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tibor1957 $4 for 2 Regular Size Frozen Custards at Rita's Hoboken http://t.co/1qlAKIbb via @groupon

camdedufturn http://t.co/5N7V1QI5 From Ragamuffins to Nurses to Buddy; A Round Up of Hoboken's Halloween Festivities - http://t.co/ZrAVRjNV

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HarryVolkaert I'm at Telenet Shop (Boombekelaan 14, Hoboken) http://t.co/qwvplEgG

jenelleleah I'm at Carlo's City Hall Bake Shop (95 Washington St., btwn Newark & 1st, Hoboken) http://t.co/jRNGnUpA

HudsonCtyNews Turn Back Clocks, Learn Daylight Saving Time Facts: Tomorrow is the day sleep lovers await all year—the end of... http://t.co/84VMp9Cz

hbknfarms Hoboken Farms Big Red Marinara...is better than blood http://t.co/iCoCPbiR

GennaroSerra Photo: Hoboken by jessewillems on Flickr. An excellent shot by Jesse Willems, who’s kindly placed a few... http://t.co/zl0R6IBY

whitecollarjobs #jobs Senior Technical Architect: Description:One of SGA s clients in Hoboken, NJ is seeking a Senior Technical ... http://t.co/Z9TrF96Y

findworkeasy #jobs Senior Technical Architect: Description:One of SGA s clients in Hoboken, NJ is seeking a Senior Technical ... http://t.co/pxyEfdIP

HDtimelapsenet Aerial Cityscape, Jersey City , Hudson River, Newark Bay, Hoboken, Boats http://t.co/cTmIPFot

NewsFrmJersey #Jersey #nj Ex-Hoboken public-safety director claims bias, retaliation in lawsuit http://t.co/Rd87kYJy

hobokennow #Hoboken Daily poll: Should same-sex marriage be legalized in New Jersey?: Should same-sex marriage be legalized... http://t.co/4lOsHJmo

de_inti I'm at Delhaize (Heidestraat, Oudestraat, Hoboken) http://t.co/6kgzYT9d

hobokencity IceCaps to the rescue: HOBOKEN, NJ -- It would seem St. John's IceCaps head coach Keith McCambridge might want t... http://t.co/keCubh3p


Where in Hoboken, NJ is there a liquor store that has a huge selection of MicroBrew Beers? by Chris S Q: I live in Hoboken and am looking for a liquor store in Hoboken, NJ or one of the surounding towns. I am interested in a store that has lots of microbrew beers from around the country. Not just your usual Sierra Nevada, Magic Hat, Longtrai, etc.... I am looking for stuff that is a little lower on the radar.

A: hi I live a few mintues away from you. I can't thik of a placein Hoboken that sells a vareity of beers just wine. There is a huge liquor store around 11 and something next to a video store and they may be able to help you. Good luck and have brunch at O'Nieals on 4th and Park it's the best!!

How much is a one-way fare from Hoboken to Port Authority on the 126 Bus? by Catalina Q: How much is a one-way fare from Hoboken, NJ to NY Port Authority during peak hours? Do you have to have some sort of pass, or can you pay on the bus with cash?

A: it will be $3.20 3. Boarding and riding the bus When you board, tell the driver where you are going and deposit the required bus fare. Most local buses require exact change in coins or $1 bills. When the bus approaches your stop, alert the bus driver by pressing the signal tape above and between the side windows. An audible bell and sign at the front of the bus will indicate that a stop has been requested. Gather your personal items and wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before getting off. Exit through the rear door to allow room for passengers boarding at the front. Step away from the bus and wait until it leaves before crossing the street. Never cross in front of the bus unless it's stopped at a red light.

I am celebrating New Years in Hoboken, will the bars open their doors at 12 to everyone who didnt pay cover? by Nyc Girl Q: I will be celebrating New Years in Hoboken with some friends but we dont want to pay the $100 cover at the bars. If we come to the bars after 12, can we skip the cover? Thanks!

A: Why on earth would they do that? They are restricted by law as to how many people they may have inside the bar at any given time. I am sure they are going to be full.

How far does it take to get from New york, to Hoboken New Jersey? by Taylor Q: I wanted to know how long it takes to get from New york city to Hoboken New jersey because i'm going to visit my aunt in Connecticut and were going to be in New york practically the whole time and i know that New york is just 45 minutes away. And im a big fan of the show cake boss so i really wanted to go to Carlos Bakery which is in Hoboken NJ. So i really want to know how far on train it would take to get from New york city, to Hoboken NJ? Thankx!

A: 10-15 minutes by PATH train, 30-35 minutes by bus or drive

How long does it really take to get from Bedford, PA to Hoboken, NJ? by RubberSoul_61 Q: Yahoo Maps says 4 hours 35 minutes. I was hoping that someone who has actually driven this route could verify that time. I need an accurate time in order to catch a ferry in Hoboken and 11:20 am to get to a Yankee's game that afternoon.

A: Your 100% better off coming in the night before and taking a hotel room. There is no parking in Hoboken to begin with, and traffic gets atrocious in the morning around there, believe me I know, Im up there at least once a week. And I can tell you for a fact that from Chambersburg to Woodbridge, NJ (which is 28 miles south of Hoboken, about a 25 minute drive with NO traffic) is 3 hours or so. It was my halfway point from Woodbridge (home) to Harrisonburg, VA (school). And Bedford is about an hour or so west of Chambersburg. Your looking at a good 4 hour or so drive.

How do i get from Hoboken or Penn Station to Irving Plaza? by Derek Q: I am going to need to get back in the late hours of the night/early morning, what PATH can i take back to Hoboken?

A: From Hoboken (or Penn Station in NJ), you can take the PATH train to the 33rd Street Station. http://www.panynj.gov/path/schedule.html Once there, take the #6 (Green) to the 14th Street - Union Square Station. http://www.mta.info/nyct/service/sixline.htm (3 stops) Exit the Union Square Station then head East on East 14th Street towards Irving Place. Once on Irving Place, continue to walk towards the Irving Plaza. Good luck and dress warm.

How much is a round trip Ferry ticket from Hoboken to NYC? by amiilee28 Q: Looking for a price on this round trip ticket- the ferry from Hoboken to about 39th Street?

A: Which Hoboken Terminal ferry pier? Only way to go to Pier 79 (West 38th St ferry) will be from Hoboken's 14th St pier. It cost $15.50 because one way is $7.75. From Pier 79, New York Waterway operate they're free fare shutttle buses. When you wish to get off, press tape or pull cord that depends on what bus model they used. When you go back on the ferry, you must stand by at city bus stop or location or hotel departure point and when you see the Red, Blue, White bus approaching, you must hail it (as you do with NYC Taxis)

How is Hoboken university med center for delivering my child? by Confused Q: This is my first pregnancy and my doctor says that he delivers in the hoboken university medical center (St. Mary Hospital). Could some one tell me if they have had any experience good/bad in that hospital. thanks

A: My personal experience with university hospitals is that they aren't the best choice unless you have a high risk pregnancy. Everything tends to be leading edge overmedicalization. You WANT that if you have a high risk pregnancy. However, if you are hoping for a more natural birth, that is the LAST place you will be able to have one! As far as your specific hospital, I live across the country so no clue.

Does anyone know of a liquor store in Hoboken that will sell me beer? by Babypants Q: Hello, I am an adult but not of legal drinking age yet. I just want to know if anyone knows of a place in Hoboken or Near Hoboken or in Manhattan that will sell me beer (if in Manhattan, preferably near 27th and 7th ave.). You can contact me by email if you'd like. Thanks.

A: Not cool Dude... Did you know posting your question on the internet is a crime?

How do I get from Hoboken, NJ to Newark Penn Station by Train? by Holmes9 Q: I need to know how to get from Hoboken, NJ to Newark Penn Station either by train or light rail. Also how long will this take? I am about to move to the area. Is there a train that goes directly from Hoboken to Newark Penn Station or do I have to take 2 trains? Which is cheaper, light rail or train? Thanks!

A: The Hudson-Bergen Light Rail will not get you anywhere near Newark Penn Station. Select NJ Transit trains run from Hoboken to Newark Penn Station only during PM rush hours. (AM rush hours the selected train run to Hoboken). PATH is your best option and will require a change of trains although depending on when you travel, may require changing trains at different stations. The PATH fare is $1.75 but if you decide to go this way and do it daily, then buy at SmartLink card for $5.00 (a one time cost) and then put at least $13.00 (10 rides) on it. That will bring your cost per trip on PATH down to $1.30 (the $5.00 cost of the card will pay for itself by the 12th trip [saving .45 per trip] and then you'll just keep saving. The card does not expire. There is also a 30 day fare option for the SmartLink card that costs $54 but you'd have to use it more than 42 times within the 30 days for the cost per trip to get below $1.30. In month's with only 20 working days, you'd lose out. And on the unlimited options, there is no refund See more information on the SmartLInk card here: http://www.pathsmartlinkcard.com/ Weekdays (6 AM to 11 PM) Take a WTC bound train (from Hoboken) to Exchange Place. Use passageway in the middle of the platform and go to the other side. Take a Newark - bound train [NWK] to Newark Penn Station. Weekdays (11 PM to 6 AM and all day on Weekends) - Take a Journal Square - bound train {JSQ} to Journal Square, walk across the platform at JSQ and wait for the Newark train. The trip on PATH should take about 1/2 hour (including waiting time).

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