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Holiday Inn

Check-In: Ogilvy Wins Holiday Inn Marketing Biz
Check-In: Ogilvy Wins Holiday Inn Marketing Biz - 07/10/2012.

Canoe camping not akin to stay at Holiday Inn Express
It's our annual canoe camping trip, so the mosquitoes already are buzzing in ecstasy.

Fire at Grand Island Holiday Inn
A rude awakening this morning for guests at the Grand Island Holiday Inn. A two-alarm fire caused the hotel to be evacuated.

Charleston hosts 94th Annual PGA Championship Golf Tournament.

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hikingston Holiday Inn Kingston is placed perfectly for some great Olympic events! In particular the Cycling Time Trials 1st August 2012, JOIN US!

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cohengq What's a Dance Cooperative? Find out in the Conf. Room of the Holiday Inn Express at 15221 S. 50th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85044 from 6pm to 7pm

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lastminutesound In the Holiday inn express

ChronandEcho RT @HolidayInnNort1: @ChronandEcho Please can we get a RT? The Holiday Inn Northampton's Wedding Fayre is THIS SUNDAY! 11-4pm, free entry and drink on arrival!

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TravelPointers Holiday Inn Santa Barbara-Goleta from $112 USD: The Holiday Inn Santa Barbara/Goleta is a full service hotel located… http://t.co/SoqMyg7J

gelhaus8 @perkyberke @real_mike_berke I'm at the holiday inn and express in Rochester you guys should come here! #7:15appointment

quadrooms Holiday Inn Pattaya Hotel: The Holiday Inn Pattaya Hotel is located in Pattaya making it one of the best hotels ... http://t.co/8YcaiQFz

ZahraThaRealest Every time I go past the Holiday Inn, I just remember prom :')

bayu_ocho Piodalan Holiday Inn http://t.co/k66mDayH

JodiNBennett @CJF2 Holiday Inn! You?


Should I quit working at Holiday Inn Express to work at Walmart? by Xak Q: I am just a college student wanting the best money options. Right now, I am working at Holiday Inn Express ($7.75) and Walmart ($8.97) I work at the connection center at walmart, front desk at holiday inn...Which job should I pick?

A: Man I feel your pain but I can tell you from experience because I just quit Wal-Mart this past friday. I am a medical student and my GM literally told me that I needed to pick one or the other school or wal-mart because he didn't have room for someone trying to do both. He knew when I was hired earlier this year that I was a medical student and that when school started back my hours would have to be cut. He was not willing to accept that. Remember in a HUGE corporation as wal-mart that you are a number and can be replaced. I am now attempting to get my job back at Days Inn because it is locally owned and my former boss knew me real well and pushed me to go to school. My only thing is when I do get my degree if my former GM at wal-mart is a patient of mine. I am going to give him 2 choices as well. lol

What's there to do near Holiday Inn in Montego Bay? by SeekWriteTruth Q: I'm staying at the Holiday Inn at Montego Bay and I know it's all inclusive, but I know it doesn't include any water sports. Is there anywhere nearby that has rentals or lessons or anything?

A: Hey!!! Umm i think u should go to another hotel this hotel!! Not Holiday Inn.... I love jamaica its like my second home me and my friends and i have been going to Jamaica so much times Beautful , When your booking i think the best is Air Canada i know you said Budget is certainly a concern But traveling with Air Canada is worth every penny.... Look at the website or whats another good airline is Sunwing is a good one also... But i dunno look at those websites... Also what hotel um.. i have been to Gran Bahia Principe Jamaica!!! ITS GREAT NEW AND BEAUTFUL..This all-inclusive Jamaican hotel offers complimentary buffet breakfast. Airport transportation is available for a surcharge. The hotel has five restaurants, three pools, and a swim-up bar, which is one of five bars on site. Pueblo Principe, a Jamaican-style shopping and entertainment center, sits at the entrance of the hotel. Spa services are available on site and the hotel has a kids' club that offers supervised activities for children. The hotel has a business center; meeting spaces for large and small groups are available. The hotel offers currency exchange. A health club with fitness equipment is on site, as are a spa tub, a sauna, and a steam room. The hotel's beach is private. Rooms: Guestrooms at Gran Bahia Principe Jamaica All Inclusive have furnished balconies and separate sitting areas with sofa beds. Internet access is available for a surcharge. The guestrooms are furnished with safes, minibars, and hair dryers; the TVs have cable channels and pay movies. The bathrooms have telephones and bidets. Wake-up calls are available. The guestrooms have ceiling fans and windows that open in addition to air conditioning. Bottled water is complimentary. Anyway Hoped i helped:) Source(s): http://www.allinclusiveoutlet.com/vacati... http://www.aircanada.com/ http://hotels.bookit.com/jamaica/montego... http://www.sunwing.ca/

I stayed at Holiday Inn Express last night, can I run as a Democrat? by Jay J Q: I believe my experience gained at the Holiday Inn, watching CNN is comparable to Hillary's 8 years as first lady. What are my chances of beating Obama?

A: hey i stayed in one lastnight also,maybe i could be vice president?hmmm

Visiting Bangkok for Christmas. Question about Holiday Inn Silom, do they have free wifi? by Ruth B. Q: I need to connect with some people, you know, greet them all Merry Christmas. Does Holiday Inn Silom (the place where we will be staying) provide internet access for free?

A: http://www.holidayinn.com/hotels/us/en/bangkok/bnkth/hoteldetail#Amenities

Will the Holiday Inn send my receipt in the mail? by Q: I booked a room at the Holiday Inn, they took my billing address but no e-mail address. To check out, I just left the key in the room. I did not recieve a receipt, will they send me one in the mail? or will I just not get one?

A: Not automatically, you would have to request the bill.

Has anyone experienced bed bugs at the Holiday Inn by the Falls? by marz Q: Has anyone stayed at the Holiday Inn by the Falls recently and if so, what was it like? Any bedbugs there?

A: Stayed at the Hilton a couple months ago, had bedbugs in both beds. Got a free room out of it and didn't manage to bring them home, which was nice. Not sure about the Holiday Inn though, sorry. I'm local and haven't heard anything, but that's probably not something you'd hear about anyway unless you're looking up reviews. Best bet would be to look online at what other people have to say.

Can 18 year old reserve a hotel room in holiday inn? by SUSHI Q: So i'm planning to go to Montreal with my boyfriend i'm 18 years old and hes still 17. i'm just wondering if i can reserve a hotel room in holiday inn. i don't have a credit card, but i do have a debit card can i pay by debit card or not? please help. i never reserved a hotel room in my life

A: You are considered an adult now so I assume that You could easily rent a hotel room with a proper ID and proper form of payment. An ATM card will work fine, if it has a visa or mastercard logo they could use it as credit too, but the cash will get withdraw instantly as with a debit.

what kind of attire does a pool side cocktail waitress at a Holiday Inn Resort wear? by Crista Q: The Holiday Inn Resort sounds like a decent place but at the same time, it is poolside...so I dont know what to expect

A: They will have their own dress code or uniform.

Is there a lot to do and eat within simple walking distance of Holiday Inn Capitol in DC Mall area IS IT SAFE? by DeeMaster Q: I'm trying to find a cool hotel with a lot to do around it and the Holiday Inn Capitol looks pretty promising. It's super close to the L'Enfant Subway Plaza. Is it safe to walk to the hotel from the metro after dark?

A: I lived on Capitol Hill, 3 blocks from the dome, for three years and a bit. At the time I was working for a newspaper, so I often got home late, especially right after 9/11. I never had any trouble with crime, other than awkward conversations with panhandlers, and meals I often bought them that they didn't eat. I also spent some time in high crime areas training and working as a teacher in "high need" public schools, rode the bus next to people selling knives or who just got out of prison and were talking about how they never caught nobody for that mofo's murder. I think the most heinous crime perpetuated against me in all this time was that a kid took my toothpaste out of my desk drawer and squeezed it out onto the floor. Yeah. Kid had bigger problems than me. Other people I knew were mugged or robbed, and I heard about crimes, yes. Common sense, an awareness of your surroundings, a bit of humility, and a determined walk will get you pretty far. That and getting off the streets before 2 AM.

Wall color of Holiday Inn Express? by chase w Q: What is the color (specific) of the walls inside a Holiday Inn Express hotel rooms?

A: I would imagine they would have at least a few different color palettes, not just one color.

Anyone have info on the Nickelodeon Holiday Inn in Orlando? by Chris2 Q: We'll be taking a trip to Orlando in the spring and are thinking of staying at the Holiday Inn that has the Nick Jr characters. I looked up the info online and am just wondering if anyone out there has actually stayed there and has any insight or recommendations? My daughter is in love with Spongebob and Drake and Josh. I see there's a Spongebob related suite, which would be perfect. Anyway, any info would be appreciated!

A: It is Vegas for kids!!! We were there in May--the Spongebob suit is an xtra $30 per night. Food stinks---from an adult point of view but my boys liked it. There are activities all day long--it gets crazy crowded on weekends. the slides are awsome--they have a movie at night by the pool. You can get a family photo for free. So much fun---4:45 slime time in the main pool area--the water is green and they dump it on the crowd--you will have an awesome time!!! Go to travelosity to try and get a cheaper rate--we had a jimmy neutron room for 189 night--4 nights~~~~~~~~~~

what is the deal with holiday inn, are you not allowed 3 adults to stay in the same familey room? by phoenix_winter Q: im going away soon, and need three adults to stay in a holiday inn.. someone has told me this is not possible.... is it true?

A: I am guessing you are confused. The room rate is based on 2 adults and if a child needs a cot that would be a different rate. They probably have a blanket rule about 3 adults per room to prevent loss of revenue to book another room. They should be able to accommodate any special needs by arranging 2 rooms that have a connecting door. You could have the door between rooms open. That should take care of you. I do not know about Holiday Inn, but I have been on a business road trip and we had to "bunk-it". 2 males per king size bed. 2 beds per room. Same deal for the females on the trip. 4 females per room. No big deal.

Enforced minimum age requirements at a NYC Holiday Inn? by Ty Davis Q: My friend and I are planning to go to NYC and want to take advantage of a fantastic deal at a Holiday Inn Express right off of Times Square. However, the minimum check-in age is 21 and I'm seventeen, he's eighteen. Will the check-in age be enforced? I'm planning to call, but I don't know how I'd ask that kind of question, ha ha.

A: You need to provide ID and a credit card for incidentals...I am guessing it would be enforced. GOOD LUCK.

How old do you have to be to work at Holiday Inn? by Q: Im 17 and i heard that you have to be 18 to work at a holiday Inn hotel? Is this true?

A: Not too sure, but take your chances !

how shall i do work experience in holiday inn? by Sani_Rani Q: i want to do self placement in holiday inn leicester as housekeeping assistant. how shall i get it?

A: By writing to them of source.... Saying "I can envision myself working in a place like this doing complex tasks such as cleaning toilets, and cleaning rooms"

Is there a holiday inn with double beds in Paris, France? by lhcyberdiva h Q: We're going on a girlfriend trip in June to Paris France. We'd like to share a room and there are 4 of us. Is it possible to find a Holiday Inn that has the traditional double beds so we can share? Thanks in advance.

A: No hotel in Paris has rooms with 2 double beds, that's possible in the USA, not in France, except at Disneyland Paris ... Which is far from Paris and more expensive than taking 2 double rooms in Paris. Paris is an old city, the square metre is quite expensive and hotels have security rules to respect concerning the number of guests they're allowed to receive per room, depending on the size. Rooms are usually small, unless you go to a luxury hotel. To sleep 4 in one room, the easiest would be to stay at a hostel, otherwise, take 2 double rooms. I checked the rates of different Holiday Inn hotels in Paris, those that are well situated (far from train stations) offer double rooms from 250€, you can find nicer hotels for the same price.

Is the 1954 movie with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye and Rosemary Clooney called White Christmas or Holiday Inn? by Pam Q: I could SWEAR I've seen it on TV called Holiday Inn, but all the internet research I've done says it's always been known as White Christmas, and that Holiday Inn is a 1940's movie with Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby. I'm SO confused!!!! Thanks for you help.

A: White Christmas Actually: The original idea was to reunite Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby, as they had been successful in Holiday Inn (1942). Astaire refused, as he had "retired" at the time, so the part was reworked for Donald O'Connor. O'Connor pulled out, and the part was reworked for Danny Kaye. So it's not a remake, it was made to reunite, but Astaire was 'retired' so refused.

What's nearby the Holiday Inn Select Toronto Airport hotel? by Ella Q: Hello! Yet another question ~~ I would like to know if there are any major shopping malls, grocery stores and/or restaurants near the Holiday Inn Select Toronto Airport hotel, as I will be there for the next 5-6 weeks for working purposes... my meaning near.. is walking distance, I will not have a car with me! Also, are there any malls like the Pacific Mall nearby as well? Thanks and any details are appreciated!

A: Hello Ella again, You picked a boring place to stay--I mean there isn't much around there on Dixon Road. If cost was a factor, then okay, stay there. Why not take the bus #58 east to Lawrence West station more often. From Lawrence West station north up one stop to Yorkdale subway station and visit the Yorkdale Shopping Centre. You can go south from Lawrence West Station and get off at either Dundas or Queen stations to visit the Eaton Centre, visit the City Hall, and one day when you have time walk west on Queen Street to visit other shops. I suggest walk all the way to Spadina Ave to visit Chinatown. Take the Spadina streetcar north to get to Spadina Subway station. May I suggest one day you get off at Dupont to visit Casa Loma. Another day get off at Union (see map http://www.canadablooms.com/site/visit/map.htm) to head to to visit the best flower show http://www.canadablooms.com/ Go to One of a Kind show as well: http://oneofakindshow.com/spring08/theshow.php?p=1 Here's a list of malls to visit which are all next to a subway station (no bus required) Yorkdale Shopping Mall - get off at Yorkdale Subway Eaton Centre - get off either Dundas or Queen Stations Atrium on Bay - get off at Dundas Station Toronto Dominion Centre Plaza - get off at Union Station Commerce Court Plaza (CIBC) - get off at King Subway Station First Canadian Shopping Place - get off at St. Andrew's Station Scotia Bank Plaza - go through the FCP to get there - get off at St Andrew's Station Royal Bank Plaza - get off at Union Station BCE Place - get off at Union Station Yorkville shops - get off at Bay Station Cumberland Terrace Shopping Mall, Hudson Bay's Centre, Holt Renfrew Centre - get off at either Bloor or Yonge Stations College Park Mall - get off at College Subway Station North York Centre - get off at the North York Centre Subway Station Scarborough Town Centre - get off at the Scarborough RT line Scarborough Centre Lawrence Square - get off at Lawrence West subway station Yonge-Eglinton Centre and Canada Square - get off at Eglinton Subway Station (not to be confused with Eglinton West) St. Clair West Subway station has Joe Fresh and Loblaw's upstairs. St. Clair Centre - get off at St. Clair subway (not to be confused with St. Clair West Station) Sheppard Centre - get off at Sheppard Subway Station Dufferin Mall - get off at Dufferin Subway Station and just walk a block or two south Fairview Mall - get off at Don Mills LRT Honest Ed's - get off at Bathurst Subway Station and walk south

Anyone know the required age for check-in at the Philadelphia Holiday Inn in the sports complex? by Q: If anyone has stayed at the Holiday Inn right behind Citizens Bank Park in Philly, do you know what the check-in age there is? I'm gonna be 21 on the night I check in, will I be okay?

A: If a hotel doesn't allow 18+ for check-in, they certainly allow 21+. You shouldn't have any trouble.

What is the best way to get from LAX Airport to Holiday Inn Hollywood Walk of Fame Los Angeles? by Q: Hi I am visiting LA for the first time in May. My flight lands at 10:30am and I am staying at Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Hollywood Walk of Fame 1921 North Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA . What is the quickest and most cost effective way of getting there and how long will it take / cost? Many Thanks, Jon

A: The quickest way is a taxi. It will cost you about $40. The cheapest way is to take public transportation. Take the free shuttle to the Green Line. Take the Green Line to the Northbound Blue Line to the end of the line at the Seventh Ave.Station, transfer to the Red Line, toward North Hollywood. Get off at Hollywood and Highland. The hotel is right there. Get a fare with a transfer.

How fast is the holiday inn internet? by Q: Question pretty much says it all, does anyone know how fast the holiday inn internet is? I doubt anyone that sees this will know exactly, but can you give me an estimate?(All I really want to know is the download speed) Also sorry about the category I wasnt sure where to put this Sorry again about the category, I misclicked and now its in a horribly wrong category lol **In US(I cant change category . )

A: If you are talking about the U.K. Wi fi internet in hotels is usually disappointingly slow, reflecting the prehistoric slowness of the majority of broadband connections in the U.K.

how old do you have to be to get a room at the holiday inn? by Amanda M Q: I am nineteen years old and I need a hotel room for when I visit my boyfriend that's a Marine. Will we be able to get a hotel room at the Holiday Inn? I am staying in Orlando, Florida. My boyfriend is an active Marine, he doesn't have a place for me to stay at.

A: Most hotels require you to be 21, and all require you have a credit card. Why don't you just stay at his place?

How do I get from Seattle-Tacoma Airport to Holiday Inn Express Hotel on Aurora? by ShannonsJoy Q: Im trying to find the bus or rail name and schedule that will get me from SEATAC to Holiday Inn Express Hotel on Aurora in Downtown Seattle.

A: Just take the Sound Transit Link light rail line from the airport to Downtown then the Metro line #358 which serves the Holiday Inn Express on Aurora. Fare is $2 on train and $2 on bus as well. Total travel time less than 1 hour. Good Luck!

How much does it cost, for me to get a room at holiday inn? by Misty Couture (: Q: Okay, for my birthday [March25-March26] I'm trying to go a hotel, that night march 25. And hang with my friends. I want to be able to acess the pool. And the room should be atleast decent looking. No smooking either. I want it to be located at Matteson,IL Holiday Inn. Thanks for the help. How much? Oh and 6-8 people are coming how many rooms you think i need?

A: The Holiday Inn is a great place, I was there in IL not so long ago. I think you can fit up to four people in one room, so I would recommend getting you getting 2 rooms. However, I am not sure how much everything will cost. I suggest you calling the place yourself. Good luck!!

Does anyone know how much a reception is at the holiday inn? by <3Always Q: Im just trying to get prices and I can find anything online. Does anyone know how much a receoption is at the holiday inn?

A: It all depends on WHERE you live. If you are in a more populated area, it's going to be more. Each Holiday Inn sets their own prices on banquets as they are independently owned. The only way to get your answer is to call the one you are thinking about having your reception at and ask to speak with the Banquet Manager! Believe me....they are more than willing to answer ANY questions you have...so give them a call! Note: They will be much more reasonable than any other banquet facility. I had my daughter's reception at our local Holiday Inn 10 years ago and it was great! People are still talking about how good the food was....but, again, they are independently owned, so you need to call.

Can you check bags in at the Holiday Inn prior to your check in? by Iconoclast Q: I have reservations tomorrow at the Holiday Inn in Boston - they weren't 100% clear about this so I was wondering if anyone else knew. Check in is at 4:00 PM but I'll be in Boston as early as 9:00 AM. Can you check your bags in at the hotel and leave them there and then come back and get them later? I'd probably be arriving late that evening.

A: Most hotels will store your bags for you if you arrive before any rooms are available. Then you can go out and come back later without having to lug the bags around. All the Holiday Inns I've stayed in do this.

Where can I find discounts on hotel fare for Holiday Inn Express? by Q: I will be staying at Holiday Inn Express for 5 nights. Does anyone know any way to receive discounts or coupons? Thank you for your help!

A: There are many coupon sites available that offer coupons and discount codes for variety of stores. A good site is the following: http://home.bigcrumbs.com/savememoney

What is the rate for one night in a hotel like holiday inn? by Jay D Q: Im going to be in a small town for a day and i just want to be alone in the room so how much does the rate go for one night in a room at holiday inn.

A: holiday inn even in a small town is a bit pricey....i just stayed in one in greenville, sc last weekend and it was $138 taxes and all for one night go down one level of niceness to a red roof or a super 8 or something similar and expect to pay around $70

Why did Holiday Inn in Atlanta cancel all benefits for restaurant workers? by Holly Would Q: They canceled medical, 401k, vacation, sick, etc.for those who work in the restaurant. I heard that Holiday Inn in Atlanta took away all medical benefits from hourly employees who work in the restaurant. Why did they do that. Now they don't have medical, sick leave, vacation, and they won't let them partiicipate in the 401K plan. Yet, all other employees do get the benefits.

A: Because they are cheap bastards. That would be my guess.

Are the beds at Holiday Inn Express Hotels comfortable? by dvd_wnbrg Q: We are considering staying at a Holiday Inn Express Hotel in Dallas. Previously, we stayed at Amerisuites and Candlewood Suites and the beds were not too comfortable. Staybridge Suites was excellent. Any opinion of Holiday Inn Express?

A: I stayed in one in San Francisco. They are hard but what hotel beds aren't. Overall I didn't like the hotel just because it wasn't designed for long vacation stays. Go with the regular Holiday Inn instead of an Express one.

What happened to the Holiday Inn in New Philadelphia OH? by cbcblue2 Q: I went to book a room but can't find the Holiday Inn in New Philadelphia OH. Anyone know where it went?

A: hi there,will this help it"s still there.... http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Holiday+Inn+in+New+Philadelphia+OH.&rls=com.microsoft:*:IE-SearchBox&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=ie7; zoom down to have a look..click on the letter "A" for info... http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&q=Holiday+Inn&sll=40.491985,-81.471466&sspn=0.003786,0.009581&ie=UTF8&radius=0.3&split=1&rq=1&ev=zo&hq=Holiday+Inn&hnear=&ll=40.492866,-81.471466&spn=0.003582,0.009581&t=h&z=17 regards pops..

Is Holiday Inn Express required to give employees lunch breaks? by Q: I just started work at a local Holiday Inn Express and my manager said they are not required to give lunch breaks OR 10-15 minute breaks. I work 8-9 hours shifts, standing up at the front desk the entire time and I am not allowed any kind of break. Is this legal? Someone please help :/

A: if you are in the US then 'Will' is 100% correct....... where are you? are you 18 or older?

To where should I address a complaint about the Holiday Inn, Georgetown? by Tiara Boom DA Q: I live in the UK but I need to complain about the service I have received from the Holiday Inn, Georgetown, Washington DC who have ignored my emails. I believe it is managed by Donohoe under license from Holiday Inns Inc. Whom should I contact?

A: Ensuring that our customers are satisfied is of the highest importance to us. If you need help or wish to speak to a customer care agent please visit www.ihg.com.

How do I get from penn station ny to the central islip holiday inn? by Jessica Q: I am taking the amtrak from Illinois, to Newyork penn station, and I was wondering how about would I reach my final destination, which is the holiday inn, in central islip ny... is there a certain bus/subway id take? and being id be there at penn station at 8:40 PM, would busses and subways be running and how much do they cost to ride to my final destination.

A: From Penn Station get the Long Island Railroad to Central Islip, from Central Islip take a cab to the hotel. See the links below, you can look up the schedule that best suits you and the fare as well. You can even order the ticket by mail and get a 5% discount that way.

What is the recipe for holiday inn express cinnamon rolls? by Q: This weekend I went on vacation and we stayed at a holiday inn express and i absolutely LOVED there cinnamon rolls at breakfast. So, I was wondering if you could make them from scratch or if they make them from one of those pre made cinnamon roll packages. I would prefer a recipe but whatever gets me those yummy rolls :] thanks <3

A: Sorry , there is no recipes out there from them..but here are some links for some ..=) http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/cinnamon-rolls-recipe/index.html

How can I find a shower curtain liner like the ones they have at the Holiday Inn Express? by Q: My wife recently stayed at a Holiday Inn Express while on a business trip, and she keeps talking about how awesome the shower curtain liners were. Apparently, the liners have snaps or buttons that makes it easy to remove and wash since you don't have to undo the hooks. Also, the liners are not necessarily plastic but some sort of fabric, making them easy to machine wash and dry. I'd like to surprise her with one for Christmas, but cannot find them anywhere. Does anyone know where I could find this?

A: You could ask the Holiday Inn Express who their supplier is.

What brand is the cereal dispenser at Holiday Inn Express? by Q: I want to buy a cereal dispenser and I want to know what brand hotels use. I know that the ones at Holiday Inn Expresses work well without crushing the cereal that's why I ask about them specifically but I'm not too picky. Anything will help, thanks!

A: Sometimes the company that makes the cereal gives them out. When I was food service director at a nursing home, I got those for agreeing to buy X number of cases of Kellogs cereal. You could contact a restaurant supply house to see if THEY sell them.

What is the email address for a Holiday Inn? by Jake A Q: I am looking for a Saturday Job in a Holiday Inn. I cannot find the email address for the one I want to work in. Well I found one but I emailed on Thursday and again yesterday and haven't had a reply. Should I phone them, wait for an email or keep looking for a different email address? Please help - thanks, Jake.

A: First, if they have a website with a jobs page (some do, some don't) start there. If you can't see anything on their website, you should call HR and ask how to apply for work and who to e-mail a resume to as you can't find any information on their website and are interested in working for them. Unless you know that the e-mail you are sending a message to is going to someone who cares about hiring, you are sending a message into a black hole.

Can a relative stay at a holiday inn on my holiday inn points if I am not accompanying? by Melbel Q: I have holiday inn points and want to treat my daughter to a vacation in Toronto.. Can I book the room for her and use my points so she can stay free if I will not be present on her vacation?

A: u should call and ask

Getting a job for Holiday Inn. What can I do to increase my chance of getting a job there? by Andrew Q: I am 18 years old, and I am attending a community college. I am getting help getting a job from the college career center, and they are going to help me with a resume. I am going to fill out the application, and hand in a resume. What can I do to increse my chances of getting a job (or interview) at this Holiday Inn? I really would like to work there.

A: Dress nice even when you go in to pick up/hand in the application. Also, ask who is in charge of hiring and ask if they are around. If they are, maybe see if they arent too busy to talk to you. That way you can ask them some questions, since I am sure you have questions. Good luck! I work in a restaurant that is attached to a hotel so if you have any questions about working in a hotel, feel free to ask...I have seen it all.

How much is a suite at the holiday inn? by Q: Not a reagular room but a suite. I want one at the holiday inn in Kansas city Missouri, the one with the coco keys resort park near the chiefs stadium. Can anyone give me an estimate.

A: you can find out exactly how much when you go to the Holiday Inn website and enter the necessary info for a rate quote. It will vary by date I'm sure.

What job would you like better Holiday Inn or Caribou Coffee? by gina Q: I have two interviews this week, one as a front desk associate at the Holiday Inn and another as a barista at Caribou Coffee? Which one do you think would be better?

A: It depends on what kinda person u are and whay u want, For me, i think caribou coffee would kinda be similar to starbucks so it might get busy and your making/serving drinks all day, at holiday in you just sit at a desk all day and asist the people who wanna pay for the hotel and other stuff, I dont know, both are not bad, but for some reason i think the front desk assistant would be less Stressfull than the cofee place

How can I find out who the CEO of Holiday Inn is and get their contact information? by imjustguessing Q: I have a complaint that is not being handled the way I would like. I had a horrible experience at the Holiday Inn in downtown shreveport and was simply offerred to be enrolled into their rewards program and to be given 3000 points for my troubles by guest relations. In otherwise, I was told to "kiss it" and this does not sit well with me. I want my complaint acknowledged by a higher authority. How can I find out who I can write to.

A: They don't make it easy, but you might try this: https://secure.ichotelsgroup.com/h/d/6c/1/en/guest_relations?secure=true Holiday Inn in now owned by InterContinental.

Is the Holiday Inn a good hotel to stay at in Angeles City Philippines? Is the Wild Orchid Resort better? by Q: What is near the Holiday Inn as far as shopping is concerned? Which hotel has a better pool and environment?

A: I have been to both. Holiday Inn is more of a family and business hotel It is not exactly an R&R destination. I went there as an invited speaker of a local association doing a convention and workshop at the conference room at the second floor of the hotel. The hall is big enough and there were 1,200 delegates, I think. There is a large function room at the ground floor for cocktails and pre-convention activities. The swimming pool is "ordinary" and not one that I will classify as a resort pool. On the other hand, Wild Orchid is a RESORT hotel built primarily as an adult R&R. There is a huge swimming pool that makes you feel like you are out somewhere in the bush, in a pond. The pool is HUGE. It is an adult destination because there is a casino, and I saw lots of girls around, probably soliciting clients. They must have come from the bars right outside of the hotel.

what computer program does holiday inn express use to make their reservations? by JaimeW Q: I used to work at a Holiday Inn Express, and I cannot remember the name of the computer program that was used, and I want to use the name of it in my resume, to list something I have experience with. I know the entire thing links with Holidex, but I can't remember the name of the actual program the desk people use. Can someone help me?

A: Opera

What are the uniform colors for yorkdale holiday inn look like? by sleeperella Q: I need to know what the uniforms for yorkdale, ontario Holiday inn look like. I can't find it anywhere on the internet. I need help so I can describe it in my story.

A: There isn't much colour in their uniforms; http://www.hiyorkdale.com/documents/Image/Web-Banner-Contact.JPG

What are some places around holiday inn express in Dayton TN? by Q: Im going there but im gonna be stuck in the hotel during the day, what are the places really close to the holiday inn express? Thanks!

A: The HI Express is out on the highway, not in Dayton. It looks like the only thing out there within walking distance is the cemetery. You can call a cab to take you into town. Dayton is an historic city, and well worth exploring. It is about 3 miles into Dayton.

holiday inn? by texaz gurl Q: is their a dog pound at the holiday inn??

A: Call 1 888 Holiday or go to HolidayInn.com they will be more than glad to help you. Happy HolidayInn

Holiday inn? by collette v Q: when you book a holiday inn hotel online does it take the money out of your bank as soon as you comfirm your booking or do you pay when you get there? Also if it just takes a deposit how much is it? thanks

A: Unless you buy an advanced purchase rate, they don't take the money out immediately. Your credit card is used to hold the reservation, your card isn't charged until you check out. So if you want to cancel you are able to without penalty as long as you cancel before their deadline. If you bought an advanced purchase rate it is taken out immediately and you are not able to cancel.

Holiday Inn? by s3xyr3dbrit Q: what is the age requirement to work at holiday inn and do u have to have a high school diploma to work there 2??? help!

A: I've never seen a child working at a hotel, so I would say that you most likely have to be 18. The educational requirements are going to vary depending on the job you apply for. You might be able to clean rooms without a high school education, but I can't imagine you'd be able to do much else.

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