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ChrisPlague The green hornet is a pretty cool movie #ilovesuperheros

Quillanisadora Men With Bald Heads Bald Dog Balding Patterns Female Male Pattern Baldness Bald Faced Hornet http://t.co/U6qQiott balding hair

kaynanzinhoqzs veem cm noois .. veem dÁ um rolee , vooc escolhe #XRE #HORNET ou #XT ♪ @ocfmckelvinho

brentsimmons @heckj Maybe it was a wasp or yellowjacket or hornet -- I can't tell them apart. And maybe my green shirt attracted the last one awake.

Anna_Criistinaa De hornet ou de 1100, Ou até mesmo de r1, Não precisa de homem nenhum, Pra querer se mostra, empinar o bumbum. vish

Charitypotterq Donald Trump Bald Bald Men Dating Shaving Her Head Bald Balding Genetics Bald Head Razor http://t.co/NfAUOtq4 bald faced hornet

EnriQ924 You know what happens when you mess with a hornet. You get stung *BOOM*

AjayThugginIt #NowWatching - The Green Hornet

wellsacstate Follow @sacstate #football action with @SacStateSports & @DanteGeoffrey. #Hockey updates from @bmet7. Any other Hornet games today?

amrlaswd7 #nw green hornet

sacstate RT @SacHornetsFB: Nice job by Hendershott to tip toe the sideline for a Hornet first down at their own 47.

_Cettolin Cadê a boeing investindo nos "parceiros" brasileiros para modificar o Super Hornet? nem a @Boeing acredita que vai ganhar o #FX2

KaosKatalyst Finally watched The Green Hornet. Can I just be in love with Kato? Is that okay?

SacHornetsFB Nice job by Hendershott to tip toe the sideline for a Hornet first down at their own 47.

Cocooakley Caarai quaze mi mateei de #hornet Hooje :S


What is the best way to get rid of a hornet or wasp nest.? by bettie m Q: I seem to have a hornet or a wasp nest near my front door, they seem to be flying under my roofing some where, what is the best way to get rid of a nest, before they get rid of me.

A: Consider getting experts in, if it could be a big one. Otherwise, if you can see and safely reach the entrance they use, wait until they are inactive and apply suitable insect killing powder around the entrance and any likely alternatives. Take care, as even if they are inactive, they could still attack if disturbed. Are they hornets or wasps, as hornets are likely to be more aggressive. I would not want to DIY tackle anything "busy". The powders work pretty well against small nests with clearly identified entry points, but if it's wide access, you are likely to have them react to the threat.

Any suggestions on how to get a .22 hornet double barreled rifle made without spending a fortune? by Thiris060 Q: Any suggestions? For making a double barrel rifle chambered in .22 hornet without spending more than say 800-1000 dollars? How about a custom stock to fit two break barrel rifles?

A: Bob got it right. If a gunsmith wanted to do you a BIG FAVOR, he or she could make you a 22 Hornet side-by-side for about $10,000. For $1,000, it's hard to find even a quality side-by-side shotgun, let alone a rifle that needs to be "regulated" so that the barrels are straight.

Does anyone know how to get rid of hornet nest that are underground? by workerbee1024 Q: I tried using wasp & hornet killer but they're so far in these holes that I can't really get to them.

A: If you buy the kind that kills them from far away, you can spray around the opening of the hole, then they won't go back into it, and hopefully find a new home far away. Do it at night though, or they will attack you.

What's the best way to go about killing a hornet nest inside my basement? by Grey :] Q: There's a nest in a corner of my basement. How should I go about attacking it? We have lots of hornet spray, but I need a little advice. Thanks!

A: Ortho hornet and wasp kills on contact and shoots 15ft

Hornet like insect on my sycamore, what are they? by Mario F Q: There are these hornet like insects running up and down a sycamore in my backyard. They are somewhat like yellow jackets in appearance, but it seems their bodies are mostly black with yellow stripes making geometric shapes on their bodies. They appear to prefer to run up and down the tree, but will take flight if bothered. They also are pretty fast on their feet and have a habit of stepping on each other. Any ideas what they are and if they represent a danger to the tree? Thanks!

A: maybe a wood borer. yes can be harmful to the tree's.

What reaction can a hornet sting have on my rabbit or family pet, small in size? by Shayna Q: What kind of reaction can a hornet sting have on a bunny rabbit or family pet? Will my rabbit die?

A: I would take the bunny to the vet ASAP! I could have a allergic reaction that could be deadly! Like I said get that bunny to a vet NOW!

What company can can rid of a forming hornet or bee nest? by Jessi Q: There is a bee or hornet nest that is right in front of my home and i want to know what company can get rid of it and why does that happend or how. But It is forming right in front of my house so please anwser quick. There is a bee or hornet nest that is right in front of my home and i want to know what company can get rid of it and why does that happend or how. But It is forming right in front of my house so please anwser quick. Its forming in front of my door.

A: Do a search online for the "Waspinator". It's basically a fake Wasp nest and is supposed to work on the principle that Wasps and Hornets are territorial and will avoid places where another colony already lives. I've made 2 of these out of landscape cloth (instead of buying them) and they've been remarkably effective. Our log house sits on a hill surrounded by forest and we didn't have the usual problem with Wasps, Yellow Jackets or Ground Waps this year. I'm planning on writing up instructions and possibly making a video but haven't had time.

What is the difference between hornet,bee and the aggressive bee? by Emily Q: What is the difference between hornet, bee and the aggressive bee? Why aren't they just called bees? What's so different?

A: theyre simply not bees--hornets arent. theyre under a different scientific 'file'. bees & aggressive bees r 'bees'. the reason they differentiate the 2 is because it may b the difference between life and death. u may have a picnic r pasture u animals n an area where there r bees. but u probably wud not if they r aggresive (killer bees) enuf stings from any bees can kill. but generally the 'regular' bees will only attack long enuf 2 get u well away from their ;home'. killer bees, opposed 2 'regular' bees, swarm out twice as many bees & chase twice as far. meaning if u get tired from running, r trip and fall, r theres just not enuf distance available 4 u (animal) to run--chances are youre gonna die.

What relieves the pain and swelling of a hornet sting? by Me Q: I just got stung 30 minutes ago by a hornet in two different spots on the neck. Now all of the back of my neck is swollen. I used ice cubes and now I have vinegar on it. I pretty sure I am not allergic to stings, as I have been stung twice before in my life, but a hornet is worse. Any other suggestions? Thanks.

A: I can remember as a child getting into a hornet's nest and was bitten at least a dozen different places. Mainly the face area. I remember my mother took some tobacco and applied it each one of the bites. Apparently, it was an old wives remedy, It really worked, the tobacco immediately started drawing out the poison from the bites and the swelling on my face went down. I would suggest to you, this is definitely worth a try. Good luck!

How do I remove hornet's from their nest without damaging the nest itself? by kheather56 Q: There is a hornets nest in my tree. Up probably 16 feet high. I would like to keep the nest, but making sure the hornet's are out! My grandfather did this once but no one remembers how, and unfortunately he is not around anymore to ask. Also there is something you put on the nest after the hornet's are gone, to keep it from disintegrating. Anyone know how and what to use on these inconvenient problems?

A: spray it with wasp killer,WD-40 or hair spray. don't know that the nest will disintegrate.

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