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Houston TX

Texas nurse appears in court, is accused of murdering new mother
McClain is accused of fatally shooting 28-year-old Kala Golden to death Tuesday in the parking lot of Northwoods Pediatric Center in Spring, Texas, about 25 miles north of Houston, before placing 3-day-old Keegan Schuchardt in her car and fleeing.

Med Center employees join forces to fight obesity
By Cindy George Mary Eckhardt, left, a student at the University of Texas School of Public Health, and Paula Nickerson, a registered nurse at MD Anderson Cancer Center, participate in the Shape Up Houston kickoff event Thursday at the John P. McGovern ...

Lawyer: Mom accused in fatal baby abduction upset
By JUAN A. LOZANO, AP – 7 hours ago SPRING, Texas (AP) — Neighbors of a Texas woman accused of kidnapping a newborn boy after fatally shooting his mother said Thursday they were shocked when a photo of the friendly, polite woman flashed across their ...

Murders in Houston up 27 percent so far this year
A man was fatally shot at a home in southeast Houston on Wednesday afternoon, police said. The shooting happened about 12:10 pm near the University of Houston and Texas Southern University campuses, according to the Houston Police Department.

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Where can I find a place to host a baby shower in Houston, TX? by Q: I'm planning on throwing my best friend a baby shower. I want to do something nice for her since this is her first child. I don't need anything too big or fancy. This is for about 40-50 guests. We live in Houston, TX. Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

A: I had my daughters baby shower at Demers Banquet Hall. They have a new private room which they said fits up to about 45 guests. It was really nicely decorated, and we all had a great time. Their main ballroom is also very gorgeous if you are having a large number of guests.

Who should I contact if I want to build a factory in Houston, TX? by Q: My company is trying to build a factory in Houston, TX. It's a factory that will manufacture small parts for heavy equipment. I have information on building and safety permits, but I still need information on whether all the machines need to be UL certified, how to deal with waste water produced in the factory, and other environmental issues that the factory might have to deal with. Please help!!! Who should I talk to? What department should I talk to?

A: Contact the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) regarding wastewater remediation among other emissions-related issues. Depending on what the plant will produce in waste material they will advise with regard to permits and equipment/facility requirements/specifications. If EPA permits are needed a TCEQ rep should advise although depending on the scale of your operation a state permit should be all you'll require, and Texas standards will either meet or exceed EPA mandates. It wouldn't hurt to find an EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) consultant for advice, just make sure they have current licensing and are up front about their fees. Arrange a meeting with your plant's engineering director to discuss plant operations with an EHS consultant AND TCEQ represenatives so you can insure everything will be above-board. Your insurance carrier will recommend whether or not your assembly line equipment is UL ceritfied, local code may not necessarily require this. Factory Mutual is a major vendor and typically will require UL listing/certification among other things, arrange a meeting with your company's legal represenative and a Factory Mutual agent to discuss. Make sure with your site selection that there are no restrictions governing the use of the property, especially if the plant will operate in an existing structure. You will need a team of engineers, lawyers, procurement/supply chain specialists, etc. working on your side to assemble your operatiions scope so that all the bases are covered. You may have to recruit the assistance of senior management in your organization to facilitate much of this, as there could be things like tax abatements, incentives, etc. that might offset some of the start-up costs involved in something like this that will inevitably create local jobs. Good luck.

What are some good places to take students for field trips in Houston, TX? by monse Q: Hi, this summer I'll be working with high school students and I have to plan field trips every friday can anyone suggest some fun places here in Houston, TX and its surroundings? Is there like festivals or anything would do, I just run out of ideas and I need some more places. It can be recreational or educational or both. We took them to all the museums already so we need more ideas can anyone help, please. Thanks in advance!!!

A: Houston - Zoo Nasa Ice Skating Downtown Aquarium The "Garage Mahal" (FREE!) Miller Outdoor Theater (FREE!) Calendar of Events - http://cbtcws.cityofhouston.gov/events/Events.aspx Galveston -Moddy Gardens -Beach -Ferry -Schlitterbahn -Pier 21 Theatre -The also have a variety of tours of the island you can get more info @ http://www.galveston.com/default.asp The Woodlands http://thewoodlands.com/ There are several really beautiful parks w/ lakes Also, you could try http://www.traveltex.com/Index.aspx I know you said you already did the museums but you might have overlooked the Children's Museum because you are dealing w/ high school students but I (22) recently went w/ my sister (17) and we still had a blast!

Are there any breeds of dogs that are banned in Los Angeles CA or Houston TX? by punkeesmalls Q: We are thinking of moving and we have a couple dogs so we are searching for information to see if any dogs are banned in or around LA Cali. or Houston, TX?

A: Neither city has a pit bull or breed ban. However, Houston is trying to decide whether to regulate/register certain breeds, or not. Houston sends most pit bulls to a pb rescue, as they don't like to adopt them out of their SPCA. Los Angeles SPCA is full of them, and they do adopt them out. Los Angeles has a new mandatory spay/neuter. I can link you to the details if you want.

Who is the best fence company in Houston TX? by Q: I am looking for a fence company in Houston TX to build 130 feet of wood fencing. My husband wants 6 foot cedar pickets with a rot board. Does anyone know who the best fence builders in Houston are? I spoke with a couple contractors on the phone and 2 of them gave me estimates for over 30 dollars per foot. My husband said he doesn't think that sounds right. If anyone can help, please let me know.

A: Fencebuildersofhouston.com is a great company. They have affordable prices and years of experience in Houston fencing. If you want the best Houston fence company, thats who you want to talk to.

How close is greyhound bus station to hilton hotel in houston tx? by margii45224 Q: I am tying to go to Houston Tx,in late June for a medical conference related to a illiness I have, I an tying to travel the cheaper route, might fly, but thought about the bus also, so I wanted to know if the grey hound bus station is close or how far from The Hilton Americas in Houston?

A: The bus station is about 15 blocks from the Hilton of the Americas. The station is not in the best area, so call a cab and have it waiting for you. It will only cost you $6 to get to the hotel (or anywhere in downtown) You could also have the Hilton send a complimentary car for you.

How long would it take a package to arrive in Houston, TX from Mesquite, TX? by Q: How long would it take a package to arrive in Houston, TX from Mesquite, TX? I placed an online order which shipped out on September 23 and on the UPS tracking page it says the package has departed Mesquite, TX and is in transit. When should I receive my shipment, I live in Houston?

A: well depends on how it was shipped standard ups takes 3-5 business days. I know its in Texas but sometimes they send the package out side the state and then they bring it back....retarded but thats how it works.

How long will it take USPS mail to deliver a shirt mailed 6/2/09 from indiana to houston, TX? by rynexesen Q: I ordered a cool shirt off ebay and the shipping is USPS. Just wondering how long it would take. It's coming from elkhart, Indiana, and im in Houston, TX. Thanks

A: No longer than a week I live in Britain and the longest I have ever waited was 2 weeks, and that was also due to it being in the middle of Christmas time.

What is the best way to find a good general family care doctor in Houston TX? by incat Q: What is the best way to find a good general family care doctor in Houston TX

A: You can find out in few ways. Most of the time by word of mouth. Check with your coworkers or neighbors, if you are new to this area. I use kelsey seybold clinic who are all over the town. They have some good doctors. You also check with your insurance provider website and get the list of family doctor and short list one around your area. Do check out local listing at http://www.justaskhouston.com

How & where can I file a motion and order for new trial in Houston, TX? by Q: My boyfriend and I were involved in a small claims case that ended yesterday. We object to the judges decision and want to appeal that decision. How & where can I file a motion and order for new trial in Houston, TX? We asked the court, but they wouldn't assist us. Can an individual file this motion or do you need a lawyer to file it? Do you have to file in person, because we don't live in Texas and we fly out this Sunday. Court is now closed until Monday. Can we file this motion by postal mail?

A: Try the site below, make sure to change the location/state in which you reside. Hope this helps.

What bicycle shops in Houston TX sell bmx bikes? by Q: I want to get a new bmx bike and i just wanted to know what shop in houston tx has a good variety of bmx bikes.

A: Practically every bicycle shop i've been into sells at least one brand of BMX bikes, may it be Diamondback or Haro. Brands like Stolen, United, WTP are not sold in bicycle shops.

Where can I find a restaurant that serves armadillo in houston, TX? by Francis D Q: I always wanted to try armadillo, but I dont know which restaurant serves it. Can someone give me a couple of restaurants that sell armadillo in or around the Houston, TX area?

A: You can't get it anymore... http://www.ajtmh.org/cgi/content/abstract/78/6/962

How is it like to live in Houston, TX? by Tom Q: I'm going to school for 2 yrs in Houston, TX. I lived in east coast and west coast, but no in the south. I'm not asking for the weather or humidity or accent. How are the garbage pick up, how late stores open, that sort. Those who come from Texas say it's a nice place to live, but those who never been there say it's awful. Also, how hard to find an apartment that allows pets? Do I need to rent a house in the country side?

A: Easy to find appartments that allow pets they just require you to pay deposit average is 150 to 300$ if you can afford to try and live near west U but teh Heigthts have alot more character so does Montrose, youc an easily find a small house or town home. If you like big spaces, West of town or far out near Sealy etc can give you that sort of space, I moved from Paris France 4 yrs ago and although I miss some food and teh architecture, I have found this city great, people are very genuine and friendly, you need to keep in ming that church can play a very important part in some people's lives here but they are open and tolerant in general. most stores are open 24/7 or close to that, there is a selection of malls with quite a wide array of stores (including some european brands) if you like cycling or walking there are a few parks (Memorial park or the Buffgalo Bayou to enjoy the outdoors

How long will it take to get mail from california to me in Houston TX? by [[HA! You Wish!]] Q: I am waiting on VERY important letter from Southern California area to me in near Houston TX. The letter was mailed yesterday 2/5. What are the chances of me getting it by Monday? That would be like 4 days in the mail. Does that sound too quick?Thanks to all. Regular mail...

A: no more than 3 days should be 2 though

What are some good colleges for Nursing Degree in Houston Tx? by Ms Jones Q: I'm looking for a good college to attend in Houston, Tx. I just moved in about a year ago.

A: If you're looking to just get your Associates Degree in Nursing to become an RN, then it would be much cheaper for you to go to a community college. San Jacinto Community College has one of the best RN programs in Houston, but depending on what part of Houston you're in you might want to consider North Harris Comm. College, Lee College, or Houston Comm. College.

Does anyone know where to get wholesale appliances in Houston Tx? by Houston A Q: I am looking for wholesale, salvage, customer returns, or haul away appliances such as refigerators, washers and dryers by the truckload in Houston Tx or anywhere in the Texas area. If anyone knows anywhere it would be really appreciated. Thanks.

A: Everything is sold individually, not by the truckload but there are 2 Conn's clearance centers in the Houston area where you can get appliances that are returns, repos, discontinued, out of box products, etc. One of the stores is on Stella Link in Houston and the other is in Baytown.

How do i get from (houston,tx) to (katy,tx) on metro? by Q: Can someone please tell me how i can get to katy,tx from houston,tx? Can you tell me the bus routes i need to take or the bus's i need to take?

A: Try Houston Metro's web site. Pull up the map. I don't think the bus goes all the way to Katy. Note. The map is 16 megs, so you'd better have broadband. EDIT: I haven't heard that Katy has their own bus system. There ARE Park & Ride buses that go to Katy. The Kingsland Park & Ride is on Kingsland between Mason and Westgreen. Check out bus schedules 221, 229, and 298 .The Grand Parkway Park & Ride is on the north side of Grand Parkway and Katy Freeway. Check out bus schedule 222. Mind you, the outbound buses don't run between roughly 8:30AM and 3:30PM. the Grand Parkway bus doesn't run between 7:30 and 3:30 outbound. http://www.ridemetro.org/

How bad is the traffic and rush hour travel in Houston, TX? by JP Q: I am looking to relocate to one of the safer parts of Houston, TX. Any advice, I really have my spirits set on Humble, but Im still not sure. I would be working close to the Port of Houston on Harrisburgh Drive at the old Maxwell House Facility. So do you guys have any advice on things to do to try and minimize my commute?

A: Wow, that's one heck of a haul. The previous advice of trying to get to work by 7AM is a good one. Traffic inbound on 59 from Humble is awful. Have you considered someplace like Pearland instead? It is only about 12 miles, instead of over 25 miles.

How do I get from Houston Tx To Bullhead Arizona? by Miguel Q: Ok so this might be a stupid question: I am trying to book a flight from Houston Tx to Bullhead Arizona but none of the main airlines have a set rout for this destination? What should I do? Are there any other possible ways to get there without having to book to different flights? Thanks in advance :]

A: Only chartered flights for gamblers and a small commuter airline go there. (Laughlin NV.) Sun Country Airlines only goes to a few cities and is mainly for gambling junkets. The closest airport with major carriers is Las Vegas. Take a bus or rent a car from there. Look up info about Laughlin NV. You might be able to get there by staying at a casino for the night. You also might be able to get free transportation from Vegas from one of the casinos.

What is the average price for a hypnosis session in Houston, TX? by kaemka77 Q: What is the average price for a hypnosis session in Houston, TX?

A: Seeing how I'm a Houston hypnotherapist, I will give you my own price. $95 for the first session (considering that you don't have a coupon) and then $75 for each subsequent session (again, considering that you don't have a coupon. Hypnotherapy session can go up to $150 for some therapists, per session, so it's always good to do your research (which you are!). Hypnotherapy programs, like CDs or mp3s, are usually less expensive then in-person sessions, and you don't have to pay for more than one session. Hope that helps!

What are the best and safest places to live in Houston, TX? by southerngal109 Q: My friend and I are most likely relocating to Houston, TX this summer. We are debating on the best place to live because both are concern with safety. He has a child so I know that really is a major factor on where we live. I know all places have its crime, just looking for the one with less crime.

A: If you are a female, you need to be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. Trust your gut feelings. Is there a lot of crime in Houston? Well, look at the supermarkets at night and you will see security guards (some are off duty HPD) carrying guns. When you starting watching the news in Houston, you will notice that almost daily, there is a shooting (often in a part of town called the southwest). Good places to live? Depends on where you are going to school or working. Do not depend on the realtor or apt finding agency to tell you what the drive time is. Do the "commute" yourself during rush hour and find out firsthand. "Inside the 610 loop" locations will often save your drive time. But look at the neighborhood-- if you see young men loitering during the work day or ppl fixing cars in the street, NOT a good sign. Good towns to live in (near or completely surrounded by Houston): W. University Place, Bellaire, Sugarland, Pearland. Good neighborhoods: Meyerland, River Oaks.

What are the laws of airsoft in Houston Tx? by car6435 Q: Is it against the law to play an airsoft war in Houston tx. If not what are the laws I need to abide by?

A: It is not against the law to use airsoft guns but unless your guns are clear you may spook your neighbors into calling the cops. If you really want to play check out this website www.houstonairsoft.com or www.se-tac.com I also live in the houston area and I use these websites to see when the next game will be. Most games posted there are pretty big, at least 20 to 30 people show up. They host alot of games at a paintball field in Pearland called Paintball Zone (it is on Dixie Farm Road )

Where can i buy a giant gummy bear in houston tx, not online? by Soldier angel Q: Im trying to buy a giant gummy bear for my boyfriends birthday. Its two day away and shipping will cost $35, i don't really want to pay that much considering the bear cost $30 already. Is there a store that i can go and get it? I live in Houston Tx south west area, please please please i need to know asap, thank u.

A: Hello: I am not sure, if the store is still there, but there was one (do not remember the name) in the Galleria that sold Giant Gummy Bears, I bought one for my nephew two years ago.. You could just look and see,I remember I paid only $30 for the bear and it came in many colors to chose from!! Good Luck hope I helped!

where can I get moving boxes for free in houston tx? by Q: I am moving and need boxes. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg on something I am just using to hold all my junk while I transport it 15 mins from where its at now. Any idea where I can get free boxes in (north)Houston tx... I know walmart will let you take them but you have to come pick them up late at night and i have three young children and cant just be running out in the middle of the night... Any ideas?

A: I would be careful using free boxes! I have been burned from using free boxes that I found at a grocery store. I ended up with roaches! The boxes looked clean enough but there were cockroach eggs inside the walls of the boxes. After a year of exterminators bills, I now spend the money and get my moving boxes online. I buy brand new boxes but there are websites that sells clean used moving boxes. It is not so expensive (the exterminator cost more) The boxes are shipped to your home for free. It is worth the piece of mind. http://www.bugfreemovingboxes.com/

I worked in Houston, TX for the first 11 mons of the year and moved to LA, CA for December? How to do tax? by qiushen Q: I worked in Houston, TX for the first 11 mons of the year and moved to LA, CA for December 2007? How do I file tax online, and can I do it for free? I made less than $55000.00.

A: you will file a California part year return on form 540 PY. This is available from the Franchise Tax Board's website. [FTB is the CA taxing agency.] you'll need to do your federal taxes first. i do not know of any online filing site that supports this form, especially one that is free.

What is the best hotel in Houston, tx "museum district" to stay at? by Friend, sister, and in love Q: I am going there with a friend. I need to know the BEST hotel to stay at in the MUSEUM DISTRICT of Houston,Tx that is not going to make me go broke. I prefer the price to not go above 130 a room. I also really want something that is close to the museum and the zoo.

A: Try the ZaZa Hotel. You can walk to the zoo and the Natural Museum of Science, Butterfly Exhibit, Children's Museum, Museum of Health, and the Japanese Gardens. Don't forget the train and the MetroRail!

What are some good places in Houston, TX to learn about Hispanic culture? by monse Q: I'm planning field trips for my high school students and I want them to learn more about Hispanic culture, but can't find places to take them in Houston, TX. Any kind of activity is good as long as it relates to culture or its educational, thanks for helping! :)

A: AYE!! H-TOWN IS MY CITY! Houston has a lot of hispanics, it really depends on what area you live in, in houston. I got to a black school & we even celebrate hispanic culture & history. Try "Clover Leaf" ,majority hispanic. The best part of houston for hispanics in houston is the Galena Park ISD area (beltway 8 area). I've been there, its like 85% hispanic & very civilized area & they have nice houses. I loved it, learn a lot there.

What is the most affordable transient neighborhood in Houston, TX? by outkast_33265 Q: I am moving my family from NY and would like information regarding neighborhoods in Houston, TX. I am looking for a neighborhood that I can purchase a 3/2/2 for approx $75 to $100K but am looking to increase my profits with in 2.5 yrs due to community gentrification?


Medical checkups and health cares normally needed for a 2-month old baby in Houston TX for a year ? by Q: My daughter, a Japanese resident, will stay in Houston TX from June for a year with a 2-month old baby boy. Please let me know what kind of medical checkups and health cares are needed and about how much each of them will cost to let the baby take them, on the assumption that he is healthy, not requiring special medical care. My daughter does not have her own work visa, but is covered by her husband's. She hasn't bought any health insurance yet.

A: It is "suggested" that you take newborns in I think every like 3 months. But its not "required". My daughter was perfectly healthy her first year so I never took her in. First time I did was for her 1 year checkup. You do not HAVE to do shots either. That is a personal decision made by the parent. Im not giving my daughter any until she is 2 so I can monitor better any ill-effects it may cause her - ie: autism etc. So really, it is at the discretion of the parent how often you take in a baby. Some ppl seem to forget this and think you HAVE to take them in. You don't.

Where can I buy a full range of wholesale candy in Houston,TX? by GG Q: I am planning to open a candy store in Houston,tx and need info on where to find candy at wholesale prices. Is there one company or distributor who sells all types of candy? I also wonder where chains like Dylan's Candy Bar or Candylicious buy their candy from.

A: I KNOW!! Nassau Candy Distributors. I used to work for them and highly recommend them. They supply Dylan's Candy Bar, Sweet Factory, all the big chains. Speak to Butch Hurley at 516-433-7100 and I know you'll get a good deal. They use refrigerated carriers to get down to Texas so your candy is perfect.

Where can I get a good makeover from a professional make up artist in Houston, TX? by MO Q: I need to find a good makeup artist in the Houston, TX area that can tell me what colors I should use and how I should apply makeup for daily wear. I've tried this before and have been given crazy eye and lip colors, or dramatic make up that you would wear in a wedding or on camera. I just want an everyday look that looks good.

A: There are beauty consultant in every mall around town. In Dillard's, Macy's, and other department stores at the cosmetic counter. I'm sure there are plenty of independent make-up artist too, more expensive. My beauty consultant is located at the Channel counter at Dillard's in First Colony Mall. She works evening hours and weekends. I know it's a little outside the city, but she is the best. She will help you find that natural looking combination that works in you everyday lifestyle.

How do I find university recuritment agent who can help my son's college application in Houston, TX? by si w Q: I am looking for those agent who can plan for him ahead. Such as volunteer opportunities, activities outside school, things like that. So that my son can get in a good university. Are there any agents like this in Houston, TX?

A: Universities do not have recruiting agencies. What you ask for is supposed to be the job of the counselors in his high school. The process is a bit confusing. To weed out those too stupid or unmotivated to figure it out on their own.

Does anyone know any photographers in Houston, Tx that do great acting headshot with good lighting? by Q: I live in Houston, Tx and I am in need of some headshots. I would like the photographer to be professional and great lighting is a must!

A: Yes

How much is a round trip plane ticket from Indianola, MS to Houston, TX? by Q: I am planning a trip to Houston, Tx for spring break on March 14-18 of this year year. I wanted to know what airline should I use for transportation, as well as, how much is a round trip plane ticket from Indianola, MS to Houston, TX?

A: $277 per Expedia leaving out of Greenville.

What are some good jazz clubs in houston tx? by jasmine c Q: I am looking for some good clubs in houston tx like maybe jazz clubs but no clubs where 18 years old are grinding their butts to one another! So what are some mature clubs in houston tx?

A: the Sky Bar

What is the best neighborhood in Houston tx? by ♥ Elizabeth♥ Q: What is the best area/ neighborhood in houston tx? Less crime? Better for raising children? Or if you know any sites that can help me out id appreciate it.

A: Your going to get alot of answers on this one. Everyone is going to say where they live is the best. In all honesty I would go for the surrounding cities of Houston rather than Houston itself...Katy, The Woodlands, Kingwood, Sugar Land, Pearland, etc.. I grew up in SW Houston but have since moved to the Sugar Land area and I like it much better. But that's just my opinion.

I live in Houston TX and I want to start making my own lotions and I need jars.? by ChrisB Q: Does anyone know where I can get beauty jars and bottles for lotions wholesale in bulk in Houston TX?

A: http://www.macraesbluebook.com/search/product_company_list.cfm?prod_code=849150®ion=Texas-TX

what airport is closest to downtown Houston, TX and also, some hotels that are close to urban night clubs ? by Dark and Lovely Q: Me and my best friend are planning a trip to Houston, TX and neither of us has ever been there. Does anyone know of which airport is closest to downtown. She did some research and asked some people and they told her that downtown Texas was a good place to stay. Also, what are some urban venues in downton Houston or anywhere in Houston. We are trying to stay close to some night clubs, shopping and hotels all within close distance.

A: Houston Hobby is closest to downtown. I generally stay at the Double Tree Hotel downtown. It is very nice and within walking distance of Baker Street (the Bourbon St. of Houston). The entire street is lined with bars and clubs (too many to list...but they are all fun!).

Houston TX where to go to file in small claims court, how to find registered owner of a business to sue? by incat Q: Houston TX where to go to file in small claims court, how to find registered owner of a business to sue? Business doesnt have business license posted.

A: State provides that information or you could get it from BBB or Chamber of Commerce. City hall or local court can provide information about jurisdiction.

Any good flight schools in houston tx ? Where can I find the money to pay for flight school? by Q: Are there any good flight schools located in the Houston,Tx area?

A: Yes i saw one is located west houston www.houstonschools.com/flights

How Much Gas and Hours Would It Take To Drive From Houston TX. To Sterling VA in a 2001 Toyota Camry? by Andriy S Q: I just need to know how much hours and gas would it take 'cause i'm planning to go to Sterling VA from Houston TX. Please if you know any website where i can calculate this trip please let me know... Thanks.

A: Don't do it, this is your wake up call.....

What are the laws in Houston, TX about occupancy in apartments and children? by Q: I wanted to know if 3 adults (elder father, son and wife) and 2 children (2 males 3 +under) with 2 dogs can live in a 2 bedroom apartment? Basically how many people: adults and children, are allowed per room/house within the city limits of Houston TX?

A: There is no law governing that.

What laws and regulations govern hypnotherapy practice in Houston, TX ? by Aleks Q: I'm planning to move my hypnotherapy practice from California to Houston, TX and need to find out what legal limitations are imposed on such practice by the State government.

A: Unfortunately, there are none. No regulation and no direct laws, it is typical in The USA to not have either. You may bring any complaints to the Attorney General's office and they will try to handle any disputes.

What companies in the houston, tx area would be the best to apply to with a phlebotomy certificate? by the rising sun Q: in january, i am taking a 3 month-90 hr course in phlebotomy and getting my certificate in april. what are the best companies in conroe/the woodlands/north houston, tx that offer the best salary and benefits for this entry level position?

A: Quest Diagnostics is one of the largest service providers in the country, you could start there. Not sure about the salary or benefits with them. Also check the area hospitals for opportunities.

houston,tx? by [email protected] Q: what happened to Minerva Perez, the co-anchor on Good Morning Houston?

A: I don't know, I heard she retired

Houston,TX? by Dimitrius L Q: We're moving to Houston in about 3-4 months. We just wanted to know a bit more information. What's it like? Also what are some sities that I can search homes on.(I kinda want a home that is in the inner city I dont want a house that is about 20-30 mins away in the suburbs.)Thanks!!! H-TOWN!!!

A: hot, VERY humid, and the traffic is terrible.

Houston, Tx? by ME!!! Q: I need a place that does the Brazilian wax in Houston. I live in the North part of houston. This is gonna be my first time getting it done and I would like to go to a place that does a good job and is profesional. Do you know of any?

A: go see jennifer at beautique in rice village. she is clean, fast and precise. i know so many people that go to her. she is very professional and will do a great job! www.beautique.cc just so you know, she is very fast BUT that is what you want. it's waxing, so it's not going to be like a relaxing spa experience. the faster it's over, the better. take 3 tylenol 30 mins before your appt and you'll be fine. once you get waxed, you'll never go back to shaving.

Houston TX!? by nic6ole82 Q: does it storm a lot in Houston TX? We might be moving there the end of September and i have never been to TX.

A: yes it does. Houston is a very humid city. In the summers it rains or thunderstorms about once a day. It's also on the gulf coast so there are hurricanes. However, the fall and winters in Houston are absolutely beautiful and make up for the hot, humid summers. You get used to the daily storms in the summer.

houston TX? by freded_124 Q: what county is houston TX is thanks

A: Harris County. This is their homepage: http://www.co.harris.tx.us/

houston, tx? by ichigoyellow Q: Soon Im moving to Houston, TX and i want to know what its like down there. How are the schools,people, and weather. Im not 100% sure but i think Im going to Shotwell Middle School so can someone tell me how is that school? I also heard theres a lot of Asian's down there because I'm Asian too so i want to know if thats true.

A: I think you will like it in Houston. We have so many great places and things to do here for kids. If you have a choice, go to Wunderlich rather than Shotwell. There are less trouble makers. Yes, we have a large Asian community, especially Vietnamese as our weather is very similar to Vietnam's.

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