible:Hurricane BawBag hurricane bawbag Ayr Beach Storm Part 2 MSP climate change budget justified by 'Hurricane Bawbag'. Hurricane #bawbag . Waves Hitting Trainline Going into Saltcoats During Storm 8th Decemeber 2011 - Hurricane Bawbag hurricane bawbag hits Bishopbriggs Hurricane Bawbag Trampoline Vs Homer Simpson Remix Hurricane Bawbag hits the clyde! Hurricane Bawbag Strikes Again A Tribute To Hurricane Bawbag UltraBass - Hurricane BawBag (Ft. Crazy Winds (OMG TRAMPOLINE)) HURRICANE BAWBAG HURRICANE BAWBAG My cat hiding from Hurricane Bawbag Largs Hurricane Bawbag 8 December 2011 (1) 8 man inflatable tent vs Hurricane Bawbag Hurricane Bawbag OMG Trampoline! (Hurricane Bawbag Remix) Oh My God , TRAMPOLINE!
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